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Exploring Google for high-tech builders near me that help you build your new home exactly as per your dreams?

TEL Constructions is one of the leading and most trusted brands in London that delivers stunning and durable residential and commercial building needs, no matter how big they are.

With more than a decade of residential design and building experience, TEL Constructions offer an unmatched commitment to delivery and incredible customer-centric service both and post and pre-delivery of projects.

Starting from helping you plan your project till completion, our team offers end-to-end construction services with world-class brands and materials of international standards.

Regardless of the size- big, large or complex, the building experts at TEL Constructions make sure that all our services are of the highest of calibre with uncompromising integrity towards customer engagement.

TEL Construction- The next gen home improvement builders near me

If you’re browsing search engines for general builders near me for your home renovation or interior designing needs, TEL Constructions helps you realize your new and improved home as per your lifestyle, requirements and dreams.

We are the UK’s #1 construction company that is dedicated to take away all your pains and building apprehensions with its comprehensive building solutions.

Starting from helping you get the designs right from our talented in-house designers to help you get the best material from the world’s best brands, we work hard to simplify our customer’s journey.

Our in-house logistics make sure that your dream home gets completed in record time and exceeds the expectation without any hassles and delays.

Services Offered by TEL Constructions: Your favourite pick for Builder near me

It’s our work ethics and principles that set us apart from the rest of the construction companies and builders in the UK.

We believe in leaving a great legacy with our ingenious building services in the construction industry.

Have a look at TEL’s versatile and diverse range of building services.

· New Builds

Your home is just not a building made by bricks, cement and stones but is an expression of yourself. It is indeed the foundation stone for all your hopes, aspirations and future.

We, at TEL Constructions completely understand you and therefore offer the best turnkey solutions that you need in every stage of home building.

You dream and we give shape to them!

If you look at the top results for best builders merchants near me, then you are more likely to spot TEL Constructions at the higher ranks.

Just make a call for the site visit and leave the rest of the work to us. Our professional designer will visit your place to analyze it and discuss your needs, requirements and expectations.

Each aspect of our service ensures encompassing personalization in every aspect.

We offer you a free quote post discussing about the materials, finishing, any planning permission concerns, insulating and electrical needs etc.

We help you avail every possible alternative to make sure that the final quote is as per your budget and expectations.

After the approval from your side, the work is kick-started as the designing team takes the command and designs beautiful 3D renders for your home.

Only after getting the green signal from the planning permission and the building authorities, the construction work is commenced.

Make your home a perfect place to unwind from the maddening cacophonies of the outside world with one of the general builders near me.

Loft Conversion

It’s time to add value and space to your abode with affordable Loft conversions starting at just £29,990 only from the best shed builders near me!

Desperately needing more space or even an extra room will suffice?

Browse some of our best loft conversion ideas on our official website and you’ll definitely drop the idea of shifting.

We brilliantly transform your unused attic space into jaw-dropping designs that will not only add space to your home but will also increase the property value by a minimum of 20%.

We offer all types of loft conversion namely:

Velux Loft Conversion

Also known as rooflight loft conversion, no major alterations are done to the roof. Special windows known as Velux windows or skylights are added to the roof.

You can easily approach TEL Constructions to start this most affordable loft conversion and get it completed within less than 10 days!

Dormer Loft Conversion

Dormer loft conversion is one of the most common and most preferred types of loft conversion by Brits when they want to add a good space to their home.

Our loft conversion specialists add a box-shaped structure to one side of the slope primarily to the rear side of the home.

This significantly increases the floor area and room space capable of giving you a spacious bedroom or a living room indeed.

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

This conversion is performed on homes having hipped roofs. We extend one side of the hipped roof from the ridge and extend it to create a straight wall i.e. gable end.

Give an attractive look to your home with TEL Constructions’ superb hip-to-gable loft conversion services.

You can further maximise your space around by combining it with our inspiring dormer loft conversion ideas.

 Mansard Loft conversion

Mansard loft conversion services are the most expensive loft conversion out of the above listed. It does require major changes to your slope.

But, the final outcome is worth every penny spent on the conversion.

Want to have a complete new storey with a two bedrooms or a bathroom with en-suite?

Call us right now to get the best and most competitively priced quote in the market.

Home renovation

Whether it’s your bedroom, basement, kitchen or entire home, our renovation experts help you instil a new life into your space with their exceptional workmanship.

Planning to leave a home with which you have lived for years, raised your kids and have emotional attachment is way difficult, just for the sake of more space.

Look out for home improvement builders near me will help you understand that home renovation is best and affordable option instead of shifting.

The prodigious home remodelling experts at TEL Constructions are capable of giving a complete makeover to your home, giving it the wow factor.

Even if you plan to resell your property down the line in future, the remodelling will add a whopping value to your space and make it sell like hot cakes.

· Side and Rear extensions

Rear and side extensions are inevitably one of the best possible options one can think of while planning to add more space to your home.

TEL Constructions- the Search Engine’s favourite for builder near me searches, deliver thermally efficient builds that are not only aesthetically appealing but also ensure the structural integrity of the builds.

Whether adding an extension to your kitchen, backyard or garage conversion, the legacy of TEL Constructions reverberates strongly.

Say no to messy lead time, hassle-full processes and logistics delay, as TEL Construction have every problem already addressed.

Give a complete makeover to your space with beautiful designs and solid materials that breathe a second life to your space with TEL Constructions’ side and rear extension services.

· Landscaping services

When we talk about landscaping, TEL Constructions are the champions in making your home standout on front, sides and back of your property.

Whether it’s an appealing sod lawn or a garden or even an empty piece of land that needs to be spruced up, the in-house landscaping experts at TEL Constructions have it all!

Along with boosting the kerb appeal of your home, landscaping can offer beautiful places for homeowners to relax and unwind.

TEL Constructions has the best landscapers in and around London that will make your neighbours jealous of you!

· Roofing solutions

The stakeholders at TEL Constructions understand that having a close working relationship between the client and builder is an important part of home building.

TEL Constructions make that effortless!

Whether it’s a new roof installation or renovating your decade’s old roof, we are pro at that.

Residential or commercial, we are ideally and digitally the best shed builders near me for all your search engine queries.

We ensure the highest level of safety, standard practices and strictly adhere to planning permission guidelines for all our roofing services.

No matter the size of the project, our talented in-house team of designers, architects, workmen etc leave no stone unturned to deliver a solid foundation to your home.

Types of roofing solutions offered:

  • Complete flat roofing
  • Complete pitched roofing
  • Tiling and slating
  • Re-roofing or roof-refurbishing services
  • Roof light installations

· Decorative services

We believe that home decorative services or interior designing is just not limited to make the space look beautiful, but it’s about playing with spaces with the help of apt design and right lighting.

The interior designing connoisseurs at TEL Constructions are experts at optimising space, thereby increasing its safety and functional efficiency.

Our designers completely understand your requirements and put the best foot forward to deliver designs that are sure to exceed your expectations.

Make your lifestyle more stylish and contemporary by marking a style statement with TEL Constructions superb home decorative services.

Get in touch with us today to design a home interior of your dreams.

· Bathroom services

Make your bathroom look spacious and luxurious with TEL Constructions incredible bathroom installations and renovation services.

No matter what the size is, whether it’s a big or small bathroom, if done right it will make even the smallest of bathrooms appear spacious, well illuminated and bigger!

Whether you are planning to get a full-scale en-suite to your bedroom or renovating it to give a tranquil look, TEL Constructions is your unopposed answer.

Allow our designers to create a space that’s well organized and tidy, above all calming and inspiring- such that you might never leave your tub!

Seeking out Google for top builders merchants near me, TEL Constructions is all set to take your worries and give you something worth cherishing for lifetime.

Connect with us for bespoke bathroom installations and other solutions with competitively priced quotes.

· Block paving & Driveways

TEL Constructions brings to you a versatile range of blocks to choose from for your driveway in various styles, colours and sizes. We customize your driveway as per your preferences and desires.

Enhance the appeal of your property and give it a visual treat with commendable block paving and driveway solutions by experts at TEL Constructions.

Our world-class materials stand the test of time and lasts long for ages with proper care and maintenance.

It gives your home exteriors a beautiful, clean and organized look.

We are the best home improvement builders near me, even Google says that!

Our Diligent team that make us rank us for the famous builders merchants near me!

The founding team at TEL Constructions consists of veterans that have exceptional experience construction and building industry.

They completely understand the nitty-gritty of things and have taken things to a massive scale after starting from humble beginnings.

No matter the size, the adroit and talented team at TEL Constructions ensure a personalized user experience in all the stages of construction, interior designing or renovation.

At TEL Constructions, we have a fully competent in-house team of the best industry experts hired after a proper selection process.

From design specialists to avid installers and from in-house logistics to everyday professionals, we ensure zero outsourcing.

You don’t have to look out for different bells and whistles, we deliver turnkey solutions and ensure a seamless and smooth process.

We are your favourite local, seasoned and candid builders having vast knowledge in both the residential and commercial sector.

We take pride in being the most reliable and hardworking builders near me with excellent pr and post customer service reputation.

It’s not a business for us but a passion that motivates us to deliver the work at exceptional levels.

Reliable General builders near me – Why choose TEL Constructions?

TEL Constructions are the best building contractor in London covering areas such as Amersham, Hounslow, Wembley, Watford, Uxbridge, Surrey, Stanmore, Southall, Ruislip, Northwood, Leathhead, Hounslow, Heston, Hayes, Harrow, Ealing, Croydon and Coulsdon.

We believe in spearheading innovation through optimism, empowerment and the highest quality systems, to ensure that you get the best in the industry.

Here are the four pillars of our success

1. Sustainability

All the stakeholders at TEL Constructions take equal pride in exemplifying, enacting and exceeding the highest environmental standards.

And being the best shed builders near me, we ensure driving sustainability across each and every aspect of our work.

2. Commitment to safety

TEL Constructions possesses an unwavering commitment to safety. We strive to go that extra mile to ensure the safety of everyone on the premises as the construction work involves heavy machinery, materials, scaffoldings etc.

3. Latest technology and equipment

We have state-of-the-art machinery and equipment backed with the most advanced designing software.

This makes us the first choice amongst the customers for their future endeavours as well.

4. Experience and Success

We have a strong track record of timely completion of projects along with a strong in-depth industry experience.

We know that no two projects are the same and the requirements are entirely different. We deliver bespoke solutions exactly as per your needs.

In a nutshell

These four pillars have helped us reach where we are today.

Since, inception we have been very clear to deliver quality-rich projects with 100% dedication, commitment and passion.  These values are completely pinned in every approach we follow.

Request a quote today and take a step closer towards your dream home with best builders merchants near me.

Connect with our well-versed in-house team of designer and schedule a free-visit today!

How To Build A New House That Looks Old

“Add the timeless & everlasting traditional appeal to your space with TEL Constructions.”

Your new house design has everything – a well planned location, big driveway, high-end kitchen appliances, fireplace and even two car parking.

Still you feel something is missing?

Yes! It’s the character and timeless charm.

Be it a classic Country cottage flavour or the Victorian designs, the appeal they add to the homes is ravishing and beyond comparison.

From simple transforms such as using mute colours to opting for trendy reproductions of classic building materials, keep reading to how TEL Constructions offers innovative new house plans that look like old houses.

But before let’s understand,

Why people love building a new house that looks old UK? 

Apart from breaking the same old cookie-cutter looks that your neighbourhood has, the vintage homes offer an unequivocal and worth cherishing persona.

The modern home designs are majorly focused on creative utilization of space while the traditional ones encompass everything from classic hardware, mature landscaping to proper ventilation.

Though, the classic wooden floorings have been replaced by stylish carpet area in the modern design, most of the Brits are still longing for the patina of wooden designs.

Usage of fewer windows in the new build houses allows going for striking electric illumination in the rooms but vintage designs make every possible effort to make use of the natural sunlight.

Above all, the rustic colours, light fixtures, timeless faucets and doorknobs don’t skip a chance to create a compelling presence on the minds of people.

Add the old house charm to your new build house with TEL Constructions

The design experts at TEL Constructions not only ensure perfectly picked choices and exceptional finishing but also make sure that turning your new build house old is inexpensive as well.

1. Muted Hues

Going for earthy and muted colours offers a timeless and sophisticated look to the entire setting.

To create the sheen of weathered wood, the team at TEL Constructions provides thinned coat of these colours to ceilings, walls and cabinetry.

The team ensures that colours blend completely in the home and don’t over shadow.

Wanna add head-turning appeal to the discerning eye; reach out to TEL Constructions- most trusted construction company in UK.

2. Authentic Lighting

Recessed lighting gives more of a modern home touch.

Vintage or repurposed antiques, electrified gas lanterns and other vintage light fixtures add an authentic period look to the home.

The designers at TEL are experts at creating a phenomenal custom illumination to match with the feel of the home.

3. Vintage Materials

Centuries ago the homes did not have wall-to-wall carpets, stainless steel, quartz, veined marbles and other stylish materials.

Vintage materials included things that were easily available such as countertops made with butcher block or soapstone, wooden floorings, subway tiles etc.

Discover your favourite vintage material or the ones you are trying to mimic with the material experts at TEL Constructions.

4. Mature Landscaping

Most of the modern homes have completely changed the concept of landscaping and switched to broader driveways that add to the convenience.

Adding a larger landscaping fully loaded with shrubs, grasses or even trees would make the home impart the look of a period home.

TEL Constructions’ creative landscapers add charming features to your landscape such as by using decorative planters, classic picket fence, window planter boxes etc.

5. Solid Wood Doors & Hardware

100 years ago people had solid wood doors and cabinet hardware that were pretty heavy and did not had any hollow cores.

Installing new solid wood doors or even the reclaimed wooden doors would help you get that desired old look.

Want to change your normal bathtub with a claw-foot bathtub? And, sink with a vintage pedestal sink?

The in-house carpenters, plumbers and artisans at TEL Constructions help you with new houses that look old plans by offering bespoke, personalized and fully vintage hardware, door and cabinets.

6. Play with Moldings

Be it simple or extravagant, moldings used in period homes were classic and offered a unique finishing to the home.

Add old charm to your home with crown moldings, real wood panelling, bead and base boards, chair rail and plate rail etc.

The team at TEL Constructions has the right experience and are seasoned to install period moldings to your home and make it look old.

7. Vintage and Antique furniture

Want that lived-in and layered look to make your living room look old-fashioned?

It’s possible only with TEL Constructions.

The expert interior designers, carpenters and craftsmen help you craft bespoke furniture as per your need that casts a vintage spell to your space.

Infuse timeless and old charm to your home with the best construction company in London- TEL Constructions.

8. Reclaimed Bricks

The charm and character of the old bricks is hard to beat and even duplicate.

TEL Constructions are the pro in building a new house that looks old UK.

Whether your design includes bricking the patio or walkway and casting an old-style look to exteriors by using reclaimed bricks, TEL Constructions is your ideal pick.   

9. Transform the Ceiling

Do you know, Tin ceilings date back in 1880’s still has that charm and are in vogue today?

Want to tile your kitchen ceiling or cast a mesmerizing look by using these tiles as backsplash? The design and material experts at TEL Constructions will do that for you.

Add the Vintage charm to your new build house with TEL Constructions

Building a new home today? Why to skip the eye-catching old-house charm?

Having the right design is the key player in your new home building.

TEL Constructions have the perfect bevy of designers, craftsmen, masons, interior decorators, materials and much more that have stunning new house plans that look like old houses.

We help you build a character-filled new home that reflects vintage and magnetic aura.

Get in touch with us at 020 8158 4006 or feel free to write to us at and schedule your FREE Site visit today.

Augmented And Virtual Reality

7 Constructions Industry Trends Rolling Out In The United Kingdom

If You Don’t Know About The Construction Industry Trends In The United Kingdom, Then This Blog Is For You.

The construction industry is ever-evolving, and every year some new trends add up. From traditional construction techniques to drastic technological advancements, the construction industry has come a long way.

Technology is evolving to accommodate the modern demands of businesses and easing human work by upgrading it to a new term, namely smart work. And with these technological advancements, the construction industry is no exception.

Just like the other industries, the construction industry has also adopted new construction trends and technological advancements and has brought real change in the field. Many trends make the whole construction work quick, easy, and efficient. So, let us get familiar with them.

New Construction Trends in the UK

Construction Technology is a term used for several types of technology with a specific use in the construction industry. Smart machinery, automated robots, drones, wearables are some of the construction trends increasingly being used in the construction field.

All these constructive technologies are being adapted to improve the work conditions, improve health and safety measures, boost efficiency, and several other benefits.

Let us dive into some UK construction trends that can change the definition of traditional construction procedures.

1. Protective Equipment

Protective Equipment

Wearable technology in the construction industry is being embedded into personal protective equipment and apparel. These are being outfitted with environmental sensors, GPS, biometrics, voltage detectors, Wi-Fi, and several other sensors to monitor the movements.

The pandemic has drastically impacted the industries, and the construction industry is no different. And even the state regulations emphasizing strict safety protocols and cleanliness in the construction field. With this, wearable innovations are making their way to the construction site. For instance, the work boots connected to the Wi-Fi raise an alert if a person falls.

The embedded wearable with biometrics sensors can track a person’s body temperature, heart rate, and other vital signs. This immediately notifies the manager if a particular person is suffering from an issue.

Safety has always been a hot high priority in construction due to the danger involved in the tasks. And thus, the inclusion of wearable technology in construction has a significant impact and is lending hands to the safety of the workers. It is a proactive approach indeed that is associated with the workers’ safety.

Advantages of wearable technology in the construction industry

  • Enhanced online safety
  • Improved workplace efficiency
  • Improved communication
  • Attracting younger workforce
  • Improved management and resource planning

2. Collaborative Software Solutions

Collaborative Software Solutions

Collaborative software solutions are the essentials that are required to communicate easily and quickly in real-time. The decisions often have to be made promptly in the construction field so that one can access the most updated information.

Access to updated information is vital to avoid expensive rework and keep the construction projects within budget and stringent time deliveries. And the best part of using collaborative software solutions is that it allows multiple users to work together in real-time. That means all the professional advice on one platform working collaboratively to produce the desired outcome.

Advantages of collaborative software solutions in the construction industry

  • Cost projection
  • Cost value reconciliation
  • Financial operations management
  • Document management
  • Remote access and updating

3. Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling

BIM, an acronym of Building Information Modeling, incorporates the digital representations of functional and physical aspects of a building that can lead to a better designing and construction of the projects.

The contractors use BIM to understand the scope, design, and intent of the project with the help of 3D modeling. It also helps estimators generate the exact quantities of building materials, cost estimates, planning, scheduling, and clash detection.

BIM technology is a strong foundation that has numerous benefits and is also used as the powering base for other construction technologies, including artificial intelligence, digital twins, and many more.

The digital twin technology creates a virtual concept of a building by utilizing the IoT, sensors, and drones to gather data. The collected data is then processed using AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics to create a virtual model of the building.

Advantages of BIM in Construction Industry

  • Cost and resource savings
  • Improved communication and coordination
  • Greater efficiencies
  • High-Quality results
  • More opportunities for modular construction and prefabrication

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

AI focuses on the technology that allows machines and computers to mimic human intelligence. Confused? Machine learning is a subset of AI that uses algorithms to learn from data, make decisions devoid of having to be programmed, and identify the patterns; all these are having the biggest impact on the construction industry.

Construction projects usually create a bulk of data that is great for AI as that gathered data over the years can be utilized to improve the ML and predict future results on projects. This certainly will help in scheduling, mitigating risks, and enhance productivity.

AI is also used to monitor workers and also in identifying safety hazards. Construction project planning is an area where AI shines in stimulating the projects in just minutes.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in the Construction Industry

  • Better design of buildings
  • Better financial planning and project management
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Safety

5. Augmented And Virtual Reality

Augmented And Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality are emerging technologies that are on the rise for development. The immersive visualization has been made possible by Virtual reality combined with BIM is enhancing the design, communication, and collaboration for the construction industry.

Additionally, it allows the architects to showcase their designs in 3D formats to the clients so that the client can better understand the probable outcome they will get post-construction.

Virtual reality is also helping the construction industries to conduct equipment operator training, safety training, and business system installation training to develop competent capabilities in the construction workers. With VR, the construction workers can get exposure to what to expect and perform in controlled environments where the scenarios are different and several other training modules.

AR, in turn, overlays the digital objects to the real world. AR applications in construction utilize vision-based AR using markers like QR codes, GPS, installation instructions, architectural drawings and images, safety checklists, and many more to help workers on job sites.

Advantages of AR & VR in the Construction Industry

  • Better Collaboration
  • Real-time design feedback
  • Risk assessments
  • Safety improvements and training

6. Construction Drones And Robots

Construction Drones And Robots

Automation of construction works with robotics and drones is having a massive impact on productivity and safety. Construction robots are usually used to perform repetitive, simple, and labor-intensive tasks like tying rebar, laying bricks, and installing drywalls.

Although technology has helped ease labor work, and humans are still required to perform the work and set up the robots on the job site to get them started.

Rather than replacing the human workers, the construction robots help and aid the performance of a worker and enable them to be more productive. It also extends their careers by diminishing the wear and tear on their bodies.

Construction drones are used on job sites for performing site surveys, inspecting structures, and making construction on-site safer. From monitoring the progress of projects, conducting site inspections, and identifying the potential hazards each day, construction drones take care of it all.

Though drones do not eliminate the need for workers the workers need to be trained on how to use the technology to perform various tasks. Drones outfitted with laser scanners, cameras, and other devices can improve the work efficiencies on the job site.

Due to the many applications and additional benefits of using drones, their adoption is continuously growing.

Advantages of Drones and Robots in the Construction Industry

  • Enhanced Site Safety
  • Drones can be used to deliver materials to sites
  • Robots improve the speed and quality of work
  • Remotely controlled

7. Prefab, Modular, And Offsite Construction

Offsite Construction

As per last year’s construction technology report, around seventy-eight percent of the commercial construction utilized prefabrication. If it is executed appropriately, offsite construction eliminates several inefficiencies found in a typical job site.

Offsite construction is usually performed in a controlled environment. Workers have the materials and tools to perform their tasks with the same consistency. This assembly plant method diminishes the wastes and allows the workers to be more productive throughout.

Prefabrication building components usually cover everything, including the framing, wall panels, floor systems, windows, and door assembly, multi-trade racks panelled with all wiring, ductwork, and plumbing all packaged together.

Advantages of Prefab, modular and offsite construction

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Quality Control
  • Better safety and security
  • Reduced site disruption

Bottom Line!

If we consider the positive takeaway in the construction industry from last year, it is the inclusion of advanced construction technology adoptions to the field to such an excellent level that wouldn’t have been achieved for years.

Technology is indeed the future of the construction industry that is helping in enhancing productivity, attracting young, skilled, and capable workers to use smart technologies, eliminating inefficiencies, and making the job sites safer than ever.

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How To Get Planning Permission For A New Build

How To Get Planning Permission For A New Build?

All set to start with your dream home but confused how to get planning permission for a new build?

It’s imperative to understand the entire system in a detailed manner, as it will help you navigate the process better.

So, here’s everything that you want to know about planning permission for new build homes, application, types, fees, how to apply and what happens post application process.

What is Planning Permission and when it is needed? 

The approval or consent given by a local authority for a building project to go ahead is called planning permission, and this consent is in place to eliminate illegal and inappropriate development.

Planning permission is usually required when you plan to go for new build, home extension or any major change to the property.

Decisions regarding planning permission grant are decided on the basis of national policies set by National Planning Policy Framework and local policies set by local authorities.

The planning application should be filed to and granted by your LPA (Local Planning Authority) before you plan to begin the construction work.

Is Planning Permission Really Important for new builds? 

Yes, it’s crucial for every new build to apply for the planning permission.

Where you carry out a project without getting a permit from the LPA, there is a big chance that you will be served an enforcement notice to undo all the alterations you made.

Ignoring the enforcement notice is considered illegal and may invite penalties, fines and even prosecution.

In fact, no professional builder will touch your new build without the necessary rights and approval from the LPA.

How to Get Planning Permission for new builds in United Kingdom?

To get planning permission, you need to submit an application to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) via your local council either in person or online.

There are two types of planning permission you may seek or new build homes:

1. The Outline Planning Permission:

This doesn’t give you the approval to begin work.

The basic idea is to test if your project will be given consent, meaning that this permission grants license in principle since no design specifics were included in the application.

2. The full Planning Permission:

Gives you the right to begin work, and it covers the entire detail/plan of your new build, and you must follow the detailed plan on paper to the letter.

If there is a chance that your building will deviate from the initial design, you will need to submit it for full planning.

How to apply for planning permission?

The application for planning permission can be applied online or you can contact the local authority office.

You can easily fill the form yourself or take help of any agent to do that for you.

You need to submit all your proposed plans such as layouts, floor plans, elevations etc that details out your proposed plan.

It will take usually 8 weeks for the Local authority to process your application.

The LPA may reach out to your neighbours asking for opinions or any objections. So, it’s always better to take your neighbours informed and in confidence.

Other Planning Considerations

Apart from informing your neighbours, there are several other considerations/approvals that you need to consider along your planning permission.

These may include:

  • Working on your design and understand how it may look on the street or in the surrounding landscape.
  • It should not pose any kind of disruption or hindrance to normal public activity.
  • The new design of the property should not encourage crimes such as burglary.
  • You need to make sure that there are no restrictions posed to the title of the property. Also, there aren’t any suspicious clauses in the lease agreement.

What is Included in a Planning Permission Application?

  • Copies of the application form (5)
  • Signed ownership certificate
  • Detailed building plan (block plan, site plan, elevations)
  • Access and Design Statement
  • Drainage information
  • Application fee

What Happens After You Apply?

Usually, it takes eight weeks to know if your application was approved or not.

During this period, a public consultation process occurs so people who can be impacted by the plans can comment.

There are certain factors known as material consideration that the local authority bases its decisions on;

  • Loss of privacy
  • Overshadowing
  • Parking
  • Traffic
  • Highway safety
  • Noise
  • Impact on conservation areas and listed building
  • Layout
  • Density of building
  • Government policy
  • Previous decisions

What if My Application is rejected?

There are two things you can do from here;

  • You can either make the changes and come to an agreement with the Local Authority
  • You can appeal the decision.

To help you manoeuvre these treacherous waters, you can ask for help from a planning officer or leave your application in the hands of your builder.

Since they build a lot, they know how to navigate the waters and make the dream home you want.

How much does it cost to get planning permission for a new build?

Depending on the complexity of the application, the LPA (local planning office) decides the application fee.

The fee details will be shared with you before submission of application is that you can reconsider whether to apply or not in case you are still not sure.

How long does it take to get planning permission for a new build?

Usually the application process takes around 8 weeks to get fully completed but the time may vary depending on the complexity of the project.

Apart from that, gaining planning permission doesn’t mean that you can kick start your work immediately.

Make sure to comply by all the conditions that are attached with the planning permission consent.

For how long planning permission is valid?

Usually, the planning permission consent is valid upto three years from the date it has been granted.

Else, it would be mentioned in the consent itself.

You can start your construction work anytime within the given time frame.

If the time period expires, you need to apply fresh.

Bottom Line

Hope you have understood the process of obtaining planning permission for new build house.

It’s imperative to partner with a trusted and reputed builder having years of experience that turns your dream home real and makes sure you comply by all consents of planning permission as well as building regulations.

TEL Constructions is the leading and #1 choice of architects and developers in UK for new builds and home extension.

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How To Plan A New House Construction

Undertaking to build your dream home is a big deal, one that holds the promise of a bright future and provides the satisfaction of owning your own square foot on God’s green earth. Since you have finished building your castle in the air, it is time to plan out your new house construction by following the laid down process of buying your new build; 

Get Your Finances Together

Before you start looking at properties/developments you are interested in, the first thing you want to do is to seek guidance from a specialist mortgage adviser so you know how much you can borrow. This will help you stay within a particular budget. 

As a first-time buyer, you can get a mortgage in principle from a lender, an agreement asserting that the lender “in principle” will provide you with a mortgage for a particular sum. You can present this to a developer as proof that you can afford the development. 

Getting the Finance for Your Business – there are two options available to you if you need financing for your New House Construction. These are schemes backed up by the government to mitigate house shortages in the UK.  

  • London Help to Buy 

You can get up to 40% of the total value of the property you wish you purchase in Greater London from the government. All you need is to make a 5% deposit and a mortgage of 55%. This scheme means all the money you need to own a property is just a 5% deposit of the total value. With this scheme, you have access to higher mortgages and gain the trust of lenders. What this means is that; 

Government Lending – 40% 

Your deposit – 5% 

Mortgage – 55% 

To qualify for this loan, you must; 

Be buying property for the first time 

The new construction must not exceed £600,000 

Provide a minimum deposit of 5% 

Live in the building and not let it out or use it as a secondary house 

The Help to Buy Equity Loans 

You can get up to 20% of the total value of the property you wish you purchase in England from the government. All you need is to make a 5% deposit and a mortgage of 75%. This scheme means all the money you need to own a property is just a 5% deposit of the total value. What this means is that; 

Government Lending – 20% 

Your deposit – 5% 

Mortgage – 75% 

To qualify for this loan, you must; 

  • Have owned no property before (this is your first time) 
  • The asking price is lesser than the price cap in your region 
  • The mortgage must not be longer than 35 years 

Find the Right Construction

You need to look for the development that suits you. If you plan to finance your development using any of the schemes, you want to ensure that the development is taking part in the government scheme. Ensure to ask the right questions.

You can read our post on the questions to ask when buying a new construction home. Once you are settled on the pricing, you will be visiting new house constructions so you can see what your home will look like for off-plan buying or a marketing suite. 

Negotiate an Offer

Where you see a development you like, the next step is to discuss what you are offering. Please note that your offer is not necessarily the total asking price. If the negotiation goes smoothly and your offer is accepted, you are required to make a non-refundable deposit that will be deducted from the property’s total price. 

Legal and Finance Matters

At this stage, appoint a conveyancer solicitor to handle the legalities of the purchase. Your conveyancer solicitor will check to ensure you get the best deals, including negotiating the completion date. While this is going on, now is a great time to apply for a mortgage 

It’s Time to Wait

Buying a new house construction means that you will exchange contracts in the earliest part of your discussion with the developer after your deposit has been paid. 

After the long wait, you can have your home. 

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How To Choose a Home Construction Company Worth Trusting?

Choosing a builder with right skill set, experience and whom you can trust; lays the foundation of a successful project. Read the blog to unveil some proven tips to find out how to find a builder you can trust.

The importance of choosing a right builder cannot be overlooked and finding a best home builder for your project is definitely not a cakewalk!

A trustable builder not only ensures that you get what you want at best quality and price but also saves your precious money and time along the way.

But, how to find a builder you can trust?

We’ve compiled a few sure shot and proven ways that help you zero-in the best new build contractor or renovator but also help you to stay away from cowboy builders.

1.   Hire Local House Builders

Using a local dream home builder has immense benefit to you in two ways.

First, you will get more time on site which ultimately leads to meeting the timeline.

Secondly, their knowledge of the local planning permission is invaluable to your new build or renovation ensuring your project meets the requisite laws and regulations.

2.   Ask Building Inspectors

Local building inspectors are a useful resource in most cases, but unfortunately, this aspect is often ignored or overlooked.

Although they won’t do anything shady nor is their recommendation a stamp of authority, but their nods and winks at a builder you mentioned to them is safe for you and your money.

3.   Overall approach

Endorsements may be subjective and going by the finished work may not help you get the real picture.

Whether you are looking for a luxury home builder or home extension builder, it’s important to understand how the entire process was handled.

From logistics, planning budget, in-house teams, designing, on-site facilities, after-sale service etc everything should be enquired.

There is no reason for hiring a builder who lacks in-house team and is completely dependent on sub-contractors.

4.   Ask the Contractor to Furnish You with a Reference List

There is the saying that in the mouth of two or three, safety is guaranteed.

Asking colleagues, work partners or even tradies would be a great way in your search for a trustable and reliable builder.

Do not skip this step. No matter how tempting the deal may sound!

Approach your contractor to furnish a list of references or their past clients or other investors, designer or architects they’ve worked with.

In this case, the guarantee should come from what past customers say about the contractor and not the contractors themselves.

Asking and contacting the references provided will allow you to see the builder’s work firsthand and will enable you to ask questions. Some questions to ask the previous customers are;

  • What was it like working with them?
  • Did they meet the timeline or exceed the budget?
  • What is their take on the quality of materials?
  • The estimate given to you, was it adequately broken down and transparent, or was it vague?
  • Would you recommend I use them?
  • In the course of working with them, was there any challenge? How did they handle it?
  • Was there any part of the process that bothered you?
  • Did they give you a payment plan?
  • How was their communication like?
  • How often did they give you a progress report?
  • Do they have any after-sales program?
  • Ask open-ended questions that will make the reference communicate feelings and emotions rather than giving you a yes or no.

5.   Ask About the Subcontractors

Reputable house builders run background checks on their team members to give you peace of mind while protecting their brand name.

You want to know if any part of the project is subcontracted, or everyone entering your home is under the builder’s responsibility.

On more questions to ask a contractor before you hire them, you can check out our blog on 10 questions to ask.

6.   Experience and Technology upfront

It’s always easy to move a line drawn on paper than to move a wall!

You need to trust your intuition for some aspects. Apart from questions, give a little attention to how they present things.

A good new build contractor will give utmost priority to quality control, vehicles, equipment and would work with the latest techniques in technology to deliver you the best home builder designs.

Right from planning to deliver you scaled drawings such as renders, elevations and other 2D, a good builder is focused on your satisfaction first.

Majorly, the problem occurs when variations are suggested at a later stage. This will result in extra costs as well as resources.

A trustable and eco friendly home builder understands that it’s easy to change a line on the designs rather than altering a constructed wall.

It will deploy the best of technology to ensure that your vision, dream and ideas get a fair chance to materialize.

7.   Project Discussion

This is a self-evident but critical step.

The contractors you have penned down to work with, schedule a meeting and discuss your project parameters.

The good guys will offer you a free consultation or visit to discuss your project in details, pointing out the challenges you will face as you go.

They will also provide you with accurate estimates based on the quality of materials, and finishes.

To add icing on the cake, some will guarantee you a price match – if you find another builder who can deliver the same project to you in time and with the quality of materials, they will match it.

8.   Track Record

Choosing a builder who is experienced and holds a great legacy with an excellent track record should be an ideal pick.

Partnering with experienced and professional builders will ensure guaranteed on-time delivery with excellent after-sale services.

They’ll be happy to share their track records, past experiences, references and how they ensure that their processes and systems are up and running.

The best home builder in UK will ensure complete transparency at every construction phase or milestone.

9.   Get everything in writing

Be it costs or estimates, a good trustable home builder in UK will offer everything in writing.

If a builder promises verbally and hesitates to share the details in writing (may be a quote), that’s a red flag. You must never trust verbal agreements.

Taking a quotation or things in writing will not only give clarity to you but to the builder as well.

You can easily ponder upon the estimates and other calculations afterwards and use it to compare with others in the market.

10.  Ground Reality

In your quest on how to choose a builder, it’s imperative to check the builder’s online presence as well.

Just key in the company’s name on any search engine and you’ll get a lot of information that may be substantial proof of their existence, genuineness and reliability.

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What makes TEL Constructions the most trusted and best home builder in UK?

TEL Constructions is one of the leading choices of architects, developers and interior designers in UK.

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Our experienced, specialized and seasoned in-house construction team is fully equipped to deal with all kind of requirements for your construction or building needs.

From start to finish, we offer holistic end-to-end building solutions where it’s about raw materials, designing, technology, logistics or other equipment.

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TEL Constructions offers a dedicated approach and hassle-free experience to turn your dream project into reality.


Subcontractors killing your time?

Quality issues?

Struggling with unnecessary delays and unprofessional behaviour?

Why compromise when you can settle with the best!

When you trust your 6th sense and follow these simple steps, you are one decision away from having your dream home and working with the best builders.

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