Loft Conversion or Extension? Which One is Best For You?

Extension or Loft Conversion? Which one is best for you? Confused between an extension or loft conversion? Remove the burden of worries and read our helpful guide on what to choose between extensions and lofts? 

Loft Conversion or Extension – Which One is Best For You

Thinking about extending your home? Do you want to give your house a fresh look and are confused between an extension and a loft conversion? Well, it is a common confusion among homeowners. We are here to provide you with a clear and detailed overview to help you make an informed decision. 

  • Know the motive behind your house remodeling

What are you going to do with the space? How would you use it? Do you want an additional bedroom, a study room or a kids’ room? Loft conversion fittings are the optimal choice in such a scenario. In case, you want to elevate the house aesthetics only and do not look much for a utility area, extensions will work fine. House extensions are preferred for general use. 

  • The level of mess you can accept  

Can you afford to move to some other place for the time being? Do you have an alternate temporary shelter? Since the extension work can be extremely disrupted. It can cause disturbance in the house. Do you have kids who study? They will surely be impacted by it. You might need to vacate the space. Nonetheless, the results in home extensions are worth it. However, loft conversions do not cause much disruption. The mess can be managed simply in the majority of constructions.  

  • Which one is cheaper to build?

The simple way to decide between a loft conversion and an extension is to know your budget. No doubt, some designs can roughly cost equally. Talk to an expert house extension and a loft conversion builder. Give your detailed requirements and specifications. The builders in the UK provide FREE quotations for most of the projects. After getting an estimation, you can consider this aspect in making the decision.  

  • Which add more value to a house?

Another trick to help you in such a dilemma is to know the worth each fitting will add. Before refurbishment of your house, it is important to know how much value your house will increase. Does an extension give you great returns on investment? Or if the loft conversion provides more percentage of worth to your property? Obviously, we will choose the one offering the better value.  

  • Know the fitting cost for both loft conversion and extension

What is cheaper between a loft conversion and an extension? There is not a direct answer to this query. The cost directly depends on factors such as project complexity & size, design, labour cost, location, customization, and material used. Talk to an expert home construction firm in London, UK. They will give you the detailed information by analysing the requirements of your space.  

Difference between a Loft Conversion and an Extension – (Extension Vs Loft Conversion)

To quickly understand whether to go with extension or a loft conversion, have a look below:  

Aspect  Loft Conversion  Extension 
Cost   Generally Less  Usually expensive  
Time   Takes less time   Take more time for construction  
Space Used   Use the existing attic space   Adds another dimension to the property  
Planning Permission   Not required in most cases   Planning permission is mostly required  
Adds Value?  Yes, loft conversion adds around 15-20% value.   Depending on the size, extensions also add a great value. (around 20% or more) 


  • Are planning permission required for both extensions and loft services in UK? 

For a loft conversion service in the UK, you won’t need planning permission. It is because it already comes under the permitted development as no alterations were made. However, you can always talk to an expert loft architect to get a detailed analysis. In case of extensions, planning permissions are essential. It is because we will be adding extra dimension.  

  • Will a loft conversion or an extension add more space to my home? 

Generally, extensions add more space than loft conversion. However, if you have a limited garden or floor space, the loft conversions would be the best alternative. It all comes down to the available space, planning permissions and outdoor space. If you have a great headroom, but lack the ground space; loft conversions will expand your property much better.  

  • Is the loft conversion fitting considered as an extension? 

It depends on the installation of the loft conversion. If a loft space is converted within the available attic space without causing any property alterations, it is classified as only a loft conversion. But if the changes are made to the existing dimensions, then it will certainly be considered as an extension.  


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