Velux Loft Conversion Ideas UK

Looking for Velux loft conversion ideas, then you landed on the right place. A Velux Loft Conversion is a sophisticated and simple loft conversion design. It is affordable, quickly converted and yet looks stunning. Are you planning to fit the Velux lofts in your home? TEL Constructions, the best loft conversion company can assist you with the best architects and designing team.  

Best Velux Loft Conversion Ideas

Dive into the incredible design ideas on Velux loft conversion. We have filtered the contemporary loft styles trending in the UK. Take your time to observe each.

1. Brick Exterior Finishing in a Velux Loft Conversion  

Brick Exterior Finishing in a Velux Loft Conversion Ideas 

Do you want a classic yet modular exterior along with your Velux loft? Then this artistic brick veneer finished with block cladding is what you should try. 

2. Velux Window Fitting on a Loft Roof 

Velux Window Fitting on a Loft Roof Conversion Idea 

Maximise your natural ventilation and the brightness in the room with this velux conversion space finished with contrasting cladding material.  

3. Creating Stylish Roof Top with a Velux Roof Conversion  

Roof Top with a Velux Roof Conversion Idea 

Want an additional terrace space for hanging out with friends? Then this idea of a Velux loft with an outdoor balcony is what you need to consider.  

4. Decorative Velux Conversion Roof with White Finish 


Enjoy the stargazing without the need to go outside, or far away from your home. With this perfect decorative Velux window, you will get awesome views and adequate light.  

5. Outdoor Balcony with Velux Loft Conversion Ideas 

Outdoor Balcony with Velux Loft Conversion Idea 

We understand how much you love spending time in nature, what you exactly need is creating a balcony along with your loft conversion design. Talk to an expert loft designer to discuss planning permissions. 

6. Master Bedroom in Velux Conversion of a Loft Design 


Need a quiet and smart bedroom space? Then maximize your property value and add an extra bedroom space with this popular velux loft idea. The cement finish elevates the exterior finishes.  

7. A Luxury Loft Area For a High Maintenance Look  


Streamline your property and convert it into the best modular Velux conversion. Do you want to rejuvenate the entire house? Just update its attic space and the cladding just as shown.  

8. Bespoke Dormer Windows with Velux Loft Idea  


Who said it is not possible to combine both a Velux and a Dormer conversion? Talk to professional loft conversion installers, they will share with you the endless opportunities.  

9. Welcome Soft Light into Your Velux Loft Conversion Ideas

Soft Light into Your Velux Loft Conversion Ideas 

Create a comforting spot where you can relax, watch TV, read, do yoga and enjoy the moment. This spacious loft conversion with Velux windows elevates the entire room with its interior décor that has lights, and quality furnishing.  

10. An Additional Bedroom Idea for Velux Attic Space 


Want to spend more time alone but in your bed? This design is a perfect example of a Velux loft. Here three windows are installed, incorporating curtains or shades for better lighting management.  

11. Quality Roof with Green Plants and Shrubs 

Hey, do you love Plantation? What about this superior and sustainable design, contributing to your and the environmental well-being? We love how one could dedicate their entire roof to nature.  

12. Loft Conversion Roof Idea for Solar Panel Fitting 


Be more energy-efficient with this functional idea on Velux lofts. It is combined with solar panels. Think about the level of energy saving the family would be doing. It is impressive!  

13. Simple Yet Lasting Solution for a Velux Loft  


Adding metal roofing materials on a pitched roof with a Velux loft could be the best decision. The structure becomes sturdy and attention-grabbing. It is a great choice for regions that receive heavy snow.  

14. Adding Beautiful Velux on a Pitched House Roof  


For a small attic space like this, Velux windows create a magnificent aura, making it look more spacious, fresh and bright.  

15. Popular Vertical Cladding Design Idea for Velux Lofts  


Do you want to make your building look higher? Vertical loft cladding is low-maintenance, durable, looks marvellous and adds a great layer of insulation. It is highly beneficial for heavy rainfall regions.  

16. Be Authentic and a Little Rustic with Small Velux Loft Conversion Ideas

Rustic with Small Velux Loft Conversion Ideas 

Explore the design possibilities by leaving the beams bare. It creates an organic impact on the property, place your essential units here. Want a bedroom? Add furnishing, or let it be as it is.  

17. An Incredible Kitchen Space in Velux Loft Idea with Pic 

An Incredible Kitchen Space in Velux Loft Idea with Pic 

Want to spend more quality time under the best quality roof? Talk to a loft conversion expert to design this stellar open kitchen space in your loft conversion. The lighting fixtures and glass doors make the room look bigger and communicative.  

18. Creativity with Stained Glass Windows on Velux Roof  

Creativity with Stained Glass Windows on Velux Roof

Thinking of adding a dramatic impact on your decent property finishing? Then these Velux windows are what you may need. Consider these eye-catching Stained mirror designs for your next project.  

19. Excellent Velux Loft Outlook with Cedar Shingles  

Velux Loft Outlook with Cedar Shingles 

Enhance the curb appeal, insulation, longevity, energy efficiency and the value of your space with cedar shingle cladding. When it is merged with smart Velux windows, you save loads on energy bills.  

20. Add Statement and Texture with Stones in Velux Loft

Add Statement and Texture with Stones in Velux Loft 

Increase the visual interest in your attic by adding an extravagant essence. The stone walls inside the Velux loft conversion maintain the temperature, keep the place noise-free and enhance the decoration.  

21. Velux Loft Conversion Idea with Addition of Awnings  


Protect and shade your interiors by installing red-tinted awnings over windows. They are perfect to add privacy, an adequate shadow and style inside the room.

The Bottom Line  

Take a closer look at the all given best Velux Loft Conversion ideas as many times as you want. Every design inspiration for the Velux loft that we attached above can be a perfect addition to diverse layouts. Talk to an expert loft conversion builder to know about which style will be suitable for your house.

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