Bespoke Beds

Spacious bedroom with a mid-size bed.

Bespoke Beds

A good bed is probably the most important thing in any home. It is the only furniture that you cannot do without. Besides, it is the only thing you miss the most when you are away.

Your bed is your place of solace. It needs to suit your needs for you to have a healthy sleep routine. Therefore, we make custom beds. Our tailormade beds provide you with the utmost comfort

Furthermore, quality is at the very heart of each one of our products. We consider all your requests and expectations before making the perfect bed for you.TEL Constructions houses a superior collection of contemporary and designer round beds that are made just for you. All our round custom beds and bespoke bunk beds are made to give a touch of extravagance to your bedrooms. With our designs, you can choose both space and comfort for your bespoke beds.

Gift yourself healthy sleep today. Let TEL Constructions make a perfect bed for you.

Ready to invest in your sleep? Discuss your needs with our experts.

How Do We Work?

We keep each and everything managed in a way to serve our customers with the best and satisfactory results. From initial planning to providing the end result, we control every action with high precision. At TEL, we try to maintain the communication with the project manager, so as to keep the records and planning on one side.

  • Complete transparency

  • Flexible payment option

  • On- time project completion

  • Professional services

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

TEL Constructions : How much your project will cost you?

Being a leading contracting company, TEL Constructions is always ready to welcome your queries. If you want to know what exactly your project will charge you, request a quote now. Submit your details and let us help you quote your next construction project within a few hours.