What's most important To you?

We have the products that give you full control of nearly everything at home—no matter where you may be.

Smart Home OS

Experience fine living with smart home! ​

Enjoy thousands of features and redesigned enhanced interaction for immediate control in fewer taps and sessions that show the music and videos playing in any room. Have a clear view of the house to check the security status and use it from any interface, instant feedback on the phone in portrait mode, touch screen, and incredibly fast response time.

-Prioritize your daily services.

-Complementary wallpaper by top interior designers.

-All new experience of effortless fun. 

-Set your preferred temperature.

Whole Home

A complete solution for an entire home!

A complete solution for an entire home! TEL constructions has the power to smarten up a small flat or a sprawling estate without jumping from app to app and connects wired or wireless devices to dial back the temperature, control the shades and music. Handheld remote, lighting keypad and opening door with a voice call automatically responds to your life. 

-Operates on multi-platform and brands.

-Performs ring doorbell camera, light bulb, the thermostat in unison.

Smart Lighting

Brighten up your home smartly!

Arrive into a brightly lit house that cheers your day by setting a perfect mood for dinner night with smart lighting tailored to your needs. Skip traveling room to room and turn the lights on and off on a single call without any touch.

-Give the command to smart lights when hands are occupied or while cooking

-Operating lights at intervals simulate occupancy.

-Smart lightning Triggers unusual activity.


Peace of mind with an eagle eye security!

Protecting your home is at your fingertips with intelligent home security solutions that check the locks, camera, park, and garage doors. Receive alerts if someone enters the house or on a water leak from anywhere. Security is in your hands by playing smart with touch screen devices.

-Check the security status anytime. 

-Receive notifications regarding all activities.

Intercom Anywhere

Control your house on palms!

Make convenient house calls with intercom anywhere to communicate from any location with any room or guests approaching the front door. Turn the lights on, unlock the door and let your smart house, greet the visitors and delivery boy.

High-definition videos from smartphones to a smart home.

Auto-answered mode lets you check in your kids.

Broadcast the message for dinner at once.

Home Theater

A Perfect Escape to the magical world!

The dedicated home theatre takes you away from the outside and puts your soul into a dimension beyond the imagination that brings an unsurpassed cinematic experience to your home. A Single tap on movies drops the shutters, activates the projector, and sets accent to ceiling, aisle, and overhead lights between play and pause.

-One remote for sleek and sophisticated control.

-Layer lightening for optimal views.

Multi-room Audio

Don’t even lift a finger to control the music!

Enjoy your favorite playlist with a simple sweep and create memorable moments with high or soft music that never gives up quality. Make a perfect scene for dinner or in a kitchen with one tap without the need for additional appliances.

-Experience superior-high-quality sound with a handcrafted soundbar

-In-ceiling speakers deliver rich and aesthetic touch.

Universal Remote

Count on universal remote for all controls!

Get rid of multiple devices and control everything with one, simple device personalized with the ease of use you deserve. Tap the movie button to enjoy a date night with family, while controlling lights, security, comfort and locks from the same remote. Game time buttons change the lights to your team’s colour by turning your sports on all big TVs.

-Both Neeo and SR-260 universal remotes are rechargeable

-Tactical buttons and a graphical glass interface

-Alerts when misplaced


Speak up, your home is listening!

Start your day off right with a simple call and envision the morning with activated bathroom lights and a news station by the voice control system. Tell your house to turn off the lights and music while you leave for the day and in the evening it welcomes you with warm lights and a relaxing playlist. Security system arms back, lights turn off and doors get locked at a good night wish.

-An easy and convenient way to interact with a smart home.

-Simple and natural commands.

-Guests can use it effortlessly.