The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Driveway | Getting It Right The First Time

The thought of installing a driveway is in itself a headache as there as so many factors to consider and hoops to jump through, but in the end, a driveway is an excellent way to create a welcoming appeal, give you exterior the necessary facelift it deserves, and provide a functional area in your home.  

In this ultimate guide to creating a driveway, you will find the necessary answers that you need as we will cover the benefits of having a driveway installed, the options available to you, the cost of installing a driveway, and what to consider when deciding on the best for you. Lastly, we will cover how to install a driveway and get it right the first time.  

The 5 Benefits of Installing A Driveway 

1. Saves You Money on Your Car Insurance? 

Did you know that parking in your driveway can save you up to £80 yearly on your insurance? A bulk of paintwork damages happen when you park your car on the street, costing you money in repairs. When you park in your driveway, that hole is plugged, thus saving you money that you can put somewhere else. 

2. Safety 

Leaving your car parked along the road, especially if you live in a busy street, is not safe for your vehicle, for you, and your family, specifically your kids. You avoid your vehicle being damaged by oncoming cars and makes it more difficult for it to be stolen. 

A driveway helps you avoid the daily worry of taking the kids to school and wondering how to open the doors without them getting run down or hit. A driveway gives you peace of mind. 

3. Ease of Access 

It is very relieving to know that you can simply pull into your drive after a stressful day at work instead of the headache that comes with thinking about where to park your car, the frustration of driving back and forth looking for space and finding one that you have to walk a bit before entering your home. 

A driveway also makes your everyday activities a “walk in the park” such as taking the groceries in, washing your car, or removing car seats. 

4. Add Real Estate Value to Your Property 

It is common knowledge that your home’s exterior is nearly as important as the interior when your property is valued. The driveway, garden, and patios all play a significant part in the final valuation of your property. A driveway increases your property’s value by more than 9 – 15%. 

More than that, a home with a driveway is “hot cake” for potential homeowners as 84% of potential homeowners say they won’t consider a property without a driveway. 

5. Gives Your Exterior a Facelift 

While it is easy for you to see the enormous benefits of splashing money on your interior decoration so that it looks the part, it is easy to forget that it is the external that people see before the internal. Think of it this way, no matter how clean the inside of a cup is, you won’t drink from it if the outside looks funny (now that is stretching it too far, but you get the idea).  

Your exterior is the first contact with your home and with a driveway, you create a wonderful outside space. Also, having a driveway is inviting, and it sends a feeling of warmth and reception to people coming to your home. 

Types of Driveways | What Driveway Options Do I Have? 

When it comes to the choice of a driveway, there are 5 options you can choose from each having its merit and demerits; 

  • Imprinted Driveway
  • Gravel Driveway
  • Block Paving
  • Resin Driveway
  • Tarmacking

Imprinted Concrete Driveway – What to Consider 

How long to complete: 5 – 7 days 

Cost: £3,800 

Is Planning Permission Required: Concrete is a non-permeable material, so planning permission is required if it the drive is over 50m2 


  • Very little maintenance is required 
  • Durable  


  • Prone to cracks 
  • Pricey 

Imprinted concrete driveways are a popular choice for homeowners because of its affordability, maintenance, and durability. With plenty of options available, going with imprinted concrete can add a personal touch and style to your driveway  

Gravel Driveway – What to Consider 

How long to complete: 2 days 

Cost: £60 sqm 

Is Planning Permission Required: No, except where non – permeable materials are used for areas over 5 sqm  


  • Pocket-friendly 
  • Adds an added layer of security to your home – you hear when someone walks or drives in 
  • Very attractive 


  • Regular flattening and weeding 
  • Requires yearly maintenance 

A gravel driveway is a trending choice for most homeowners because of the rustic charm that it adds to a property and maintenance ease. However, excavation needs to be done to identify any buried service, such as gas or water. Although you can install by yourself, you should get a licensed specialist. 

Block Paving – What to Consider 

How long to complete: 4 days 

Cost: £5750 

Is Planning Permission Required: it depends on the material choice. Speak with a specialist and your local building authority to be confident, but your block paving must adhere to building regulations 


  • Enduring and durable 
  • Wide range of materials to choose from 
  • Easy to maintain and repair 


  • Expensive 
  • Requires attention and maintenance  

Block paving has been gaining popularity from the first time it was first installed in the 1980s. Constructed originally from concrete blocks or coloured cement, it is not unusual to lay blocks into an intricate pattern. Block paving technology and materials have evolved over the years to include concrete, stone, composite, Resin, cement. Compared to imprinted concrete or tarmac, block paving is pricey. 

Resin Driveway – What to Consider 

How long to complete: 2 – 5 days 

Cost: £2,300 

Is Planning Permission Required: No 


  • Aesthetic and durable 
  • SUD Compliant 
  • versatile 
  • Little maintenance 


  • Can be expensive 

For homeowners who are conscious about the environment, Resin is an eco-friendly material with porous properties making it easy to drain rainwater and surface water. Resin-bound driveways are SUD compliant, meaning that it is an ideal choice for a driveway without the headaches of getting planning permission. Resin is a rigorously hard surface that is very resistant to high and low temperature (not prone to cracks).  

Tarmacking – What to Consider 

How long to complete: 3 – 4 days 

Cost: £2,200 

Is Planning Permission Required: Yes  


  • Affordable 


  • Makes the exterior neat, but adds no aesthetic appeal 
  • Must be resealed every 5 years 

Tarmac is a mixture of crush stones and tar. A widespread choice because of its cost, durability. The downside is it has to be excavated and redone if repairs can no longer be done. Tarmac is a water-resistant material making it an ideal option for the London cold weather. You need a specialist to install because of the issue that will come up with drainage. 

Getting it Right the First Time 

Finding the right specialist for your driveway can be a headache as there are so many hurdles to jump through. To avoid all that headache, you can request a free consultation and site visit with TEL Constructions and see why thousands of clients have chosen and referred us to their friends in the past decade.