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It has been seen that loft conversions increase the internal living space by a minimum of 30% and the property value by 20%. Loft conversion caters an excellent opportunity for homeowners to enjoy more space without making a dent in their pocket. It is not always feasible to extend your space outwards or shift to a new place for the sake of adding space. Expanding space upwards with loft conversion could be one of the best possible solutions for your space issues. Planning a guest room, home gym, home theater and more through loft conversion? Get inspired by these beautiful loft conversion ideas for your next project. Explore some of the best loft conversion design ideas that will inspire you to build your dream space, the way you’ve always wanted.

Best Loft Conversion Ideas Design

Here are some awe-inspiring loft conversion ideas that may perfectly blend well with your home for the new space you’ve been looking for. Get inspired from these loft conversion ideas the UK to design a space of your dreams. Let’s get started with a tour of best loft conversion design ideas that are ready to spur some moon board inspiring ideas that make your minds visually organized.

1. Beautiful Dormer Loft Conversion for extra headroom

Beautiful Dormer Loft Conversion for extra headroom

The beautiful dormer windows naturally illuminate the space while offering a great head space. Every inch of the floor is utilized properly with a well-placed staircase area.

2. Modern open-plan loft conversion Design ideas

Modern open-plan loft conversion Design ideas

Witness a throwback to your childhood memories by hanging a swing in your newly constructed loft space. This beautiful open-plan living room architecture has dormer windows along with a bed placed at one end. The beauty of this space lies in how efficiently things are placed amidst a white background that gives a soothing impact.

3. Low roof? Go for Roof lights loft conversion design

Low roof? Go for Roof lights loft conversion design

Don’t worry if you have a low roof. Installing Roof lights enable you to cast an illusion of a bigger space and make your new livable area look luxurious.

4. Candid Living room loft conversion ideas

Candid Living room loft conversion ideas

Having an extra living area in your newly built loft space is a great idea. You can easily place a beautiful L-shaped sofa with a small center table to enrich the look of the space. Additionally, you can turn your space into a chill-out zone by adding a TV to escape and unwind.

5. Best layout for small loft conversion

Best layout for small loft conversion

For small loft conversion, the loft bedrooms tend to be smaller but cosier. So, it’s always better to enhance your room rather than hiding it. Keep the colours soft and neutral with beams visible. Dress the space with some side storage and some succulents hanging down from the beams to complete the look.

6. Loft conversion idea for a tranquil bedroom

Loft conversion idea for a tranquil bedroom

Transform your space into a tranquil bedroom with roof lights that fill the space with natural light. The wooden flooring gives a remarkable look to the space yet keeping it simple and serene.

7. Small Dormer loft conversion idea for cocooning impact

Small Dormer loft conversion idea for cocooning impact

A small yet very impressive small dormer loft conversion design idea to make space for your growing teenager. Give your adolescents a sense of privacy in their own space. The space reveals the top roof space and beams and beautiful dormer windows that cast a magical spell.

8. Cozy Hip-to-Gable loft conversion

Cozy Hip-to-Gable loft conversion

Get the real Peter-pan feel with this window seat nook. Deck it out with beautiful lights for a real luxury feel and a perfect view through gable windows.

9. Perfect Guest bedroom from small loft conversion

Perfect Guest bedroom from small loft conversion

Get inspiration from this small loft conversion design which is beautifully designed to get an extra guest bedroom. The light colour scheme and the window in the corner brighten up the room and make it appear more spacious than it actually is.

10. Two room Mansard Loft conversion design idea

Two room Mansard Loft conversion design idea

Easily create a space for two rooms with mansard loft conversion design ideas. Though mansards are expensive, they are worthy of every penny spent. Convert one into a play area or a small living room and other can be converted into a bedroom.

11. Small gable loft conversion design idea

Small gable loft conversion design idea

If you have the living space downstairs but need extra space for a bedroom then what can be better than Hip to Gable loft conversion. The baby pink coloured walls create a jaw-dropping impact and make the person fall in love. The gable window serves as a perfect source of natural light with blinds to offer some extra dozes.

12. Loft design ideas for room with a view

Loft design ideas for room with a view

If the room is small, that doesn’t mean that the bed has to be small. Check out how furniture and bed have been rightly placed to ensure maximum utilization of space with openable skylights.

13. Simple loft conversion storage ideas

Simple loft conversion storage ideas

Checkout this awe-inspiring small loft conversion for hip to Gable with additional storage space below the gable window. The low headroom is beautifully covered by placing a headlamp that completely accentuates the look.

14. Commodious loft conversion design

Commodious loft

Beautiful 6-door hinged wardrobe design with amazing concealed dimmable loft lighting. Velux windows are further accentuating the look of the room giving it a dynamic appeal.

15. Design a Master suite with Dormer Loft Conversion

Design a Master suite with Dormer

To maximize the space, include a staggering partition wall behind the bed and get a space to design bespoke wardrobes as per your needs. Get this smart layout by undergoing Dormer Loft conversion with beautiful roof light window illuminating the space and turning the entire thing serene.

16. Luxurious bungalow loft conversion idea

Luxurious bungalow loft

Add a whole new story to your bungalow with a luxurious master suite with a large roof light overhead. This is one of the incredible bungalow loft conversion design ideas that depict a properly attached loft staircase making the area completely accessible and giving it a ravishing appeal.

17. Master bedroom loft conversion design idea

Master bedroom loft design

Get inspiration from this design and convert your attic space into a master bedroom or a suite. This not only adds extra space but also amp ups its value. The beautiful roof lights brighten the space. Go for some good blinds consideration if you don’t want to be woken at the crack of sunlight.

18. Loft conversion to explore the best of space

Loft conversion to explore the best of space

This attractive loft conversion gives a perfect feminine look and is a perfect space for your growing teenager without encroaching your garden area. With a prominent rooflight on the top, you can be sure that your kids wake up on time.

19. Loft conversion ideas for guest bedroom

Loft conversion ideas for guest bedroom

Looking for design inspiration for the guest bedroom with attached washroom? Then this is one of the best and ideal loft conversion design pictures you can look out for. The ensuite adds plenty of value to your loft conversion while giving an entire look and feel to your new place.

20. Intimate space loft conversion ideas

Intimate space loft

This beautiful and serene bedroom space is all set to take you to dreamland. Well lit with dormer windows and away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, this beautiful space is a perfect choice when you are looking to add an extra room to your property.

21. Wide Dormer Loft Conversion Design Idea

Wide Dormer Loft Design

Convert your unused attic space into a beautiful bedroom with an en-suite. The key to design this is to go for clear division. Make sofa the centre stage of your space and well designed five dormer windows while the stunning timber roof adds to its charm.

22. Dormer loft conversion storage ideas

Dormer loft storage

If you are planning to go for a storage option as well in your loft, then fitted pieces work amazingly with the geometry of the space to deliver maximum impact. Get hold of these fitted wardrobe designs that perfectly fit under the sloping ceilings to cast an eye-catching impact.

23. Modern Bedroom loft conversion ideas

Modern Bedroom loft conversion ideas

Check out this beautiful small loft conversion design idea for a cosy bedroom. The three white walls mesmerizingly strike a contrast with the blue wall. Check how beautifully furniture has been placed such as corner table with chair, dressing mirror at the other end.

24. Living room loft conversion ideas

Living room loft

This beige coloured attic interior room is a perfect example to turn your attic space into a creative and innovative living room. The use of plants and Velux windows additionally make the space charming and invigorative. Check how the placement of sofas and two small tables accentuate the overall look of the space.

Bottom Line

Get your space away from the hubbub of your household where you can relax, unwind and unleash. Yes! It’s your newly built loft that not only adds to your livable space and value to your space but also eases you from space apprehensions due to growing family needs. So, pick your favourite design and connect with us to turn these pictures into reality for you. Our professional designers are adept at creating innovative loft designs for your space and maximizing it. Connect with us today to get an impeccable makeover of your loft and request a free quote. We will get back to you as soon as possible and will start constructing your dream world.

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