What Is A Mansard Loft Conversion?

Mansard loft conversion is an ideal choice when it comes to extra-functional space, aesthetic appeal and added monetary value. Keep reading to find out everything you want to know about mansard loft conversion London.

Mansard loft conversion is an ideal loft conversion style that helps to maximize the available attic space.

This loft conversion may require planning permissions for the roof alterations. Mansard loft conversion involves creating a flat roof with a sloping wall at an angle of 72 degrees.

Keep reading to know what is mansard loft conversion, mansard roof and its purpose, advantages, difference between dormer and mansard loft conversion.

What is a Mansard loft conversion?

When it comes it aesthetic appeal, extra-functional space and added monetary value, Mansard loft conversion should be the ideal pick.

It provides almost the similar head height as dormer loft conversion with added advantage of more space. It gives more room for light as well creating living room in the loft.

It is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to add another storey to your property.

This conversion is generally found in the rear of the properties and changes the slope of the roof to almost vertical i.e., close to 72 degrees.

The roof is close to flat, and windows are housed by using small dormers.

Mansard roof was named and made popular by renowned French architect- Francois Mansart.

This 17th century architect proposed that entire plane of the property’s roof can be altered to get huge space and head height for additional space.

What is the main purpose of a Mansard roof?

A mansard roof is a type of Gambrel roof, but the only difference is that it more like a hipped roof i.e., it has slopes on all four sides.

There are two slopes. The lower roof is usually much steeper than the upper slope.

Mansard roof loft conversion is not only making the property look visually appealing but helps creating a good amount of space to the homeowners to expand their home.

What is the difference between a mansard roof and a Gambrel roof?

Gambrel roofs are almost similar to mansard roofs in the style and structure of the roof. In both the scenarios, the lower slope is much steeper than the upper one.

Both are classified as curb roofs i.e., pitched roof having successive planes. Mansard roof is called curb hip roof while Gambrel is called curb gable roof

The only difference is that mansard loft has four slopes while Gambrel has two sloping sides just like the Gabel roofs.

Gambrel roofs are generally found on barns, farmhouses and log cabins.

How long do Mansard roofs last?

If the mansard roofs are installed by professionals and are maintained properly such as equipping them to sustain snow and rain, they can last for many decades and even century.

Though, quality and type of material cannot be ignored. For example, a mansard roof made with asphalt shingles would last for a couple of decades while roofs made with copper can last for more than 100 years.

How to identify Mansard roofs?

Most of the people may confuse mansard roofs with general roof as they may seem to see a single plane while standing on the ground.

As the double pitch and steep sides can be mistaken for other types of roofs, it’s important to learn how they are different.

Mansard roofs have gradient on all four sides unlike gambrel where the gradients are there only on two sides.

Another striking difference between is that Gambrel roofs end up in long and sharp points at the main ridge beam. There is no such thing in Mansard roofs.

Mansard roofs are also known as French roofs i.e., where lower pitches are close to vertical and bigger in proportion to upper pitches.

In other parts of Europe such as France and Germany, there is no distinction made between gambrel and mansard roofs. These are known are just mansards.

What are the advantages of mansard roof loft conversion?

Mansard roof loft conversions are gaining popularity due to several advantages they offer.

  • Exceptional attic space

As compared to the other roof loft conversion such as dormer, gable, Velux etc, Mansard roofs offer a good space dimension as it has a close to vertical bottom pitch.

You can easily add a master bedroom with an en-suite along and an additional space for living room. This is possible because of the good head height as well as double pitched slopes.

Dormer windows can easily be added for increased sunlight and turn the room bright and shiny.

  • Aesthetic Value

Mansard roof loft conversion turns the space elegant, modern with a touch of sophistication. Mansard roofs were an important part of French architecture, this makes it more unique.

  • Easier to expand

Mansard roof loft conversion opens the gates of flexibility to expand.

As the bottom slope is close to vertical, further addition of new floors becomes less complicated as compared to other roof loft conversions such as hip to gable.

  • Works well in all areas

Whether its rural or urban, mansard loft conversion works brilliantly well in all areas due to the extra space offered and its ability to expand.

Types of Mansard loft conversion: Mansard Roof Design Variation

Types of Mansard loft conversion

According to design and functionality, mansard roof designs can be altered or modified into following designs. Have a look.

1. Concave Style mansard roof

This type of roof is inspired from the concave design. The lower slope is curved inside, and a steep angle is given at the bottom.

This type of mansard design is commonly used in mansions and buildings but is quite expensive in terms of maintenance and repairs.

2. Convex Style mansard roof

This is opposite to concave style. Here the lower roof is curved outwards. The design looks like the English letter “S”.

This shape ensures more internal space than other shapes. The main pre-requisite for this shape is that you need to be sure that there aren’t any trees or branches intruding the area.

The convex style is generally found on courthouses, towers and hotels.

3. Straight Style mansard roof

It’s more like standard mansard roof loft conversion. They have a nearly flat or a slight slope in the upper part. And dormer windows are housed in the lower slope.

Dormer windows make the space well ventilated as well as are good for lighting and extra space.

4. L-shaped mansard loft conversion

l-shaped mansard loft conversion significantly adds value and space to the property. This loft conversion may not be possible and feasible for all the properties.

The properties often built under planning permission or some Victorian ones, are often considered to undergo l shaped mansard loft conversion to match the surroundings.

This loft conversion is mainly possible at the rear of the property i.e., extension over kitchen and bathroom.

5. Double mansard loft conversion

Double mansard loft conversion is similar to standard mansard roof with just a difference that it is done in the front as well.

The front and rear mansards together form a double mansard loft conversion and is one of the largest loft conversions available.

Difference between Mansard and Dormer loft conversion

Dormer loft conversion is another popular loft conversion when it comes to adding great space to the property.

The major benefit is that you don’t need to seek planning permission while for mansard loft conversion planning permission is a must.

For the dormer loft conversion, the dormers are protruded from the street level and rely on the existing roof, the space offered is very less as compared to mansard loft conversion.

In terms of head height and space, mansard loft conversion score better than dormer.

But dormers are a bit less expensive than mansard roofs.

Planning permission for Mansard Loft Conversion

Mansard loft conversion always requires planning permission.

As mansards are structured in such a way to create maximum space and are more like adding another storey to the property, the shape and structure of original roof is majorly modified.

So, planning permission is a must in case of Mansard lofts.

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