Bespoke Staircases

bespoke staircases

Bespoke Staircase

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”.

TEL Constructions help you count every single step by constructing bespoke staircases within your homes. Whether you want brand-new staircases or simply renovate the existing ones, we can provide you with an ocean of ideas to choose from. Our beautiful staircase designs add a touch of elegance and superiority to your homes.

We present you with various styles of bespoke staircases in London. From a wooden staircase, modern staircase, glass staircase to bespoke contemporary staircases, traditional staircases and open plan, we have designs that can cater to your exact requirements.

Additionally, you get to make your staircases with high-quality softwoods and hardwoods. You can choose from oak, pine, Sapele, Ash, wenge, walnut, metal, glass, and many more.

We can proudly say that our bespoke staircases are made with experience. They are practical as well as reliable. Moreover, they can be customised as per your needs. So, you never have to pay for something you didn’t choose.

Our bespoke staircase renovations have beautified numerous homes in the UK. So, what’s stopping you?

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