7 Constructions Industry Trends Rolling Out In The United Kingdom

7 Constructions Industry Trends Rolling Out In The United Kingdom

If You Don’t Know About The Construction Industry Trends In The United Kingdom, Then This Blog Is For You.

The construction industry is ever-evolving, and every year some new trends add up. From traditional construction techniques to drastic technological advancements, the construction industry has come a long way.

Technology is evolving to accommodate the modern demands of businesses and easing human work by upgrading it to a new term, namely smart work. And with these technological advancements, the construction industry is no exception.

Just like the other industries, the construction industry has also adopted new construction trends and technological advancements and has brought real change in the field. Many trends make the whole construction work quick, easy, and efficient. So, let us get familiar with them.

New Construction Trends in the UK

Construction Technology is a term used for several types of technology with a specific use in the construction industry. Smart machinery, automated robots, drones, wearables are some of the construction trends increasingly being used in the construction field.

All these constructive technologies are being adapted to improve the work conditions, improve health and safety measures, boost efficiency, and several other benefits.

Let us dive into some UK construction trends that can change the definition of traditional construction procedures.

1. Protective Equipment

Protective Equipment

Wearable technology in the construction industry is being embedded into personal protective equipment and apparel. These are being outfitted with environmental sensors, GPS, biometrics, voltage detectors, Wi-Fi, and several other sensors to monitor the movements.

The pandemic has drastically impacted the industries, and the construction industry is no different. And even the state regulations emphasizing strict safety protocols and cleanliness in the construction field. With this, wearable innovations are making their way to the construction site. For instance, the work boots connected to the Wi-Fi raise an alert if a person falls.

The embedded wearable with biometrics sensors can track a person’s body temperature, heart rate, and other vital signs. This immediately notifies the manager if a particular person is suffering from an issue.

Safety has always been a hot high priority in construction due to the danger involved in the tasks. And thus, the inclusion of wearable technology in construction has a significant impact and is lending hands to the safety of the workers. It is a proactive approach indeed that is associated with the workers’ safety.

Advantages of wearable technology in the construction industry

  • Enhanced online safety
  • Improved workplace efficiency
  • Improved communication
  • Attracting younger workforce
  • Improved management and resource planning

2. Collaborative Software Solutions

Collaborative Software Solutions

Collaborative software solutions are the essentials that are required to communicate easily and quickly in real-time. The decisions often have to be made promptly in the construction field so that one can access the most updated information.

Access to updated information is vital to avoid expensive rework and keep the construction projects within budget and stringent time deliveries. And the best part of using collaborative software solutions is that it allows multiple users to work together in real-time. That means all the professional advice on one platform working collaboratively to produce the desired outcome.

Advantages of collaborative software solutions in the construction industry

  • Cost projection
  • Cost value reconciliation
  • Financial operations management
  • Document management
  • Remote access and updating

3. Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling

BIM, an acronym of Building Information Modeling, incorporates the digital representations of functional and physical aspects of a building that can lead to a better designing and construction of the projects.

The contractors use BIM to understand the scope, design, and intent of the project with the help of 3D modeling. It also helps estimators generate the exact quantities of building materials, cost estimates, planning, scheduling, and clash detection.

BIM technology is a strong foundation that has numerous benefits and is also used as the powering base for other construction technologies, including artificial intelligence, digital twins, and many more.

The digital twin technology creates a virtual concept of a building by utilizing the IoT, sensors, and drones to gather data. The collected data is then processed using AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics to create a virtual model of the building.

Advantages of BIM in Construction Industry

  • Cost and resource savings
  • Improved communication and coordination
  • Greater efficiencies
  • High-Quality results
  • More opportunities for modular construction and prefabrication

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

AI focuses on the technology that allows machines and computers to mimic human intelligence. Confused? Machine learning is a subset of AI that uses algorithms to learn from data, make decisions devoid of having to be programmed, and identify the patterns; all these are having the biggest impact on the construction industry.

Construction projects usually create a bulk of data that is great for AI as that gathered data over the years can be utilized to improve the ML and predict future results on projects. This certainly will help in scheduling, mitigating risks, and enhance productivity.

AI is also used to monitor workers and also in identifying safety hazards. Construction project planning is an area where AI shines in stimulating the projects in just minutes.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in the Construction Industry

  • Better design of buildings
  • Better financial planning and project management
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Safety

5. Augmented And Virtual Reality

Augmented And Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality are emerging technologies that are on the rise for development. The immersive visualization has been made possible by Virtual reality combined with BIM is enhancing the design, communication, and collaboration for the construction industry.

Additionally, it allows the architects to showcase their designs in 3D formats to the clients so that the client can better understand the probable outcome they will get post-construction.

Virtual reality is also helping the construction industries to conduct equipment operator training, safety training, and business system installation training to develop competent capabilities in the construction workers. With VR, the construction workers can get exposure to what to expect and perform in controlled environments where the scenarios are different and several other training modules.

AR, in turn, overlays the digital objects to the real world. AR applications in construction utilize vision-based AR using markers like QR codes, GPS, installation instructions, architectural drawings and images, safety checklists, and many more to help workers on job sites.

Advantages of AR & VR in the Construction Industry

  • Better Collaboration
  • Real-time design feedback
  • Risk assessments
  • Safety improvements and training

6. Construction Drones And Robots

Construction Drones And Robots

Automation of construction works with robotics and drones is having a massive impact on productivity and safety. Construction robots are usually used to perform repetitive, simple, and labor-intensive tasks like tying rebar, laying bricks, and installing drywalls.

Although technology has helped ease labor work, and humans are still required to perform the work and set up the robots on the job site to get them started.

Rather than replacing the human workers, the construction robots help and aid the performance of a worker and enable them to be more productive. It also extends their careers by diminishing the wear and tear on their bodies.

Construction drones are used on job sites for performing site surveys, inspecting structures, and making construction on-site safer. From monitoring the progress of projects, conducting site inspections, and identifying the potential hazards each day, construction drones take care of it all.

Though drones do not eliminate the need for workers the workers need to be trained on how to use the technology to perform various tasks. Drones outfitted with laser scanners, cameras, and other devices can improve the work efficiencies on the job site.

Due to the many applications and additional benefits of using drones, their adoption is continuously growing.

Advantages of Drones and Robots in the Construction Industry

  • Enhanced Site Safety
  • Drones can be used to deliver materials to sites
  • Robots improve the speed and quality of work
  • Remotely controlled

7. Prefab, Modular, And Offsite Construction

Offsite Construction

As per last year’s construction technology report, around seventy-eight percent of the commercial construction utilized prefabrication. If it is executed appropriately, offsite construction eliminates several inefficiencies found in a typical job site.

Offsite construction is usually performed in a controlled environment. Workers have the materials and tools to perform their tasks with the same consistency. This assembly plant method diminishes the wastes and allows the workers to be more productive throughout.

Prefabrication building components usually cover everything, including the framing, wall panels, floor systems, windows, and door assembly, multi-trade racks panelled with all wiring, ductwork, and plumbing all packaged together.

Advantages of Prefab, modular and offsite construction

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Quality Control
  • Better safety and security
  • Reduced site disruption

Bottom Line!

15+ Global Megatrends that are Shaping the Future of Construction Industry

If we consider the positive takeaway in the construction industry from last year, it is the inclusion of advanced construction technology adoptions to the field to such an excellent level that wouldn’t have been achieved for years.

Technology is indeed the future of the construction industry that is helping in enhancing productivity, attracting young, skilled, and capable workers to use smart technologies, eliminating inefficiencies, and making the job sites safer than ever.

Discover Our Construction Services

What Questions Should I Ask My Builder?

Building a home is a lifetime investment; therefore, it is important to ask some detailed and quick questions before you contract a construction company.

We have listed all the essential questions to ask a builder before starting the project to know the experience, mindset, and principles that help in finding out if he is a potential builder to work for you!

Question 1 – What are your qualifications and primary skills?

Answer –

Before hiring an ideal contractor for construction work, one must know which professional skills they possess. For instance, you can always ask to have a look at certifications to ensure their knowledge and primary work expertise.

We have a seasoned, well-qualified, and certified team of laborers who are deeply dedicated to delivering the finest design, clean-cut fittings, and entirely safe and practical essentials at your place.

How Long Have You Been In the Business

Question 2 – How long would this project take to get completed?

Answer –

The project’s completion timeline is crucial for getting a clear picture of his resolutions and plans. Builders should neither be too quick nor too leisurely to hit the first hammer, which means a responsible company will be at a required pace only.

Here, experienced builders for home construction will straightforwardly tell you a specific timeline without hesitation. Our disciplined team and work ethics allow clients to experience a timely start and end with excellent furnished features.

Question 3 – How much does the construction cost?

Answer –

Clients are eager to ask this question, it is always on the top of their stack because the cost estimation is crucial to set a required budget. Many companies charge hidden costs and confirm the credibility of all the specifications and payments before proceeding. You need to be very specific of their payment policies and style.

An honest builder follows your budget strictly and will give you a quotation of the estimated amount without any hidden cost. We give you the detailed payment structure and never charges hidden expenses.

Question 4 – Are you accredited in the field?

Answer –

Conduct your assessment regarding if the upper organization accredits the industry in the field. This will help you get a good idea of its solvency, safety, and standards to work with.

We are the leaders, accredited by industry experts, certified and well-trained professionals in the construction industry, and take the high authority to maintain efficiency, discipline, and the first-class standard of work.

Question 5 – Can you show me your projects under process (if any)?

Answer –

For an extra thorough understanding, you can ask your builder to show some ongoing projects as this may build trust and confidence between you two as well as clients will get a precise idea about work in progress and the site view.

At our place, we love to show each customer our under-construction projects to help our clients know how we work, operate, and follow the rules rigidly with focus.

How Much Will it Cost

Question 6 – Can you show me some reviews and testimonies? 

Answer –

You can ask him for the original reviews and testimonies; however, many industries provide fake and paid third-party reviews. Therefore, it is always best to contact their previous clients.

TELConstructions always put forward their real clients to speak about the experience; however, you can always ask for feedback from our happy clients.

Question 7 – Do you have insurance certificates?

Answer –

It is important to find out if the company owns insurance from an authentic insurance company to make sure you are fully protected and covered against unwanted expenses and emergencies.

In the UK, best London construction companies will indeed have employer liability insurance for unfortunate events if something goes wrong. As responsible builders, we cover all expenses under your home’s insurance and our labor. You are free to check out the essential documents and certifications.

Question 8 – Do You Offer Free Site Visits and Consultations?

Answer –

Dealers willing to visit the site tend to be sincerer and lean towards your work than those who refuse to provide a no-cost location visit. Also, this is very helpful in identifying the examining the site more closely and predicting specific standards.

Our team is honored to give free site visits and consultations without expecting any commitment and will offer the absolute correct estimates and answers to each doubt.

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Question 9 – How many years have you been in business? 

Answer –

Knowing about the experience of a business is the key to ensuring their work record history, knowledge, and stability in the industry. However, more experience only sometimes means better services.

We have proudly served the industry for over a decade, and our portfolio clarifies the uncertainty. Any willing customer can speak to our references (even years older) to build strong faith and credibility.

Which Part of The Project Do You Outsource

Question 10 – Who Will Pull out the Necessary Permits?

Answer –

A builder must be fully accountable to get all the necessary permissions and regulations, especially regarding loft conversions and home extension projects. A perfect fit contractor knows all updated guidelines, laws, and rules to begin construction legally.

We, the professional and witty builders, pull up every required permit from the local government before leading our workforce toward projects of any scale.

Question 11 –What all in-house services do you offer?

Answer –

Many architects designing companies in the UK hire outer builders, freelancers, and project managers to handle tasks. Before hiring a building home company, clarify the same.

However, TELConstructions is a trusted and well-reputed company serving commercial, residential, and industrial, all built with an in-house team owing high standard worth ethics that add value to the lives of our partners and clients.

Question 12 – Which Part of the Project Do You Outsource?

Answer –

Ask your company if they handle the project entirely by themselves or if they hire a third-party business to contribute. Many designers also rant machines and transport while a good builder will have its team and technical goods to handle tasks spick and span.

We have a packed in-house, qualified, and trained workforce who strives to deliver excellence that will reflect for generations. From planning to designing, we handle each aspect. Since our inception, we have owned small to massive building materials and goods, and it is also one of the secrets to our smooth, successful performance.

Question 13 – Are you willing to invest your time and materials in my project?

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Answer –

Many construction businesses are just accepting deals because they have to make pennies rather than for the sake of serving people with their resilient building solutions.

It is crucial to talk heart to heart with a dealer if he promises to put the last drop of his sweat and hard work into your personal project.

Question 14 – Do you have your own logistics?

Answer –

Another doubt a client needs to clean before hiring a builder is if he will be responsible for the daily incoming logistics at the site or if the expenses are handled by the firm only.

An excellent construction company will handle the same on its own. You do not have to worry about importing goods’ billing; that is already added to the overall cost as they will have their logistics.

Question 15 – Do you offer aftersales services? 

Answer –

Will the company look after the structure once they deliver the project? Will they visit the location to fix the issues? From my point of POV, this is the most important thing you can ever ask a builder before hiring.

TELConstructions UK is best known for its aftersales, we take responsibility for giving exceptional services after delivery, and it is the basis of our loyal customers.

Question 16 – Do you deliver environment-friendly/ sustainable services?

Answer –

This question holds a high value and must be asked. As responsible citizens, we must always keep environmental safety at the top. And therefore, it is critical to hire a builder who follows environmental safety policies.

As the best builders in the UK, we always aim to promote eco-friendly and sustainable construction ethics, reducing toxic materials, less carbon emitting elements, and more renewable plus energy-saving tools.

Question 17 – Can I visit the construction site?

Answer –

As a mature client, asking this question is a good deed because many builder teams do not want to get interrupted, primarily when they work.

With us, you can expect visits during working hours; however, for some safety concerns, we would not recommend anyone visit the construction site after that. Only in a few critical cases always consider informing us first before reaching a particular spot to get some precaution from the team.

Question 18 – Is the working environment healthy, and secure?

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Answer –

You can ask the main director of the construction company if they work under health and safety policies and ask a few more questions about how the same is promised and never compromised under any circumstance.

Engineers, plumbers, supervisors, and our skilled artisans keep a keen eye on every detail when the work is in progress to eliminate any possible risks and accidents that can harm health and cost to life.

Question 19 – Is the labor team trained enough to deliver complex projects?

Answer –

Nobody wants a half-hanging, unprofessional, poorly finished, and bad-quality product; a good builder will have a team blessed with an unrivaled skillset.

Our dynamic technicians, engineers, creative architects, designers, renders, project managers, builders, and savvy plumbers are the backbone of our industry and make a BIG DIFFERENCE through their incredible team working abilities.

Question 20 – How much technology and advanced tools do you use during construction?

Answer –

It is already the 21st, and technology is taking over almost every field, especially construction; it is impacted and improved to a great extent. For excellent construction, find out if the building company works innovative and advanced, have they include technology in their work, and to what extent.

You can count on us to taste innovation and welcome the advanced building solutions giving you unmatchable relaxation, satisfaction, and peace of mind. We keep updating our logistics with the upgradation of technology to bring maximum efficiency.

Question 21 – Will I be credited for supplying my own appliances and finishes? 

Answer –

The condition is if a client has already signed the agreement that covers the expenses for all units and supplies from client’s side, but later on, he refuses to install the company-owned appliances and purchases his own, then the total amount will be directly credited to you.

Question 22 – Can I change my mind regarding design through the process? 

Answer –

For your Due diligence, the best construction company in the UK always finalizes the work cycle and planning before initializing the process to avoid future complexions and disappointments. However, a good architect will keep everything according to his client’s demands.

We work for our people, for their satisfaction, and to meet their desires. We will put our best efforts into making changes, or the team will surely let you know about possible upgrades.

Question 23 – After I move in, can you fix anything if it stops working/breaks?

Answer –

This question is the paramount query that a client can ever ask. You need to know if your builder takes responsibility and authority to fix the defective things.

For us, it depends on our warranty period, and if the issue comes under it, the team will manage services without charging a single penny. However, you may have to pay for the same after the warranty period. And we are always ready to work out for our potential clients.

Question 24 – What is the average time your team takes to build a custom home? 

Answer –

It is salient for a client to know the average completion time for a custom-made home in which every fitting is personalized, from the floor, walls, and finishes to the ceiling and the lighting.

Therefore, it all depends on the area of the home, the requirements, the detailing, and other bespoke house essentials, and extensions that can consume a little extra time. Our team promises to clarify all your doubts before the project and give a specific average span for the delivery of a bespoke home.

Question 25 – Can you show me some finished photos that fit my home style?

Answer –

A new home is often looked upon as a dream place for a person, and he will always want to have an accurate time visualization of the completed project even before its delivery.

As the best home construction builders in the UK, we have a pro team of 3d renders who develop the project presentations. Also, if your home closely fits our previous construction, that can be taken into account for your satisfaction.

Question 26 – What differentiates you from other luxury custom home builders?

Answer –

If they claim to be the best in the industry, you can ask a builder this question.

Sustainability, Innovation, Quality Assurance, and a Professional In-house team are what stands out from the rest of the luxury custom home designers.

We dedicatedly work on tasks irrespective of size and profit and offer aftersales services without second questions. Our clean, precise, high-end, and cutting-edge services produce outstanding results.

Question 27 – Can appliances be up or down-graded?

Answer –

The answer should be an absolute YES! If certain appliances you think are now up to the mark, or if they are consuming more energy or your pocket, a sincere builder will switch that according to the need.

Question 28 – Do you perform quality assurance inspections during construction? 

Answer –

Certain quality standards significantly impact the detailing, finish, durability, and safety of a project. A client needs to find out if the builder company conducts timely inspections or if they follow quality assurance.

We firmly believe in achieving optimal results by examining the material strength and standard at every step. There is no term for compromising quality, even if it costs a little more; the team aims to offer the finest quality.

Question 29 – Am I allowed to buy my own appliances?

Answer –

Another question people often ask their design manager is if they can buy appliances of their choice. In general, you must expect an agreement.

At our company, every client has complete freedom to pick essentials, fittings, and gadgets that fit their preferences. Ultimately, it is your house, and you are the only one who will live there. So, you can pick the appliances, e.g., for a kitchen, if you find it better, comfortable, and genuine.

Question 30 – What is your full inspection process?

Answer –

According to my POV, this is the most critical question for the scope to evaluate the safety, quality, and luxury of installed and under-process units. Ask your builder about the steps they follow to inspect their work.

At TELConstructions, the inspection is done precisely and thoroughly at every step, before, during, and after completing a task. It includes the condition of the site, the secular, material state, the fittings & installation quality, aesthetics, and the functioning of certain parts. Our inspection team does a deep survey for if the completed work fulfills the agreement, laws and regulations, workmanship standards, and look-over for defects. A client need not worry about errors with our long-term warranted business.

Question 31 – How do I select the final finishes and colors? 

Answer –

Many folks are eager to know the best part of any construction, i.e., the final finishes and colors. So, a well-graded house building company will let you decide on every décor element, finishes, colors, and shades of interior/ exterior.

We let the customers visit our showroom and provide samples; we also present the rendered images, 3d layouts, and photorealistic illustrations for a more profound understanding of each color. This helps them in making better decisions.

Question 32 – What is the first step in your process? 

Answer –

Though it does not make any considerable change, people ask this question for their general understanding of the project work and how the company handles a specific task.

For us, we first create the blueprint of the project to have a quick idea about area dimensions, structure view from all angles, the number of rooms, specifications of variant places, furniture, etc. it helps engineers and architects design the 3d models better.

Question 33 – Can I tour one of your homes currently under construction?

Answer –

An authentic construction company UK will always allow you to do so (if they presently have any work under construction).

If our client wants to visit one of our ongoing constructions, we share the location to highlight our building standard & style and to gather his views as well as beliefs regarding our services. Besides, we are ready to listen to feedback from you that can bring better client relation and so as our business outcomes.

Question 34 – Do your homes have any energy-saving features?

Answer –

As a homeowner, before choosing a construction company, make it clear that you will not harm the environment with the services. Therefore, ask builders if the materials and operations are eco-friendly.

We promote highly ranked environment sound practices, causing no toxicity, avoiding wastage of water, electricity, and soil, reducing carbon emissions, etc. Almost every gadget, tool, material, and technical fit supports energy-saving features.

Question 35 – When can you give me a definitive price to build my home?

Answer –

Knowing the definitive home construction price is important for a client to get his budget ready/ updated as per the requirement.

Once all the planning work is completed, including materials and finishes, our team will provide you with a definitive price based on all sets of rules.

Question 36 – How will we communicate during the custom home-building process?

Answer –

A client can have certain doubts throughout the building procedure, so knowing who will be your point of contact is undoubtedly undeniable.

The project’s team leader visits the site daily with whom you can directly interact. However, if he is not present at the moment, you can always ring or leave an email to us. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Question 37 – How will I be kept informed throughout the building process?

Answer –

Communication is the key to any relationship, business owner/ partner, or whatnot. The architect, builder contractor, or manager will be accountable for discussing with you, the primary matters.

Similarly, our prominent team leaders will keep you up to date about what is going on within the project.

Question 38 – How much can “customizing” be done versus standard features?

Answer –

Do you want a customized project? If yes, then you also need to know how much it can be personalized.

As the trusted builders for homes in the United Kingdom, we allow complete customization for the things that bring the best practicality and excellent functionality to the space. At the same time, if a few changes downgrade the standards, our team makes sure to aware the clients.

Question 39 – How do you handle complications?

Answer –

Nobody is perfect. Even the experienced and most popular construction industries can face unpredictable complications. Hence, it becomes vital for a client to know how his company will deal with difficulties at such moments.

A responsible construction company knows the solutions to specific problems, believes in teamwork, and knows how to work effectively under pressure. We always try to communicate to our clients if the issue is significant, or else the minor obstacles are handled within the management team without harming the project standards.


The following questions will lead you to filter out the best industry builders in the UK. So, ask the above queries before signing that dotted line over the paperwork.

TEL Construction takes pride in serving with its holistic services in construction. You can schedule a call or free visit with our experts for more information.