How To Build A New House That Looks Old

A new build is a property that is just no one has ever lived in before. Since the property is new, it offers better promises and advantages to the homeowner than older houses.

With modern appliances, better technologies, lower running cost, no significant alterations that cost so much, bespoke options, and energy efficiency, a newly built house is a no brainer. 

The Benefits of Building in a New House 

  • Enjoy warranties from the NHBC and the  
  • Reduced carbon footprint 
  • Modern home with awesome energy-efficiency  
  • Enjoy lower home management cost 
  • Build a house that is bespoke to you 
  • As a first time buyer, you qualify for government financing 

However, as great as these perks are, there is one thing a new house lacks that older homes have in abundance is CHARACTER. A new house can’t compete with older homes since most new houses are builder-grade finishes and most developers are wary about adding those extra features because of cost. 

What gives older homes character is the detailing that goes into every piece and material. So what can you do to add charm and character to your New Build? 

You Can Add Trim Work  

Adding trim work like crown moulding, coffered ceiling, door casing, and wainscoting can really give you’re the basic finish of your house a facelift. If you are on a budget, you can go with applied moulding; otherwise, a raised wood panelling is perfect. 

Change Your Door 

Instead of the builder-grade door that comes with a new build, you can replace it with a panelled door. You don’t have to bore a hole in your wallet; a vintage door will do just fine in the place of the plain boring doors. 

Get Creative With the Light Fixtures 

You don’t have to settle for the dull, plain light fixtures that don’t add character to your home or enhance the space. You should change the lights fixtures throughout the house when you move in 

Switch it Up 

One of the things you don’t notice when you move into a new house is the switch plates. Most builders intentionally choose simple switches that don’t alter the home interior but blend in unnoticed.

If the goal is to make your new house look old, then you should replace all the switches with a more decorative, not-so-over-the-top model. This little action will add sparkle to your new place. 

Add Reclaimed Materials to the Mix 

One sure way of making your new house look old is by using salvaged and reclaimed materials in places where it makes design sense. Incorporating reclaimed materials into your home can transform your new home into an old house in style. 

Out With the Boring Hardware 

Switching out the contemporary hardware that came with your new home basic finish is an excellent way of making your new home look old. You can exchange the contemporary kitchen hardware, doorknobs and Bathroom hardware into more traditional hardware with a bit of detail.  

The basic idea of making your new home look old is simply adding detailing and fixtures that add charm and character to your home, and these simple ideas will help you do just that without tarnishing your home style or going overboard. 

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Augmented And Virtual Reality

7 Constructions Industry Trends Rolling Out In The United Kingdom

If You Don’t Know About The Construction Industry Trends In The United Kingdom, Then This Blog Is For You.

The construction industry is ever-evolving, and every year some new trends add up. From traditional construction techniques to drastic technological advancements, the construction industry has come a long way.

Technology is evolving to accommodate the modern demands of businesses and easing human work by upgrading it to a new term, namely smart work. And with these technological advancements, the construction industry is no exception.

Just like the other industries, the construction industry has also adopted new construction trends and technological advancements and has brought real change in the field. Many trends make the whole construction work quick, easy, and efficient. So, let us get familiar with them.

New Construction Trends in the UK

Construction Technology is a term used for several types of technology with a specific use in the construction industry. Smart machinery, automated robots, drones, wearables are some of the construction trends increasingly being used in the construction field.

All these constructive technologies are being adapted to improve the work conditions, improve health and safety measures, boost efficiency, and several other benefits.

Let us dive into some UK construction trends that can change the definition of traditional construction procedures.

1. Protective Equipment

Protective Equipment

Wearable technology in the construction industry is being embedded into personal protective equipment and apparel. These are being outfitted with environmental sensors, GPS, biometrics, voltage detectors, Wi-Fi, and several other sensors to monitor the movements.

The pandemic has drastically impacted the industries, and the construction industry is no different. And even the state regulations emphasizing strict safety protocols and cleanliness in the construction field. With this, wearable innovations are making their way to the construction site. For instance, the work boots connected to the Wi-Fi raise an alert if a person falls.

The embedded wearable with biometrics sensors can track a person’s body temperature, heart rate, and other vital signs. This immediately notifies the manager if a particular person is suffering from an issue.

Safety has always been a hot high priority in construction due to the danger involved in the tasks. And thus, the inclusion of wearable technology in construction has a significant impact and is lending hands to the safety of the workers. It is a proactive approach indeed that is associated with the workers’ safety.

Advantages of wearable technology in the construction industry

  • Enhanced online safety
  • Improved workplace efficiency
  • Improved communication
  • Attracting younger workforce
  • Improved management and resource planning

2. Collaborative Software Solutions

Collaborative Software Solutions

Collaborative software solutions are the essentials that are required to communicate easily and quickly in real-time. The decisions often have to be made promptly in the construction field so that one can access the most updated information.

Access to updated information is vital to avoid expensive rework and keep the construction projects within budget and stringent time deliveries. And the best part of using collaborative software solutions is that it allows multiple users to work together in real-time. That means all the professional advice on one platform working collaboratively to produce the desired outcome.

Advantages of collaborative software solutions in the construction industry

  • Cost projection
  • Cost value reconciliation
  • Financial operations management
  • Document management
  • Remote access and updating

3. Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling

BIM, an acronym of Building Information Modeling, incorporates the digital representations of functional and physical aspects of a building that can lead to a better designing and construction of the projects.

The contractors use BIM to understand the scope, design, and intent of the project with the help of 3D modeling. It also helps estimators generate the exact quantities of building materials, cost estimates, planning, scheduling, and clash detection.

BIM technology is a strong foundation that has numerous benefits and is also used as the powering base for other construction technologies, including artificial intelligence, digital twins, and many more.

The digital twin technology creates a virtual concept of a building by utilizing the IoT, sensors, and drones to gather data. The collected data is then processed using AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics to create a virtual model of the building.

Advantages of BIM in Construction Industry

  • Cost and resource savings
  • Improved communication and coordination
  • Greater efficiencies
  • High-Quality results
  • More opportunities for modular construction and prefabrication

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

AI focuses on the technology that allows machines and computers to mimic human intelligence. Confused? Machine learning is a subset of AI that uses algorithms to learn from data, make decisions devoid of having to be programmed, and identify the patterns; all these are having the biggest impact on the construction industry.

Construction projects usually create a bulk of data that is great for AI as that gathered data over the years can be utilized to improve the ML and predict future results on projects. This certainly will help in scheduling, mitigating risks, and enhance productivity.

AI is also used to monitor workers and also in identifying safety hazards. Construction project planning is an area where AI shines in stimulating the projects in just minutes.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in the Construction Industry

  • Better design of buildings
  • Better financial planning and project management
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Safety

5. Augmented And Virtual Reality

Augmented And Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality are emerging technologies that are on the rise for development. The immersive visualization has been made possible by Virtual reality combined with BIM is enhancing the design, communication, and collaboration for the construction industry.

Additionally, it allows the architects to showcase their designs in 3D formats to the clients so that the client can better understand the probable outcome they will get post-construction.

Virtual reality is also helping the construction industries to conduct equipment operator training, safety training, and business system installation training to develop competent capabilities in the construction workers. With VR, the construction workers can get exposure to what to expect and perform in controlled environments where the scenarios are different and several other training modules.

AR, in turn, overlays the digital objects to the real world. AR applications in construction utilize vision-based AR using markers like QR codes, GPS, installation instructions, architectural drawings and images, safety checklists, and many more to help workers on job sites.

Advantages of AR & VR in the Construction Industry

  • Better Collaboration
  • Real-time design feedback
  • Risk assessments
  • Safety improvements and training

6. Construction Drones And Robots

Construction Drones And Robots

Automation of construction works with robotics and drones is having a massive impact on productivity and safety. Construction robots are usually used to perform repetitive, simple, and labor-intensive tasks like tying rebar, laying bricks, and installing drywalls.

Although technology has helped ease labor work, and humans are still required to perform the work and set up the robots on the job site to get them started.

Rather than replacing the human workers, the construction robots help and aid the performance of a worker and enable them to be more productive. It also extends their careers by diminishing the wear and tear on their bodies.

Construction drones are used on job sites for performing site surveys, inspecting structures, and making construction on-site safer. From monitoring the progress of projects, conducting site inspections, and identifying the potential hazards each day, construction drones take care of it all.

Though drones do not eliminate the need for workers the workers need to be trained on how to use the technology to perform various tasks. Drones outfitted with laser scanners, cameras, and other devices can improve the work efficiencies on the job site.

Due to the many applications and additional benefits of using drones, their adoption is continuously growing.

Advantages of Drones and Robots in the Construction Industry

  • Enhanced Site Safety
  • Drones can be used to deliver materials to sites
  • Robots improve the speed and quality of work
  • Remotely controlled

7. Prefab, Modular, And Offsite Construction

Offsite Construction

As per last year’s construction technology report, around seventy-eight percent of the commercial construction utilized prefabrication. If it is executed appropriately, offsite construction eliminates several inefficiencies found in a typical job site.

Offsite construction is usually performed in a controlled environment. Workers have the materials and tools to perform their tasks with the same consistency. This assembly plant method diminishes the wastes and allows the workers to be more productive throughout.

Prefabrication building components usually cover everything, including the framing, wall panels, floor systems, windows, and door assembly, multi-trade racks panelled with all wiring, ductwork, and plumbing all packaged together.

Advantages of Prefab, modular and offsite construction

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Quality Control
  • Better safety and security
  • Reduced site disruption

Bottom Line!

If we consider the positive takeaway in the construction industry from last year, it is the inclusion of advanced construction technology adoptions to the field to such an excellent level that wouldn’t have been achieved for years.

Technology is indeed the future of the construction industry that is helping in enhancing productivity, attracting young, skilled, and capable workers to use smart technologies, eliminating inefficiencies, and making the job sites safer than ever.

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How To Plan A New House Construction

Undertaking to build your dream home is a big deal, one that holds the promise of a bright future and provides the satisfaction of owning your own square foot on God’s green earth. Since you have finished building your castle in the air, it is time to plan out your new house construction by following the laid down process of buying your new build; 

Get Your Finances Together

Before you start looking at properties/developments you are interested in, the first thing you want to do is to seek guidance from a specialist mortgage adviser so you know how much you can borrow. This will help you stay within a particular budget. 

As a first-time buyer, you can get a mortgage in principle from a lender, an agreement asserting that the lender “in principle” will provide you with a mortgage for a particular sum. You can present this to a developer as proof that you can afford the development. 

Getting the Finance for Your Business – there are two options available to you if you need financing for your New House Construction. These are schemes backed up by the government to mitigate house shortages in the UK.  

  • London Help to Buy 

You can get up to 40% of the total value of the property you wish you purchase in Greater London from the government. All you need is to make a 5% deposit and a mortgage of 55%. This scheme means all the money you need to own a property is just a 5% deposit of the total value. With this scheme, you have access to higher mortgages and gain the trust of lenders. What this means is that; 

Government Lending – 40% 

Your deposit – 5% 

Mortgage – 55% 

To qualify for this loan, you must; 

Be buying property for the first time 

The new construction must not exceed £600,000 

Provide a minimum deposit of 5% 

Live in the building and not let it out or use it as a secondary house 

The Help to Buy Equity Loans 

You can get up to 20% of the total value of the property you wish you purchase in England from the government. All you need is to make a 5% deposit and a mortgage of 75%. This scheme means all the money you need to own a property is just a 5% deposit of the total value. What this means is that; 

Government Lending – 20% 

Your deposit – 5% 

Mortgage – 75% 

To qualify for this loan, you must; 

  • Have owned no property before (this is your first time) 
  • The asking price is lesser than the price cap in your region 
  • The mortgage must not be longer than 35 years 

Find the Right Construction

You need to look for the development that suits you. If you plan to finance your development using any of the schemes, you want to ensure that the development is taking part in the government scheme. Ensure to ask the right questions.

You can read our post on the questions to ask when buying a new construction home. Once you are settled on the pricing, you will be visiting new house constructions so you can see what your home will look like for off-plan buying or a marketing suite. 

Negotiate an Offer

Where you see a development you like, the next step is to discuss what you are offering. Please note that your offer is not necessarily the total asking price. If the negotiation goes smoothly and your offer is accepted, you are required to make a non-refundable deposit that will be deducted from the property’s total price. 

Legal and Finance Matters

At this stage, appoint a conveyancer solicitor to handle the legalities of the purchase. Your conveyancer solicitor will check to ensure you get the best deals, including negotiating the completion date. While this is going on, now is a great time to apply for a mortgage 

It’s Time to Wait

Buying a new house construction means that you will exchange contracts in the earliest part of your discussion with the developer after your deposit has been paid. 

After the long wait, you can have your home. 

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How To Choose a Home Construction Company Worth Trusting?

Do you have peace of mind with the builder working for your home? This is key because you are exposing your family to strangers who will spend 3 months to 7 months in your house, depending on the project, and it is your responsibility to protect your family.

Before you wave this off, there are two stories you want to take a good look at.

Story One

One of the worst tragedies that have hit the construction industry in London is the Grenfell Tower fire that claimed seventy-two lives. What is most tragic about the event was that it could have been avoided altogether. Three very startling decisions resulted in this tragedy.

  • When bidding on the project, the contractor padded their CVs and profiles to look very impressive, saying they did jobs they had never done.
  • The project manager whose CV was padded had no ounce of construction experience and didn’t have the prerequisite knowledge of his duties and responsibilities, and didn’t know jack about building standards and safety requirements.
  • In the construction company’s bid to save money, they used a low quality of cladding materials which added more fuel to the fire and spread faster.

The end result – Seventy-Two Lives Lost

Story Two

In January of 2019, the Manchester Evening News reported that a house builder had been jailed for 3 years for Fraud and Property damage. The dubious builder had conned a 94-year-old woman of her life savings, and interestingly (although it is very shocking to know), the builder had 11 previous conviction.

These are just a few stories as there are countless across the United Kingdom. Your home is a temple – a sacred space of sanctity, hope, and happiness and getting the hiring process right is the difference between long life and depression. A recent science report stated that your home’s quality contributes positively to your mental health and elongates your life.

Through our interaction as a brand with clients and prospects alike, three challenges homeowners face are spending more than their budget, contractors not meeting the deadlines, and finding the right house builder they can trust. So, in this post, we will walk through the simple proven steps you can take to hiring the best construction company for your home that meets your expectations, schedule and budget.

Finding a House Builder In London During the Lockdown

Even in this lockdown, you can find trusted builders for your home construction project, and you should always check the last advice given by the government. There are circumstances where contractors can enter your home if;

  • They remain two meters away from members of the household
  • Wear a mask when inside
  • Wash their hands when entering the property
  • Minimise contact with others

Few Proven Steps to find a reputable and trustworthy construction company.

Step 1 – Establish Your Expectation

The first step before looking outside for a housebuilder is to look inwards. Determine what you want before you start looking for one. There are several questions you must provide clear-cut answers for before you step out;

  • What is the purpose of my project?
  • Am I sticking to my budget, or am I amenable to adjusting it?
  • What is my deadline?
  • Quality materials VS cost
  • What guarantees do I want a builder to give me?
  • How much control am I willing to handover to my builder?
  • How often do I want a progress report?

Step 2 – Hire Local House Builders

Using a local housebuilder has immense benefit to you in two ways. One, you will get more time on site which ultimately leads to meeting the timeline, and two, their knowledge of the local planning permission is invaluable to your new build or renovation ensuring your project meets the requisite laws and regulations.

Step 3 – Ask Building Inspectors

Local building inspectors are a useful resource that in most cases, are overlooked. Although they won’t do anything shady nor is their recommendation a stamp of authority, but their nods and winks at a builder you mentioned to them is safe for you and your money.

Step 4 – Ask The Contractor To Furnish You With A Reference List

There is the saying that in the mouth of two or three, safety is guaranteed. In this case, the guarantee should come from what past customers say about the contractor and not the contractors themselves. Asking and contacting the references provided will allow you to see the builder’s work firsthand and will enable you to ask questions. Some questions to ask the previous customers are;

  • What was it like working with them?
  • Did they meet the timeline or exceed the budget?
  • What is their take on the quality of materials?
  • The estimate given to you, was it adequately broken down and transparent, or was it vague?
  • Would you recommend I use them?
  • In the course of working with them, was there any challenge? How did they handle it?
  • Was there any part of the process that bothered you?
  • Did they give you a payment plan?
  • How was their communication like?
  • How often did they give you a progress report?
  • Do they have any after-sales program?
  • Ask open-ended questions that will make the reference communicate feelings and emotions rather than giving you a yes or no.

Step 5 – Ask About The Subcontractors And People Who Will Enter Your Home

Reputable house builders run background checks on their team members to give you peace of mind while protecting their brand name. You want to know if any part of the project is subcontracted, or everyone entering your home is under the builder’s responsibility. On more questions to ask a contractor before you hire them, you can check out our blog on 10 questions to ask.

Step 6 – Discuss Your Project With them

This is a self-evident but critical step. A home project is a big life decision, and the utmost precaution must be taken when making a builder choice. The contractors you have penned down to work with, schedule a meeting and discuss your project parameters. The good guys will offer you a free consultation or visit to discuss your project in details, pointing out the challenges you will face as you go. They will also provide you with accurate estimates based on the quality of materials, and finishes. To add icing on the cake, some will guarantee you a price match – if you find another builder who can deliver the same project to you in time and with the quality of materials, they will match it.

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In Conclusion

When you trust your 6th sense and follow these simple steps, you are one decision away from having your dream home and working with the best builders. However, to hasten this process for you, you can book a free consultation with TEL Constructions and a specialist will be in touch to make all your dreams come through.