Home Renovation Types


Explore Our Wide Range of House Renovations in London

A small house renovation can bring about a big change in your life. Be it remodeling an area in your house or organizing some extra space; there are endless options to suit your convenience. Here at TEL Constructions, we believe that transforming an old space does not always require extensive structural work.

If you own a property in London then the perfect way to polish your maintain your house is by investing in a house renovation in London. Renovations give you a big return on your ROI (return on investment). But before you move ahead with any plans, choose the right construction company and type of house renovation to avoid hidden costs and several other issues.

What to Consider Before Renovating The House of Your Dreams

You are eager to renovate your home but are not sure where to start, right? Do not dive into a house refurbishment project as you will definitely regret having a plan later on. Hire a contractor for your home renovation and purchase a key lockbox. Spend time in the space you wish to renovate and decide on the light fixtures, colours and accessories.

You can call us for a no-obligation visit and this can help you get a time frame in which the project will be completed. We guarantee realistic timelines and inspecting your house beforehand allows our engineers to foresee any hidden problems. We make sure that you don’t expect any unexpected home renovation costs so as the finish within your set budget.

Learn More About The Different Types of House Renovation

There are several different types of house refurbishment that you can plan for depending on the requirement and the size of the house. Read along to learn more about the several house renovation types that you can opt for.


Interior Design

Have you been struggling for long to get together a look for your home that you love? Our contemporary interior design specialists can help you become confident enough to take the next step. Get a fabulous and functional home at an affordable cost with our interior designing services. We curate all your design decisions keeping in mind your individual style and preferences.

There are several aspects to consider when designing an interior space like colours, furniture, flowers and accessories that eventually make your home the palace of your dreams.  We conceptualize all designs after a free on-site visit and prepare a mood board with rendered plans and floor elevations. Get in touch with us today to book a free consultation.

Bedroom Renovation

A renovation to your bedroom does not always have to cost the earth. You can revamp your entire bedroom with an en-suite and walk-in wardrobe at a moderate cost.  Did you know that a fresh coat of paint, new doors, windows and a skirting board can transform your old bedroom into a safe haven in no time? A bedroom renovation can definitely provide you with the ultimate sanctuary that speaks relaxation and luxury.

You can actually make the most out of a bedroom renovation with strategic styling and exquisite interior design. We have plenty of bedroom makeover ideas that can allow you to create an entirely new ambience for your old room. Get in touch with us and schedule a no-obligation visit for a price match quotation today.


Kitchen Renovation

A well setup kitchen is the heart of a house which is why most people keep a kitchen renovation in London on the top of their priority list. A good thing is that a kitchen can be refurbished even if you have a small area. The right paint and tile can help you find the lost beauty of your kitchen space. Our specialists at TEL construction make sure that all running and maintenance costs are within your budget.

Picking up a builder for your kitchen renovation in London is not the same as there are specialists who are skilled with the design and functioning of a kitchen. Our dedicated team of skilled workers is experienced to understand what you want and have the ability to execute according to your plans. Just ask for a free site visit to get a free evaluation done today.

Bathroom Renovation

Installing new sanitary ware isn’t the only thing that accommodates for a bathroom renovation. There are several other aspects like fitting and space arrangements that most people forget to consider. Our expert team at TEL Constructions guarantees timely completion of your project from start-to-finish as we have the right project managers, customer service coordinators and surveyors for bathroom refurbishment.

There are several options that you can consider when planning to re-do your bathroom. From building an accessible wet room to creating a luxurious spa-like bath, we have all the right resources available at your disposal. Our team of accredited plumbers, tillers and bathroom fitters are here to help you create a stunning and relaxing bathroom.


Solid Wood Flooring

Refurbish your property with our elegant and unique collection of solid wood flooring options. Choose from shades of oak, maple, beech or walnut to suit your taste and budget. This type of renovation is a great choice if you are looking to add a luxurious finish to your house. We only stock premium quality products just to make sure you receive the best service available in and around London.

A solid wood flooring is packed full of character and poise to the point that no other flood can beat its natural beauty. These come in a wide versatile variety of finishes and looks ranging from aged oaks to rustic minimal contemporary looks. The flooring comes with click-together joints to make fitting easier. Call us to find your perfect flooring today.

Basement Conversion

Plan a basement conversion in London by creating a bespoke living space beneath your property. Our building inspectors work along the construction process to provide you with a seamless basement conversion experience. We make sure that your newly renovated basement has the right amount of ventilation and natural light.

Construct a basement that you can be proud of with TEL construction services. We ensure waterproofing by running a land drain around the entire perimeter of the basement and also install the appropriate ventilation systems. Ask us for a no-obligation site visit and discuss your plans with our structural engineers at no extra cost today.


How Much Will a House Renovation Cost You?

It is very important for every home owner to work out the realistic cost when planning a house renovation. The best way to start is by gathering informed estimate quotations for your house refurbishment. Then follow up by building a timeline for your project and consider the project management tasks. It is also a good idea to be prepared for any unforeseen costs at this moment.

Consult with our design and build specialists to identify your own sense of individuality and combine it with the comfort that you wish to incorporate in your home.  If you are considering a major renovation project in and around London then keeping an open budget of up to £60000 is a fairly good estimate. But to have a better idea of the costs involved in your project schedule a free consultation with us today.

TEL Constructions : How much your project will cost you?

Being a leading contracting company, TEL Constructions is always ready to welcome your queries. If you want to know what exactly your project will charge you, request a quote now. Submit your details and let us help you quote your next construction project within a few hours.