Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces for Residential & Commercial Properties: Landscaping Near Me

Beautiful Outdoor Spaces is a reflection of the house indoors, your lifestyle, and your unique imagination.

They improve the connection between interiors & exteriors and touch a building’s value.

For instance, low-maintenance and aesthetic toned outdoors like balconies and backyards, driveways, patios & porches, pavements and popular landscaping improve users’ comfort.

Such captivating exteriors open doors for rejuvenating mornings and dreamy evenings with the comfort of tranquil sitting that creates a calming ambience.

Let us learn more about how garden landscaping reboots your lifestyle..!

Outdoor Space Landscaping: A Visual Transformation

Doesn’t matter if you have narrow or large open outer space, a beautiful exterior setting sets the space apart.

It showers positivity around and levels up the residence’s quality.

Have a QUICK LOOK on how hard landscaping brings benefits:

  • Beautiful commercial and residential outdoor spaces support better quality of life.
  • Green landscaping around apartments provides a positive atmosphere for community gatherings.
  • It elevates property value, and exterior frame and gives a final touch to it.
  • Pleasing outdoors in commercial settings encourages employees to refreshing breaks from indoors.

How do the exterior looks and landscaping impact your surroundings?

Why Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces for Residential and Commercial Properties Is important?

Beautiful exteriors and landscaping not only enhance the aesthetics but also contribute to a higher quality of life, increased property value, and energy savings.


Landscaping services are highly preferred in regions like London. It gives the entire building a BOOST!

Beautiful Outdoor and Landscaping is Aesthetically Pleasing

Imagine a home exterior with perfect warm lights, soothing ambient lamps around pavements, soft garden landscaping, fresh flowers and unique vegetation.

Beautiful Outdoor and Landscaping is Aesthetically Pleasing

It not only invites birds, butterflies, and ladybugs but refreshes the atmosphere, adds a natural warmth and enhances the quality of your life.

A pretty driveway and yard make your home heaven.

Best-designed pavements and driveways on landscaping look luxury

When I was younger, I used to draw a HUT, a stone and block driveway. It was a dream home to me. We are just talking about the same.

Best-designed pavements and driveways on landscaping look luxury

If your residential or commercial site has dull outer space, installing a driveway could never go wrong. It will revamp your place and will collect it up. It will look completed and highly maintained.

As per the POV of the construction experts in London, block paving and driveways make the space look clean, subtle and LUXURY.

They are best due to their durability, low maintenance and lasting traits.

A charming residence and commercial exterior raise space worth  

Designing soft as well as hard landscaping outside a structure improves the property value.

If you want to sell the property, the client may want to pay extra money for the highly valuable paving and landscape design.

✔  You feel good with green surroundings, it hides things and GLOW up your lifestyle

Outdoor spaces elevate instantly with plants and trees creatively.

Imagine hearing the wind in the trees, smelling flowers, or touching soft grass. It’s relaxing!

You feel good with green surroundings, it hides things and GLOW up your lifestyle

Plantation and gardening give a reboot to exterior spaces and also support your well-being. Notably, it helps hide things you don’t like and brings out the good parts.

You can search online for: how do I plant flowers around my house?

Gardens Save Energy hence you save more money 😉  

Modern home interiors generally have advanced home gadgets that promote sustainability and decrease carbon printing.

Garden landscaping also saves you money bills because trees, plants, flowers and bushes protect your home from getting too hold and too cold.

They also act as noise-resistant elements outside architects that make the outdoor spaces comfy, soothing and a dream come true-like place!

Building Charming Outdoor Spaces: Engaging Activities on Beautiful Landscapes

A well-designed garden gives you more ways to use your space. You can have a sunny spot, a shady corner, or a fun place for kids to play. It’s like having an extra room outside.

  1. Gardening with Landscaping Services

You can cultivate a variety of flowers and plants in your yard. if you have a steep hill, using certain plants can stop soil erosion and save you from a lot of work.

  1. Outdoor Dining and Picnic Experience in Adoring Outdoors

You can have a pleasant dining date and day picnics with your beloveds on soft landscaping well-furnished patios, and home exteriors.

  1. Lawn Games and Physical Activities

The beautiful exterior attracts everyone, and provides space for outdoor games as well as activities such as yoga, biking, cycling and socializing.

  1. Team Collaboration and Meet Ups

For commercial landscapes, you can use these wonderful places for meetings, planning discussions and executing ideas.

Useful Tips for Residential & Commercial Landscaping London

You can consider the following tips to make a playful outdoor for any resident and commercial space landscape.

Add Fireplaces, Décor Furniture

For a patio, a fireplace works dynamically great. Adding modern furniture will complement the outer space.

Add seating areas where you want

Casual sittings outdoors can be used for waiting areas in commercial places and people to enjoy sitting in residential areas

Chairs and tables along with sofas, cushions and throws look sophisticated for office spots and home exterior designs as landscaping as well.

Add Outdoor lighting for magical effects

Lighting charms up the space. People can enjoy a building view even in the night with the right lamps and bulbs. Different light types provide different visuals and are suitable as per the requirement.

Paving and Driveways

Paving and driveways define parking areas and divide navigation spots.

They improve exterior overall looks with durable and appealing surfaces.

Benefits of Pavements.!

Pavements are paths created to easily move between landscapes.

They protect the ground from getting bumpy and muddy; the best pavement construction can last a lifetime.

The choice of materials in pavement design matters a lot.

What material is used for pavement?

Materials like stones, asphalt, concrete, marble, bricks, limestone, granite and many more can be used. You can design custom pavement and landscape near me with the best architecture in London.

Landscaping Solutions in London, United Kingdom

Experiencing the grace of the beautiful outdoors is just one step away from you.

Transform your spaces into functional and well-designed home construction with the best landscaping near-me company.

TEL Construction is the elite manufacturing industry of the UK with an experience of over a decade.

Meet your expectations under the best prices and high-quality landscape installation. Talk to qualified exterior designers for the best personalized outdoor décor ideas.

Choose your customized landscaping solutions, soft and hard landscaping with excellent after-sales. Partner with us for both commercial and residential landscape projects.

Enjoy your outer views, and improve the exterior aesthetics. Connect on 020 8158 4006

The Conclusion

Setting up beautiful outdoor spaces such as driveways, pavements, and lighting around a property, improves landscaping.

These attractive home exteriors are not just nice for residential and commercial properties —it’s good for the environment too.

Its exceptional features make a space look visually appealing. It controls temperatures, cleans the air and provides special space to spend quality time.

Contact the best landscaping services. The seasoned team know wide designs for installing garden landscapes at your place.

Make your home, office, apartment and garden the heart of your city with the paving and landscaping near me Visit the website for more information.

Garden landscapers near me

Professional Garden landscapers near me – Hard and Soft Landscaping Experts in London

Searching for the best landscapers near me, then you have landed on the right page. Keep in reading to learn why it is important to pick the expert landscapers for your project and how TEL Constructions help you ace up?

A landscape is an extension of your personality!

Landscaping is just not planting a few plants, mowing lawns or adding some stones to your driveway! It’s more than that.

It’s about enhancing the kerb appeal of your home by doing other work such as installing retaining walls, driveway interlocking, sod work etc.

The best landscape gardeners near me ensure that apart from making your home visually appealing, landscaping also enhances the functionality and value of your property.

Why do you need expert landscaping services near me?

Apart from casting a beautiful first impression, there are several other reasons you need top-rated garden landscape gardeners near me.

  • Livable

Rejuvenate your sense while you head back home from a hectic day, the moment you step in your home. Landscaping makes your home warm, livable and welcoming.

  • Attractive Look

Make your neighbours and relatives envy as it dramatically improves the aesthetic appeal of your home and turns it to be one of the beautiful homes in your neighbourhood.

  • Tranquillity

Preserve the natural feel of the home and indeed one of the best ways to go stress-free in the lap of Mother Nature.

Infact, a beautiful scaped lawn is the best place to rejoice with family and friends and create memories.

  • Resale Value

A beautiful landscape is a USP of any home and immediately attracts potential buyers. So, it’s an investment to make some extra cash as well that ensures guaranteed returns.

Realize your dream of having a well-landscaped garden and make your home more welcoming like never before with one of the pro landscaping companies near me – TEL Constructions!

TEL Constructions: UK’s ideal pick for garden landscapers near me

Whether it’s installation or designing, TEL Constructions is one name you can trust for the best landscaping services in the UK.

Our working area includes Ealing, Amersham, Wembley, Watford, Uxbridge, Surrey, Stanmore, Southall, Ruislip, Northwood, Leatherhead, Heston, Hayes, Harrow, Hounslow, Croydon and Coulsdon.

With over a decade of experience in offering professional landscaping services in London, our diligent team closely works with you to ensure your satisfaction to the highest of levels.

Our in-house designers, contractors and architects ensure beautiful landscaping designs that are sure to complement your home exteriors and are bewitching too!

Our expert landscaping services range from supplying best-in-class materials as well as stunning landscaping designs that include brickwork, joinery, paving, water features and other long-term garden maintenance.

If you are looking for the best landscaping stones provider? Then, we are the brand next to best!

Let’s have a look at why you should go for professional landscaping services by TEL Constructions.

Professional Service

Hiring TEL Constructions for your landscaping services ensure the highest quality of work at international standards with zero compromises on every aspect.

Our experts help you get a realistic insight to your project with their stunning and inspiring designs.

Saves Time

It may happen that you don’t have time to work on your landscape but you want to do it yourself as it is indeed special for you.

We value your emotions and understand the nitty-gritty of the aspects. Hiring landscaping contractors near me from TEL Constructions will make the entire process much easier and smoother.

You can complete your other tasks while watching your beautiful landscape getting transformed simultaneously.

High-quality materials

Not sure what types of material or design would go best for your landscape?

TEL Constructions- the professional garden landscapers near me are here to take away all the apprehensions.

Our in-house designers help you decide on the materials and products plus our in-house logistics further lessen down your worries as the entire transportation is handled by us.

Right Plants

Our experts not only help you choose the plants that will thrive at your place but also will accentuate your aesthetics and needs.

They know how to mitigate the disruptions and keep the mess to a minimum.

Project planning

Our seasoned team of landscaping experts know what things are to be kept first and what strategies are to be followed while installing a beautiful landscape for you.

They will offer you the right advice on how to upkeep your lawn/garden, best soils, plants etc to make sure that your landscape is safe as well as functional.

Services offered by TEL Constructions- The incredible landscape gardeners near me

Have a look at our awe-inspiring landscape services that help you deck-up your garden to nines!

Softscape or Soft landscaping services

This service covers installation or other landscaping services that involve plants, grass, shrubs and other organic materials.

Our smart landscaping experts help you analyze, plan and design a beautiful landscape with the help of a garden/lawn, flower bed etc.

Whether it’s designing your lawn or laying out artificial turf, TEL Constructions versatile services cover all the aspects of softscape. Speak to our team to know more.

  • Soiling

We bring about the soil of the superior quality that not only improves the health of the plants but are easier to maintain as well

Our experts have the finest eye-to-detail for your soil type, garden location and other specifications.

  • Turfing & Planting

Serving the residential and commercial sector in and around London, we offer plants of varied styles and varieties that go well with your garden.

Having an uneven surface? Don’t worry. Our landscaping experts provide you with the world’s best turfs that will have you get covered.

Impress your friends, neighbours and your love interest with turnkey landscaping solutions by TEL Constructions.

Hardscape or Hard landscaping services

The stunning hard landscaping services by TEL Constructions include retaining garden walls, fire pits, pool decks, fencing, paving, brick walls, driveways etc.

We deliver 100% commitment in all our landscaping projects and make every moment spent with your family memorable.

Let’s checkout some of the features that turns TEL Constructions as one of the best landscaping companies near me.

  • Paving services

We have a wide range of stone options that can turn your garden area into an attractive and usable outdoor area.

Choose from a wide array of stone colours, textures and patterns as per your choice available exclusively at TEL Constructions.

  • Driveways

Get highly resilient and aesthetically pleasing driveways in beautiful designs with our state-of-the-art interlocking driveway solutions.

  • Retaining walls

Get beautiful and functional walls made with wood, natural stone or concrete wall blocks installed in your garden area from the pioneers in landscaping construction- TEL Constructions.

  • Sod installation

Sod helps to smoothen the surface and curate a beautiful expanse. Get your sod installed anywhere in your home exteriors and enjoy your own play area.

Long Term Garden Maintenance

Browsing Google for best landscape gardeners near me for long term garden and landscape maintenance?

Whether it’s pruning or weeding, TEL Constructions handle total garden maintenance for your landscape. Our specialized landscapers ensure that your landscape remains beautiful and appealing as always.

  • Beautiful & Tidy

Hiring experts from the best landscaping companies near me such as TEL Constructions help you keep your property serene and tidy.

Maintain your garden area and landscape design throughout the year with certified experts by TEL Constructions.

  • Weed Control

Keep your softscape healthy as regular landscaping reduces the growth of weeds. Other services include fertilizing, watering, pruning, trimming etc.

  • Kerb Appeal

A beautiful landscape not only gives a beautiful look to your home exterior but also enhances the kerb appeal of your property.

This significantly attracts potential buyers and helps your landscape impart a vibrant in every season.

  • Safety

Apart from enhancing the Kerb appeal, regular landscaping helps to keep the surroundings organized as well as neat. This is very critical for the safety of the property.

Reach out to us for best landscaping services near me.

Benefits of landscaping services by TEL Constructions

Just hire TEL Constructions for your landscaping service and feel the difference.

Passion, commitment and dedication are deeply reflected in every vertical of work we do.

Landscaping services by TEL Constructions help you to:

  • Connect with Nature

Give an exceptional and impressive look to your residential or commercial area by incredible garden landscaping services by TEL Constructions.

Have a private retreat with beautiful landscapes at your place!

  • Quality of Life

Well maintained landscape allows you to spend more time outdoors and unwind in the tranquil ambience of your garden.

It also serves as beautiful backdrops for your small get together or parties or even soirees.

  • Balancing elements

Hiring landscapers from TEL Constructions help you strike a balance between natural landscapes and manufactured designs.

The adroit landscaping team at TEL Constructions help you augment the beauty of your property exteriors by helping you choose the most suitable features.

  • Increase in property value

The market researchers have proved that a well-maintained outdoor landscape can easily raise the property value by 7% to 12%.

So, landscaping offers a dual advantage. First, it helps you maximize the outdoor space and secondly, make your home appealing to potential buyers and help it sell quickly.

How TEL Constructions work that makes them best landscaping contractors near me?

At TEL Constructions, we have the right expertise and a team of qualified professional landscapers that help you get a beautiful and thriving garden area.

Our in-house landscape designers work in the overdrive mode and come up with beautiful and reliable landscape ideas and designs.

We offer a free site visit for all your construction needs and offer you a free quote as per your requirements and needs for the project.

We do not outsource any work as our in-house team comprises professionals that are skilled in their specific area for designing a landscape.

Be it a horticulture specialist, architect, designer, stone requirements, driveways specialist etc, we’ve them all.

The working strategy by TEL

On a site visit, our expert will discuss and make a note of your requirements. A quote will be prepared after analyzing your soiling needs, area to be covered etc.

We sit with you to understand your purpose for landscaping. Different designs comply with different needs.

We understand your purpose of landscape construction such as social gatherings, play areas for kids, private relaxing area or entertaining guests and more.

We have direct partnerships with the best stone companies so that you get the best of the best that too on time with our superlative in-house logistics.

On a budget?

No issues!

We’ve got everyone covered.

We cater to all size needs, no matter how big it is. We are the landscape connoisseurs!

Why Choose TEL Constructions as your perfect garden landscapers near me?

At, TEL Constructions our professionals are fully involved and passionate about offering word-class landscaping solutions for your home needs.

Backed with a strong legacy of over a decade, we hold an excellent reputation as the best landscapers in and around London.

Our every landscaping endeavour ensures that:

  • Your neighbours are not inconvenienced.
  • The garden area remains tidy during every construction phase.
  • You participate along with us through all design stages.
  • Our experts share tips, tricks and insights on garden maintenance.
  • The landscaping project gets completed on time, meeting your expectations and even beyond that.

We believe in complete transparency about each and every aspect, be it design or payment.

Amplify your Kerb Appeal with garden landscapers near me – TEL Constructions

So, whether you want to install a retaining wall in your garden or perform stonework in your patio, connect with the landscapers at TEL Constructions for a reliable construction.

Our skills, commitment, attention to detail etc are impeccable which is why search engines rank us on top for all searches related to best landscapers near me.

We have the right skills and design expertise that help you come up with the best landscaping solutions in time and on your budget.

Have a project? Let’s get started to construct a garden of your dreams that is inevitably beautiful as well as makes your property looks attractive.

Feel free to talk to us by calling our landscaping experts at 020 8158 4006 or email us at to book a free site visit.

What Is Landscaping In Construction?

What Is Landscaping In Construction? 

When you think about landscaping, the best way to describe it clearly is to think about manicures and pedicures. Landscaping in construction is like giving your outside space a treat. Having an exciting and aesthetic exterior is critical to the finish of your new house.

Landscaping construction is significantly transforming your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional space, adding to the appeal of your building. Landscaping entails more than planting shrubs and trees. It is changing an area using structures such as patios, deckings, fences, and so on. 

Landscaping in construction is both a science and art. A Landscaping construction professional must understand the elements and principles of design combined with a heightened sense of creativity to use flowers, terrain, and structures to give a property an outstanding finish and a functional space. 

Why Landscaping Is Important  

Landscaping plays a critical role in your mental health and general well-being. It also upgrades your home’s ambiance and increases the value of your property. Some benefits of landscaping include; 

  • Creates a beautiful external ambiance 
  • Upgrades the basic finish of your property 
  • Creates a hosting site for friends 
  • Extends your property’s space externally 
  • Creates a multi-functional space 
  • Increases the value of your property by almost 20% 
  • Reduces your heating and cooling cost 
  • Reduces your home running cost 
  • Filters the air, providing cleaner air to breath 
  • Contributes to your family’s wellness 
  • Landscaping checks flooding 
  • It provides you with privacy 

Types of Landscaping 



Decking is versatile, and it offers a beautiful surface that exudes excellent aesthetic appeal, aligning perfectly with nature to create a wonderful summer evening for relaxing.

Its pocket-friendliness and multi-functional character make it an ideal way to increase your home space externally, and this space can be used as a dining area, a focal point for family bonding, a playground, or a dining area.  



Nothing says a place is full of life than the sight of green everywhere. The challenge with greens around is the maintenance cost and gardening cost.

This is completely eliminated with turfing or installing artificial grass as it gives you the best of both worlds – lush greens everywhere with zero money spent on maintenance. Turfing offers a spotless way of replicating the seasons in a cost-efficient manner. The price of turfing ranges from £10m2 to £15m2, and it can be completed within three days 

Fence Installation 

Fence Installation

When you think of keeping your home safe from unwanted guests, creating a barrier, and protecting your privacy, what you are really thinking about is installing a fence. Aside from the beauty it adds to your garden and protecting it from invaders (garden animals, insects, and humans), fencing offers the privacy that aids your mental sanity, critical to your health and well-being.

A fenced space also creates a space for you to host friends while breathing in the fresh, filtered air from nature. The price of installing a fence ranges from £1,300 to £3,000 depending on how exquisite you want it to be, and it can be completed within three days 

Patio Laying 

Patio Laying

Create a focal point to relax and be one with nature when you lay on a patio. Patio laying can quickly transform an ordinary space into a fully functional space for use, either for dining, enjoying nature, or bonding with the ones you love in relaxing scenery. The price of patio laying ranges from £900 to £2,500, and it can be completed within five days. 

Discover Our Landscaping Services

Why is Landscaping Important and How Much Does it Cost?

Why is Landscaping Important and How Much Does it Cost?

Are you looking for creative landscaping design ideas for your outdoor space?

But simultaneously tired of searching for a reliable solution for your outdoor space?

Well, if yes then no looking further!

Here we have compiled everything you need to know about the landscaping ideas and the cost associated with them.

Landscaping Designs!

Landscaping design comprises ample projects like gardens, sports sites, and many more. Not only this but it can provide a route for the people, soften the spaces, helps improve the environmental quality, and also provides enough space for gardening.

The landscape designs are primarily of two types:



1. Softscape


The soft landscape contains all types of installation and services in a variety of flowers, plants, trees, and other organic materials.

The services falling under this type includes the architecture, design, ornamental bed, tree installations, planning for large residences or estates, and landscape renovation.

This type naturally changes over time, emerges, and is driven by the climate, time of the year, and several other conditions.

However, careful attention is required to maintain that these elements stay good for longer.

2. Hardscape


Hardscape elements refer to the hard and unchanging factors.

The hardscape services include stonework like fireplaces, fire pits, walkways, fences, outdoor kitchens, and so on.

Several water features like ponds, dry rivers, fountains, and waterfalls are also considered hardscape types that slightly affect the soft environment.

Landscaping elements

Some of the popular landscaping elements include:

Green Roofs

Green roofs are purposely cultivated or fitted with vegetation. These consist of the green walls that are one of the most popular designs among others and provide enormous visual pleasure.

Blue Roofs

Blue roofs are designed specifically to collect or retain the rainwater above the roof. These are opposite to the conventional roof types that allow the rainwater to drain from the roof.


Fountains are an architectural feature that pours water into the basin in order to create a waterfall effect within the space.

Or it also sprays the water to create a jet effect.

Fountains are often used as decorative elements in public areas and gardens.

Even the mountains are of various types like

  • Drinking fountains that provide drinking water in public spaces
  • Special musical fountains include a combination of music, lights, and moving water jets for entertainment purposes.
  • Splash mountains are used in public areas for creating interaction among people.

Rain gardens

A rain garden includes a small garden that is designed specifically to withstand the moisture extremities.

These types are sited close to run off the source and serve to slow down the rainwater as it travels downhill.

It creates a visually appealing effect within the outdoor space.

Other options!


Turfing is an excellent way of keeping the exteriors tidy. It’s a low-maintenance way of creating a beautiful effect in your exteriors and an ideal choice for replicating seasons.

Turfing is pieces of the earth with compact grass on them. It is basically a technique to create a grass lawn and that is indeed crucial in a garden.

It refers to a lawn comprising tens of thousands of individual glass plants.

Patio Laying

The patio creates a spectacular personal space and provides a relaxing spot to enjoy nature.

It’s a pretty quick way to transform the outdoor area into a functional space.

A patio creates a useful garden space that can easily be used all the time during any environmental or climate change.

However, it can be a fabulous addition to the garden’s hard landscaping. And also adds aesthetic appeal to your exterior space.

Fence Installation

Protecting privacy is indeed a critical aspect. A fencing installation is an excellent way to enhance the privacy, protection, and perfection all rolled up in one go!

A well-crafted fence not only provides privacy and security to the home space but also enhances the beauty of the home outdoor space.

However, it is necessary to be noted that fencing offers you to choose from a wide range of materials. So, you can choose the best fit as per your choice and requirements.


Decking is a versatile option that provides a comfortable surface with an excellent aesthetic appeal that not only aligns with nature but also creates a perfect ambiance.

Decking refers to a wood flooring option that is used to cover the exterior spaces.

It’s basically an act of installing the wood timber or composite timber in the front yard or backyard for a deck.

People often choose this option for having a dedicated space for dinner parties.

Importance of landscaping

  •   Landscaping provides an enhanced economic value to the area.
  •   Landscaping creates an appealing visual effect for the exterior space
  •   A well-maintained landscaping protects the building and home.
  •   It creates a cooling effect on the space.
  •   It helps with water management.

Cost of landscaping

Now that you have made up your mind about landscaping for the home and searching for the cost for the same!

It is obvious to get a reliable answer right!

Well, to answer it straightforwardly, the cost of landscaping generally depends upon several factors.

This may include the material you have opted for, the option you have selected to install, the space of your exteriors and the ambiance you have chosen to implement within your exterior space.

So, it would be pretty complicated to answer it just like that!

Answering this might require various considerations to be analysed.

Get in touch now to get a quote for your exterior space.

How much time will the landscaping take?

This completely depends upon the area of the exteriors. Committing the timing without analysing and visiting the space would be difficult.

However, TEL Constructions gives the on-time deliveries after analysing the space appropriately and only then commits the real time timeline for the completion of the project.

How does TEL Construction mark a difference?

The primary purpose of landscape design is to attain beauty and utility in the outdoors.

And the knowledge of landscape architecture facilitates in better attaining the visual appearance you are desiring for.

TEL Constructions have marked a standard in providing reliable landscaping services to ample clients.

By not only implementing the landscaping solutions from expertise only, but TEL Constructions also welcomes the suggestions and modifications as per the client’s expectations and requirements.

And that too before even starting the project.

Do you know how?

Well, with the help of 3D architectural visualisations!

Yes, TEL Constructions lets you visualise your exterior space with high-quality 3D Renders and gives you an opportunity to make changes to avoid the expensive mistakes.

Do you think that it’s done?

Well, no!

The advantages don’t end here.

TEL Constructions function with

  •   Complete transparency
  •   On-time project deliveries
  •   Flexible solutions
  •   Completely customised solutions crafted exclusively for your space.
  •   Professional services with guaranteed satisfaction.

A completely win-win situation for you!!

Bottom Line!

The essentiality of implementing landscaping to the home exteriors is utility.

But what if along with the utility one can also get the aesthetic appeal that you have always desired?

Well, indeed excellent!

TEL Constructions provides you with the reliable and best fit solution for your space.

And that too without any headache of worrying about getting a similar outcome!

Because that is what TEL Construction is proficient at!

And the benefits don’t end here!

With us, you can completely customise your home outdoor space

Your choice, our expertise, and a mesmerising outcome!!

Feel free to explore the trending landscaping ideas with TEL.

Got your inspiration?

Get in touch now!

Call us @ 020 8158 4006 or write to us @

And do not forget to stay connected on our social media handles to stay updated with the trending landscaping solutions!