Landscaping & Gardening Services

TEL constructions worker doing landscaping and gardening work.

Exceptional Landscaping Services with full commitment

With an excellent eye for detail, we offer first-class services. We work closely with a variety of contractors, developers, and architects across the UK and installed a wide range of schemes that complemented the surrounding landscape. We are the experts of hard and soft landscaping projects.

Our service ranges from landscaping supplies to landscaping design including – construction, rocks, brickwork, paving, joinery, water features, and long-term garden maintenance to create stunning features or to complement planting schemes. We are the leading suppliers of landscaping stones and products to both the Trade and Public. Grab landscaping services from the team of experienced and competent professionals who understand your requirements and will put them first.  

Why Hire our Landscaping Experts? 

  • Visit from a specialist who’ll help you with the innovative ideas and advice. 
  • Get round the clock access to customer care professionals. 
  • Expert advice that will boost the value of your property. 
  • Get access to a pleasant environment to spend your precious time with family and friends. 
  • Cutting-edge tools and state-of-the-art technology 

How Do We Work?

We keep each and everything managed in a way to serve our customers with the best and satisfactory results. From initial planning to providing the end result, we control every action with high precision. At TEL, we try to maintain the communication with the project manager, so as to keep the records and planning on one side.

  • Complete transparency

  • Flexible payment option

  • On- time project completion

  • Professional services

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

TEL Constructions : How much your project will cost you?

Being a leading contracting company, TEL Constructions is always ready to welcome your queries. If you want to know what exactly your project will charge you, request a quote now. Submit your details and let us help you quote your next construction project within a few hours.