Affordable Solutions For House Renovation In London

Create Premium Spaces To Suit Your Taste And Budget

Re-Define Luxury by Renovating Your House

If you look around in London, buying a new property can be costly as new spaces are available at a premium cost. Which is why refurbishing your home can be a cost effective solution to increase the space and value of your property. Our sophisticated team can overcome all challenges while renovating your home.

Hire Our In-House Specialists if You Are Looking For House Renovation in London

Seamless Service

We overcome all challenges to make sure that you renovate your home without any worry.

Planning & Paperwork

Guarantee that your plans fulfill local authority expectations & all documents are in place

Cost Effective

Avoid moving to a new home and renovate to increase the value of your property instead.

Successful Deadlines

Our dedicated team is makes sure every project is completed in a timely manner.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs With A Home Renovation in London

Our teams assess your space requirements to give you customized designing and planning services for your space. Choosing the right place to remodel in your house is a very important aspect, one that most house-owners need to consider. Browse though our various home renovation services to find what suits you best.

modern living room design with sofa set and sceneries


Use our designing services to create a sustainable and convenient home at no extra cost.

bedroom interior design


Our structural engineers use their skill to give you the most out of your existing bedroom.

kitchen design with granite countertop


We know how a kitchen can make or break a house; so you only get the best of everything.

modern bathroom with glass door interior


Create the bath of your dreams with our design and planning specialists.

modern living room wooden flooring


Choose from our wide range of flooring styles to match your exquisite taste

basement conversion work


Add extra space to your home by renovating your basement and creating a new area.

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What Our Clients Say

Clients Say

-Sarah Fox

I hired TEL Constructions to for a small house renovation project and they were here very quickly and the job was completed on time. Will keep the number handy definitely.

Clients Say

-Andy Tringham

I was looking to get my house renovated. I called these guys and was quite impressed to see that their entire was very proactive. Since then I have gotten 2 more spaces renovated as well.

Clients Say

-Lizzie Woolley

My house needed a lot of renovation so I called these guys for a free visit and found that renovation was within my budget. Now, I can seriously flaunt my home. Great job done.

Looking To Remodel Your House In London?

Get complete renovation solutions by giving us a call today. Home renovations are a creative way to work with the space that you already have and also gives you a fresh start when it comes to designing or planning an area. Call us right away to talk to our London renovation specialists and schedule a no-obligation visit.