How Much Is A Mansard Loft Conversion?

One of the best alternatives for a loft conversion, a Mansard conversion, provides the most space for creating the functional space that you deserve along with the appeal and increased monetary value that it adds to your home. In simple terms, a mansard loft conversion adds an entire story to your home, giving you ample space.

The Mansard loft was named after Francois Mansard, and it is commonly built at the rear wing of the house. The roof is transformed to a flat roof, and the walls are sloped steeply at a 720 angle. Small dormers that extend from the roof house the windows.

A mansard loft conversion is the most expensive option for a loft conversion and depends on various aspects.

Benefits of a Mansard Conversion

  • Increases the real estate value of your property
  • It creates the most living space
  • Roof conversion suits most properties in the UK
  • Natural light can flow in because of the dormer windows
  • Provides the most aesthetic appeal

Downsides of a Mansard Conversion

  • A building permit may prove tricky to acquire
  • Very expensive because of the changes that need to be made to the structure
  • When you take the weather (heavy rainfall or snow) into consideration, it is not ideal since it requires no structural reinforcement.

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