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TEL Constructions is one of the leading house extension specialists in Coulsdon and other surrounding areas in London. We understand your need and love for space and convert your dreams into reality. Home extensions in  Coulsdon are gaining popularity due to major life changes happening in the homeowner’s life in the UK. It could be switching to remote work, children returning from college, planning a family, or accommodating elderly people, the reason could be any. TEL Constructions helps you add space and value to your home with their house extension services in Coulsdon. Our team of experts has the right skills and knowledge that’ll help to transform your space. Undergoing a home extension will increase your property value by 20%. So, rather than move just opt to extend your existing home with TEL Constructions.

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While the primary motive of every house extension in Coulsdon is to gain more space, the home extension works brilliantly too when you want to improve the layout of the property, switch from a traditional to an open plan setting (or, vice versa), modify the home to add functionality and accessibility, enhance energy efficiency and more. Our team will start working on your project immediately after the initial consultation. One of our experts will visit you on-site to assess the space and understand your budget and requirements. We’ll share with you an accurate quote for your home extension in Coulsdon. The quotation can be customized any number of times till you’re ready to proceed. Discover the best project management with us as we ensure that the build and design stay on track. Contact us today and explore the diverse possibilities of extending your home in Coulsdon. Book your project consultation today.
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