Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces for Residential & Commercial Properties: Landscaping Near Me

Beautiful Outdoor Spaces is a reflection of the house indoors, your lifestyle, and your unique imagination.

They improve the connection between interiors & exteriors and touch a building’s value.

For instance, low-maintenance and aesthetic toned outdoors like balconies and backyards, driveways, patios & porches, pavements and popular landscaping improve users’ comfort.

Such captivating exteriors open doors for rejuvenating mornings and dreamy evenings with the comfort of tranquil sitting that creates a calming ambience.

Let us learn more about how garden landscaping reboots your lifestyle..!

Outdoor Space Landscaping: A Visual Transformation

Doesn’t matter if you have narrow or large open outer space, a beautiful exterior setting sets the space apart.

It showers positivity around and levels up the residence’s quality.

Have a QUICK LOOK on how hard landscaping brings benefits:

  • Beautiful commercial and residential outdoor spaces support better quality of life.
  • Green landscaping around apartments provides a positive atmosphere for community gatherings.
  • It elevates property value, and exterior frame and gives a final touch to it.
  • Pleasing outdoors in commercial settings encourages employees to refreshing breaks from indoors.

How do the exterior looks and landscaping impact your surroundings?

Why Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces for Residential and Commercial Properties Is important?

Beautiful exteriors and landscaping not only enhance the aesthetics but also contribute to a higher quality of life, increased property value, and energy savings.


Landscaping services are highly preferred in regions like London. It gives the entire building a BOOST!

Beautiful Outdoor and Landscaping is Aesthetically Pleasing

Imagine a home exterior with perfect warm lights, soothing ambient lamps around pavements, soft garden landscaping, fresh flowers and unique vegetation.

Beautiful Outdoor and Landscaping is Aesthetically Pleasing

It not only invites birds, butterflies, and ladybugs but refreshes the atmosphere, adds a natural warmth and enhances the quality of your life.

A pretty driveway and yard make your home heaven.

Best-designed pavements and driveways on landscaping look luxury

When I was younger, I used to draw a HUT, a stone and block driveway. It was a dream home to me. We are just talking about the same.

Best-designed pavements and driveways on landscaping look luxury

If your residential or commercial site has dull outer space, installing a driveway could never go wrong. It will revamp your place and will collect it up. It will look completed and highly maintained.

As per the POV of the construction experts in London, block paving and driveways make the space look clean, subtle and LUXURY.

They are best due to their durability, low maintenance and lasting traits.

A charming residence and commercial exterior raise space worth  

Designing soft as well as hard landscaping outside a structure improves the property value.

If you want to sell the property, the client may want to pay extra money for the highly valuable paving and landscape design.

✔  You feel good with green surroundings, it hides things and GLOW up your lifestyle

Outdoor spaces elevate instantly with plants and trees creatively.

Imagine hearing the wind in the trees, smelling flowers, or touching soft grass. It’s relaxing!

You feel good with green surroundings, it hides things and GLOW up your lifestyle

Plantation and gardening give a reboot to exterior spaces and also support your well-being. Notably, it helps hide things you don’t like and brings out the good parts.

You can search online for: how do I plant flowers around my house?

Gardens Save Energy hence you save more money 😉  

Modern home interiors generally have advanced home gadgets that promote sustainability and decrease carbon printing.

Garden landscaping also saves you money bills because trees, plants, flowers and bushes protect your home from getting too hold and too cold.

They also act as noise-resistant elements outside architects that make the outdoor spaces comfy, soothing and a dream come true-like place!

Building Charming Outdoor Spaces: Engaging Activities on Beautiful Landscapes

A well-designed garden gives you more ways to use your space. You can have a sunny spot, a shady corner, or a fun place for kids to play. It’s like having an extra room outside.

  1. Gardening with Landscaping Services

You can cultivate a variety of flowers and plants in your yard. if you have a steep hill, using certain plants can stop soil erosion and save you from a lot of work.

  1. Outdoor Dining and Picnic Experience in Adoring Outdoors

You can have a pleasant dining date and day picnics with your beloveds on soft landscaping well-furnished patios, and home exteriors.

  1. Lawn Games and Physical Activities

The beautiful exterior attracts everyone, and provides space for outdoor games as well as activities such as yoga, biking, cycling and socializing.

  1. Team Collaboration and Meet Ups

For commercial landscapes, you can use these wonderful places for meetings, planning discussions and executing ideas.

Useful Tips for Residential & Commercial Landscaping London

You can consider the following tips to make a playful outdoor for any resident and commercial space landscape.

Add Fireplaces, Décor Furniture

For a patio, a fireplace works dynamically great. Adding modern furniture will complement the outer space.

Add seating areas where you want

Casual sittings outdoors can be used for waiting areas in commercial places and people to enjoy sitting in residential areas

Chairs and tables along with sofas, cushions and throws look sophisticated for office spots and home exterior designs as landscaping as well.

Add Outdoor lighting for magical effects

Lighting charms up the space. People can enjoy a building view even in the night with the right lamps and bulbs. Different light types provide different visuals and are suitable as per the requirement.

Paving and Driveways

Paving and driveways define parking areas and divide navigation spots.

They improve exterior overall looks with durable and appealing surfaces.

Benefits of Pavements.!

Pavements are paths created to easily move between landscapes.

They protect the ground from getting bumpy and muddy; the best pavement construction can last a lifetime.

The choice of materials in pavement design matters a lot.

What material is used for pavement?

Materials like stones, asphalt, concrete, marble, bricks, limestone, granite and many more can be used. You can design custom pavement and landscape near me with the best architecture in London.

Landscaping Solutions in London, United Kingdom

Experiencing the grace of the beautiful outdoors is just one step away from you.

Transform your spaces into functional and well-designed home construction with the best landscaping near-me company.

TEL Construction is the elite manufacturing industry of the UK with an experience of over a decade.

Meet your expectations under the best prices and high-quality landscape installation. Talk to qualified exterior designers for the best personalized outdoor décor ideas.

Choose your customized landscaping solutions, soft and hard landscaping with excellent after-sales. Partner with us for both commercial and residential landscape projects.

Enjoy your outer views, and improve the exterior aesthetics. Connect on 020 8158 4006

The Conclusion

Setting up beautiful outdoor spaces such as driveways, pavements, and lighting around a property, improves landscaping.

These attractive home exteriors are not just nice for residential and commercial properties —it’s good for the environment too.

Its exceptional features make a space look visually appealing. It controls temperatures, cleans the air and provides special space to spend quality time.

Contact the best landscaping services. The seasoned team know wide designs for installing garden landscapes at your place.

Make your home, office, apartment and garden the heart of your city with the paving and landscaping near me Visit the website for more information.

Loft conversion specialists near me

TEL Constructions: Loft Conversion Specialists Near Me.

Loft conversion has been a popular choice for many years now, and you have probably heard of many London loft conversions companies that offer the wildest designs with luxe finishes.

Wrap around and read the full blog on the popular specialists and wizards of loft conversions in the United Kingdom.

Loft Conversion Specialist London

Have you just moved into a new home, or are you just considering renovating the existing one? Then you are probably looking for all the appealing ways to refurbish your home.

Loft conversions are the perfect solution with adorable designs and fantastic advantages for revamping residential areas, increasing available space and market value.

Loft conversions in London are the world’s most popular, as the majority of residents prefer attic space conversions. When you transform the upper building body to utilize it as a bedroom, study room, office, or anything – they are known as loft conversions.

Reasons Why You Should Go for It – Loft Conversion Benefits

I know you must be thinking why loft conversions are so trendy. Why popular architects see loft conversion for homes as a success!

Trust me; this read will shed light on your minds.

You know what? The beauty of loft conversion is hidden inside the wealth of benefits, beautiful exteriors, and practical solutions that the attic holds for a home.

The smart way to add on space in your home

You must admit that loft conversion specialists are excellent architects who can create more usable space without moving house. You may add more than one room to the existing space.

Planning permissions are not always a necessity.

In London, the government follows many strict construction rules that affect anything from commercial to personal spaces. Only the best loft conversion specialist near me proceeds smoothly on which loft design needs permission.

Crisp home remodelling under an acceptable budget

So, the next thing I love about lofts is that they are an easy way to change the home elevation without breaking banks. So why not opt for it?

Why is it an obvious thing to find the best loft conversion specialist in London?

best loft conversion specialist in London

What’s the significance of contacting only the eminent and professionals’ architect for a loft conversion in the UK? Let’s find out!

You must have noticed that we always pressurize on the importance of picking the best London loft conversion company. I don’t want to scare you, but the wrong decision may damage your property.

Some loft conversion ideas are only suitable for limited home designs; therefore, it is important to see which companies for loft design near me are the best.

Planning permission can sometimes be challenging depending on your geographical location and existing home structure. Handling those formalities by yourself may lead to a time extension; it would be a WISE decision to have a loft conversion expert.

Generally, if your neighbours have lofts, you may not need planning permissions; it is a rare case, folks!

  • Loft conversion architect inspects and dictates crucial factors deeply so that your family and you do not have to face any specific problems in future.
  • Loft conversion designers in the UK know better about the complexity of a house design; they handle shortcomings smartly.
  • They guide you better if your roof can bear weight and have suitable height per your requirement.

So now we all are clear on why a loft conversion specialist London plays the HERO in converting the spare room.

Loft conversion specialist near me

Loft conversion specialist near me

Loft conversions are your CALL to use your available attic space best. They are typically less expensive, eye-catching, luxurious, and add significant glamour to your lovely house.

Are you Planning a Loft Conversion? Do you seek the best loft conversion company in London?

TEL Constructions is acclaimed as the loft conversion designing company that provide all types of loft conversion services in the London. It is a name that nobody can skip when talking about modern loft conversions.

Personalize your home with beautiful loft conversion designs in no time with:

  • personalized plans,
  • high technology and tools,
  • after-sale services,
  • Customer satisfaction,
  • Ultra creativity and
  • sky-high dedication.

Notably, we have been in the industry for the last ten years and have delivered thousands of adorning loft conversion designs with full satisfaction.

Check out our heart-pinching portfolio and read blogs and testimonies.

To contact the team, fill in your details in the given form and wait while the loft conversion expert pings you back.

Call us on 020 8158 4006 or email the team at

The Ultimate Guide to Side Return Extensions for Stunning Home Transformations

Longing for a larger kitchen, a spacious dining area, or a bright and airy living space?

A side return extension is something you can opt for.

A side return extension is a type of home extension that utilizes the underutilized space at the side of a property, increasing its floor area and maximizing available space.

Now, let’s understand when you can construct side return extension, planning permissions required, fresh design ideas and cost for side return extension.

When Should You Go for a Side Rear Extension?

Side Return extensions are renowned for their ability to enhance natural light within a property, thanks to the introduction of large windows, skylights, or glazed panels.

Architectural styles and design options for side return extensions are diverse, allowing homeowners to customize the extension to their personal taste and complement the existing architecture.

So, if planning for a house extension, this side-rear extension serves as a great option

Unlocking Hidden Potential of House Extension: Transforming Narrow Spaces

Embrace the untapped possibilities of your narrow home by opting for a side rear extension, also known as side infills extension.

Expand beyond limitations and unlock the hidden potential of your property’s side space, transforming it into valuable living area.

From Cramped to Spacious: Rear Extension for Your Kitchen or Dining Area

Bid farewell to cramped and inefficient kitchen or dining spaces.

With a side return extension, you can revolutionize your culinary haven, creating a spacious and functional area that caters to your lifestyle and culinary ambitions.

Amplifying Natural Light and Outdoor Connections with Side Return Extension

Embrace the radiance of natural light and blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors with a side return extension.

By incorporating expansive windows, captivating skylights, or inviting bi-fold doors, you can immerse your home in abundant sunshine and create a seamless connection to the outside world.

Flexible Living Spaces with Rear Extension: Adapting to Your Changing Needs

Embrace the power of versatility with a side return extension, allowing you to create adaptable living spaces.

Whether you desire a serene home office, a vibrant playroom, or a cozy sanctuary, a side return extension can cater to your evolving needs and desires.

Side Return Extension Elevates Your Home’s Worth

Elevate your property’s value and unlock its investment potential with a side return extension.

By expanding your living space, enhancing functionality, and adding modern appeal, you can create a home that stands out in the market and captures the attention of discerning buyers or tenants.

Tailor Your Space for Side Return Extension: Full Customization for Personalized Luxury

Unleash your creative flair and customize your living space to reflect your unique style and preferences.

With a side return extension, you have the freedom to choose architectural designs, finishes, and interior layouts that align with your vision of luxurious living.

How to do a Side Return Extension?


While starting off with rear and side extension, you’ll need a small army of professionals to get a beautiful home extension. Have a look:

1. Perform Initial Assessment and Planning

The initial assessment on space and planning would help to:

  • Assess Space: Evaluate the available side space and determine its potential for extension.
  • Set Goals: Identify your specific needs and goals for the extension, such as creating a larger kitchen or dining area.
  • Analyze Feasibility: Feasibility is assessed to understand any limitations or considerations.

We do schedule a free site visit to your place to understand your requirements and give you a better design option.

2. Obtain Necessary Permissions:

  • Check local regulations: Research local building regulations and planning permissions required for a side return extension.
  • Obtain permits: Submit necessary applications and obtain approvals from the local authorities before commencing the construction.

We have a separate team of professionals that’ll help you assist and guide you for obtaining necessary permits and permissions.

3. Consulting a good Designer/ Architect

Collaborate with an architect to design the side rear extension, considering factors like aesthetics, structural integrity, and integration with the existing building.

They’ll help you choose an architectural style that complements your home’s design and personal preferences.

Additionally, work over incorporating windows, skylights, or glazed panels to maximize natural light within the extension.

Our team of designers performs deep analysis to give a well designed space that is spacious and adds value to your home.

4. Structural Engineer to Ensure Structural Integrity and safety

When undertaking a side return extension, engaging a qualified structural engineer is paramount for ensuring stability, safety, and long-term durability.

They assess the existing foundation, make necessary structural adjustments, and determine the appropriate construction methods for walls and roofing, considering factors like insulation and aesthetics.

With their expertise, you can confidently proceed with your extension, knowing that it is structurally sound and built to withstand the test of time.

5. Plumbing/Electrical Work needs to be Started Early

After finalizing the design, make sure to get your plumbing and electrical work early.

This will make all the necessary re-routing works done before the construction begins.

Don’t forget to check the main manhole of your property should move towards the new extension/passageway.

Here, we you’ll find all the professionals under one roof. You don’t worry about your things. We are a one stop solution to all your home extension needs.

6. Hire Best Builder/construction contractor

Now, it’s time to hire the best side return construction contractor London to perform your home extension.

Make sure to choose a builder with a good reputation and who is trustable and reliable.

Don’t fall into the trap of a cow boy builder.

Click here to check for the questions that you may need to ask the construction contractor.

Do you need planning permission for the side rear extension UK?

Side return extensions often fall within permitted development rights, eliminating the need for planning permission.

But, there are certain things that you need to consider. These are:

  • Adherence to size limits set by the local planning authority is crucial.
  • Consider proximity to property boundaries and regulations in conservation areas or for listed buildings.
  • Design and aesthetics should be in harmony with the existing structure and surroundings.
  • Ensure the proposed extension won’t significantly impact neighboring properties.
  • Consider any implications on highways, access, parking, and safety.

What is the cost of a side return extension?


The cost of a side return extension can vary significantly depending on several factors. Here are some key considerations that can influence the overall cost:

Location of the Property

Construction costs can vary based on the region and specific location of the project due to variations in labour rates, material costs, and local building regulations.

Small/Large Construction Company

The size and reputation of the construction company you choose can impact the cost. Larger companies often have higher overheads, which may result in higher prices compared to smaller, local contractors.

Quality of Materials

The choice of materials and finishes can significantly affect the cost. Opting for high-end, premium materials will generally increase the overall project cost compared to more budget-friendly alternatives.

Professionals Involved

The involvement of professionals such as architects, structural engineers, and interior designers can contribute to the cost. Their expertise and services add value to the project but also come with associated fees.

Size and Complexity of the Project

The size of the side return extension and its complexity will influence the cost. Larger extensions generally require more materials and labour, contributing to higher costs. Additional complexities such as structural modifications or intricate designs can also impact the overall price.

Logistics and labour shortages

Factors like site access, parking availability, labour shortage and proximity to suppliers can affect logistics and potentially increase costs.

Challenging logistics may require additional resources or equipment, potentially increasing the project budget.

POV: It is recommended to consult with construction professionals and obtain detailed quotes based on your specific requirements and location to get a more accurate estimate. 

Side Return Extension Design Ideas

Let’s have a look at some beautiful side rear extensions ideas that’ll inspire you for your next one.

Beautiful Living Room side rear Extension

Beautiful Living Room side rear Extension

Checkout this beautiful and luxurious living room which got even more magnificent after side rear extension.

The long slider windows and classic furniture is just adding more to the beauty of the space.

Cozy Living Room of a Modern Side Return Extension

Cozy Living Room of a Modern Side Return Extension

Experience the joy of living and feel the space with this amazing transformation of the living room.

The side table, matching chairs, bar stools (highchairs) and the table with the wall just make the side return extension complete.

Side Extension for Modern Kitchen

Side Extension for Modern Kitchen

This amazing kitchen in bright white colour adds phenomenal appeal to the entire side extension for modern kitchen in a UK home.

Stunning side return extension for Kitchen UK

Stunning side return extension for Kitchen UK

Checkout this beautiful vintage styled kitchen with brickwork and wooden flooring that is just a dream come true for your kitchen.

The tables can be used for dining or can also be used to do your office work. Superb transformation.

Bottom Line

Transform your home with a side return extension, unlocking its hidden potential and creating a stunning space for modern living.

Contact TEL Constructions today for expert craftsmanship and exceptional results that will elevate your home to new heights.

Talk to our experts to get a tailored estimate. Click here to schedule your appointment Now.

How much does a loft conversion add value

How much does a loft conversion add value?

Do you know loft conversions in the UK are a smart solution to hike the value of your property? People love polishing their home appearance with beautiful loft conversions for many decades. The design and types of loft conversion plays the main role that impacts this value.

There are two primary things in London about homes – they either have loft conversion plans under process or already have a well-fitted loft over their head. Well, if you live in the UK, you better know!

Loft Conversion – A Smart Way for Raising Home Worth

How can you utilize loft conversion properly? You can convert the unused area to a private study room, TV room, or DJ room or what about a beautiful Greenhouse at the top? This will add both floor space and value to your home.

People generally ask about do they need planning permission for a loft conversion?  And what loft conversion ideas can they look into?

Are you muddled with the same thoughts? Worry not! This blog has every piece of important information.

Many clients often ask what types of loft conversion their home design can withstand.

If you have the same question in mind, here’s what you want to hear– every home is special and there are different loft conversion types will suit your home the best.

The five main types are: dormer loft conversion, mansard loft conversion, Velux/ roof light loft conversion, L-shaped loft conversion and Hip to Gable loft conversion. The loft conversion plans depend on the following:

  • Height and shape of roof
  • Layout and style of home
  • Is it detached, semi-detached, or terraced home?
  • Available space, client budget and more.

People hang on the dormer and mansard loft conversions. They both are wonderful and add immense grace to a home. The slightest difference between these two is as follows:

Dormer loft conversion is the conventional loft conversion design with a flat roof vertically projecting from the existing structure and 90 degrees to the floor. It makes a box-shaped structural roof and is best suitable for small ceilings.

Mansard conversions are stylish extensions designed to convert the rear of your property to a flat roof with 72-degree roof edges that slightly seem straight. They add considerable value to an existing home.

Planning permissions for Loft conversion

Do you own a property that comes under permitted development rights? If yes, then you need no planning permission. Click on the link to read the depth blog on how to take loft conversion planning permission

How much does loft conversion increase the home value?

Honestly, there is no exact value on how much a loft conversion could increase the price of your property, as there are diverse loft styles. Significant factors such as your location, existing roof design, and the loft room influence the overall value.

Besides, the geographical area and the neighbouring home structure may impact permission rights. So always head forward to find the best construction company in the London.

Best Loft Conversion Company

You can always ping for the best loft conversion companies near me before embarking on the conversion. This lets you better understand every positive and limited factor about a loft conversion.

Experts take complete accountability, shows the bigger picture, explains the budget, permitted development rights, planning permissions and proceed the tasks with no time.

TEL Constructions is acclaimed as the best loft conversion company in London, with more than a decade of construction experience. The expertise delivers the dream projects with exceptional designs and material quality under your constrained budget.

Don’t let the opportunity slip away to revamp your living space with the touch of practical and stunning loft conversions. Complete the given contact form and seasoned architect team will contact you for a FREE consultation and QUOTE.

Call us now and get in touch to know the available options for your living space.


Convert Your Loft into Home Theater: Loft Conversion Specialists

Are you looking for the ultimate entertainment experience in the comfort of your own home?

A Home Theater is a perfect way to spend time with your loved ones, host movie nights or game parties, and even relax by yourself after a long day.

Thinking about space issues? Not anymore. The answer lies in your unused loft space.

Yes! Home Cinema in Loft not only provides endless hours of entertainment but also adds value to your property.

This blog answers all your queries on converting your loft into Home Theater, advantages, technical requirements, design and planning, cost, time and much more. Let’s dive in!

Table of Contents

Why convert loft space for Home Theater?

Having a home cinema room provides a great way to unwind and spend quality time with family and friends.

The big movie screen is like an escape from the stresses of daily life and an opportunity to relax and enjoy your favourite movie or TV show.

In all, a home theater is a great investment that can provide years of entertainment and relaxation, making it a worthwhile addition to any home.

Have a look why loft space is the perfect location for your entertainment arena i.e. Home Cinema.

  • Acoustics for immersive experience

The high ceilings and open layout of a loft space can provide great acoustics for your home theater. You’ll have better sound quality and a more immersive viewing experience.

  • Natural Light for inviting ambience

Lofts often have large windows or skylights, which can provide natural light during the day. This can create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for your home theater.

  • Privacy from rest of house

A loft is typically a separate space from the main living areas of the house, so you can enjoy your home theater without any distractions or interruptions.

  • Increased Property Value

Converting your loft into a home theater is a unique and attractive feature that can add value to your property. It’s a smart investment that can make your home stand out in the property or real estate market.

How to assess loft space for Home Theater?

Before starting your loft conversion into a home theater, it’s important to assess the space to ensure it’s suitable for your needs. Here are some factors to consider:

Evaluation of the Loft Space

  • Loft Size determines type of home theater setup.
  • Loft Shape affects acoustics and equipment placement.
  • Loft Access to ensure that there is safe and convenient access.
  • Complying with loft building regulations to avoid any legal issues.

Considerations for Layout and Seating

  • Consider Layout such as location of the screen, speakers, placement of seating.
  • Seating arrangement that offers the most comfort and convenience. It can be sofas, recliners or just mattress with pillows.

How to design and plan Home Cinema in loft space?

After assessing the loft space and ensuring that it’s suitable for a home theater, it’s time to start planning the design and layout of your space.

A professional loft conversion specialist can help guide you through the design and planning process and ensures that you have everything to create the perfect loft home theater room.

Here are some key factors to consider:

Choosing the Right Equipment and Technology

  • Size and type of Screen for best viewing experience preferences. Options may range from large projection screens to flat-screen TVs.
  • High quality sound system to enhance the viewing experience. Options range from basic surround sound systems to more advanced options, such as Dolby Atmos.
  • Consider comfortable recliner chairs or even a sectional sofa to ensure that everyone has a comfortable viewing experience.

Lighting and Sound Considerations

  • Lighting impacts the ambiance of your home theater. Consider options such as dimmer switches, colour-changing lights, or even LED strip lighting to create the perfect atmosphere.
  • Soundproofing to prevent sound from escaping the room and disturbing other areas of the house. Acoustic panels, curtains, and carpets can all be used to help with soundproofing.

Deciding on the Style and Decor

  • Style will depend on your personal preferences and the overall style of your home. Consider options such as modern, minimalist, or even a themed home theater, such as a classic movie theater or a sports-themed room.
  • For decor, consider options such as movie posters, wall art etc to complete the look-n-feel of your home theater.

Working on the Structural & Technical requirements for home Cinema loft

Creating a home theater in your loft involves certain structural and technical requirements to ensure that the space is safe, comfortable, and meets all necessary regulations. Here are some considerations for this phase of the project:

ü  Building Regulations and Permits

Before starting any construction work, it’s important to determine whether your loft conversion requires building regulations approval or planning permission.

These regulations vary depending on your location, so it’s important to consult with your local authority to determine what is required.

ü  Insulation, Soundproofing, and Ventilation

Insulation and soundproofing are essential for creating a comfortable and private space for your home theater. Proper ventilation is also important to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment.

A professional loft conversion company can advise on the best insulation and soundproofing materials, as well as ventilation systems.

ü  Electrical and Wiring Requirements

Proper electrical and wiring requirements are important for the safe and effective operation of your home theater.

This includes installing enough power outlets, wiring for audio and visual equipment, and ensuring that all electrical work is carried out by a certified electrician.

Why you need a loft conversion specialist for home Cinema Construction and Installation?

Why you need a loft conversion specialist for home Cinema Construction and Installation

From building regulations and permits to the best materials, and technology to use, a loft cinema specialist advices you the right choice of things to ensure that the home theater is safe, appealing and stands the test of time.

Have a look, why you need a loft conversion specialist for your loft cinema room.

ü  Expertise is the key:

A loft conversion specialist has the right expertise and experience in all aspects of loft conversion, including building regulations, insulation, soundproofing, and electrical work.

They ensure that your loft cinema meets all necessary regulations and is constructed to a high standard.

ü  Professional equipment and tools:

These professionals have access to the latest equipment and tools required for home cinema construction and installation, that helps ensure that the project is completed quickly and efficiently.

ü  Cost-effective & High-quality Construction:

A reputed loft conversion company can help you save money by sourcing materials at a lower cost and avoiding potential mistakes or oversights that could result in additional costs down the line.

ü  Peace of mind & zero hassles:

By working with a professional and renowned loft conversion expert, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home cinema project is safe and will be completed on time and in budget.

ü  Technical knowledge:

A loft conversion specialist’s experience helps them to handle complex situations that may arise during the home cinema construction process.

They can identify issues and provide solutions to ensure the project is completed successfully and avoid costly mistakes and delays.

ü  Knowledge of Latest and Trending Designs:

They can provide suggestions and recommendations based on your specific requirements and preferences, ensuring that your home cinema is designed to meet your needs and provide an enjoyable viewing experience.

By working with a specialist, you can explore a range of design options and make informed decisions to create a home cinema that is both functional and stylish.

Latest Loft Home Cinema Room Designs

Latest Loft Home Cinema Room Designs

How TEL Constructions helps you

Working on the Structural & Technical requirements for home Cinema loft

How TEL Constructions helps you?

As a reputed construction firm with over 10 years of experience in the construction industry, TEL Constructions beholds an excellent legacy of delivering quality projects for clients.

Our portfolio includes big names in various industries, highlighting our expertise and commitment to excellence.

What’s make us your #1 choice for loft home cinema room experts? Here it is.

  • #1 Loft Conversion Experts

We are known as the #1 loft conversion experts and the first choice of architects, builders, and developers in the UK.

Our team of seasoned engineers, workers, architects, designers, and project managers work together and ensure that every project is unique and gets completed to the unmatched standards.

  • State-of-the-Art Machines and Technology

At TEL Constructions, we have access to the latest state-of-the-art machines and technology.

Our work culture is based on efficiency, precision, and innovation, ensuring that we deliver projects on time and to the satisfaction of our clients.

  • Diverse Portfolio of Projects

We have a diverse portfolio that includes loft conversions, new builds, and home extensions. This allows us to cater to a wide range of clients with different construction needs.

Additionally, we have an in-house team of specialists for plumbing, electricity, and logistics works, eliminating the need for subcontractors and ensuring a streamlined construction process.

  • Latest and Modern Designs for loft home Cinema

Our team of design experts are adept at handling complex projects with ease. At TEL Constructions, we understand that every project is unique and requires a personalized approach.

Our designers work closely with clients to bring their vision to life, be it a pre-conceived design or a new one.

  • Preferred Choice of Industry Professionals

TEL Constructions is the preferred choice of architects, builders, and developers when it comes to loft conversions and home cinema installations.

We are committed to deliver exceptional results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

  • Complete Control for Your Home Cinema

At TEL Constructions, we offer an immersive experience and full control of your home cinema experience with our home automation expertise.

From a remote or smartphone, you can easily control not only your entertainment but also the lights and climate, creating a personalized “Cinema” scene with just one touch.

  • Well-placed equipment installations

At TEL Constructions, our professional home cinema installation service includes optimized equipment installation to ensure that all the wiring is hidden behind walls to protect your home’s aesthetics.

Our seasoned team of technicians will also find the optimal speaker placement and angles and can install acoustic panels if needed to absorb sound and provide a top-notch cinema experience.

  • We work in your budget

Our experienced team at TEL Constructions can help you decide the best loft conversion type for your home theater, whether it’s a dormer conversion, roof light conversion, or mansard conversion.

We take into consideration your budget, space requirements, and the design you want to achieve to provide you with the best solution for your home cinema.

So, reach out to TEL Constructions for your dream loft home cinema room and feel the magic of Big screen casting the magical spell.

Bottom Line

Transform your loft into an amazing loft home cinema room with the help of loft conversion specialists.

Create unforgettable movie nights with your loved ones and elevate your home entertainment experience.

Don’t wait any longer, start planning your dream home theater today!


TEL Constructions- How to Modernise your Home: Modern Home

Collect your answers on how to modernise homes in easy ways with the help of this blog.

Who doesn’t crave a home with clean neutral, clutter-free, and streamlined furniture that embraces simplicity and creativity?

If you have lived all your lives in homes built for a long time, and you must have wanted to improve and update certain things according to trends and fashion.

Living homes that speak through interior design and décor planning have something in common; they are often identified as modern homes. They are presentably sophisticated and minimal.

We are already entirely in love with modern home design ideas. They freshen up the looks and inculcate a luxury feel to the atmosphere.

6+ Tips to Modernise Your Home

Let us know the important hacks for modernising a home.

Check out the brand-new designs and ideas to modernise a home on a budget and can also increase your house value.

Declutter the unnecessary items and address the first impression details

Declutter the unnecessary items and address the first impression details

The best tip to modernise a home is to remove unimportant things from a room. It makes up for the first impression and leaves the space looking small, not maintained, and outdated. Keep things simple and remove items not used for extended periods.

Besides, update the entrance spot, doors & windows, and curtains – they certainly add to the first impression. Torn door and window material must be repaired and re-painted decently if the budget allows.

Introducing a natural material modernises the home

Introducing a natural material modernises the home

Raw materials and decoration elements look extraordinary and add an expensive taste to the residential space. It is an advanced way to revamp and refresh a home; pick bamboo roof style for a dining room or a living area.

Also, kitchen wood cupboards will inculcate richness, a relaxed atmosphere, and a touch of eco-friendliness.

Not only aesthetics but the home’s value boosts by adding the luxury of natural construction materials.

Modern home pays attention to the colour and size of interior elements

Modern home pays attention to the colour and size of interior elements

We find it a cliché that modern homes are restricted only to greys, whites, and neutrals; there is so much more we can do with colour schemes unless and until it brings out a decent combination. Certainly, avoid extra flashy and cheap colour schemes.

For instance, modern home design experts help clients with the colour wheel to blend the magic of distinctive shades complementing the floor and ceilings.

Also, consider the significance of the size of floor rugs, furniture and the decor elements such as lighting bulbs, frames, articles etc.

Open Shelving and display area for giving a modern home look 

Open Shelving and display area for giving a modern home look 

Another idea for making a home modern is keeping a particular spot for open shelving where you can place statement pieces and expensive vintage items to increase the functional looks inside a home.

If you are an artist, add artistic pieces, sculptures, and hand-made craft to that open storage system. Apart from that, use open shelves for placing kitchen goods, crockery and our favourite antique and luxe collection.

Invest in good bed sheets, cushions, area carpets, pouffes and furniture

Invest in good bed sheets, cushions, area carpets, pouffes and furniture

Pay attention to the power of well-made and quality bed sheets, pillows, and floor carpets. Do consider covering doorsteps, hallways, stairs, and dining table ground with an attractive rug made of premium material.

Also, furniture and pouffe are an ideal couple to bring a fun and joyful statement as the pair differs from match-mixing ordinary tables and chair.

Glass fittings are the best way to modernise a home.

Glass fittings are the best way to modernise a home.

Glass doors, transparent glass stair railing, and glass doors inside the bathroom and bedroom are incredible ways to give any property an expensive and contemporary look.

Besides, glass fittings open up a space by providing a large room illusion with a clean and hygienic feel. It lasts long, is durable and welcomes the natural light inside the rooms.

Give a facelift to rooms with paint, wallpaper and a different contrast

Give a facelift to rooms with paint, wallpaper and a different contrast

Modern home hacks include brushing up the torn paint, completely updating with wallpapers, and adding a unique contrast. Installing tiles can also be a perfect way to modernise a bathroom quickly.

Generally, water and moisture content damage the material, and people usually ignore it.

Replace the old aesthetics ASAP to avoid a negative impact on the place—also, clean accessories like the mat, vanity rug, and curtains inside the bathing area.


21st-century home designs are evolving with simple, classic and little creative and imaginative ways to modernise homes without breaking their budgets. Invest in suitable quality materials, and you will have the most beautiful home interior that will stand the test of time.

Modern homes can also be designed by mixing high and low contrast with some iconic pieces of furniture, renovating storage units with stylish finishes and making a few changes to the flooring. 


Why should kids have separate room and What should every kids room have? | With Perfect kids room design ideas

Parents are the author of a kid’s story. They want to give best to their kids, be it education, living, clothes or the perfect upbringing.

Around 1/3rd of the children’s time is spent at home and it’s the most comforting space where small moments evolve into memories.

There is no second thought that a child’s behaviour, growth, and development are highly influenced by their bedroom environment.

In this blog, we’ll explore the need to have a separate child room, design elements that a kid’s room should have and some trending kids bedroom ideas.

Why it’s important to have a separate kids bedroom?

Why it’s important to have a separate kids bedroom

Having a separate kids room can prove a milestone in the child’s overall development.

Be it cognitive skills, academic performance, behaviour or creativity, a kids bedroom plays a vital role in shaping the personality of the child.

Let’s have a look at the importance of having a separate bedroom for kids.

UK Rules defines the age

Most of the parents Google the question that at what age should a child have their own room by law UK?

According to the latest amendments made in section 325 of the Housing Act 1985, it is mandatory for a child of age 10 to have an independent room.

Neither the parents nor the siblings shall share the same room.

Room is a child’s best learning area

Completing the assignments and the homework the kids get from the school, need a quiet and peaceful place as they are learning new concepts every day.

Rooms such as dining, living or even the parent’s room can be distracting and can harm their learning spree.

Separate kids room enables them to work with full focus and concentration without any disturbance.

Meeting their growing privacy needs

As the children grow, they are more concerned about having a personal space.

A place where they can dress/undress comfortably, hide their toys or personal belongings from their younger siblings.

This comforting separate room instils a feeling of calmness and safety amongst them.

Quiet and peaceful space aids in better sleep

It has been noticed that most the children struggle with their sleep.

A peaceful and quite kids room not only aids in better sleep  but also proves to be a boon for an introvert child who wants to stay alone.

Makes a child responsible, independent and organized

It’s a human behaviour that they are more concerned about their “own things”.

When the kids have their own room, it automatically makes them responsible to keep their room clean and organised.

It also boosts a sense of belongingness.

Boost kids’ creativity & well being

When kids are made to participate in the planning process of their own room, it gives them an excellent opportunity to give wings to their creativity and personality.

The kid may be interested in playing guitar or any other hobby, a separate space will given them ample room to work and pursue their hobbies.

Impacts children’s social life

Self-expression and confidence are two perfect ingredients of a great social life.

By having a separate room, kids feel more comfortable in calling their friends to home for play or study or cousins for a sleepover.

This certainly helps them make fun-filled memories.

Guidelines for Parents Before designing kids room

Guidelines for Parents Before designing kids room

Ready to make a separate kids room for your child? Here are some guidelines to follow that’ll help you get a better version of your expectations.

Safety of your child

While designing any element such as kids bedroom furniture, bed, study table etc, utmost care should be maintained to ensure the safety of the child.

Plan it properly

It’s always better to plan mentally and then begin with the things.

You may consult a good architect or a trusted construction company London to get the best out of your space.

For kids, keep it as less cluttered as possible.

Involve child in designing

Get the child involved in the decision making and other designing process.

This will open them up and their little brains filled with immense creativity will come up with wonderful ideas.

Avoid too much furniture

Kids bedroom furniture should be simple and less so it gives ample space to the kid to play without getting lost in the clutter.

Keeping the design simple

Don’t over complicate the design of the kids bedroom. Add more shelves to keep games, toys and books.

The design should be flexible so that it can be changed to meet the growing needs and demands of the kids.

Design elements to consider while designing Kids Bedroom

Design elements to consider while designing Kids Bedroom

A kids bedroom act as everything- their play zone, learning area, sleeping area and much more.

Have a look at kids bedroom design elements to consider when you plan deciding the room of your kids.

Colours effect the mood patterns

The environment of the room greatly impacts the growth and development of the child as well as act as a stress-free and calm haven.

Opt for bright and light shades of red, green or yellow. These colours are known to infuse positive vibes and stimulate creativity amongst kids.

Going for Gray, beige or other pastel hues will inculcate calmness and tranquillity in kids’ behaviour.

You may choose to some interesting wall stickers or wall art and other decorations that add a contrasting colour pop to the room.

Better Light for improved concentration and mood enhancement

Lighting can be a game changer as it can actually make or break the aesthetics of entire room.

The lighting of kids bedroom should strike a blend between natural and artificial light.

Adept focus on ventilation and number of windows with matching curtains can add to the look and feel of the room.

Interior Design that infuses strong sense of identity

The environment surrounding the kids reflects their interests and budding personality.

  • Reading corners under skylights in a kids bedroom aid in quick learning and keeping a kid happy.
  • Adding a smart wall that displays their drawings and creative designs.
  • A space that turns into their play zone, gaming zone, learning or music zone.
  • A wardrobe such as glass or walk-in makes them confident about their selection of outfits.
  • A display shelf that contains their novelties or trophies or their recognitions.

Dedicated Walls & skid -free floors for confident living

Plan a theme and keep a dedicated wall for your kids to plan out and decorate it with their creativity.

This wall act as a canvas that boosts the kid’s creativity.

Opt for skid-free flooring options that turn the kids bedroom safe for them.

Go for lead-free paints and eco-friendly building materials for your kids bedroom.

Modern and functional children’s bedroom furniture

Do not create a mess by using space consuming furniture. Keep it compact and multi-functional.

This will keep the kids bedroom spacious and give them proper room to play and enjoy.

Also, make sure that the furniture should not have sharp edges as it may hurt the child and it should be splinter resistant as well.

Full in love with captivating soft furnishings

Soft furnishings such as bed linen, cushions, rugs, curtains, pillows and blankets give the desired texture to the room and add a sense of coziness.

Using bright prints will inspire the kids and captivate their attention plus makes them fall in love with their bedroom.

Perfect Kids Room Design Ideas

Have a look at some trending and inspiring childrens bedroom ideas that’ll help deicide and pick best one for you.

1.      Kids bedroom with Green Background

Kids bedroom with Green Background

Looking for something really subtle? This design in green background keeps you sorted.

The beautiful white computer table teamed up with yellow chair with cushions serve as a perfect place for your growing kid’s needs.

2.      Spice up kids bedroom design with striking wall decorations 

Spice up kids bedroom design with striking wall decorations 

The beautiful wall decorations on a pastel wall steal the attraction and make the child feel playful with a great ambience.

The rug can be beautifully used to separate the play zone from study table and bedroom.

3.      Modern and Sleek child bed room furniture

Modern and Sleek child bed room furniture

Be it girl or boys bedroom ideas, a space saving functional furniture will turn even a small room appear spacious.

Checkout the placement of wall shelves that help the keep all the mess sorted.

4.      Inspiring Kids room design in White

Inspiring Kids room design in White

Looking for kids bedroom ideas for growing kids? Then this design is worth the customization.

The bed with a side table can be used to keep all kids’ personal things while the mid-sized cabinets with drawers can be used to keep essentials such as stationery, toys and books.

5.      Kids bedroom with Brick texture and open storage

Kids bedroom with Brick texture and open storage

Checkout this amazing design for kids beds for small rooms with one wall in bricked pattern creating an eye-catching classic look.

Open shelves aids in better placement of things by offering lots of open storage and ease of accessibility.

6.      Child room design with rustic interior design

Child room design with rustic interior design

This beautiful rustic kids bedroom design in wood and wooden flooring offers a rich and warm look.

The perfect use of windows allows sunlight and illuminate the room naturally.

7.      Child room furniture with amazing modular wardrobe

Child room furniture with amazing modular wardrobe

The main attraction of this room is the modular wardrobe and colorful design beside the bed.

Concealed lighting and the floor to ceiling wardrobe has very catchy handles that takes the look of the room to another level.

8.      Star-studded kids bedroom with mirror wardrobe

Star-studded kids bedroom with mirror wardrobe

This modern classy kids bedroom design is perfect for your universe loving-child that gives wings to his planetary dreams.

The Ottoman bed offers extra space for toys and belongings.

Cute Wardrobes with mirror not only saves the space but help the kid to get dressed up to the nines.

9.      Contemporary children’s bed with drawers and big windows

Contemporary childrens bed with drawers and big windows

A fresh sea green coloured room imparts a vibrant look to the entire room.

The unique design of bed having three drawers steals the show as the showstopper.

10. Children bed room with a lot of wood

Children bed room with a lot of wood

This sleek childrens bedroom furniture brings out a playful ambience and a good storage to hold kids personal items.

The study table, bedside shelves and the recessed lighting panels ensure that the child has everything that is required.

What is importance of separate room for teenagers? Best teenager room Design ideas

Bottom Line 

A child room plays a key role in kid’s life as it helps keep them independent, responsible and enable them to concentrate well through their journey of childhood.

Pick your favourite kids bedroom design idea, customize it and the room is ready for your kid to play. The best part of these designs is that they are completely flexible and blend well with kids’ growing needs.

Loved them? Stay tuned with us for more such trending, unique and amazing designs for your home.

Want the same designs? Call us today for a FREE Quote.

best type of door designs and door materials

List of the best type of door designs and door materials

Front door designs are the statement pieces for every home; they are show-stoppers, speak without words, and add finishing to the entire resident building.

Glass doors alone can transform homes into a luxury space, a wise investment is the foundation of picking both the material and design carefully.

An ideal door:

  • Looks beautiful and add the charm to the home.
  • Is a strong insulator and gives protection against every climate condition.
  • Door hinges and handles are extra durable and lasting.
  • Stays shiny and sophisticated for over decades.

This guide has shed light on popular designs and the best door materials according to the UK lifestyle and climatic conditions. Read carefully to understand the practical advantage of each.

7 + Most Pleasing & Timeless Doors Designs in the UK

According to UK construction specialists, the designs and appearance of home doors are prime factors along with functionality and features.

Here is some luxury, traditional and modern types of doors that people in the UK truly love.

Light weighted Door Designs

Firstly, we will introduce you the finest door styles that are reasonably light in weight:

Gorgeous Dutch doors

Gorgeous Dutch doors

This kind of door is divided into four sections and independently operates and is typically seen in the house of pet lovers.

Likewise, it is a practical front and back door design for regulating temperature and ventilation inside rooms and patios.

Bi-directional hinged doors

Bi-directional hinged doors

The timeless classic doors are here, stealing citizens’ hearts. Since the door has bi-directional hinges, it moves in/ out effortlessly and seems to be waving in the air.

Besides, this best traditional door is perfect for kitchens, stables, gardens, and backyards.

Lightweight Folding doors

Lightweight Folding doors

We are talking about the horizontally lengthy, lightweight doors with shutters, they have a sleek outlook and add grace to any space.

Additionally, UK homes are furnished with folding shutter doors when installed in study rooms, library areas, kitchens, closest rooms, and exteriors such as balconies.

Popular Hinged doors

Popular Hinged doors

The best traditional door style is ‘the doors with hinges.’ When installed, the users are ultimately contented with a reasonable budget and a generic fashion.

For the house’s main door, hinged bespoke door designs are what everyone needs to consider on their list.

Heavy weighted Door designs

The following list contains designs for home doors that are quite heavy according to their style and material. Here we go:

Aesthetic French doors

Aesthetic French doors

French door designs are French door designs with maximum glass and the least quantity of other composites. They are modern and transitional; they suit every home design.

Besides, French doors are great for welcoming natural, warm sunlight inside your space. Enjoy every day as a SUN day!

Heavy modern Pivot doors

Heavy modern Pivot doors

Pivot-style doors are the next-gen doors with a new technology that swings vertically, inward, as well as outwards.

Want to add a unique aesthetic and rich ambiance to your home? Go a little expensive with a stunning choice of a pivot door.

Roller overhead doors

Roller overhead doors

Overhead doors are known for unbreakable security and are designed with several materials making the area look lustrous, well-organized, and modern.

People, you can fit these metal doors in garages and at the outside of a glass door of a living/ bedroom.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors

In the United Kingdom, people are drawn to occasional home modification and are likely to update home front doors timely, sliding doors are earning attention.

This design is without door handles and does not need much space, is easily operated, looks contemporary, and saves space for other things inside a room. What do you think?

Best Door Materials Used in the UK Homes

There are several types of common door materials people love to install in their homes.

Allow you to trace the following list from the #1 material to so on!

Door Designs made of Solid Wood

Door Designs made of Solid Wood

Wood is the foundation of furniture, and its subsets, known as nature’s long-lasting, most beautiful, and sustainable gift. And therefore is the #1 door material picked by most the home designers and best home construction architectures in the UK.

Timber Doors in the UK homes

Timber Doors in the UK homes

Timber is a type of wood, but it is further treated in a number of ways to design several wooden subjects. And thus, making it extensively stronger, safe, insulating for installation in UK homes as per the climatic conditions.

Composite material-made doors

Composite material-made doors

Construction industry experts know what elements possess which qualities and therefore make composite materials in labs to suit specific needs. Composite doors are extra strong.

Long lasting Steel and Iron doors

Long lasting Steel and Iron doors

Doors made of steel and iron are mainly used as the main gates for parking areas and the exterior. They only ask for a bit of maintenance and offer excellent stability & strength.

Trending Glass doors

Trending Glass doors

Glass doors are the symbol of grace and luxury and are the source letting the natural light inside. They may be partially made of glass as some other material can be fitted at edges and sides.

Flexible UPVC door material

Flexible UPVC door material

Here we have the pocket-friendly option with UPVC or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, specially made for construction, is flexible and, therefore, can be used to form differentiated designs.

Note: Although there is a slight difference between the features, all listed materials are practical, durable, and aesthetic than other door fabrics available in the market.

The Conclusion

Door shoppers have a great collection available in various designs, door materials, and colors for all budgets. Whenever looking for home doors, keep the given things in mind for a successful purchase.

Do you have the upcoming home project on your To-do list? Our best advice directs you to professional carpenters, witty designers, and a smart labor team.

TEL Constructions covers all home constructions and detailed work, they have it all packed in their tool BOX. We maintain a pleasing harmony between your lifestyle and home fittings.

Choose the best and the top-rated home manufacturing company in the UK, owning years of experience, trusted authenticity, satisfying customer testimonies, and client love.

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How to find out the structural damage to the property

How to find out the structural damage to the property?

Noticed increasing gap between floor and the wall of your property?

Drywall cracks coming around windows, doors, or ceiling?

These indicate a serious problem to the structure of your property that requires immediate attention.

Whether you’re planning to buy any property (residential or commercial) or already residing in there, keeping a check on the structural damage will save your hefty repair bills and potential health hazards as well.

What is structural damage? What are its causes and how to spot any structural damage to the property before it’s too late?

Keep reading to know answers to these questions popping in your mind. Lets’ Begin.

Structural Damage and it’s Reasons

Any damage to the property pertaining to walls, roof, load-bearing walls, and foundation that harms/impacts its structural integrity and distresses it, is known as structural damage.

Whatever be the types of structural damage, have a look at some common reasons/causes behind this vulnerable damage.

  • Poor construction
  • Poor planning
  • Natural disaster
  • Ground movements /Soil Shifting
  • Climate/weather conditions
  • Poor Workmanship
  • Material defects

Knowing the signs enable you keep a watch over potential problems occurring in the property early.

How to spot signs of structural damage to a property?

Just look around and you’ll be able to spot some visible signs of structural damage, they may be aesthetic or otherwise.

Let’s begin how to find structural damage to property by looking its exterior.

Exterior Structural Damage Signs

1. Cracked/Leaning Chimney

Cracked/Leaning Chimney

Chimney is generally the heaviest thing of the property where most of the weight is concentrated over a small space.

Leaning Chimney or cracks in its bricks are a sign of structural damage which is either due to poor foundation or unstable soil.


While there are many DIY options available if the defect is minor but repairing by yourself may put you in a risk of hurting yourself majorly.

You may look out for property inspectors or go for snagging inspection (in case of new properties) for the possible survey and solutions to issues.

2. Cracked/Chipped concrete

Cracked/Chipped concrete

While walking out from your driveway you may notice cracking or chipping of concrete slabs or sometimes sinking as well.

There could be possible many reasons such as bowing under their own weight, silting of soil, poor construction, or hydro pressure.

If the same is happening inside your house as well, this could indicate a possible structural damage that requires your immediate attention.


You can easily fill these cracks of your own. But still, if the problem persists, it may require professional resolution.

3. Cracked Bricks & stonework

Cracked Bricks & stonework

If you’ve noticed vertical, diagonal, or horizontal brick cracks; or vertical cracks on your staircase, take it as a red flag.

This may mean home is settling more on one side which is exerting force resulting in cracks/gaps.


Small aesthetic issues can easily be repaired of your own. But for major issues it is always advisable to approach a construction company near you for an effective solution.

4. Walls separating from the house

These cracks are easily visible as a single wall is getting spilt into two walls with a huge gap between them. It generally happens on the exterior of property.


Wall splitting the property is a serious issue that cannot be repaired by normal measures and require professional approach to save the structure.

5. Foundation settlement & sinking

This is very easy to notice. If you find your property sinked a bit or titled and not straight, it could be a result of a damaged foundation.

Poor pre-construction works, soil quality and planning are a few reasons that result in sinking and settled foundation of property.


Depending on the condition of your property, your structural engineer may suggest using Helical Piers, Push Piers, and Slab Piers to correct it.

6. Porch moving away from home

Your front porch, stairs or patio moving away from your property? Just don’t neglect, assuming it be an aesthetic issue.

This could be one of the major underlying reasons for your home settling in one side which can possibly turn your property vulnerable to collapse in future, if left untreated.


Immediately call a survey inspector or structural engineer from a reputed construction company for inspecting your property and finding a perfect solution for the same.

Interior Structural Damage Signs

1. Drywall cracks

Drywall cracks

Not all cracks can be a sign of structural damage.

But if you are noticing random wall cracks appearing outside and inside of your property, you should consult your construction company to rule out any risk of structural damage.


If it’s a normal crack or a hairline crack that has nothing linked with structural damage, you can easily repair it by filling it using wall materials.

But, if the things are serious and are linked with foundation issues, then consulting with a construction engineer is a must.

2. Drywall nail pops

Noticing some small circular bulges or circular small cracks in your wall, this could be a potential sign of drywall nail pops that need immediate repairs.

It happens when nails installed during construction of the property bulge out due to poor construction or weak foundation.


You can easily fix them using paint and spackling compound. But, should consult a professional in case problem occurs over and over again.

3. Floor & wall gaps/ Sagging floors

If you can see a clear gap between the wall and the floor, this could be a severe issue that needs urgent addressal.

Be it a hairline gap that makes you see the light from beneath or a deeper gap, indicates warping which means one side of the property is sinking fast and the other side does not.


Beams, Slab piers or crawl space support system (jack) are installed to stop the further sagging of the floors and offer it strength.

4. Damp Basement

A damp basement could be an issue of waterproofing that may lead to foundation failure if left undetected.

Don’t ignore if your basement smells bad, has bad odour, signs of water damage, warping floors, rising water/electricity bills. This could be a potential sign for a major structural damage.


Patchup any leaks and seal the basement walls by using masonary crack fillers or hydraulic cement (for bigger gaps) or other popular patching compounds.

Also, connect with a structural inspector who can conduct a survery to find out the exact reason behind the dampness.

5. Struck windows and doors

If your windows/doors are struck or swing open when shut, could be a possible indicator of structural damage.

This mainly happens when the floor sinks as the soil beneath no longer can support the foundation of your property.


You can repair it yourself, but the solution would be temporary and may last a few years only.

6. Uneven floors

Just like walls, floors can also get impacted by uneven settling of property. The main sign is the titling of floor in one direction which can be very clearly seen.

If left untreated it may lead to wall cracks over time, leaving the property vulnerable to collapse.


If you have a slanting wooden or concrete subfloor, you may go for many floor patching products available in the market.

But, it is advisable to connect to a professional before repairing it yourself.

7. Gaps in window/doors frames

Noticing gaps between doors/windows frames, this could be an indication that your home has started to experience warping.

The reason could be that you construction company might not have done the preparation work properly which resulted in poor foundation.


Gaps between window and doorframes are not only aesthetically unappealing but also are a safety concern.

If there is little damage, you can replace your doorframes and windowsills. But if the damage is large, then prefer availing professional assistance.

8. Bowed Walls

Bowed balls are quite difficult to notice early as they become prominent over a period. Here the walls will start to curve inwards especially in the basement area.

The water drained into the ground and absorbed by the soil creates hydrostatic pressure that makes the basement walls bowed or titled.


As bowed walls are related to foundation of the property, using retaining walls, kits or branches may not help. You may need professional assistance.

Some Common Repair Solutions

It is recommended to approach a trusted construction company for your project as pre-construction analysis and checks play a huge role in deciding the longevity of your home.

But don’t worry! Technology has advanced and there are many repair solutions available today. Have a look at some commonly asked solutions for structural damage.

  • Carbon Fiber Basement wall repair
  • Foundation waterproofing
  • Helical piers
  • Crawl space support system using jack
  • Wall repair system using I-beams
  • Push Piers
  • Slab Piers
  • Wall Anchors
  • Reinforcers

Bottom Line

Your property is your biggest asset and handing over your project to cowboy builders may put your property in danger for structural damage and further put your money and fame on stake.

A right construction company has a team comprising of expert structural engineers, certified architects, 3D experts and experienced workmen which ensures stringent checks, solid foundations, and strong structure.

Don’t forget to explore Google for the best construction company near me, before you are starting a new project, undergoing home extension, loft conversion or home renovation.

Complaints coming from your sub-contractor? It’s time to switch to TEL Constructions – the leading and most trusted construction partner for all your residential and commercial needs. Call Now.


Traditional Homes VS Modern Homes

Traditional homes are not old, and modern homes are not, undoubtedly new.

We commonly mistake these two words for the wrong meaning.

But the reality is different.

Traditional and modern is the construction method and not something connected to a period.

The materials, building style, theme, and dimension arrangement make the entire difference.

Modern homes can still be built in the early 90s, while traditional ones belong to the 21st century.

So, here in this article, we will know all the significant details of what makes a structure modern and traditional.

A Traditional Architecture

The interior designs, which are inspired by ancient art & beauty, historical past rituals & styles and traits form traditional homes.

More of a vintage look, traditional structures connect people to their roots in the ways they blend unique infrastructure depicting noble furnishing.

These buildings, residential houses, follow more classic, colonial, Victorian, and neoclassical styles.

A Modern Architecture

Modern structures are practical, elegant, simple yet sleek, and highly functional, with various rich features.

Also, contemporary architecture has more open space letting the light reflect and complement the interior home beauty.

Unlike traditional homes, these buildings follow minimal colors, natural contrasts, and luxury furnishing with grace.

Interested in learning How To Build A New House That Looks Old?

Differences between Tradition and Modern Homes

Name Traditional Homes Modern Homes
Floor Plan The floor is divided into many rooms with a single purpose.  And the space is likely to narrow and closed. The design concept of modern homes focuses on making functional open spaces with multipurpose rooms.
Windows and Doors Windows have an antique style with patterns and use classic material. Doors can have large Varanda with stones and bricks. These homes have large windows made of modest material, adding little drama. Warm spotlights, curtains, and transparent windows follow Doors.
Colors & Contrast Traditional houses are more likely to reflect extra vibrant and bold features. The dark shades, brown, chocolate tones, and mix match colors are their bottom line. In modern homes, architects pay close attention to the outer surface grace by keeping things the least.They try to keep balance with neutral colors. Less is more.
Furniture Heavy and statement furniture is used to highlight the richness of their culture and background. The material is usually crafted with heavyweight base and is of rare luxe upholstery. The chairs, arm sets and couch that add more functionalities are fitted to contemporary homes. They are often made of lightweight and eco-friendly materials.
Kitchen Style Traditional kitchens do more than just follow layouts and keep things connected to country design.Rustic wooden work, antique floor fitting.Kitchen accessories & equipment are operated manually. Clean, open, smart appliances are the crucial statement of modern kitchens.They are fitted with luxe stones, timeless fittings, and advanced equipment and designed with a particular layout.
Lightening Traditional homes lack open space and transparent windows.Therefore, large bulbs, pendants, and chandeliers are installed and capture significant attention. Modern apartments have natural light, so all they add is a lovely ambiance with tiny artificial lights.Here, Lights blend with the walls, and the furnishing is kept a priority.

Characteristics of Conventional and Contemporary Homes

Traditional homes in the UK are a symbol of cultural heritage in the United Kingdom. Folks who are eager to keep their traditions alive choose this convenient theme.

While in the UK, Modern homes possess a calm, collective, and natural appearance. They are enriched with advanced materials and constructed using reflective colors, steel, glass, marble, and slate shades.

Here read some of the important attributes of both structures:

Features of a traditional living home

  1. A Traditional home has symmetrical historic accouterments dictating folks’ affection towards their precious culture.
  2. These apartments are made of vibrant furnishing having an old tale related to it.
  3. Bejeweled, old-school, nicely finished, artistic home décor is the theme of tradition-rich houses.
  4. Design elements are timeless, made of crystals, and polished gables. Floral & geometric patterns can be seen all over the place.

Features of a modern living home

  1. Modern houses in the UK are based on current approaches, technology, and innovation. More like a forward construction with well-defined elements.
  2. Such homes are accessible by airflow. They are open and are not occupied by walls.
  3. Natural, simple, and earthy elements are the focal point of modern homes that make them sophisticated and tune in with the 21st generation.
  4. The theme here is “less is more,” and the dressing equates abstract and, on the point, making the interior expressive.

The Bottom Line

Bricks, bones, framing, and ornament accessories define the outer décor in a conventional house with small but elegant rooms. While Modern smart homes are practical and logical.

Always choose a residential home style depending on your personal preference and taste. If you are a Sci-Fi loving being, go with the ultramodern home style. And the second one is the butter on cheese for a low-key but colorful personality.

Both architectures can be opted for welcoming, warm, and wealthy looks. Hopefully, these 5 minutes made you an expert in explaining a traditional vs modern home.