Plumbing And Heating

Plumbing and Heating Services

Reap the higher standards of plumbing and heating services in the UK by TEL Constructions.

Planning to incorporate an effective and economical plumbing and heating system?

TEL Construction is always on hand to help around any area in the United Kingdom.

We are experts in plumbing and maintenance, boiler installation and repair, central heating repairs, underfoot heating, radiators and air conditioning services.

Our talented artistry assists bespoke services, including bathroom fittings, and a professional team is always ready to back up in no time.

Moreover, we ensure our clients live not only in a warm and cosy home but also surrounded by the safest installations.

Services are provided 24/7 round the year without delays. You get what is quoted. We do not charge any hidden costs.

We offer fully licensed, top-rated labour that respects the boundaries of punctuality, honesty, and personal space; services are delivered without disrupting a place.

We ensure customers feel independent to share suggestions and comfortable throughout the procedure.

No work is outsourced, and post-services are warmly provided as well.

Subsequently, our team operates with well-equipped and advanced tools to tackle both domestic and commercial tasks.

Drop us a line if you live in Amersham, Watford, Uxbridge, Stanmore, Southall, Heston, Hayes, Ealing, Croydon, or any other region of the UK.

Plumbing And Heating
Central Heating Systems

Central Heating Systems

Turn the cold places into lovely snuggly homes with Central plumbing and heating delivered by trusted and reliable work ethics.
TEL Constructions is a leading, decade-long industry with pride in its Gas Safe Registered services.
Spark the heat of every moment in freezing winters with central heating systems fitted by qualifier installers with years of experience in the field.
Our highly skilled technicians can install on-trend appliances tailored to specific commercial and personal spaces.
Count on us to achieve peace of mind. Call Now!

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Wet Underfloor Heating

Wet Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating facilitates floor heating to ensure manageable temperatures and comfort throughout the festive season.
TEL Construction manages complete underfloor heating tasks in new and existing properties using only impeccable materials from recognized suppliers.
Our cost-effective heating solutions, extensive knowledge, deep-focused work and excellent customer services always amaze our clients.
Run to us without a second thought to meet the standards of luxury in your property.

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Designer Radiators

Designer Radiators

Skip compromising the looks and go with the spectacular hand-picked layouts of radiators.TEL Constructions presents you with a refined collection of heating appliances.
Surround you with an accessible and in-style atmosphere with the heart-capturing designer radiators.
No more unpleasant surprises in chilled seasons when the radiators are switched on. Let us move you a level above the ordinary.
Call us today, and find the radiator that is just right for you.

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Air Conditioning service

Air Conditioning service

Keep your home temperature habitual with bespoke air conditioning and ventilation, services tailored for everyone.
TEL Constructions puts forward high-tech and energy-saving appliances.
Specialists swiftly handle a variety of environments and install the most compatible solutions to improve living standards.
You are under the surveillance of professionals who must double-check if customers are happy with all services delivered.
We are among the best service providers in the UK, well known for timely delivery, friendly team and work transparency.
Drop us an email or leave your details for work enquiries.

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Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric Underfloor Heating

Dare the benefit of the doubt with the electric heat services like never before.
Optimize your ground comfort in variable flooring types: ceramic, wood, marble, natural stone, lamination, carpets, and whatnot.
TEL Constructions glows up the fortune by offering its customers the safest and most energy-efficient electric underfloor heating solutions.
Experience the radiant heat from the Master of Advanced heating systems.
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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

Replacing the limited energy sources, heat pumps are widely popular renewable systems.
TEL Constructions got you covered from ground and air service to exhaust air system with the zest to match resident specifications.
Experts supply and install heat pumps for small domestic and large commercial projects based on advanced plumbing and heating technology.
Connect directly to request seasoned services, including repair and installation.
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