What is the British standard for security systems

What is the British standard for security systems?

Adequate security measures are essential for protecting your family, property or business owner, aiming to safeguard the assets and stakeholders.

Prevention is always better than the cure, and here is where the British security standards come in to keep yourself and your dear ones safe and secure.

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What are British Security Standards?

British security standards are some formal guidelines curated sincerely by various government UK bodies, experts and researchers to ensure a product passes the quality test.

Home Security standard measures in British identify for reliability, safety and effectiveness of electrical and non-electricity items installed in a residential place.

The purpose of making security standards

British standards of security in homes are designed to ensure that people feel safe and protected in their own homes. Here is the importance of home security British Standards:

  • It helps organizations to know that the people have an appropriate set of security following necessary standards inside their homes.
  • British Standards are an easy way to manage security risk– by checking if a device and asset meet the certain security standard.
  • To improve security and reduce the damage and accident risks.

Categories of British Security Standards

British security standards cover broad areas, including physical, information, security and more categories. It helps users to rely on products with confidence in quality, safety and sustainability.

Here are the British Security standards’ categories:

1.    Physical Security Standards

Physical security standards in British are made to protect physical entities such as buildings and assets from theft, damage and destruction.

It includes using lockers, doors & windows, and fences security measures.

2.     Information Security Standards

Information security standards in British are set to protect sensitive users’ information from data breaching, attacks & viruses, data loss etc.

Safety measures include cyber security, data encryption in all risky areas etc.

3.     Fire Security Standards

The concern about building fire detection, damage and prevention is covered under the fire security standards of the British.

It involves fire alarms, fire detection systems, extinguishers, fire doors etc.

4.     Home Automation Security Standards

British security standards of home automation are connected with the latest technology and innovation, including securing homes with smart devices.

Smart locks, automated doors, locks, cameras and alarms cover the range of automation measures.

Ensure Complete Security with British Home Security Standards

Let us now discuss the important security standards of Homes in the British.

BS 3621: British Home Security Standard for Front & Back Premises Doors 

BS3621 is the standard for locks introduced by the British standard institute. A lock following this is a good sign for qualifying security checks. Many UK insurance and government finance bodies use locks coming under bs3621 to prevent loss.

PAS 24: Standard for Doors & Windows British Home Security

PAS 24 is the minimum-security level a door must have to make it suitable for resisting attacks. It states the door sets and windows have passed and been certified per the required recommendations for protection against physical attacks, burglars and intruders.

LPS 1175: British Standard for Physical Security Products’ Resistance

LPS 1175 evaluates the resistance of physical objects, sources and protective layers from the unauthorized entrance. It also relates to the robustness of the security tool when intruder forces to gain access in illegal ways.

BS 5266-1: British Standards for Emergency Lighting Requirements

BS 5266-1 code of practice states the smart guidance of emergency lighting usages on lacking and shutting down the general lighting elements in the premises.

BS 5306: British security standard for Fire Extinguishers

BS 5306 covers two sections for fire extinguisher setup, maintenance and safety: section 3 and section 8.

  • Section 3 discusses proper checking measures, setup guidance, regular services and maintenance, and precise planning before the fitting.
  • Section 8 covers the importance of place, environmental considerations and proper training. Besides, the type of fire extinguishers, how they are used and on which kind of fire, and with operational temperature.

BS 5499-4: British Standards for Safety, Signs and Signals

BS 5499 is devoted to guiding through the illustration of fire warning signs that shows the route via various sign types with engaging symbols.

BS 5839: Fire Detection and Alarm System for Buildings

BS 5839 is an important British security standard that gives recommendations on the building’s planning, designs, fittings and maintenance to cover it against unfortunate fire explosions.

BS 8214: British Standard for timber-based door installation

BS 8219 British standard suggests timber-based door fittings to protect against fire. It covers rules for timber-based doors, pedestrian doors and assemblies fixed into any material.

BS 8418: Remote monitoring of detector-activated CCTV cameras

BS 8418 British security standard deals with the best practices, designs and installation of CCTV cameras to detect unauthorized activity on the premises.

Only systems set up as per BS 8418 get the Unique reference number (URN) issued by local police and therefore are responsible for taking assured responsibility for that system.

BS EN 50131: British Security Standard for Intrusion Detection Alarm Systems

BS EN 50131 Security Standard holds up every essential requirement, planning and design for the Alarm detection systems (wire or wireless). It also includes components of I&HAS but does not have necessities, installation and maintenance for I&HAS.

BS EN 50133: Security requirements in Access control systems

BS EN 50133 contains general guidelines for access control, security applications, and video surveillance systems for their best performance and operations. This British standard for security is divided into three parts.

NCP 104.3: British Standard for CCTV Camera Installation

NCP 104.3 Standard is introduced by National Security Inspectorate (NSI), a body for security and fire protection in the UK. This code of practice dictates the requirements for the surveillance systems’ design, installation, and commissioning.

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Review the given home security standards made according to the British government. They are essential to ensure that an organization and a product body have taken the necessary steps to conduct safe operations.

Mitigate the risks by implementing these security measures developed by British security rules and authorized bodies.

Take time to educate yourself on these practices and invest in the best possible security today and tomorrow for your surroundings.

9 Benefits of Having Home Security Solutions.

We are undoubtedly living in the golden age of technology development. We have gone from relying on wired phones for communication purposes to computer systems capable of providing information and efficient communication functions.

If we can say that smartphones are one of the significant and successive developments in technology during the 2000s, the development of smart homes is the next major step during the upcoming years providing ease and luxury at the same time.

A smart home system refers to the combination of electronic appliances or systems that connect to a common network that can be independently controlled. That means all your home technology works together in one system only. How exciting this can be to access all your devices with one remote access only. Great!

Smart home solutions allow you to access the high-tech functionality and luxury that was not possible earlier. As the development continues to expand, apart from providing ease of use and luxury only, the smart home security solutions provide the finest home security to keep your family and home safe.

Smart Home Security System!

Smart Home Security System

Whether you are at home or going out for your vacation, the most primary concern you will have is about the security of your home. And even when you are home, it is obvious to worry about the family’s security and home.

Relying upon someone for the home’s security is familiar, but what if you can do it yourself?

On no! We are not talking about your staying home 24X7. But wherever you go, you can at least keep an eye on your home and even check on the devices about what you are doubtful that you might have left it on. Sounds exciting? Well, implementing it is even more exciting.

Smart home security systems incorporate various smart devices, including sensors, cameras, locks, and many more, all of which you can monitor and control through your home. Talking about home security, here is why you essentially need to improve yours.

Why should you have the best smart home security system?

Installing a smart home security system can be costly but do you know that not installing one can cost you much more than the money spent? Yes. You heard it right. Having a home security solution is indeed beneficial, but before moving to the benefits of having one, let us check why you should have one.

  • Home security systems protect the family and pets also.
  • It also allows the homeowners to secure even less frequented areas of the home.
  • Homeowners don’t have to depend on manual security systems or neighbours to watch over the home when they are away.
  • Home security solutions are a more accessible and affordable way to set up and maintain the home’s security.
  • It adds up value to the home.
  • Home security systems provide a quicker emergency response time.
  • It provides 24X7 monitoring and support that reduces the risk that the alarm will fail or so.
  • Access it all from your comfortable couch.

Wondering how installing smart home security solutions can be beneficial to you? Let us delve into the advantages of having smart home security systems.

Advantages of Smart Home Security Solutions

Crime Deterrence

1. Crime Deterrence

Having a smart home security alarm is an excellent deterrent available to prevent home attacks. Everyone wants to keep their home secure at all costs. Home security solutions save your home from theft attacks without even burning a hole in the pocket.

Once any suspicious activity is sensed by the security system, an alarm will be sounded notifying about the activity, and bang on; you can check out who has tried accessing the home or ask for external help.

Saves you from panic situations

2. Saves you from panic situations

Home security alarm systems are also equipped with a panic button on the control panel. Even if your alarm is switched off, this panic button will work well and save you from panic situations. It also provides additional security so that if an emergency crisis emerges, the alarm will sound. Even though a phone call cannot be reached to call the appropriate authorities, an emergency alarm will help you out.

Saves Energy

3. Saves Energy

How about getting the energy-saving solution incorporated with the home security systems? Saving energy is indeed tricky as it is challenging to keep an eye on everything. However, home security solutions incorporate some home automation features to help you save energy at home.

The home security system allows you to monitor the energy management and shuts off the utilities when you are no longer in the room. Exciting, right? The system also prompts lower monthly bills by saving energy.

Integrates with smart home automation

4. Integrates with smart home automation

One of the key features of having a home security system is that it gets integrated well with the other smart home gadgets. The smart home security system incorporates smart lights, door locks, and thermostats. You can easily access the home security system on the application or website on your device.

Access it anywhere

5. Access it anywhere

The home security systems access is not confined to your home location only, you can access it anywhere and anytime. Access it at home or on the go, the home security solutions allow you to check out your home from any location. Anywhere, any place, and at any time!

Fire Protection and detection of unseen enemies

6. Fire Protection and detection of unseen enemies

Here comes another excellent advantage of choosing home security systems. The system informs about the fire breakage at home after monitoring the sensing. Fire can be devastating to the house and the family, and during that emergency, it not only alerts you about the fire but also informs the appropriate authorities.

One more essential thing it helps with during the fire breakage is that it gets help for the pets or the family members who might be inside the house and cannot call for help. Undoubtedly, a super beneficial aspect of choosing home security solutions.

With the unseen enemies, it is a 24X7 monitoring station that detects the smoke or carbon monoxide to keep you safe from such enemies.

7. Protects the valuables

This is undoubtedly the benefit that most people immediately think of while choosing home security solutions. Undoubtedly, protecting the valuables is also essential. After all, it is the outcome of your hard-earned money.

The home security solution protects it all and gives the alarm to scare off several would-be burglars. It also notifies the local authorities if someone suspicious does attempt to break in. Even the human guards are unable to provide such security.

8. Endows with peace of mind

The sense of security and comfort you get with an alarm system at home is perhaps one of the most significant advantages of choosing home security solutions. The confidence of being safe can help you be more productive throughout the day and keep you healthy and focused.

9. Get medical assistance when required

Medical assistance is a primary concern. Several home security alarms alert you of medical emergencies. During those emergency times, when nobody else is at home to help, pressing a button or pulling a cord can have immediate emergency services dispatched at home.

So, you have a buddy all the time to keep your loved ones safe and secured.

Additional advantages!

  • Convenience

Whether you spend all day alone at home or away from your home, smart home security solutions significantly enhance the convenience and security in your daily life. You can easily remotely monitor the home and adjust everything from the connected electronic gadget.

  • Managing all the devices from one place

Keeping all the technology connected in your home, the smart home security solutions have been a massive step forwards toward efficient home management. Use it all on your electronic gadget and manage all the aspects in one place.

  • Flexibility to add new devices and appliances

Our smart home security solutions are not confined to one or two devices only that you added at a very initial phase. It allows accommodating the new devices and appliances or any other technology. So you don’t have to be stringent on using the same device, upgrade the devices, enhance the security.

Essential facts to consider!

  • Home fires are the 3rd leading cause of fatal injuries.
  • Around seventy percent of the burglaries take place in residential properties.
  • Around thirty-nine percent of residential fires and approximately fifty-two percent of residential fatalities are from fires that occur because of the no smoke alarms at home.
  • The majority of burglaries take place during working hours when most of the people are at their workplaces.

Bottom Line!

Adding a security layer to the home gives an extra defence layer against potential intruders. Home security is the topmost concern for everyone, and that is what the best home security systems provide you with.

Whether you are at home or not, home security solutions can keep you updated and save your home and loved ones with an innovative trend in technology. There’s no doubt in saying that smart home systems are the need of the hour.

In your absence, our best home security systems help you with managing everything on your handy electronic gadgets and keep you notified about everything happening at home. Only smartphones are not enough; homes can be smarter too with innovative home security solutions.