What Is A Hip To A Gable Loft Conversion

Hip to gable loft conversion facilitates the properties with space-consuming hipped roofs to add additional room space for the new loft accommodations.

This conversion type generally provides additional vertical floor space to address the space woes.

Are you looking for some solution to address your space issues?

A hip to gable loft conversion can be your answer to put a full stop to your search.

Let us dig into the entire concept.

What is hip to a gable loft conversion?

A hip to gable conversion transforms a hipped roof effectively by shrinking the useful floor area.

A hip to a gable loft conversion is the one in which the side roof is eradicated off of the sidewall.

This removal maximizes the internal head height.

However, the loft conversion completely depends on several factors, including:

  • Floor layout
  • Height
  • Space
  • And many others.

Understanding the concept of the hip to gable conversion!

The formal definition and even the statements often fail to clarify the concept of a hip to gable conversion.

So did you get what exactly the conversion refers to?

Or is it still not understood?

Well, let us dive into understanding the concept.

The term “HIP TO GABLE” Conversion is derived from two different styles!

“HIP” and “GABLE” 

The HIP Roof

The HIP Roof

A HIP roof is the one that is slanted on all the sides and is considered one of the strongest types of roof.

This roof style’s durability and strength are the four main support rafters, often known as hips, that are positioned at 45 degrees angle.

The only major drawback of this style is the complicated design and construction. 

The GABLE Roof

The GABLE Roof

While talking about the gable roof, it has the slants on two sides only.

These types are cheaper compared to the hip ones.

And it is also said that these are not as strong as the hip roofs because of the lack of framing support.

So, how are these two related?

How is hip to gable loft conversions built?

Well, you must have guessed it already.

This hip to gable conversion is the conversion style that includes transforming one side of the hip roof into a gable one. 

But how is this done?

Well, it’s pretty simple yet complicated. This indeed requires professional experience to get it all done right.

However, this process involves the outwards extension of one side of the sloped room.

This can be attained by the removal of the exposed roof’s part and erecting a vertical wall in a triangular shape.

And the central ridge of the roof is then connected to the new build wall, and the open space and this wall construct the roof’s gable position.

And do you know the outcome?

Well, it’s a loft space with ample vertical space.

Doesn’t it sound easy and quick?

Well, it might, but it is challenging to execute.

However, professional help is always beneficial to get the best outcomes. 

Benefits of choosing a hip to gable conversion

The major advantage of choosing hip to gable conversion is that it creates a huge living space because, during this, the side sloped roof is pushed.

And the essential fact about this is when this hip to gable conversion is combined with L-shaped and rear dormer loft conversions, it can actually maximize the potential of a property. 

Creating the magical effect with exterior finish options

The exterior finish options in the hip to gable conversion can create a magical effect within the space.

The varied options may include the slate-hung, tile hung, cladding, or rendered; you just name the choice you would like to have for your loft conversions exterior finish, and we will bring it to your space.

However, as per the expert’s suggestions, you can choose to have some combinations to get a better outcome in terms of appearance.

  • If your choice is slate or tiles, the roof type can be chosen to match the existing roof.
  • If your choice is rendered finish, skilled plasters can create diversified designs to match the existing appearance.
  • If your choice is the brick, the brick should be matched to the existing brickwork.

However, if any other finishes are chosen, the closest option needs to be discovered to match the appearance of the existing ones.

And the best part is that this way, even the hip to gable conversion can always look like a part of the existing development.

So no awkwardly matched spaces. 

Do you require any planning permission for the hip to gable conversion?

You can continue with the hip to gable loft conversion under the Lawfulness certificate if your property already has the permitted development right.

This certificate indicates that the build you are planning to undertake will be built within the approved guidelines. In that case, you do not require to wait for the application to be permitted before the work commencement.

However, if you do not have the rights, in that case, you will require the planning permission.

Proceeding that way, you have to wait until permission is granted.

And to make things easier, the council issues a decision after the eight weeks post validation of the application.

Your professional service provider can be a great help in getting the permissions done and what type of permissions are required to begin with the hip to gable conversion. 

Bottom Line!

How can the best remain behind when the conversation is about hip to gable loft conversion requiring professional help for execution?

Well, yes!

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