What Is A Hip To A Gable Loft Conversion

What Is A Hip To A Gable Loft Conversion

A hip to gable loft conversion takes the roof’s sloped edges and converts them into a gable wall instead. In simple words, this kind of transformation straightens the inwardly slanted end roof to create a vertical wall. It helps you create spaces that you didn’t think was possible if you have a “hip” roof. The hip to gable changes your roof by extending its ridgeline and introducing a new section of roof in the gap.

The hip and gable loft conversion requires changing the sloping side of the property to a flat gable end which creates extra space for a staircase and offers more storage solution. By changing the structure, you add floor space and make more room within the stairs area.

An excellent idea for your hip to a gable loft conversion is turning the extra space into a bedroom and ensuite, a walk-in wardrobe with a dressing room, an office, or a gym.
Pros of the hip to a gable loft conversion

1. It takes a lesser amount of time to convert, usually four to six weeks to be completed.

2. It doesn’t require additional space as it adds space vertically, unlike other conversions that need space adjacent to it.

3. You can position the new stairs over the existing one for a more natural flow

4. It can be done under Permitted Development, meaning you will most likely not need a planning permit.

5. It blends well with your existing property, making it aesthetically pleasing

6. Very suitable for chalets and bungalows

7. The cost of the hip to a gable loft conversion is not very high compared with the others.

Cons of the hip to a gable loft conversion

1. It doesn’t add any valuable space except you add a dormer extension to it, thus inflating the cost

2. It may make your semi-detached house look unbalanced.

3. It can only be built on semi-detached and detached homes.

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