Why is Landscaping Important and How Much Does it Cost?

Are you looking for creative landscaping design ideas for your outdoor space?

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Here we have compiled everything you need to know about the landscaping ideas and the cost associated with them.

Landscaping Designs!

Landscaping design comprises ample projects like gardens, sports sites, and many more. Not only this but it can provide a route for the people, soften the spaces, helps improve the environmental quality, and also provides enough space for gardening.

The landscape designs are primarily of two types:



1. Softscape


The soft landscape contains all types of installation and services in a variety of flowers, plants, trees, and other organic materials.

The services falling under this type includes the architecture, design, ornamental bed, tree installations, planning for large residences or estates, and landscape renovation.

This type naturally changes over time, emerges, and is driven by the climate, time of the year, and several other conditions.

However, careful attention is required to maintain that these elements stay good for longer.

2. Hardscape


Hardscape elements refer to the hard and unchanging factors.

The hardscape services include stonework like fireplaces, fire pits, walkways, fences, outdoor kitchens, and so on.

Several water features like ponds, dry rivers, fountains, and waterfalls are also considered hardscape types that slightly affect the soft environment.

Landscaping elements

Some of the popular landscaping elements include:

Green Roofs

Green roofs are purposely cultivated or fitted with vegetation. These consist of the green walls that are one of the most popular designs among others and provide enormous visual pleasure.

Blue Roofs

Blue roofs are designed specifically to collect or retain the rainwater above the roof. These are opposite to the conventional roof types that allow the rainwater to drain from the roof.


Fountains are an architectural feature that pours water into the basin in order to create a waterfall effect within the space.

Or it also sprays the water to create a jet effect.

Fountains are often used as decorative elements in public areas and gardens.

Even the mountains are of various types like

  • Drinking fountains that provide drinking water in public spaces
  • Special musical fountains include a combination of music, lights, and moving water jets for entertainment purposes.
  • Splash mountains are used in public areas for creating interaction among people.

Rain gardens

A rain garden includes a small garden that is designed specifically to withstand the moisture extremities.

These types are sited close to run off the source and serve to slow down the rainwater as it travels downhill.

It creates a visually appealing effect within the outdoor space.

Other options!


Turfing is an excellent way of keeping the exteriors tidy. It’s a low-maintenance way of creating a beautiful effect in your exteriors and an ideal choice for replicating seasons.

Turfing is pieces of the earth with compact grass on them. It is basically a technique to create a grass lawn and that is indeed crucial in a garden.

It refers to a lawn comprising tens of thousands of individual glass plants.

Patio Laying

The patio creates a spectacular personal space and provides a relaxing spot to enjoy nature.

It’s a pretty quick way to transform the outdoor area into a functional space.

A patio creates a useful garden space that can easily be used all the time during any environmental or climate change.

However, it can be a fabulous addition to the garden’s hard landscaping. And also adds aesthetic appeal to your exterior space.

Fence Installation

Protecting privacy is indeed a critical aspect. A fencing installation is an excellent way to enhance the privacy, protection, and perfection all rolled up in one go!

A well-crafted fence not only provides privacy and security to the home space but also enhances the beauty of the home outdoor space.

However, it is necessary to be noted that fencing offers you to choose from a wide range of materials. So, you can choose the best fit as per your choice and requirements.


Decking is a versatile option that provides a comfortable surface with an excellent aesthetic appeal that not only aligns with nature but also creates a perfect ambiance.

Decking refers to a wood flooring option that is used to cover the exterior spaces.

It’s basically an act of installing the wood timber or composite timber in the front yard or backyard for a deck.

People often choose this option for having a dedicated space for dinner parties.

Importance of landscaping

  •   Landscaping provides an enhanced economic value to the area.
  •   Landscaping creates an appealing visual effect for the exterior space
  •   A well-maintained landscaping protects the building and home.
  •   It creates a cooling effect on the space.
  •   It helps with water management.

Cost of landscaping

Now that you have made up your mind about landscaping for the home and searching for the cost for the same!

It is obvious to get a reliable answer right!

Well, to answer it straightforwardly, the cost of landscaping generally depends upon several factors.

This may include the material you have opted for, the option you have selected to install, the space of your exteriors and the ambiance you have chosen to implement within your exterior space.

So, it would be pretty complicated to answer it just like that!

Answering this might require various considerations to be analysed.

Get in touch now to get a quote for your exterior space.

How much time will the landscaping take?

This completely depends upon the area of the exteriors. Committing the timing without analysing and visiting the space would be difficult.

However, TEL Constructions gives the on-time deliveries after analysing the space appropriately and only then commits the real time timeline for the completion of the project.

How does TEL Construction mark a difference?

The primary purpose of landscape design is to attain beauty and utility in the outdoors.

And the knowledge of landscape architecture facilitates in better attaining the visual appearance you are desiring for.

TEL Constructions have marked a standard in providing reliable landscaping services to ample clients.

By not only implementing the landscaping solutions from expertise only, but TEL Constructions also welcomes the suggestions and modifications as per the client’s expectations and requirements.

And that too before even starting the project.

Do you know how?

Well, with the help of 3D architectural visualisations!

Yes, TEL Constructions lets you visualise your exterior space with high-quality 3D Renders and gives you an opportunity to make changes to avoid the expensive mistakes.

Do you think that it’s done?

Well, no!

The advantages don’t end here.

TEL Constructions function with

  •   Complete transparency
  •   On-time project deliveries
  •   Flexible solutions
  •   Completely customised solutions crafted exclusively for your space.
  •   Professional services with guaranteed satisfaction.

A completely win-win situation for you!!

Bottom Line!

The essentiality of implementing landscaping to the home exteriors is utility.

But what if along with the utility one can also get the aesthetic appeal that you have always desired?

Well, indeed excellent!

TEL Constructions provides you with the reliable and best fit solution for your space.

And that too without any headache of worrying about getting a similar outcome!

Because that is what TEL Construction is proficient at!

And the benefits don’t end here!

With us, you can completely customise your home outdoor space

Your choice, our expertise, and a mesmerising outcome!!

Feel free to explore the trending landscaping ideas with TEL.

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