Loft conversion specialists near me

TEL Constructions: Loft Conversion Specialists Near Me.

Loft conversion has been a popular choice for many years now, and you have probably heard of many London loft conversions companies that offer the wildest designs with luxe finishes.

Wrap around and read the full blog on the popular specialists and wizards of loft conversions in the United Kingdom.

Loft Conversion Specialist London

Have you just moved into a new home, or are you just considering renovating the existing one? Then you are probably looking for all the appealing ways to refurbish your home.

Loft conversions are the perfect solution with adorable designs and fantastic advantages for revamping residential areas, increasing available space and market value.

Loft conversions in London are the world’s most popular, as the majority of residents prefer attic space conversions. When you transform the upper building body to utilize it as a bedroom, study room, office, or anything – they are known as loft conversions.

Reasons Why You Should Go for It – Loft Conversion Benefits

I know you must be thinking why loft conversions are so trendy. Why popular architects see loft conversion for homes as a success!

Trust me; this read will shed light on your minds.

You know what? The beauty of loft conversion is hidden inside the wealth of benefits, beautiful exteriors, and practical solutions that the attic holds for a home.

The smart way to add on space in your home

You must admit that loft conversion specialists are excellent architects who can create more usable space without moving house. You may add more than one room to the existing space.

Planning permissions are not always a necessity.

In London, the government follows many strict construction rules that affect anything from commercial to personal spaces. Only the best loft conversion specialist near me proceeds smoothly on which loft design needs permission.

Crisp home remodelling under an acceptable budget

So, the next thing I love about lofts is that they are an easy way to change the home elevation without breaking banks. So why not opt for it?

Why is it an obvious thing to find the best loft conversion specialist in London?

best loft conversion specialist in London

What’s the significance of contacting only the eminent and professionals’ architect for a loft conversion in the UK? Let’s find out!

You must have noticed that we always pressurize on the importance of picking the best London loft conversion company. I don’t want to scare you, but the wrong decision may damage your property.

Some loft conversion ideas are only suitable for limited home designs; therefore, it is important to see which companies for loft design near me are the best.

Planning permission can sometimes be challenging depending on your geographical location and existing home structure. Handling those formalities by yourself may lead to a time extension; it would be a WISE decision to have a loft conversion expert.

Generally, if your neighbours have lofts, you may not need planning permissions; it is a rare case, folks!

  • Loft conversion architect inspects and dictates crucial factors deeply so that your family and you do not have to face any specific problems in future.
  • Loft conversion designers in the UK know better about the complexity of a house design; they handle shortcomings smartly.
  • They guide you better if your roof can bear weight and have suitable height per your requirement.

So now we all are clear on why a loft conversion specialist London plays the HERO in converting the spare room.

Loft conversion specialist near me

Loft conversion specialist near me

Loft conversions are your CALL to use your available attic space best. They are typically less expensive, eye-catching, luxurious, and add significant glamour to your lovely house.

Are you Planning a Loft Conversion? Do you seek the best loft conversion company in London?

TEL Constructions is acclaimed as the loft conversion designing company that provide all types of loft conversion services in the London. It is a name that nobody can skip when talking about modern loft conversions.

Personalize your home with beautiful loft conversion designs in no time with:

  • personalized plans,
  • high technology and tools,
  • after-sale services,
  • Customer satisfaction,
  • Ultra creativity and
  • sky-high dedication.

Notably, we have been in the industry for the last ten years and have delivered thousands of adorning loft conversion designs with full satisfaction.

Check out our heart-pinching portfolio and read blogs and testimonies.

To contact the team, fill in your details in the given form and wait while the loft conversion expert pings you back.

Call us on 020 8158 4006 or email the team at

How much does a loft conversion add value

How much does a loft conversion add value?

Do you know loft conversions in the UK are a smart solution to hike the value of your property? People love polishing their home appearance with beautiful loft conversions for many decades. The design and types of loft conversion plays the main role that impacts this value.

There are two primary things in London about homes – they either have loft conversion plans under process or already have a well-fitted loft over their head. Well, if you live in the UK, you better know!

Loft Conversion – A Smart Way for Raising Home Worth

How can you utilize loft conversion properly? You can convert the unused area to a private study room, TV room, or DJ room or what about a beautiful Greenhouse at the top? This will add both floor space and value to your home.

People generally ask about do they need planning permission for a loft conversion?  And what loft conversion ideas can they look into?

Are you muddled with the same thoughts? Worry not! This blog has every piece of important information.

Many clients often ask what types of loft conversion their home design can withstand.

If you have the same question in mind, here’s what you want to hear– every home is special and there are different loft conversion types will suit your home the best.

The five main types are: dormer loft conversion, mansard loft conversion, Velux/ roof light loft conversion, L-shaped loft conversion and Hip to Gable loft conversion. The loft conversion plans depend on the following:

  • Height and shape of roof
  • Layout and style of home
  • Is it detached, semi-detached, or terraced home?
  • Available space, client budget and more.

People hang on the dormer and mansard loft conversions. They both are wonderful and add immense grace to a home. The slightest difference between these two is as follows:

Dormer loft conversion is the conventional loft conversion design with a flat roof vertically projecting from the existing structure and 90 degrees to the floor. It makes a box-shaped structural roof and is best suitable for small ceilings.

Mansard conversions are stylish extensions designed to convert the rear of your property to a flat roof with 72-degree roof edges that slightly seem straight. They add considerable value to an existing home.

Planning permissions for Loft conversion

Do you own a property that comes under permitted development rights? If yes, then you need no planning permission. Click on the link to read the depth blog on how to take loft conversion planning permission

How much does loft conversion increase the home value?

Honestly, there is no exact value on how much a loft conversion could increase the price of your property, as there are diverse loft styles. Significant factors such as your location, existing roof design, and the loft room influence the overall value.

Besides, the geographical area and the neighbouring home structure may impact permission rights. So always head forward to find the best construction company in the London.

Best Loft Conversion Company

You can always ping for the best loft conversion companies near me before embarking on the conversion. This lets you better understand every positive and limited factor about a loft conversion.

Experts take complete accountability, shows the bigger picture, explains the budget, permitted development rights, planning permissions and proceed the tasks with no time.

TEL Constructions is acclaimed as the best loft conversion company in London, with more than a decade of construction experience. The expertise delivers the dream projects with exceptional designs and material quality under your constrained budget.

Don’t let the opportunity slip away to revamp your living space with the touch of practical and stunning loft conversions. Complete the given contact form and seasoned architect team will contact you for a FREE consultation and QUOTE.

Call us now and get in touch to know the available options for your living space.


Convert Your Loft into Home Theater: Loft Conversion Specialists

Are you looking for the ultimate entertainment experience in the comfort of your own home?

A Home Theater is a perfect way to spend time with your loved ones, host movie nights or game parties, and even relax by yourself after a long day.

Thinking about space issues? Not anymore. The answer lies in your unused loft space.

Yes! Home Cinema in Loft not only provides endless hours of entertainment but also adds value to your property.

This blog answers all your queries on converting your loft into Home Theater, advantages, technical requirements, design and planning, cost, time and much more. Let’s dive in!

Table of Contents

Why convert loft space for Home Theater?

Having a home cinema room provides a great way to unwind and spend quality time with family and friends.

The big movie screen is like an escape from the stresses of daily life and an opportunity to relax and enjoy your favourite movie or TV show.

In all, a home theater is a great investment that can provide years of entertainment and relaxation, making it a worthwhile addition to any home.

Have a look why loft space is the perfect location for your entertainment arena i.e. Home Cinema.

  • Acoustics for immersive experience

The high ceilings and open layout of a loft space can provide great acoustics for your home theater. You’ll have better sound quality and a more immersive viewing experience.

  • Natural Light for inviting ambience

Lofts often have large windows or skylights, which can provide natural light during the day. This can create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for your home theater.

  • Privacy from rest of house

A loft is typically a separate space from the main living areas of the house, so you can enjoy your home theater without any distractions or interruptions.

  • Increased Property Value

Converting your loft into a home theater is a unique and attractive feature that can add value to your property. It’s a smart investment that can make your home stand out in the property or real estate market.

How to assess loft space for Home Theater?

Before starting your loft conversion into a home theater, it’s important to assess the space to ensure it’s suitable for your needs. Here are some factors to consider:

Evaluation of the Loft Space

  • Loft Size determines type of home theater setup.
  • Loft Shape affects acoustics and equipment placement.
  • Loft Access to ensure that there is safe and convenient access.
  • Complying with loft building regulations to avoid any legal issues.

Considerations for Layout and Seating

  • Consider Layout such as location of the screen, speakers, placement of seating.
  • Seating arrangement that offers the most comfort and convenience. It can be sofas, recliners or just mattress with pillows.

How to design and plan Home Cinema in loft space?

After assessing the loft space and ensuring that it’s suitable for a home theater, it’s time to start planning the design and layout of your space.

A professional loft conversion specialist can help guide you through the design and planning process and ensures that you have everything to create the perfect loft home theater room.

Here are some key factors to consider:

Choosing the Right Equipment and Technology

  • Size and type of Screen for best viewing experience preferences. Options may range from large projection screens to flat-screen TVs.
  • High quality sound system to enhance the viewing experience. Options range from basic surround sound systems to more advanced options, such as Dolby Atmos.
  • Consider comfortable recliner chairs or even a sectional sofa to ensure that everyone has a comfortable viewing experience.

Lighting and Sound Considerations

  • Lighting impacts the ambiance of your home theater. Consider options such as dimmer switches, colour-changing lights, or even LED strip lighting to create the perfect atmosphere.
  • Soundproofing to prevent sound from escaping the room and disturbing other areas of the house. Acoustic panels, curtains, and carpets can all be used to help with soundproofing.

Deciding on the Style and Decor

  • Style will depend on your personal preferences and the overall style of your home. Consider options such as modern, minimalist, or even a themed home theater, such as a classic movie theater or a sports-themed room.
  • For decor, consider options such as movie posters, wall art etc to complete the look-n-feel of your home theater.

Working on the Structural & Technical requirements for home Cinema loft

Creating a home theater in your loft involves certain structural and technical requirements to ensure that the space is safe, comfortable, and meets all necessary regulations. Here are some considerations for this phase of the project:

ü  Building Regulations and Permits

Before starting any construction work, it’s important to determine whether your loft conversion requires building regulations approval or planning permission.

These regulations vary depending on your location, so it’s important to consult with your local authority to determine what is required.

ü  Insulation, Soundproofing, and Ventilation

Insulation and soundproofing are essential for creating a comfortable and private space for your home theater. Proper ventilation is also important to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment.

A professional loft conversion company can advise on the best insulation and soundproofing materials, as well as ventilation systems.

ü  Electrical and Wiring Requirements

Proper electrical and wiring requirements are important for the safe and effective operation of your home theater.

This includes installing enough power outlets, wiring for audio and visual equipment, and ensuring that all electrical work is carried out by a certified electrician.

Why you need a loft conversion specialist for home Cinema Construction and Installation?

Why you need a loft conversion specialist for home Cinema Construction and Installation

From building regulations and permits to the best materials, and technology to use, a loft cinema specialist advices you the right choice of things to ensure that the home theater is safe, appealing and stands the test of time.

Have a look, why you need a loft conversion specialist for your loft cinema room.

ü  Expertise is the key:

A loft conversion specialist has the right expertise and experience in all aspects of loft conversion, including building regulations, insulation, soundproofing, and electrical work.

They ensure that your loft cinema meets all necessary regulations and is constructed to a high standard.

ü  Professional equipment and tools:

These professionals have access to the latest equipment and tools required for home cinema construction and installation, that helps ensure that the project is completed quickly and efficiently.

ü  Cost-effective & High-quality Construction:

A reputed loft conversion company can help you save money by sourcing materials at a lower cost and avoiding potential mistakes or oversights that could result in additional costs down the line.

ü  Peace of mind & zero hassles:

By working with a professional and renowned loft conversion expert, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home cinema project is safe and will be completed on time and in budget.

ü  Technical knowledge:

A loft conversion specialist’s experience helps them to handle complex situations that may arise during the home cinema construction process.

They can identify issues and provide solutions to ensure the project is completed successfully and avoid costly mistakes and delays.

ü  Knowledge of Latest and Trending Designs:

They can provide suggestions and recommendations based on your specific requirements and preferences, ensuring that your home cinema is designed to meet your needs and provide an enjoyable viewing experience.

By working with a specialist, you can explore a range of design options and make informed decisions to create a home cinema that is both functional and stylish.

Latest Loft Home Cinema Room Designs

Latest Loft Home Cinema Room Designs

How TEL Constructions helps you

Working on the Structural & Technical requirements for home Cinema loft

How TEL Constructions helps you?

As a reputed construction firm with over 10 years of experience in the construction industry, TEL Constructions beholds an excellent legacy of delivering quality projects for clients.

Our portfolio includes big names in various industries, highlighting our expertise and commitment to excellence.

What’s make us your #1 choice for loft home cinema room experts? Here it is.

  • #1 Loft Conversion Experts

We are known as the #1 loft conversion experts and the first choice of architects, builders, and developers in the UK.

Our team of seasoned engineers, workers, architects, designers, and project managers work together and ensure that every project is unique and gets completed to the unmatched standards.

  • State-of-the-Art Machines and Technology

At TEL Constructions, we have access to the latest state-of-the-art machines and technology.

Our work culture is based on efficiency, precision, and innovation, ensuring that we deliver projects on time and to the satisfaction of our clients.

  • Diverse Portfolio of Projects

We have a diverse portfolio that includes loft conversions, new builds, and home extensions. This allows us to cater to a wide range of clients with different construction needs.

Additionally, we have an in-house team of specialists for plumbing, electricity, and logistics works, eliminating the need for subcontractors and ensuring a streamlined construction process.

  • Latest and Modern Designs for loft home Cinema

Our team of design experts are adept at handling complex projects with ease. At TEL Constructions, we understand that every project is unique and requires a personalized approach.

Our designers work closely with clients to bring their vision to life, be it a pre-conceived design or a new one.

  • Preferred Choice of Industry Professionals

TEL Constructions is the preferred choice of architects, builders, and developers when it comes to loft conversions and home cinema installations.

We are committed to deliver exceptional results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

  • Complete Control for Your Home Cinema

At TEL Constructions, we offer an immersive experience and full control of your home cinema experience with our home automation expertise.

From a remote or smartphone, you can easily control not only your entertainment but also the lights and climate, creating a personalized “Cinema” scene with just one touch.

  • Well-placed equipment installations

At TEL Constructions, our professional home cinema installation service includes optimized equipment installation to ensure that all the wiring is hidden behind walls to protect your home’s aesthetics.

Our seasoned team of technicians will also find the optimal speaker placement and angles and can install acoustic panels if needed to absorb sound and provide a top-notch cinema experience.

  • We work in your budget

Our experienced team at TEL Constructions can help you decide the best loft conversion type for your home theater, whether it’s a dormer conversion, roof light conversion, or mansard conversion.

We take into consideration your budget, space requirements, and the design you want to achieve to provide you with the best solution for your home cinema.

So, reach out to TEL Constructions for your dream loft home cinema room and feel the magic of Big screen casting the magical spell.

Bottom Line

Transform your loft into an amazing loft home cinema room with the help of loft conversion specialists.

Create unforgettable movie nights with your loved ones and elevate your home entertainment experience.

Don’t wait any longer, start planning your dream home theater today!

How To Get Planning Permission For A Loft Conversion?

How To Get Planning Permission For A Loft Conversion?

It is pretty common to get confused whenever it is about navigating the world of planning developments and permissions associated with it.

Especially when you are planning to convert your loft.

Does the loft conversion require any planning permissions?

Or can the development be done devoid of any permissions?

Or is the space already under permitted developments?

So many queries to be answered but the answers are still not known to many.

But no looking further.

Here you’ll get a complete piece of information about it.

What exactly is the “LOFT CONVERSION”?

What exactly is the “LOFT CONVERSION”?

Think of the loft conversion with the following consideration,

You live in a space where you have everything to make a comfortable living.

A peaceful place that is lively enough to lift the mood.

And you are short of space, but you don’t want to leave the space at the same time.

If such a scenario happens to you as well, a loft conversion can be a brilliant solution for you!

A loft conversion will upsize the home space you already have and provides a solution to the space requirement, which is relatively easy and low on disruption too!

Is it possible to get a loft conversion devoid of any planning permissions?

Generally, what happens is most of the loft conversions are already under the permitted development.

Do you know what that means?

This means that you won’t require any planning permissions as long as your building fits specific criteria.

So, if you seek a simple loft conversion with roof windows, you probably need not worry at all!

However, it is always good to verify.

And an essential thing to be focused on here is during any loft conversion; whether it is under authorized development or not, you will be required to follow stringent guidelines and building regulations to ensure that the job is done safely.

Do you need planning permission for a loft conversion?

Yes, planning permission for the loft conversions is a legal affair that needs to be done before initiating the job.

However, as per the laws, there are a few rules that doesn’t require any planning development permissions.

Read the blog till the end and get a complete piece of information about it. 

What loft conversion can be acquired devoid of any planning permissions?

Loft conversion requires planning permissions in many cases that a concerned professional may help you with.

But to have a guide on this, you might not require permission if the proposed loft conversion falls under or satisfies the below-mentioned conditions.

The loft conversion without planning permission can be carried out if:

  • The new loft conversion is not larger than 40 cubic meters in the case of the terraced house, whereas 50 cubic meters for the semi-detached and detached homes.
  • The loft doesn’t even include any balconies, raised platforms, or verandas.
  • The loft doesn’t extend higher than the existing roof’s highest part.
  • Any side-facing windows must be a minimum of 1.7m above the ground.
  • Any side-facing windows must be obscurely glazed.
  • The loft is done using materials that are identical in appearance to the remaining house.
  • A roof extension should not overhand the original house’s outer wall.
  • The home isn’t located in specifically designated areas, including conservation spaces, world heritage sites, national parks, and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
  • A roof extension must be at least 20 cm from the original eaves.

In short, the following loft conversion types do not require planning permission. 

A basic conversion

The basic conversion of the current loft into a common room-like bedroom might not require any permission.

But here, one essential thing to be noted is that any side-facing windows should be obscure, glazed, and non-opening to follow the permitted development laws. 

A hip to gable roof extension

A hip to gable roof extension is a side extension in which the existing roof slopes at both or a single side. 

A rear dormer extension

A rear dormer extension gains additional headroom. 

Do the permitted development rights apply to my property?

It is obvious that several properties do not require any permitted development rights.

But that doesn’t mean that you will be able to develop the extension devoid of submitting any full planning applications.

So you must ask your Local Planning Authority whether the rights of permitted development apply to your space or not.

However, in the following cases, permitted development doesn’t apply.

  • Maisonettes and flats
  • Listed properties or buildings in a conservation area

Several other protected areas, including world heritage sites and Suffolk broads, Areas of outstanding natural beauty and national parks.

Do I require building regulations approval for the loft conversion?

Yes! Getting the building regulations approval is a legal requirement.

Devoid of approval, your local council can force you to rebuild or open up several significant aspects of the projects.

While sometimes, it may also lead to fines and prosecution.

When does a loft conversion require permitted development?

The lofts that are out of the rules mentioned above and regulations require planning permission.

However, still, if the space requires planning permissions to proceed with the loft conversion plan, it is always good to get an expert’s advice concerning your area. 

How do I get planning permission for the Loft Conversion?

If your loft conversion doesn’t require any planning permissions, does that mean you cannot have the development you are looking for?

Well, no!

You can still have the space you desire for.

If the space requires planning permission, all you can do is follow the below procedure to acquire the permissions.

  • Start with submitting an application.
  • This application needs to be completed on a standard form.
  • Print the form and fill in the details with accurate information.
  • Along with the application, do not forget to share the additional information concerning the loft conversion if required.
  • This additional information may include supporting documents, site plans, and documentation fees.
  • Once the completed application is reached to the local authorities and found complete, you will get the notification on the receipt.
  • Post that; It will be subject to the time scale of local authorities.
  • This sums up the application for planning permission.

But do you know that there is still a way out to get the planning permissions devoid of any further hassles?

That is by connecting with a professional who can do it all for you!

Yes. Hiring a professional or taking the help while planning a loft conversion is always a perfect way to do it all hassle-free. 

Are any other permissions required for a loft conversion?

Based on the planning development, you might require permissions.

This may include:

1. A party wall agreement

If the loft conversion work you are planning will affect the adjoining walls with the neighbour’s home, you will probably require a Party Wall Agreement.

It is basically an agreement between you and your neighbours to ensure that the loft you are performing is fair and won’t even damage the neighbour’s property.

This party wall notice will include

  • A summary of the proposed work
  • Copies of the plans to adjoining neighbours

2. Protected Species

If you have bats living in the space going under loft conversion, you will require a bat survey.

Since bats are a protected species, and your loft is a house to roost them, you might need a mitigation license to carry out the conversion.

Is it forbidden to convert a loft without building regulations?

Yes, and the consequences are more challenging.

If a person fails to comply with the building regulations, you will get forced to reverse the work that was carried out recently.

And not only this but you may also be given a hefty fine.

This can be costly and time-consuming.

Would you like to go through such hassling experience?

Obviously not!

So, it is always an excellent idea to seek the relevant permissions required for the loft conversion to carry out.

What building regulations will affect the loft conversion?

Regardless of wondering and worrying about your place requiring planning permission or not, your loft space still needs to meet the building regulations approval.

Building regulations generally ensure that any work done is structurally excellent and the new room in the newly constructed area is completely fire-safe and insulated.

These particular regulations generally depend on the conversion type you are planning to have. For the initial thing, the elements covered under building regulations include:

  • Fire safety

Fire-resistant doors are required to make the room fire safe. For this, mains-powered smoke alarms are required.

  • Sound insulation

While considering the space for loft conversion, it is essential to ensure that the noise between rooms is efficiently insulated.

  • Stairs

New stairs are also required to provide an escape in case of fire.

  • Floor and beams

It is probably that the new floor joists that will be required to support the new room weight.

  • Walls

New walls are required to support the new or existing roofs where the existing ones have been removed.

However, this is not the complete list. There are plenty of things that are required to be considered while planning the conversion.

How much does a loft conversion planning permission cost?

The loft conversion planning permission cost generally varies and depends on various factors. This includes:

  • The type of loft conversion
  • Dimensions of the loft space
  • Requirements to transform the loft area
  • And materials chosen

Get the quote for your space with the TEL Constructions experts!

Bottom line!

Planning permissions have a lot of impact on the loft conversions.

Planning permission for loft conversion done right can provide ample advantages in many terms.

But what if a PD permission concern puts you into a lot of trouble?

Indeed, it will be a troubling situation.

Therefore, a feasible solution is essential to acquire all the benefits.

Are you looking to get a complete piece of information on Loft Conversion?

Do not forget to get it checked here with the experts.

Or call us @ 020 8158 4006.

And you can also write to us @

Best Loft Conversion Company near me: Add Value and Space to your Property

Discover the idea behind the most functional and aesthetic loft conversions companies near me.

A loft conversion is the genius way to increase the space of a home without moving it.

The empty and dead area that once you think is of zero value can now be transformed into a room, an attic and a living area. People are so much drawn to the concept of loft conversions in London.

Loft Conversions are one of the most common home structures that can be seen in UK homes.

The planning of loft conversion can be the best decision a folk can make for the improvement of his place but this could become daunting at some times.

Let us understand the importance of getting loft conversion by loft conversion specialists near me.

Browsing Google for loft conversion builders near me? First understand what is loft conversion?

Browsing Google for loft conversion builders near me? First understand what is loft conversion

To design a loft means – making an extra storage space within the roof area of an existing room that eventually enhances the structure, integrity and value of the space.

Homeowners often admit that loft designs are the right way to add worth to an existing home without making huge changes by spending fewer ponds.

  • You will see that UK homes are made of slant roofs which are the most suitable and acceptable for the construction of loft.
  • A loft conversion is a perfect solution for adding more space without increasing and building constructions on the ground.

You can easily expand and add the dedicated area you want to an existing home by finding the loft conversion specialists near me.

Unlock how approaching loft conversion specialists near me adds value to your home?

Unlock how approaching loft conversion specialists near me adds value to your home

When you make a Loft conversion, the overall worth value of a property increases by approximately 20 per cent.

Since the building requires material, added storage area, can make the home smart and contemporary which earns the praise of government authorities by following all the regulations in the procedure.

People go for loft conversion near me to make single bedrooms, study rooms, offices, or a playroom – whatever you like it to be.

Moreover, they can be decorated beautifully in the same ways as normal bedrooms, even better. This makes them stand out the entire place and makes an incredible ambience inside the home.

TEL Constructions- Google’s most loved choice for Loft Conversion Company near me

TEL Constructions never let your guards down as it does better than you can expect from other loft conversion companies near me.

There is no second question on the choice if you go with TEL construction to convert a space into adorable lofts.

  • Our eminent team members utilize a modern approach to accomplish their goals that satisfy the clients.
  • We always work on our principles that are the reason we are keep growing and growing on the top list of construction companies in the UK.
  • We act precisely and confidently even on the most complex projects that promise the commitment, passion and love of work from our engineers, labour and teammates.

The approach followed by TEL Construction is simple – Professionalism, Technical Education, and Timely Delivery!

Moreover, many other important features that make TEL Constructions as one of the best loft conversion specialists near me are:

  • High-Quality materials

In every construction, we mainly focus on the details and quality of the material to support a long run age without getting affected by the external unwanted conditions.

The high-quality material projects luxury finishes that change the outlook of your home.

Being the most trusted company for loft constructions, we use the most relatable, safe and polished materials to avoid any discomfort and ensure durability.

  • Transparent Client Relationship

Our workman understands the importance of meaningful relationships with the clients and therefore, we always communicate heart to heart with our clients to know about their tastes, likes, and dislikes.

By this, we deliver a dream project those lights up the eyes of a customer every time they look at their places.

  • Best budget Planning

If you are looking for modern, technical, aesthetic designing for loft conversion companies in London but are worrying about their high-cost prices, then you must look forward to TEL Constructions.

As already mentioned we work genuinely towards customer satisfaction and needs. Our builders deeply plan the projects according to the requirements of a client within his available budget.

  • On-Time Delivery

All Around the London homes, people know us for our trait of on-time project completion. Homeowners often are disturbed by the long-running constructions – they complain mostly about the non timely completion of the project.

TEL Constructions are dedicated to the work planning and will sharply meet the deadlines even before the decided time.

  • Own Logistics

Apart from having a full-fledged in-house team of designers, workmen and other artisans, we have our own logistics.

This ensures zero delay in any of your projects plus refrains you from handling hassles of transportation and logistics.

Loft services offered by TEL Constructions – the most trusted loft conversion builders near me

A variety of loft conversion designs in London are modelled by TEL Constructions that change the floor space, roof area and overall scenery of a home.

Majorly there are four types Loft conversion services offered by TEL Constructions.

  • Dormer Loft Conversion
  • Mansard Loft Conversion
  • Hip to gable Loft Conversion
  • Roof light OR VELUX Conversion of Loft

1. Dormer Conversion of Loft

Dormer Conversion of Loft

If you ever notice the vertical projection from the roof of a home at the top that makes a perfect box-shaped figure then you must be looking at a Dormer type of roof conversion.

It is considered one of the most common types in UK homes as it is cost-effective, easy to design and efficient in terms of storage space.  It is mainly built on the slopped type of rooftops.

Benefits of Dormer Conversion

  • It fits generally to every kind of house with a slightly sloped roof.
  • Dormer conversions add extra foot and headspace to the loft room and are less expensive than other types of lofts.
  • An ideal choice for the passage of good light and air for ventilation.
  • It has flat ceilings and walls which are absolute looks familiar and comfortable for folk.

Disadvantages of Dormer Conversion

  • It might not suit if you have a roof that is unable to carry extra weight and is not freshly made.
  • Dormer conversions are often considered as the old type and traditional – and therefore, if you want to go for a modular home design, we suggest you avoid this choice.
  • The particular design takes a long time to complete as it requires

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2. Mansard Loft Conversion

Mansard Loft Conversion

The name of Mansard conversion of a roof is given in the 17th Century after the architecture of French.

This kind of graceful conversion is found on flat roofs that are shared between two and multiple walls of an existing property.

These types of lofts are considered as one of the royal and expensive ones that take pounds to stand with such an incredible appearance and durability. They are typically built at the rear side of a home.

Benefits of Mansard Loft Conversions

  • They are made along with the entire roof area and do not let a piece of roof get untouched.
  • Converts a commonplace into ultra-modern and top-notched

Cons of Mansard Conversions

  • It requires a very high-cost price and long-time duration in construction work.
  • To make a roof decorated with royal mansard conversions, a person requires mandatory permission from the essential government bodies.

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3. Hip to gable Loft Conversion

Hip to gable Loft Conversion

When a loft is constructed at the end of a roof within a detached house, terrace, or semi-detached house, this is a type of Hip to gable conversion.

A home can become most attractive and popular by just adapting this variation in their place.

Sometimes, the nearby neighbouring houses may feel strange by the construction as it makes an additional outward structure in the already present wall of a home.

It looks natural and just like the part of your home.

Pros of Hip to gable conversion

  • Hip to gable is famous for adding more than extra space in bungalows, villas, and huge properties.
  • When it is combined with dormer designs, the value and outcome come out to be improved.
  • For aesthetic looks, an owner can keep his check on this option.

Cons of Hip to gable conversion

  • Typically, the construction takes more time and money than dormer conversion.
  • Neighbours may feel strange by the unexpected conversion.

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4. Roof Light or Velux Loft Conversion

Roof Light or Velux Loft Conversion

When architecture does not disturb the entire roof space and adds the required shape and size of the window for the passage of fresh air and sunlight, it is known as roof light loft conversion.

There will be no changes to the floor, ceiling and the top of the existing space.

Rooflight conversion can be made to the other type of conversions also to increase the functionality.

Benefits of Roof Light Conversion

  • It requires no planning permission and takes a few days to get complete.
  • One of the best and natural ways to draw the regular sunlight inside the living area.
  • Cheapest way to transform a space and polish its value.

Disadvantages of Roof Light Conversion

  • By roof light roof conversions, you cannot have the benefit of adding extra storage space to your room.
  • If the window is at the front, you may require planning permission in that case.

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  • Accountable and Safety Concerned

Our every construction endeavour ensures the safety of the site and people around it.

We strictly follow international approved standards and materials to make sure the integrity and longevity of the structure.

  • Proper Planning and Cost Friendly

The workmen make proper planning before starting the work and give a huge importance to client considerations along the procedure.

Also, they eliminate the extra costs if needed. This is the beauty and loyalty of workers at TEL Constructions.

  • Quality Assurance

We strictly adhere to the guidelines of the building regulation and other permitted development rights protocols.

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Here are some common concerns that most of the homeowners planning to undergo loft conversion face. Have a look:

  • Getting permission for a Loft Conversion

The permission for converting a loft depends on the type of conversion and the area where you live.

Sometimes you require permission even for the smallest change and other times you may not need any certifications and agreements even on building a huge structure.

You can contact local planning and construction offices to ensure every task and needy documents before starting the concept of building lofts.

Also, it would be beneficial and kind if you inform your neighbours about the changes you are going to make so that their property cannot be disturbed in any way.

  • Time taken to complete loft conversion

In General, it takes 8 – 10 weeks for the completion of a loft regardless of their type.

Maximum ten weeks are the boundary time that may be taken by an expert.

TEL Constructions completes the project within the promised schedule with promised and sophisticated outcomes.

  • Total cost price for building a Loft Conversion

Our Service of Loft Conversions starts from £29,999 to £40,000. The rest cost depends on the demands, needs, and material used for the fitting.

We always make efforts to cut extra costs and to make the most acceptable total prices. Your every single pond is valuable here!

  • Best Loft Conversion Companies near me

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The Bottom Line

Every home possesses different structural designs followed by variable materials, finishes, touch-up, quality and durability.

Therefore, depending on the state, condition and type of existing roof – the professionals at TEL Constructions work over the suitability of the loft conversion type that perfectly fits in with your requirements.

Other Services by TEL Construction are designing & remodelling, plumbing and heating services, carpentry and electrical solutions, paving and drive-way construction services, network & security, smart homes and much more.

We take a proper check on the existing condition of home, proper analysis is conducted for Safety and Security purposes.

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10 New build loft conversion design ideas

10 New build loft conversion design ideas for your dream home


Going for a loft conversion in a newly built house seems counter-intuitive as the occupants must have thought about the space needs before buying or constructing.

But, looking at the current scenario where work from home has become a new normal after COVID-19, loft conversion seems to be an ideal option for space expansion needs.

Read the article to know all the nitty-gritty of going for new build loft conversion, its types, challenges and some amazing design ideas for your inspiration.

What is loft conversion?

Converting your unused attic space into a liveable area that offers you a new bedroom, gym, play area or even a new workspace that too within your budget is called loft conversion.

Though, there are some complexities and challenges as doing construction on newly built homes is difficult than old period homes.

The reason is that trusses of most of the homes built after 1960 are W-shaped to support the roof.

While undergoing loft conversion, the specialists have to replace this W-shaped truss with other stronger options to ensure the structural integrity of the place.

But, the best part is that most of the homes today have the minimum required height that is needed to comply with the planning permission and building authority guidelines.

Types of new build loft conversion

Depending on the type of roof, your requirements and your budget, roofs are broadly classified into four types.

  1. Rooflight loft conversion:

This is one of the cheapest and readily constructed types of loft conversion. It usually involves the installation of roof lights or skylights on the slope of the roof.

If you are on a tight budget, then this option suits you the best. It is also known as internal loft conversion and requires minimal alterations.

  1. Dormer Loft conversion

To increase the headspace and volume of the loft, dormers or box-shaped structures are added to the roof.

Dormers are usually added to the rear of the property, but if planning permission permits they can be added to the sides as well.

  1. Hip to Gabel loft conversion

If you are living in a home with hipped roofs on all the sides, then converting one hip into a gable end would increase the space enormously.  

One of the hipped roofs is altered and extended along the ridgeline to construct a vertical gable end. This gives a lot of space inside and you can easily convert the roof into your child’s den.

  1. Mansard Loft Conversion

This loft conversion involves major alteration to the structure. The entire roof is replaced by very steep slopes that are connected together with an almost flat roof.

This design is mainly preferred when there is a lack of headroom.

Some design considerations for new build loft conversion

While going for any loft conversion, whether new build or old there are certain design considerations that you need to consider and resolve on priority.

  • Accessibility
  • Headroom
  • Services
  • Insulation, waterproofing
  • Lighting
  • Building regulations
  • Planning permission
  • Fire safety

As such there are no separate planning permissions for new builds. The rules remain the same for every type of construction whether new or old.

Till the things are falling within permitted developments, no separate formalities or application is required to start the loft conversion.

But, there may be a possibility that the developer has imposed certain restrictions known as restrictive covenants.

Suppose your property is on a lease, then you may need to take permission from the freeholder in case you want to go for loft conversion.

But, yes even if your newly built space has been approved by the Building Inspector, you need to get fresh approvals for a loft conversion to make sure that it does not hampers the structural integrity of the property.

Benefits of loft conversion new build UK

It may happen that you have purchased your new home thinking it would be enough for the family, but suddenly events change and you realize that you need a bit more extra space.

Let’s have a look at the accommodation choices that are offered by loft conversion in new build.

  • Office/Workplace

Get some bespoke office furniture added to your new loft and now you can work freely, away from the cacophony of the home.

  • Study room

New build loft conversion serves as the best place for kids to study as the place will be quiet and calm offering no disturbance and 100% concentration.

  • Bedroom

Convert your new loft space into an additional bedroom that can serve as kid’s bedroom or even guest room.

  • Gym

If you are having a small loft or if you are a health freak, turn your loft space into your home gym where you can exercise and stay healthy.

  • Storage space

By installing racks, wardrobes, closets, sliding storage spaces you can easily clear the mess from your rooms and organize the stuff in the new attic space.

  • Home theatre

Give a luxurious flavour to your new build by getting your loft converted into an entertainment zone or home theater.

It’s always better to consult a loft conversion specialist or company to get the best ideas and solutions for your loft.

Now, let’s have a look at the benefits of getting a loft conversion done on a new build property.

  • More space

When we talk about space, there is no limitation. Space is always welcomed and can be utilized in every sense. It may happen that your new build may have smaller rooms.

New build loft conversion gives you an opportunity to convert your loft into a master bedroom with an en-suite.

  • More storage area

It has been seen that storage space often lacks for children and even adults. We always look for more storage options and end up messing our space.

Use the loft space to construct your dream walk-in wardrobe, sliding or hinged wardrobes or even space to accommodate your kid’s toys.

  • Small size plots

Most of the new builds are constructed on small plots sizes. This means over time, there would be a need for more space if not now.

Extending to the rear or side is difficult as well as not appealing. So, the best option would always be extending upwards.

  • Value addition

Market experts have predicted as per market research that loft conversion can raise the value of the space by a minimum of 20-25%.

10 new build loft conversion design ideas

1. Newly built loft conversion bedroom

Newly built loft conversion bedroom

Check out this new build loft conversion that dazzles. The contrast wall colour further adds to the beauty with big dormer windows alloying plenty for sunlight to pour in.

2. A tranquil Living area

A tranquil Living area

Get delved into the beauty of this amazing living room with a big couch and beige shade interiors. Make use of bespoke furniture to make the space look contemporary.

3. New build loft conversion for master bedroom

New build loft conversion for master bedroom

This beautiful loft conversion new build showcases a master bedroom with an attached bathroom. The big dormer windows and timer roofing cast a mesmerising impact on the viewer.

4. Impressive new build loft conversion

Impressive new build loft conversion

This idea shows that you can create more visual impact by placing your bed in the center with an overlooking skylight window just above the bed for better illumination.

5. Beautiful loft conversion new build UK

Beautiful loft conversion new build UK

Choose this design to make your loft look beautiful, spacious and multi-purpose. It is the best combination of study space as well as bedroom space.

6. A tranquil Guest bedroom

A tranquil Guest bedroom

Get a hold of this design and that shows the perfect placement of the bed and other storage items. You can use it as a guest bedroom or kids play area as well.

7. Small new build loft conversion

Small new build loft conversion

Checkout this simple design of small loft conversion and the mesmerising colour scheme that brightens the space and makes it appear more roomy that it actually is.

8. Modern new build loft conversion

Modern new build loft conversion

Unwind yourself in this sleek space. The big furniture makes the space look occupied as well tidy. The big roof lights further enhance the interiors.

9. New build loft conversion for contemporary look

New build loft conversion for contemporary look

This design includes four roof light windows enhancing the ambience of this new build living area with an L-shaped couch beautifully placed amidst white interiors.

10. Open plan new build loft conversion

Open plan new build loft conversion

Have a look at this open-plan loft conversion that is surely going to make your teenager fall in love with this space. The furniture placement and the colour combination fill the space with life.

Bottom Line

Getting new build loft conversion from professionals ensures that your structure is safe, protected and intact.

Planning to buy a home or already purchased a one, loft conversion is an option worth considering keeping in mind the present and future needs.

Looking for loft conversion specialist in UK? We are here to help.

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8 Small Loft Conversion Ideas


Congratulations! You have made a very wise decision to go for a loft conversion.

Loft conversions are a great way to add livable space to your home rather than shifting or encroaching your garden area.

But, it may happen that you have a small roof which makes it impossible to convert into a full-fledged bedroom.

Don’t feel disappointed if your loft has a small footprint. For a loft conversion to happen, the height of the loft needs to be just 2.4m.

Let’s have a look at how you can get benefitted from loft conversion ideas for small lofts and make the best possible usage of your attic space.

What is small loft conversion?

What is small loft conversion

Loft conversions are a quick method to add good living space to your home without compromising external or outdoor areas as well as the best alternative to shifting.

Small loft conversion also turns out to be fabulous and is worth every penny a sit brilliantly adds cosy places to your home that are absolutely stunning.

It can be a bedroom, library, den, home office, library and much more.

Worried about the trusses in your loft? Don’t worry!

The loft conversion specialists can replace these with solid alternatives such as steel or timber and make your loft conversion structurally sound.

Benefits of loft conversion

Small loft conversion design ideas are increasingly becoming popular in all parts of the UK.

The prime reason is that this loft conversion not only adds space but also increases the property value by a minimum of 20%.

The best part that small loft conversion ideas are loved by people as it doesn’t requires any formalities such as planning permissions.

As long as the loft conversion stays within the limit i.e. adding 40 cu.m. for a terraced home and 50 cu.m. for a detached house, planning permissions are not required.

The extra space created makes your home more energy-efficient. The roof lights aim for better ventilation and natural light.

The extra insulation added to the home will help you cut down your utility bills for sure.

Types of loft conversion

Depending on your requirements, space analysis and budget you can go for any of the following popular small loft conversions.

  • Velux or rooflight loft conversion

 This is one of the most affordable loft conversions that include installing skylight windows into your loft slopes along with a staircase to make the place accessible.

  • Dormer loft conversion

Dormer loft conversion means including a dormer or a box-shaped thing added to the slope on the rear side of the house.

  • Hip-to-gable loft conversion

This is suitable for homes having a hipped slope. Here one of the hipped ends is extended along the ridgeline to construct a vertical gable wall at the other end.

  • Mansard loft Conversion

Mansard loft conversion involves major alterations to the roof but results in a beautiful space that you’ve always imagined.

Let’s have a look how you can get the best out of the small loft conversion

Making your small loft appear big is all about getting the design right. Connect with the professional small loft conversion companies that will help you deliver the best usable design.

  • Don’t ignore large Furniture items

Well, you may think that a large piece of furniture may dominate the room but getting a larger one rules out the need for small items that are required in the periphery.

Carefully selecting the furniture helps you mark a maximum impact.

  • Go for bespoke units

You need to be innovative while selecting the furniture for your small loft.

Rather than buying pre-made, refer going for bespoke ones as they help in minimizing clutter and ensure maximum space utilization.

  • Install Dormer Windows

By selectively using dormer windows, you can actually create great living space in your small loft.

  • Use Mirrors for more illumination

Small loft conversion designs can be a little dull and turn the space dark. For that, it’s better to maximize the light.

Avoid going for heavy and dark shades of furniture or wall paints. Installing mirrors strategically could increase the reflection and hence brightly illuminate the room.

Things to consider for small loft conversion

There are certain things that you need to consider before undergoing a small loft conversion.

Professionals from a loft conversion company could prove beneficial in helping you out to decide how and which loft conversion can take place.

Have a look at some of the factors that you need to consider before selecting your favourite small loft conversion design ideas.

Head height

To determine whether your loft s suitable for conversion, you need to make sure that your loft has a minimum head height of 2.4 m.

Anything less would require either extension of the roof or lowering down of the ceiling of the first floor.

Type of roof

If you have trusses, then removing them may require additional structural support to your home, this, in turn, may increase the expenses.

Location of staircase

Don’t leave the staircase to the end or till the final stages of the project.

It’s always better to plan the space for your attic space as it may take up some space from the newly built room.

What can you do with small loft conversion?

A loft conversion can actually maximise your small space and add tremendous value to your place.

Here are some of the ideas to get inspiration from and start with your small loft conversion today!

Home Office

With more and more workforce working from home due to the upheaval caused by the pandemic, converting your attic space into a home office is an ideal way to say goodbye to distractions.


Felt a need for a second bathroom?

What could be a better option than converting your unused attic into a beautiful and relaxing shower space!

Wardrobe Storage Space

Are your clothes and other things making your room appear untidy, messy and cluttered?

It signals you need an extra wardrobe space. Your loft area turns out to be a great place to install bespoke wardrobes that match your style and lock up the things there.

Spare Bedroom

Lofts tend to serve a great option if you are looking to construct a kids room.

Just a few days and you children have their own room where they can do all the fun in their own private zone.

Play Room/Den

This loft can serve an as excellent play area.

Kids tend to keep things messy and cluttered everywhere.  The best way to put a stop to all this is to give them their own play area or a den that has all the things they need.


Turn your attic into a cosy library, away from the cacophony of the home that instils tranquillity while you are reading books.

8 Beautiful small loft conversion ideas

Discover these beautiful small loft conversion ideas and get inspired to design your dream space.

1. Small loft conversion idea for Home Office

Small loft conversion idea for Home Office

Convert your small loft space into a secluded working space that has all the essentials required to carry out the work smoothly.

2. Escape into a Den!

Escape into a Den!

Look how carefully the trusses are kept intact and the beauty of the place is enhanced. Convert your place into a multi-use space for every age group.

3. A tranquil guest room with small loft

A tranquil guest room with small loft

Adding a master bedroom is not always possible with small lofts.

In fact, you can turn it into a fancy guest space that can serve as a bedroom for your growing teenagers, guests or even you while the elderly can sleep downstairs peacefully.

4. Small lofts offer a Space to relax

Small lofts offer a Space to relax

Just grab your favourite book or binge a Netflix series and run into your new small loft space to relax and unwind from the daily chores.

5. Cosy Small loft Living Room Design

Cosy Small loft Living Room Design

It’s time to create a perfect retreat at your place with this beautiful small loft conversion design idea for the living room.

The beautiful Gable windows not only illuminate the space so holistically but also ensure to capture moments when you socialize.

6. Turn your small loft space into a lounge zone

Turn your small loft space into a lounge zone

This design is a perfect example of contemporary minimalistic interior design with carpet and couches in eye-catching white space well lit by concealed lighting and natural light.

7. A cute small loft conversion design

A cute small loft conversion design

Your growing teenager needs his own separate space and seeks privacy?

Check out this small loft conversion design that is perfect for your kid’s growing needs.

8. Elegant space for your kids

Elegant space for your kids

This space includes a vast area with an impressive bed with storage option. The cabinet unit placed next to the bed serves as a study table as well as holds the important stuff of your kids.

Bottom Line

Small loft conversion designs are trending!

Why waste your attic space when you can actually create a beautiful habitable space out of it.

Looking for designs or don’t know how to begin?

Our expert professionals are seasoned in helping you go about your dream project. Connect with us today and book your free site visit today!

Loft conversion staircase solutions


The first thing that comes to mind while undergoing loft conversion to create a more livable space, is the new design of the loft.

The focus is always on the height of the roof, insulation, designing of the rooms, the staircase is often forgotten or ignored till the wind-up starts.

Whether you are undergoing a simple roof light loft conversion or hip-to-gable one, it’s the staircase solutions that are going to make your new space accessible.

You need to get the staircase design right to make sure that they fit well within your room space.

Keep reading to discover A-Z of loft conversion staircase solutions from cost, planning permission and beautiful designs that inspire.

What other things do you need to make loft conversion staircase?

If space considerations are bothering you and shifting seems an expensive option, then consider expanding your existing one.

Loft conversion can give that much-needed extra space that you have been longing for.

But before beginning, there are certain things that you need to consider such as time taken, cost, planning permission and accessibility etc.

Apart from that, you need to consider that how much space is available for the staircase or do you need to sacrifice space? It may even happen that you may end up in either a smaller room or a small staircase for your loft.

It’s always better to connect with a renowned loft conversion company to discuss your options and how the staircase can be incorporated properly.

This will give a better idea about the best loft conversion staircase solutions that meet your requirements and falls within your budget too.

Types of Loft Conversion Stairs Solutions

The staircases are broadly classified into two categories bespoke and pre-made.

Bespoke means custom made as per the requirements. Normally, bespoke ones are more expensive than pre-made ones.

It may be true that most of the pre-made staircases are made as per standard sizes but not all are off the shelf. You can easily customize them as per head height, the number of treads, height, pitch etc.

On a tight budget? Then customizing the pre-made ones would be a better idea but if you are looking for a staircase solution that adds x-factor to your space then go for bespoke ones.

The loft and staircase construction companies usually have a good number of professional designers and in-house team members that are highly skilled in that and may complete your work within few days.

Get staircase designed in a unique and stylish way that aims for efficient space utilization. Staircases if designed properly not only last for a lifetime but turn out to be a great architectural feature in itself.

Based on your needs and requirements, there are essentially four types of staircases that you can choose from.

  • Spiral loft conversion staircase

Spiral loft conversion staircase

For small loft conversion space, spiral staircases are the best viable option you can ever have. Apart from giving a beautiful look, they help in saving a lot of space.

They serve as a great option in case you have a small landing space and are looking for a small staircase for loft conversion option.

  • Paddle loft conversion staircase

Here may be chances that the landing area is small. Paddle staircase is an ideal pick for the same.

Just like spiral staircases, they are an ideal space-saving option.

  • L/U Shaped loft conversion Staircase

You can go for L/U shaped loft conversion staircase designs while curving up the elevation even in the smallest of spaces.

  • Ladder loft conversion Staircase

Ladders are the best suitable option in case you are considering a small staircase design for loft conversion. Ladders can be possible paced in any space, any room and take bare minimal space.

But, people prefer other staircase options as ladders are a bit difficult to walk up.

Cost of staircase loft conversion

If you considering handing over your loft conversion project to a loft conversion company, the expenses are generally included in the total cost or the quoted price.

For a basic loft conversion, the total cost including the price of the staircase starts from around £20,000 and £30,000+ for the dormer loft conversion.

If you looking to install loft conversion staircase as an individual element, then the basic cost begins from £2,000.

Building regulations for loft conversion staircases

Most of the loft conversions fall under permitted development rights apart from certain exceptions.

But, in any case, you need to get your designs approved by the local Building authority.

So, it becomes very crucial to follow building regulations as they ensure the safety of the place as well as maintain the structural integrity of the newly constructed unit.

Here are some of the important building regulations that every new loft conversion staircase design need to follow.

  • The stairs have to be fixed.
  • The stairs should have a maximum pitch of 42 degrees.
  • The risers should be equal in length
  • A headroom of at least 1.9m should be there at the centre of the flight and 1.8m at the edges.
  • If the stairs are dropping more than 600mm, a handrail is a must.

It’s very important to understand that your roof structure may require drastic alternations to meet the minimum requirements set by the building regulations for the loft conversion.

It’s always better to consult loft conversion experts or get your site visited to get a clear picture and an on-ground scenario.

Your roof may need to be extended or your ceiling may need to be lowered to get those new rooms installed, handing over the project to the best loft conversion experts in the UK should be your call.

Connecting with a professional team help you understand which loft conversion is best for you in all respects. These guys will calculate everything and conduct an inch-by-inch inspection to deliver you the best possible solution.

All the design milestones will be prepared and shared with you so that you can easily apply for planning permission plus all building regulations will be met.

What to do if there is insufficient headroom for my Loft Conversion Staircase?

Placing a staircase above the existing staircase seems to be the most appropriate solution but sometimes it’s not.

The reason is that the point where you want to install the stairs i.e. at the entry point of the loft, the roof slope has insufficient headspace for the new stairs.

So, either you need to increase the headroom by extending the roof or lowering the floor to install the stairs. Another option could be of installing the staircase from the middle of the room where there is ample headspace.

Opting for the latter option means, ruining the entire design of the new living space. This will complicate the matter for sure.

Have a look at some of the options that you can consider:

  • Over the existing stairs

By placing the staircase over your existing one will ensure minimal space usage and no loss of headroom.

And indeed this is one of the best possible loft conversion staircase solutions to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your home.

  • Space saving staircases

So, in case you are running low on spaces due to structural limitations you can also go for space-saving staircases such as paddle and spiral.

Though, these staircases should be used as a last resort in case no other options seem feasible.

  • Space from another room

It may happen that placing the staircase above the existing one does not seem viable. For that, the room space can be utilized to install the staircase.

To make the impact minimum, you can choose to opt for a room such as your office or spare bedroom or take a small section from your largest room.

TEL Constructions loft conversion staircase solutions

TEL Constructions is the pioneer in delivering the best, unique and long-lasting loft conversion staircase solutions.

Our diligent team of professionals and experts will take your budget and requirements into consideration and devise the best possible loft conversion staircase design that will make you fall in love with your space again.

Our specialists ensure that you realize the design you have envisioned for your new space despite any hurdles.

Add a style statement to your space and turn your new space into an elegant affair with loft conversion staircase designs offered by TEL Constructions.

Why Choose TEL Construction for loft conversion staircase solutions?

Our team goes that extra mile to deliver you the best staircase loft conversion designs and ideas that are unique, impeccable and mind-blowing.

Let’s see what makes us stand unrivalled in the loft conversion market.

Professional Touch

Our qualified and certified in-house designers fight tooth and nail to bring the best designs as per your space, budget and requirements.

From design to installation till completion and handing over, we make sure that every inch of the space is utilized properly.

In-house Logistics

We have our own logistics. So, no delays no over-budgeting issues.


We have partnered with numerous national and international brands well renowned for branded raw materials.

We offer 360-degree solutions to all your home renovation and construction needs.

Complete Transparency

Our working process is very clear, crisp and concise. We ensure complete transparency at every stage with our customers.

On-time completion

We are well-known for meeting our deadlines and exceeding expectations. We believe in full customer satisfaction from the best of our approaches.

Fixed Pricing

When you ask for a quote, we’ll send our executive to your place for a free site inspection.

We offer the best and competitive pricing that is purely unbeatable in the market. We also ensure that the price you agree to is the same you pay.

No hidden charges for sure!

We have an unbeatable track record of 100% customer satisfaction and the level of customer service we offer (both pre and post works) is unbeatable.

19+ Unique and best ideas of loft conversion staircase

1. Contemporary loft staircase solution

Contemporary loft staircase solution

A beautiful modern wooden staircase in white minimalistic interior with high ceiling

2. U-shaped loft conversion staircase Design

U-shaped loft conversion staircase Design

Interior landing view of a beautiful living area with glass staircase and soft furnishings making the home look superb.

3. Wooden & Metal staircase loft conversion

Wooden & Metal staircase loft conversion

Flight of industrial wooden and metal staircase landing beautifully in the dining room

4. Geometric staircase loft conversion design

Geometric staircase loft conversion design

This staircase features an oak handrail. Soft backlighting adds additional wow factor.

5. Traditional winder staircase loft conversion

Traditional winder staircase loft conversion

To create more visual interest, go for these stunning wooden winder stairs that just set the appeal of the home.

6. Staircase in the living room

Staircase in the living room

Eye-catching U-shaped staircase landing in the living room in a White Modern house and bars used as handrails

7. Curved staircase loft conversion

Curved staircase loft conversion

Want to maintain the compactness of your room, go for this eye-catching flight of stairs that that are slightly curved to give the desired look.

8. Impressive loft conversion staircase

Impressive loft conversion staircase

Don’t like wooden? Wanna try something unique?

Then, go for this amazing cantilever style staircase loft solution that not only helps you to connect to your attic space but also adds the much-desired wow factor to it.

9. Spiral for small staircase for loft conversion

Spiral for small staircase for loft conversion

This compactly designed spiral staircase is best suited when you are running low on space.

10. Spiral staircase loft conversion

Spiral staircase loft conversion

Have a look at the placement of a spiral staircase with wooden steps and an oak handrail landing in a spacious living room in a contemporary mansion.

11. L-shaped Black loft conversion staircase

L-shaped Black loft conversion staircase

Make your space visually more interesting by opting for this staggering L-shaped black staircase solution for your new space.

12. Luxurious looking loft conversion staircase

Luxurious looking loft conversion staircase

A perfect combination of traditional and contemporary design with this nice staircase in a luxury home

13. Small winder staircase loft conversion

Small winder staircase loft conversion

Beautiful wooden winder staircase for small staircase for loft conversion offering compactness as desired.

14. Bespoke loft conversion staircase

Bespoke loft conversion staircase

Impress your guests with this bespoke cantilever styled staircase landing beautifully in the living room.

15. Side glass staircase loft conversion

Side glass staircase loft conversion

Interior stairs with glass walls with oak wood top rail giving a remarkable impact to the landing space.

16. Steel railing staircase loft conversion design

Steel railing staircase loft conversion design

Curved staircase with steel railing and beautiful wooden base landing perfectly in the home library

17. Maintain Privacy with L-shaped staircase

Maintain Privacy with L-shaped staircase

Wanna add some visual barriers between floors to gain some added privacy?

Then, go for this L-shaped staircase for all value for money that lands perfectly in your mansion.

18. Modern wooden staircase loft conversion

Modern wooden staircase loft conversion

Check out the interiors of a modern home where the second floor connects the first floor with beautiful wooden staircase along with some storage space beneath.

19. Unique staircase loft conversion

Unique staircase loft conversion

Get a hold of this incredible cantilever staircase with beautiful white rods installed on the other end to make the entire thing look ravishing.

20. Space saving small wooden staircase

Space saving small wooden staircase

Installing your new staircase above the existing flight helps to create a seamless transition between the new and the old!

21. Classy wooden staircase loft conversion

Classy wooden staircase loft conversion

Get classier with these glossy wooden staircase loft conversion designs that will surely amp up the wow factor for your home.

Bottom Line

Loft conversion staircase can make or break the look of your home, choose them wisely.

Many factors are responsible for the style and shape of the loft staircase. Our experts are skilled at understanding your requirements, budget and space issues while going for a loft conversion and installing staircases.

Looking for the best loft conversion staircase designers near you? Call us today for professional and expert advice while we send our professionals to your place for a free site visit.

20+ bungalow loft conversion ideas

20+ bungalow loft conversion ideas


These days, bungalows are one of the much sought-after types of properties that people like to buy in the UK.
The reason is that, bungalows have the potential to expand upwards that not only adds space inside but significantly adds value to your property.
So, if you are planning to buy a bungalow or already having a one and considering its extension, then here is everything you want to know about a bungalow loft conversion.

What is bungalow loft conversion?

What is bungalow loft conversion

Dreaming to have your own home theater or an extra bedroom or a home office for your new business in your bungalow but running short of space?
Just look up!

Most of the bungalows have sufficient headspace for the creation of a new storey and can be made habitable by adding a staircase and roof lights.
A bungalow loft conversion is performed by transforming the space available underneath the roof into a livable area.
This conversion offers plenty of space to be utilized and sometimes, it can even double the living area by adding a complete storey to your bungalow.

You can easily go for partition walls that allow you to create more rooms and can install Velux windows or roof lights to increase illumination and ventilation of the new space.

Why bungalows are ideal for loft conversion? 

It is believed that around 40% of the space in bungalows remains unused due to their traditional pitched roofs.

As the bungalows have a large floor plan, it gives you a fantastic option to convert the attic space into a great liveable area.

The bungalows constructed before 1960s turn out to be ideal for the loft conversions as they have huge, voluminous spaces underneath the loft.

Their walls have those load-bearing capabilities to support the new rooms.

If your headspace or headroom is insufficient, get in touch with loft conversion specialists. They will work out all the options for gaining headspace.

In short, have a look at why bungalows are considered ideal for the loft conversion.

  • Large roof spaces make the conversion easier and affordable.
  • You may even get the same space as you have on ground level.
  • Huge returns on investment.
  • Most of the bungalow loft conversion does not require any planning permission.
  • The internal walls are solid, which in turn ensure the integrity of the new structure.
  • Great for home office home theatre, master bedroom with ensuite.

Types of Bungalow loft conversion

There are mainly four types of loft conversions that are best suitable for a bungalow.
The conversion completely depends on the existing structure. These are:

  • Velux Loft Conversion for Bungalows 

This type of loft conversion for bungalows does not require any major structural changes.

No extra additions are made and only the space inside the roof is used.

Velux windows or skylights are used to make sure that the room is well lit, bright and perfectly ventilated.

The cost of Velux loft conversion for bungalows starts at £24,000.

  • Dormer loft conversion for Bungalows 

Dormers are like box-like structures that protrude from the hipped roof and are constructed at 90° with the floor.

These dormers deliver a good head height that allows having a master bedroom along with an attached bathroom in the loft.

You can have more than one dormer on your roof or one large dormer to increase the space.

For bungalows, the cost of dormer loft conversion starts from £35,000 and can go up to £55,000.

  • Hip to Gable Bungalow loft Conversion 

Most of the semi-detached bungalows have hipped roofs and are sloping on all four sides.

Here the ridgeline is extended to form a gable wall that transforms the existing space with superb head height as well as floor area.

The cost of Hip to Gable Bungalow Loft conversion starts from £40,000 and may go upto £50,000.

  • Mansard Loft Conversion for Bungalow

Mansard loft conversion though costly, but is a perfect option in case you are looking to add a new storey to your bungalow.

There are two slopes, one is steep and the other is almost flat. The new walls have a slope of 72 degrees that offer a great headroom and impart an elegant look to the exteriors.

Additionally, adding a dormer to the mansard loft conversion would make your loft conversion bungalow aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.

The average cost of this conversion falls between £48,000.

Benefits of a Bungalow Loft Conversion

Well, as already mentioned above, the space beneath the lofts in a bungalow accounts for 40% of the total space available.

Not utilizing this space is a waste.

Let’s understand some of the benefits of Bungalow loft conversion:

  • Increased Living space

Over the years, British homes have become smaller resulting in an ever-increasing desire for more space.

The bungalows constructed in 1960 are voluminous and are ideal for bungalow loft conversion. Be it their structural integrity or huge lofts, bungalows have a great potential to get more space out of lofts.

  • Increased Property Value

Having additional bedrooms in your loft not only improve the value of your property but would make your property sell like hotcakes.

These can attract even the discerning of customers and make your bungalow appear like a potential property to the buyers.

This loft conversion pushes the resale value of your home to a minimum of 20%.

Any extension made upwards preserves the exterior s well as the garden area which ensures that the property still remains attractive to the buyers.

  • Growing family needs

Children are slowly transitioning into young teenagers, they need their own space, more room and privacy of course.

By undergoing loft conversion bungalow, you can easily make out space, get a bigger living or bedroom for your growing family needs.

Even if you have the elderly with you, you can keep their bedroom on the ground floor and shift you upstairs.

  • Eliminates the need to move

Bungalow loft conversion allows you a provision to expand your space upwards which means that no more shifting homes and other expenses that accompany it.

Is planning permission required for bungalow loft conversion?

Bungalow loft conversions usually don’t require any planning permissions as they come under the permitted development right except in a few cases.

If the bungalow is located in conservation area or restricted area, then a planning application may be required to be submitted.

Apart from that, as per permitted development loft conversions, the total volume of the new additions cannot exceed 50m3for a detached property and 40m3 for semi-detached or terraced bungalows.

Have a look at important planning permission rules:

  1. The height of the building cannot be increased or raised.
  2. The roof windows can be installed on either side of the bungalow, rear or front.
  3. The construction of dormers or anything that protrudes out from the roof in the front of the property (property facing the highway) is restricted.
  4. Balconies and other raised platforms are not permitted.
  5. The materials that are used in construction should give the same appearance as of the existing bungalow.
  6. The new side-facing windows (if any) should be obscure-glazed so as to maintain the privacy.

Even if all the things fall in place, it is always better to check with the Local Planning Authority as there may be some latest updates that only they know.

In case you have applied for planning permission, expect a time of eight weeks to get the application approved.

The fee may cost around £200.

Do any building regulations apply to Bungalow loft conversions?

Yes, complying with building regulations is a must for every type of loft conversion.

You need to file a notice to the local building authority office stating your intent to go for a bungalow loft conversion.

Building regulations are important to comply with as they focus on the integrity of the structure.

Apart from that other aspects need to be covered such as insulation, waterproofing, accessibility etc.

Is Party wall agreement required?

For terraced and semi-detached properties, a party wall agreement is required to be served to neighbours sharing the common wall.

This is to make sure that the new construction will not damage their property.

The notice should be served atleast two months before the proposed start date.

Are there restrictions on the type of loft conversion for bungalows?

Well, there are not any major restrictions. The only restrictions on a bungalow loft conversion are related to property size, height and pitch of the roof.

Most of the conversions don’t require any planning permission except mansard as it involves major structural alterations.

How Much Does a Bungalow Loft Conversion Cost?

As a bungalow’s loft is of the same size as the property’s footprint, the loft conversion turns out to be rewarding in terms of both space and value.

The cost depends on the how much area is converted. But one thing is for sure, the average loft conversion cost for bungalows is much less than loft conversion for houses.

The simple Velux loft conversion for bungalows costs around £20k to £25k for a normal bedroom design.

In short, the basic loft conversion for bungalows starts from £20,000 for the basic finish. For a high-quality finish it may cost you an extra £10,000.

A dormer loft conversion for bungalows typically starts from £35,000 and go upto £55,000 depending on the design, quality of materials etc.

A huge habitable space can be added by undergoing mansard loft conversion for your bungalow. It starts from £55,000 and may go up to £70,000.

Other factors affecting the cost of bungalow loft conversion

Here are some other factors apart from type of loft conversion that impacts your overall cost of bungalow loft conversion.

  • Size

Size is one of the main factors affecting the bungalow loft conversion cost.

The more the space that needs to be converted, more will be cost as it directly influences the labour, more materials and hence, more time.

  • Quality of Finish

It’s the fittings and finishes that straightway impact the budget for the loft conversion.

A high-quality and superior finish will cost more than a low, mediocre one.

  • Type of Property

Things are pretty easier for detached properties while things can be a bit complicated with terraced and semi-detached bungalows.

A detached bungalow will have a voluminous loft. On the other hand, the lofts spaced are restricted in terraced bungalow.

  • Location

It’s the location that determines the cost of transportation of materials and labour costs.

Going for a loft conversion for a bungalow within the city may be costlier than having one in the outer area.

  • Structural Strength 

Most of the bungalows in today’s time are not designed to bear the weight of rooms in lofts.

Some structural improvements and enhancements need to be implemented before converting the loft of the bungalow, which may increase the cost.

It is always advisable to contact a structural engineer or loft conversion professionals, for better guidance and ground report.

Time taken to complete bungalow loft conversion  

Taking about time, if everything goes well with all permissions granted, a bungalow loft conversion takes less than 2 months (6-8 weeks) to complete.
For bungalows that require planning permission, add around 8 weeks more in the total timeframe.

In case the application gets rejected, it may take months for the entire thing to process.

Bungalow Loft Conversion Ideas

Here are some best bungalow lost conversion ideas to make your bungalow awesome in both space and value.

Let these ideas be your inspiration for your loft designs.

Beautiful Bungalow Loft Conversion with three Dormers

1. Beautiful Bungalow Loft Conversion with three Dormers 

Add a new storey with Bungalow Loft conversion

2. Add a new storey with Bungalow Loft conversion 

Bungalow Loft Conversion design ideas from rear

3. Bungalow Loft Conversion design ideas from rear 

Modest and simple Bungalow Loft Conversion design

4. Modest and simple Bungalow Loft Conversion design 

Semi-detached Bungalow loft Conversion in the town

5. Semi-detached Bungalow loft Conversion in the town 

Detached Bungalow Loft conversion with balcony

6. Detached Bungalow Loft conversion with balcony 

Stunning Hip to Gable Bungalow loft conversion

7. Stunning Hip to Gable Bungalow loft conversion  

Beautiful single course bricked bungalow loft conversion

8. Beautiful single course bricked bungalow loft conversion 

Front side hip to Gable loft conversion bungalow

9. Front side hip to Gable loft conversion bungalow

Lawn facing bungalow loft conversion design

10. Lawn facing bungalow loft conversion design

Detached bungalow loft conversion with gable window

11. Detached bungalow loft conversion with gable window 

Bungalow loft conversion for single garage

12. Bungalow loft conversion for single garage 

Two dormers bungalow loft conversion

13. Two dormers bungalow loft conversion  

Illuminate the space with skylight bungalow loft conversion

14. Illuminate the space with skylight bungalow loft conversion

Traditional Bungalow loft conversion with brickwork

15. Traditional Bungalow loft conversion with brickwork 

Single dormer bungalow loft conversion design

16. Single dormer bungalow loft conversion design 

Simple & Small bungalow loft conversion design

17. Simple & Small bungalow loft conversion design

Attractive & modish bungalow loft conversion

18. Attractive & modish bungalow loft conversion

Space optimised bungalow loft conversion 

19. Space optimised bungalow loft conversion 

Wide dormer bungalow loft conversion rear

20. Wide dormer bungalow loft conversion rear 

Spacious bungalow loft conversion for growing kids

21. Spacious bungalow loft conversion for growing kids

Cross-hipped bungalow loft conversion design

22. Cross-hipped bungalow loft conversion design 

Advantages & disadvantages of Bungalow loft conversion

Who doesn’t wants to add new space to their home?

Bungalow loft conversions are increasingly becoming popular in many areas in the UK and other European countries.

Let’s have a look at their potential advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of converting bungalow loft conversion

  • Gain good amount of space
  • Cheaper as compared to normal loft conversion in homes
  • Doesn’t require planning permission except for a few cases.
  • Adds immense value to your property
  • Makes your home look beautiful and spacious

Disadvantages of loft conversion bungalow

Most of the bungalows were not meant to be expanded for the loft conversion. So, they lack structural integrity.

The load-bearing walls may be altered or additional structures may be required to ensure that your property holds the additional floor.

But, that’s not a major issue as most of the bungalow loft conversion companies are specialists in that and are experts at dealing with this.

Is the Loft of my Bungalow Suitable for Conversion?

Mostly, all the bungalows are suitable for loft conversion except the ones having a very low pitched roof that creates a problem for sufficient headroom.

The headroom for the new space should be a minimum of 2.4 m.

You can measure it by taking the measuring tape and keeping one end at the joists and the other at the ridge beam in the centre.

Another thing that you need to consider is whether your existing floor can support the new loft floor without disturbing the party walls.

Bottom Line 

Going for a bungalow loft conversion is an ideal and best suited option to meet your growing space needs without any need to shift.

We are UK’s one of the most trusted and preferred loft construction professionals that offer full loft conversion services from scratch to a beautiful loft.

If you are considering an option to move or shift as you are not able to cope with growing space needs, consider expansion of your bungalow once.

Still not sure? Contact us for a free quotation and site visit of your property today!


20+ garage loft conversion ideas: Each and Everything About Garage Loft Conversion


Garage loft conversion is another affordable and a super easy way to add value and space to your home.

This is one of the most popular and increasingly adapted loft conversions as it doesn’t require major structural changes.

Whether you want to add a utility room, hobby room, gym, playroom or office, you need the right planning to make your conversion go perfect.

So, garage loft conversion turns out to be a good go-to option to expand your home

Read more to find out everything on garage loft conversion, types, cost, structural factors and eye-catching garage loft conversion ideas.

What is garage loft conversion?

What is garage loft conversion

In recent times, garage loft conversion is one of the speediest and cheapest ways to add an entire floor to your home.

Worried about growing family needs and a cost-effective way to route to space expansion?

Now, say no to shift when you can expand.

With garage conversion, you can easily add an extra living or storage space to your abode in a time less than two weeks.

It will serve more than just your sheltered parking. The lower floor is mainly used for vehicle parking and the loft is converted to create an additional space that increases the living area.

The newly constructed floor can be accessed using a pull-down or normal staircase.

This conversion not only adds to your space but increases your property value by more than 20%.

They serve as an excellent option and an alternative to attics or basement expansion.

Types of garage loft conversion 

Let’s check out some of the types of garage conversions that are in trend these days.

  • Full Integral single garage loft conversion

Here the attic area of your garage is converted into a liveable space by adding a door and connecting it with a staircase for accessibility.

It is one of the most common types and turns out to be cost-effective.  It’s a perfect way to add a utility room.

  • Double garage loft conversion

If you are having two adjoining garages or double garages and are connected with a common wall, loft conversion is performed to deliver a beautiful living space.

The gable windows are added for improved ventilation.

If the garage is detached from the main property, you may need to work on it a little more than normal.

You need to focus on many other works such as planning permission, insulation, waterproofing etc.

The Benefits of Garage Loft Conversion

Garage loft conversion comes with endless benefits.

If you have spare space in your garage and need an extra living room for your grown-up kid, gym, office or even an extra bathroom or toilet, a garage loft conversion can do wonders for that.

  • Increase in property value  

Renovating or undergoing loft conversion for your garage shoots the property value a minimum by 20%.

The reason is that it adds more useable floor space and makes it attractive even for discerning customers. The reason is that people want a space that makes every penny worth.

  • Design Options

The design depends entirely on your preferences, needs and requirements.

You can easily add a new bedroom, gym or library space and turn your garage into an extraordinary living space.

In fact, go wild with your imaginations and give a makeover to your place by adding a big screen, comfy chairs and smart setup.

Welcome to the new home theater of your home.

  • New Floor space

Well, garage loft conversion doesn’t require much of the formalities and typically fall under the permitted development.

It’s the most affordable way to add extra living space for your family without making a dent in your pocket.

Whether you are interested in selling your property right now or somewhere down the lane in future, better returns are guaranteed for sure.

Garage loft conversion offers a great way to use that redundant garage space into a dwelling zone without any fuss or hassles.

Innovative ways to use garage loft conversion 

Who doesn’t like more space in the home?

Everyone loves it!

Here are a few creative ideas that you can do to transform your garage loft into useful spaces.

Leisure Room

A leisure room would serve as a perfect place for you to unwind and relax from the day.

Turn it into a family room or cinema hall, teenage room or games room.

A perfect place to hang out!

This gives your teenagers a sense of privacy or a perfect place to concentrate and study.

Home Office

With growing work from home options, you may be looking for a dedicated corner in your abode that lacks distractions.

Go for Garage loft conversion.  It allows you to create a dedicated space that serves as your office.

Most of the time, we have many plans to kick start our dream career or business but lack space to do that.

This is it!

Garage loft conversion enables you to follow your dreams by transforming your loft and adding a new workspace to your home.

Play room 

Is your kids’ bedroom always cluttered with toys and imparts a messy look?

So, if you have young children it is always better to convert extra space over your garage into a kids room or a playroom that houses toys, TV, kid’s tent houses etc.

This ensures that the bedroom of kids stays neat, tidy and organized.

As the children step into adolescence, you can convert the same into a room that can be used as a party room or sleepovers with friends.

Hobby Room

Garage loft conversions turn out to be great hobby rooms.

The newly constructed space turns out to be really spacious!

You can turn them into study rooms, gym room, dance practice or even a music room.

The best thing is that as the garage is away from the main home, you really won’t need that soundproofing as it is already quieter.

Storage Space

Rather than storing all your spare things around o behind your car parking space, look up!

The garage space is much more accessible and better placed than a simple loft conversion.

The wide space of the garage allows you to have a good glance at the things kept above. Go clutter-free and organized with garage loft conversions.

You can use a spiral staircase, pull-down ladder or just a small set of stairs that do not intervene in the parking space of your car.

Planning permission for garage loft conversion

A garage loft conversion means just converting your garage’s loft into something usable by adding a new floor.

As most of the loft conversion work involves internal changes and no external works are required, the garage loft conversion usually falls under the permitted development.

But, yes there may be some limitations such as in case you live in a conservation area, the permitted development rights may not apply.

It’s always better to connect with the local authority before starting the project for accurate guidance and procedures.

Additionally, you can apply for a Certificate of lawfulness after completion of the project for additional peace of mind.

If you want to change the external appearance, a full-fledged application may be required to be submitted for approval.

Apart from that, you might need to go for a party wall agreement in case your garage shares a wall with your neighbours.

 Building Regulations for garage loft conversion

Even if you don’t require the planning permission, getting approval from building regulations is a must.

You need to get the building regulations approval signed for various elements of your loft conversion garage.

This agreement is essentially required to ensure that:

  • The newly added space is structurally sound.
  • It is damp-proof and fire-proof with proper escape routes
  • All the walls, roof and floor is properly insulated.
  • Proper and Great ventilation
  • The minimum head height should be 2.2 m for a garage loft conversion to be possible.

After all the formalities are completed and the property/drawings and plans have been inspected, you can expect the certificate within the next four weeks.

Garage loft conversion costs

If your garage structure is in good condition, then carrying out garage loft conversion is much more cheaper and cost-effective than any other loft conversion.

The average garage loft conversion costs in the UK are around £5000 – £7000 while the standard cost for other types of loft conversion starts from £20,000.

For a 15m2  garage can be renovated easily within the budget of £6,000 that costs approximately £ 400 per m2.

For single garage loft conversion, it may cost around £6,000 if it is standalone.

But, ultimately the cost depended on a lot of additional factors.

Other factors affecting garage conversion cost 

If the original structure of the garage lacks integrity or is unsound, the cost is definitely going to be high.

A lot of money would be spending on stabilizing the building and constructing from scratch may be elevating the costs.

And, don’t forget to add the additional costs of insulation, furniture and other furnishings that may shoot up your budget.

Some other factors that may impact the cost of garage loft conversion are:

  • Location of your home
  • Size of the garage
  • Soundness of Original structure
  • Type of materials, fittings and fixtures used
  • Additional work required such as adding staircase, paperwork, ventilation etc.
  • Planning permission, consent from building regulations and party wall agreement (if any)
  • Any structural fixtures or prep work needed

Time taken to complete garage loft conversion 

On an average, most of the reputed loft conversion companies take around 2 weeks to complete the loft conversion garage fully covering all aspects.

But, again it depends on a lot of factors that may decrease or increase the time taken to complete the conversion work.

Garage loft conversion structural essentials 

While planning a garage loft conversion, there are a few structural essentials that you need to consider and focus on.

It is always better to tackle these issues in the initial phases, else they may harm/delay your dream conversion in the mid-way.

  • Accessibility

You need to make sure to add a door and staircase to make the newly built area accessible.

The staircase used should not restrict the parking space. You can go for spiral, pull-down or fixed staircases.

  • Roof Waterproofing

The roof of the garage needs to be repaired or upgraded to ensure that it is waterproof as well as all-weather proof.

  • Insulation 

Insulation is very important and should be done to enhance the energy efficiency of the walls and new space.

Warm roof setups that are insulated at the rafter level enable the use of skylights which ensure more illumination, natural light and ventilation.

  • External walls upgrading

Commonly, the external walls are usually single course brickwork, which does not adhere to the building regulations (mostly) pertaining to insulation and moisture control.

For that, you would be required to add an internal stud wall to ensure that your new walls are damp-proof and insulated.

Garage Loft Conversion Ideas

1. Beautiful single garage loft conversion design with Dormer 

1. Beautiful single garage loft conversion design with Dormer

2. Stunning double garage loft conversion with Gable wall 

Stunning double garage loft conversion with Gable wall

3. Eye-catching ivory coloured  single garage loft conversion  

Eye-catching ivory coloured single garage loft conversion

4. Contemporary double garage loft conversion with small dormer 

Contemporary double garage loft conversion with small dormer

5. Exotic Double garage loft conversion with Gable window 

Exotic Double garage loft conversion with Gable window

6. Single garage loft conversion design with mesmerizing brickwork 

Single garage loft conversion design with mesmerizing brickwork

7. Purely traditional garage loft conversion: Sleek and affordable 

Purely traditional garage loft conversion: Sleek and affordable

8. A purely classic garage loft conversion design with double doors 

A purely classic garage loft conversion design with double doors

9. Double garage loft conversion with single course brickwork  

Double garage loft conversion with single course brickwork

10. Timeless and basic garage loft conversion with minimal effort 

Timeless and basic garage loft conversion with minimal effort

11. Garage loft conversion for perfect storage space 

Garage loft conversion for perfect storage space

12. Simple yet elegant garage loft conversion  

Simple yet elegant garage loft conversion

14. Garage loft conversion design for home-office  

Garage loft conversion design for home-office

15. Beautiful Garage loft conversion design for home library   

Beautiful Garage loft conversion design for home library

16. Midnight blue garage loft conversion for kids playroom 

Midnight blue garage loft conversion for kids playroom

17. Rear Garage loft conversion with side accessibility 

Rear Garage loft conversion with side accessibility

18. Contrast Gray garage loft conversion for mansions  

Contrast Gray garage loft conversion for mansions

19. Townhouse double garage loft conversion designs  

Townhouse double garage loft conversion designs

20. Classic Pitched roof garage loft conversion design

Classic Pitched roof garage loft conversion design

21. Well planned garage loft conversion with driveway 

Well planned garage loft conversion with driveway

21. Double garage loft conversion with pitched roof

Double garage loft conversion with pitched roof

Let’s discuss the pros and Cons of Garage Loft Conversion

Pros of garage loft conversion 

Though garage is one of the most neglected areas of the home, a little care could increase your property’s space and value multi-folds.

Here are the pros of undergoing a garage loft conversion

  • Really affordable

As compared to other types of loft conversion such as dormer, Velux, mansard etc , garage loft conversion costs are much less and inevitably affordable.

It’s the cheapest way to add extra space to your abode that doesn’t break your bank.

  • Quick & uninterrupted 

As the work is going on in the garage, it won’t impact your daily activities and chores too much.

In fact, the work gets completed in a couple of weeks.

The best part is that everything falls in your planned budget.

  • More space 

One of the best reasons to opt for this conversion!

Turn it into your favourite gym, library, hobby area, office or even a Home Theater.

You are not sacrificing any extra space such as from your garden or even home. It’s the extra space that is being utilized in a better way.

  • No planning permission

As you aren’t altering the exteriors of your place, planning permission may not be required except in some cases.


While talking about cons, it just that you need to bear the expenses of designers, insulation, waterproofing, materials and building regulation fees  etc.

But in the nutshell, the value that is being added to the home is worth the expenditure.

Is my home suitable for Garage loft conversion?

To determine the feasibility conditions that whether your home is suitable or not, you need to first conduct an assessment of your existing garage walls, roof and foundations.

This will help you in revealing a list of works that you need to prep up before starting the actual loft conversion.

You can connect with the best loft conversion specialist near you and get a free site visit to identify the scope for the garage loft conversion.

Should I convert my garage?

There are a few things that you need to consider before you start with your garage loft conversion.

  • Make sure that the newly built space adds more value to your property than spend on it.
  • It’s always better to speak with a local agent or the homeowner in your street who has recently availed the garage loft conversion.
  • You should know your future and family plans. Whether garage loft conversion is sufficient or you want to go for dormer loft conversion.

Bottom Line

A garage loft conversion is a great option for people looking for extra space and planning to move.

It’s always better to treat yourself to a room that is amazingly and indulgently yours!

Looking for garage loft conversion professionals, get in contact with us.

Our seasoned team of designers help you create your dream loft conversions and deliver you a beautiful masterpiece that suits any of your needs.