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Resin Bonded is normally just utilised as a part of driveways where the greatest hold and appealing looks are required. Because of its rough-textured finish, it offers a natural and attractive look. To create such block paving patterns, the gum is spread over the surface utilising a serrated squeegee and the stone is then scattered over the top.

At TEL Constructions, we take pride to cater to your needs by providing the best and beautiful pedestrian areas or resin bonded driveways service. Whether you want resin bonded driveways, block paving driveway, walkways, or patios, we create the best for you that guarantees maximum grip, cost-effectiveness and easy to install. If looking for an alternative to creating an impression of your place, then it is a perfect method to consider that offers less maintenance. You can improvise your driveways by using vibrant block paving colours such as grey block paving, charcoal block paving and much more.

Our resin stone driveways are very resilient and function well for many coming years. Depending on usage and choice of aggregate,

we design the area that superbly compliments your taste and your place as well. Our friendly staff is always available to offer supply quotes for driveway block paving, give specialized advice, help you get samples for concrete block paving, process requests and give contact information to clear out your queries.

We provide exclusive services to a range of businesses including b&q block paving, from small scale entities to extensive projects. Our responsibility is to serve high levels of support and guidance to our clients together with our commitment to guaranteeing that we supply just the best materials at affordable costs has implied that our notoriety for being a business has become the same amount of as our client base.

Resin Bonded
Bespoke landscaping Solutions

Bespoke landscaping Solutions

In the recent days, gardens have become an important space in the homes for relaxing or socialising with friends or family. TEL Constructions strive to transform your outside space in a manner that suits your tastes and lifestyles. With our creative team you can design the patio by incorporating the colour of your house and even the names of your family members.

Our team will serve you with dedicated support through the whole process, from start to finish and beyond. With us you can also connect for resin bound paving maintenance and installation services.
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block brick driveways

Block & Brick Driveways

Not just down to earth and useful, your walkway should complement your home and mirror your way of life and identity. You don’t need to pick between a delightfully improving walkway and a practical, available surface that is sufficiently sturdy to withstand ordinary everyday living; with TEL Constructions you get it all.

With us, you can easily choose from a huge selection of colours and textures to create a truly unique block, brick driveways and resin walkway that will surely be the envy of your neighbours.
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Resin Bound Driveways

Resin Bound Driveways

TEL Constructions will help you transform your domestic driveways into the one that is perfect for your places and compliments it stunningly. Our permeable resin bonded driveways combine amazing looks with a perfect surface that doesn’t require any extensive maintenance.

Choosing from a wide range of colours and texture options, you can create an eye pleasing driveway that once installed will reward you years of outstanding performance.

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