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What Is Landscaping In Construction? 

When you think about landscaping, the best way to describe it clearly is to think about manicures and pedicures. Landscaping in construction is like giving your outside space a treat. Having an exciting and aesthetic exterior is critical to the finish of your new house.

Landscaping construction is significantly transforming your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional space, adding to the appeal of your building. Landscaping entails more than planting shrubs and trees. It is changing an area using structures such as patios, deckings, fences, and so on. 

Landscaping in construction is both a science and art. A Landscaping construction professional must understand the elements and principles of design combined with a heightened sense of creativity to use flowers, terrain, and structures to give a property an outstanding finish and a functional space. 

Why Landscaping Is Important  

Landscaping plays a critical role in your mental health and general well-being. It also upgrades your home’s ambiance and increases the value of your property. Some benefits of landscaping include; 

  • Creates a beautiful external ambiance 
  • Upgrades the basic finish of your property 
  • Creates a hosting site for friends 
  • Extends your property’s space externally 
  • Creates a multi-functional space 
  • Increases the value of your property by almost 20% 
  • Reduces your heating and cooling cost 
  • Reduces your home running cost 
  • Filters the air, providing cleaner air to breath 
  • Contributes to your family’s wellness 
  • Landscaping checks flooding 
  • It provides you with privacy 

Types of Landscaping 


Decking is versatile, and it offers a beautiful surface that exudes excellent aesthetic appeal, aligning perfectly with nature to create a wonderful summer evening for relaxing.

Its pocket-friendliness and multi-functional character make it an ideal way to increase your home space externally, and this space can be used as a dining area, a focal point for family bonding, a playground, or a dining area.  


Nothing says a place is full of life than the sight of green everywhere. The challenge with greens around is the maintenance cost and gardening cost.

This is completely eliminated with turfing or installing artificial grass as it gives you the best of both worlds – lush greens everywhere with zero money spent on maintenance. Turfing offers a spotless way of replicating the seasons in a cost-efficient manner. The price of turfing ranges from £10m2 to £15m2, and it can be completed within three days 

Fence Installation 

When you think of keeping your home safe from unwanted guests, creating a barrier, and protecting your privacy, what you are really thinking about is installing a fence. Aside from the beauty it adds to your garden and protecting it from invaders (garden animals, insects, and humans), fencing offers the privacy that aids your mental sanity, critical to your health and well-being.

A fenced space also creates a space for you to host friends while breathing in the fresh, filtered air from nature. The price of installing a fence ranges from £1,300 to £3,000 depending on how exquisite you want it to be, and it can be completed within three days 

Patio Laying 

Create a focal point to relax and be one with nature when you lay on a patio. Patio laying can quickly transform an ordinary space into a fully functional space for use, either for dining, enjoying nature, or bonding with the ones you love in relaxing scenery. The price of patio laying ranges from £900 to £2,500, and it can be completed within five days. 

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How Much Does Landscaping Cost

Why is Landscaping Important and How Much Does it Cost?

Importance of Landscaping

Landscaping is critical to your health, the aesthetics of your home, the environment, and the value of your property. Our landscaping solutions provide you with 8 reasons why landscaping is essential.

  1. Landscaping provides economic value to you as it increases the value of your property by almost 20%
  2. Landscaping reduces your cooling and heating cost, making your home energy-efficient and saving you a significant amount of money
  3. Landscaping provides you with a jaw-dropping outside space that is vital to your mental wellbeing
  4. Landscaping acts as filters, protecting you from air pollutants giving you a healthier home
  5. Landscaping provides you with functional outside space that you can use either to host friends or transform into an outdoor dining area
  6. Landscaping is an excellent way to increase the space in your home
  7. Landscaping helps to check flood
  8. Landscaping offers you privacy

There are different landscaping options available to you

  • Turfing
  • Fence installation
  • Patio laying
  • Decking

Landscaping is the “manicure” and “pedicure” for homes, and getting your outside space landscaped provides immense benefits and brings out the full potentials of your home. But more often, the question of how much it will cost to get a landscaping service holds many homeowners back from creating a jaw-dropping exterior.

The Pros of Landscaping

  • Increases real estate’s value by almost 20%.
  • Saves you money on your heating cost.
  • Offers you an energy-efficient home.
  • Improves your mental health and general wellness.
  • Filters the air, eliminating pollutants so you can breathe clean air.
  • Increases your living space.
  • Checks flooding and run-off.
  • Offers privacy.

How Much Does Landscaping Cost?

Before we get into how much landscaping costs, let’s see if the money spent is worth it in the first place and the types of landscaping services available.

This is not a straightforward answer as the ultimate price is totally dependent on the type of landscaping you want to be done and other factors.

1. Decking

Duration:-  1 to 2days.

Decking’s versatility provides a comfortable surface with a great aesthetic appeal that aligns with nature and creates an ambiance for late summer evenings. It is a pocket-friendly way to extend your living space outside. The space it offers can be used for any purpose you chose, but chief among them are a playground, dining area, or a place to simply relax.

2. Turfing

Duration:-  3 Days.

Having green around you is a sign of life and growth and installing turf on your external space is an excellent way of keeping your exterior tidy without spending an extra penny on maintenance and gardening. Turfing is low maintenance, spotless, and safe, making it ideal for replicating the seasons.

3. Fence Installation

Duration:- 1 to 3 Days.

Like most owners, protecting your privacy is critical to your well-being. Fencing is privacy, protection, and perfection all rolled up in one. A well-crafted and constructed fence adds beauty to your garden and protects your home, keeping unwanted guests (human or insects) out. Cost depends on the size and quality of the finish.

4. Patio Laying

Duration:-  2 to 4 days.

A patio helps you create the space you need to just kick off your shoes and breath in the peace that comes with being at one with nature. A patio creates a spectacular personal space and can be a very relaxing spot to enjoy nature and the presence of the ones you love. A patio can quickly transform an area into a functional dining space, thus extending your home.

The exact cost of the landscaping depends on various aspects.