Wardrobe Services

Luxurious bespoke brown coloured wardrobes.

Wardrobe Services

Imagine having bespoke beds in your bedrooms next to a plain wardrobe?
A good wardrobe can organise any room. It can brighten the darkest of the corners. It is the best thing that can deal with any clutter in your room while creating a stylish space.

Types of Wardrobe

  • Small wardrobe
  • Open wardrobe
  • Fitted wardrobe
  • Sliding door wardrobe

Get a wardrobe that works for you

At TEL Constructions, we make practical wardrobes that make organising easy for you. We specialise in creating all sorts of wardrobes including wooden wardrobes, white wardrobe, mirrored wardrobe, grey wardrobe, black wardrobe and many more. Our wardrobes come with spacious drawers. So, hiding your mess is never a problem. Have a small space that can’t accommodate a big wardrobe? Customise your wardrobe according to your specifications.TEL Constructions is always updated with the trends. So, we ensure to add a touch of modern whenever you ask for it.

Enjoy extra space without overspending

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast and love to collect outfits or like locking stuff away, you can always find a fitting wardrobe that goes with your bespoke vanity units and TV and media units with TEL Constructions. Choose from our sharp wardrobes, pine wardrobes, short wardrobe or mirror wardrobe.

Moreover, we also offer wardrobe doors, wardrobe rail, wardrobe interiors as per your bedroom’s existing style.In short, we ensure your wardrobe will be unique no matter which one you pick. Besides, if you can’t choose, our experts are always on their toes to guide you in your purchase.From single wardrobe, corner wardrobe, fabric wardrobe to double wardrobe, kids wardrobe and triple wardrobe, there is always a match for you in our catalogue.

TEL Constructions offers an extensive range of affordable wardrobes in the UK to help stylishly arrange your stuff. These wardrobes not only give an ample storage space but also offer a luxurious touch to the room.From 1 door wardrobe and 2 door wardrobe to more than 4 door wardrobe, we always have something that suits your requirements. With us, you can customise your wardrobe doors and shelves according to your choice of style.

Ready to customise your wardrobe? Tell us how we can help you.

How Do We Work?

We keep each and everything managed in a way to serve our customers with the best and satisfactory results. From initial planning to providing the end result, we control every action with high precision. At TEL, we try to maintain the communication with the project manager, so as to keep the records and planning on one side.

  • Complete transparency

  • Flexible payment option

  • On- time project completion

  • Professional services

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

TEL Constructions : How much your project will cost you?

Being a leading contracting company, TEL Constructions is always ready to welcome your queries. If you want to know what exactly your project will charge you, request a quote now. Submit your details and let us help you quote your next construction project within a few hours.