Why is site safety on construction sites necessary

Why is site safety on construction sites necessary and how to Improve construction site security?

Securing a construction site is vital irrespective of the project- big or small, simple or complicated.

Lack of construction site safety leads to accidents and mishaps that could be life-threatening not only to the workers/labours involved but poses risk to bystanders, neighbours, and damages builders’ reputation.

Read on to know more about need for securing a construction site and a complete checklist (both, for builders and clients) to improve site security.

Why is site safety important?

Why is site safety important

POV: Loss of Time, loss of life and escalation of project cost are the major repercussions if construction site safety is neglected.

Avoiding workplace injuries, accidents and safety of construction workers is the prime concern of every construction contractor or developer.

The clients share the equal responsibility of ensuring construction site safety in terms of theft, restricted entry and much more.

Have a look why construction site safety stands utmost important in today’s scenario.

1. To prevent accidents and other life-threatening mishaps

To prevent accidents and other life-threatening mishaps

Safety is one of the critical aspects of every construction site but is often overlooked.

This negligence results in some of the major fatal and non-fatal injuries to the labours and even the persons involved.

Injuries, falling objects, loose scaffoldings, defective machines, fire-breakout etc, result in accidents that may not only cost life of an individual but also may result in some irreplaceable loss.

2. Strong & thriving Structures ensures everything is up to snuff

Strong & thriving Structures ensures everything is up to snuff

A long-lasting structure reflects high Quality of Work. And this can only be achieved if the proper safety measures, protocols and other measures are followed die-heartedly.

A poorly constructed building defames the builder, poses collapse risks to the building itself as well as other neighbouring properties.

3. Loss of resources (finances, labour, money, time, material) 

Loss of resources (finances, labour, money, time, material) 

When any accident happens on the construction site, it results in repairable or irreparable damage.

To patch up the same, the work gets stopped (may be temporarily) which significantly impacts the

  • project completion time,
  • Additional work means requiring more finances.
  • More labour hours to perform the work.
  • New material to compensate the damage.

In a nutshell, downtime (no matter what) is costly for sure.

Types of accidents occurring on construction site

Hazards on construction site, be it in any form are catastrophic and may turn fatal if not dealt on time.

Let’s check the reasons and types of accidents that may occur at the construction site.

1. Accidents triggered due to human reasons

Lack of human negligence is one of the prime factors which is responsible for construction site accidents.

Many accidents such as fire, explosion, electrocution, gas leakage, theft falling objects etc occur due to human related reasons such as:

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Lack of interest in other work
  • Poor of skill/training
  • Carelessness in supervision

2. Faulty Working equipment and Construction practices

Health and safety on a construction site completely depends upon the working methods followed and other construction practises that are undertaken on site.

Here are some of the reasons that are the root cause of major accidents.

  • No site layout and planning
  • Substandard use of materials such as loose scaffolding and trenches
  • No use of protective equipment such as helmet, PPE suits, etc.
  • Working with faulty or defective machinery
  • Not following the construction protocols
  • No safety supervisor appointed, no doctor on site.
  • Improper storage of construction materials that may result in people falling or getting injured.

3. Structural failures

There are some types of accidents which can neither be predicted nor can be controlled such as:

But their occurrence can be mitigated by acting proactively during the pre-construction phases.

How to improve construction site security?

Now, let’s check the roles and responsibilities of builders (construction contractors), designers and client to ensure health and safety in construction site.

Responsibility of Designer

The designer of the project plays an incredibly significant role during the development of the project.

Yes, it’s inevitable that safety of the construction workers is the sole responsibility of the construction contractor, but it is directly related to the decisions taken by the designer.

The designer shall design the building in such a way that it becomes easy for the construction workers to understand the blue prints and shall be safe to construct the highest parts of the structure.

Builder/ Developer and Construction Contractor Checklist 

Builder/ Developer and Construction Contractor Checklist

Construction site management system

Following a construction site management system help early detection and elimination of safety hazards.

Proper PPE (personal protective equipment) Kit

The construction contractor should ensure that every worker wears protective gears when working on-site such as helmet, safety glasses, gloves, proper clothing, footwear, high visibility vests etc.

On-site construction safety

Presence of doctor, first-aid kits, construction safety manager and installing construction site safety signs should be done.

Proper awareness and training of workers

Workers and other on-site labours should be made aware about the potential safety hazards. Also, proper training should be imparted to new recruits to mitigate the risks.

Clear communication

Clear on-ground communication and expectations should be shared with the workers. Discussions, walkie-talkie, headphones can be used that leverage lighting fast communication.

Well-oiled and maintained equipment

The machinery and other equipment should be well supervised and inspected frequently to avoid any unexpected mishaps. Defective machinery should be discarded or repaired before use.

Scaffolding, ladders, and stairways

Scaffoldings, ladders and stairways should be secured properly as even a small blip may snowball into a major issue.

Secured Trenches

The trench should be surrounded by significant barriers to as to eliminate any reason for slip, fall or collapse.

Client Checklist 

Client Checklist 

Site safety does include protecting the site from theft, vandalism, and other issues. Here, the responsibility of the client or the property owner becomes inevitable.

The clients need to follow the below mentioned checklist to ensure construction site security.

Establishing a proper security plan

A security plan stands vital for the construction site as it helps identify vulnerable points, valuable assets and developing strategies to protect them.

Securing the vicinity

Putting up fences or gates to restrict the entry and keeping away the trespassers will make sure that your assets stay protected.

Installing the lights

A well-lit construction site ensures good visibility at night and will deter criminals, trespassers, or robbers.

Locking the valuables

It may be impossible to lock bigger equipment such as cranes or partially built structures. However, shipping/big containers can be used to lock smaller equipment that’ll protect it from theft and vandalism.

Installing surveillance systems

Installing surveillance cameras on the construction side not only monitor the construction site but will also help protect your equipment and keep you updated on the real time situations.

Hiring security officer

Hiring security officer or a security guard would help patrol the property at night. These officers will not only deter the trespassers, vandals and robbers but also keep an eye on the equipment.

Going for a Risk assessment plan

Hiring a good construction company in London will offer proper construction site inspection and identification of any loopholes or weak points in your security by performing a security risk assessment.

Putting up construction site signs

Security signs accompanied by a surveillance are like cherry on the top. Signs such as “keep out” or “construction ahead” make the people aware of an ongoing construction work.

How TEL Constructions Build a Culture of Safety on Your Construction Site?

TEL Constructions is one of the leading construction companies in London renowned not only for delivering world-class structures but for maintain exceptional safety management for the projects.

The culture of safety is deeply ingrained in the company as they never leave a stone unturned to ensure the safety of the workers and the construction site.

Be it regular training and upskilling, or using top-class advanced equipment, the workers along with other people involved stand completely safe and protected here.

The team at TEL Constructions is aware and well-versed about the construction site safety protocols and adhere to them strictly.

POV: This is the secret behind TEL Constructions’ on-time delivery of projects that too being delivered within the promised Budget!

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Bottom Line 

When it comes to construction industry, the ultimate goal is always to mitigate construction site injuries, accidents and save lives.

Be it the designer, builder or a normal worker; if every person involved in the construction process plays their part well with safety and security in mind, the outcome will be phenomenal for sure.

There is no well-defined way to eliminate the number of site accidents to zero, but by following the above-mentioned construction safety guidelines will definitely help achieve that.

How to find out the structural damage to the property

How to find out the structural damage to the property?

Noticed increasing gap between floor and the wall of your property?

Drywall cracks coming around windows, doors, or ceiling?

These indicate a serious problem to the structure of your property that requires immediate attention.

Whether you’re planning to buy any property (residential or commercial) or already residing in there, keeping a check on the structural damage will save your hefty repair bills and potential health hazards as well.

What is structural damage? What are its causes and how to spot any structural damage to the property before it’s too late?

Keep reading to know answers to these questions popping in your mind. Lets’ Begin.

Structural Damage and it’s Reasons

Any damage to the property pertaining to walls, roof, load-bearing walls, and foundation that harms/impacts its structural integrity and distresses it, is known as structural damage.

Whatever be the types of structural damage, have a look at some common reasons/causes behind this vulnerable damage.

  • Poor construction
  • Poor planning
  • Natural disaster
  • Ground movements /Soil Shifting
  • Climate/weather conditions
  • Poor Workmanship
  • Material defects

Knowing the signs enable you keep a watch over potential problems occurring in the property early.

How to spot signs of structural damage to a property?

Just look around and you’ll be able to spot some visible signs of structural damage, they may be aesthetic or otherwise.

Let’s begin how to find structural damage to property by looking its exterior.

Exterior Structural Damage Signs

1. Cracked/Leaning Chimney

Cracked/Leaning Chimney

Chimney is generally the heaviest thing of the property where most of the weight is concentrated over a small space.

Leaning Chimney or cracks in its bricks are a sign of structural damage which is either due to poor foundation or unstable soil.


While there are many DIY options available if the defect is minor but repairing by yourself may put you in a risk of hurting yourself majorly.

You may look out for property inspectors or go for snagging inspection (in case of new properties) for the possible survey and solutions to issues.

2. Cracked/Chipped concrete

Cracked/Chipped concrete

While walking out from your driveway you may notice cracking or chipping of concrete slabs or sometimes sinking as well.

There could be possible many reasons such as bowing under their own weight, silting of soil, poor construction, or hydro pressure.

If the same is happening inside your house as well, this could indicate a possible structural damage that requires your immediate attention.


You can easily fill these cracks of your own. But still, if the problem persists, it may require professional resolution.

3. Cracked Bricks & stonework

Cracked Bricks & stonework

If you’ve noticed vertical, diagonal, or horizontal brick cracks; or vertical cracks on your staircase, take it as a red flag.

This may mean home is settling more on one side which is exerting force resulting in cracks/gaps.


Small aesthetic issues can easily be repaired of your own. But for major issues it is always advisable to approach a construction company near you for an effective solution.

4. Walls separating from the house

These cracks are easily visible as a single wall is getting spilt into two walls with a huge gap between them. It generally happens on the exterior of property.


Wall splitting the property is a serious issue that cannot be repaired by normal measures and require professional approach to save the structure.

5. Foundation settlement & sinking

This is very easy to notice. If you find your property sinked a bit or titled and not straight, it could be a result of a damaged foundation.

Poor pre-construction works, soil quality and planning are a few reasons that result in sinking and settled foundation of property.


Depending on the condition of your property, your structural engineer may suggest using Helical Piers, Push Piers, and Slab Piers to correct it.

6. Porch moving away from home

Your front porch, stairs or patio moving away from your property? Just don’t neglect, assuming it be an aesthetic issue.

This could be one of the major underlying reasons for your home settling in one side which can possibly turn your property vulnerable to collapse in future, if left untreated.


Immediately call a survey inspector or structural engineer from a reputed construction company for inspecting your property and finding a perfect solution for the same.

Interior Structural Damage Signs

1. Drywall cracks

Drywall cracks

Not all cracks can be a sign of structural damage.

But if you are noticing random wall cracks appearing outside and inside of your property, you should consult your construction company to rule out any risk of structural damage.


If it’s a normal crack or a hairline crack that has nothing linked with structural damage, you can easily repair it by filling it using wall materials.

But, if the things are serious and are linked with foundation issues, then consulting with a construction engineer is a must.

2. Drywall nail pops

Noticing some small circular bulges or circular small cracks in your wall, this could be a potential sign of drywall nail pops that need immediate repairs.

It happens when nails installed during construction of the property bulge out due to poor construction or weak foundation.


You can easily fix them using paint and spackling compound. But, should consult a professional in case problem occurs over and over again.

3. Floor & wall gaps/ Sagging floors

If you can see a clear gap between the wall and the floor, this could be a severe issue that needs urgent addressal.

Be it a hairline gap that makes you see the light from beneath or a deeper gap, indicates warping which means one side of the property is sinking fast and the other side does not.


Beams, Slab piers or crawl space support system (jack) are installed to stop the further sagging of the floors and offer it strength.

4. Damp Basement

A damp basement could be an issue of waterproofing that may lead to foundation failure if left undetected.

Don’t ignore if your basement smells bad, has bad odour, signs of water damage, warping floors, rising water/electricity bills. This could be a potential sign for a major structural damage.


Patchup any leaks and seal the basement walls by using masonary crack fillers or hydraulic cement (for bigger gaps) or other popular patching compounds.

Also, connect with a structural inspector who can conduct a survery to find out the exact reason behind the dampness.

5. Struck windows and doors

If your windows/doors are struck or swing open when shut, could be a possible indicator of structural damage.

This mainly happens when the floor sinks as the soil beneath no longer can support the foundation of your property.


You can repair it yourself, but the solution would be temporary and may last a few years only.

6. Uneven floors

Just like walls, floors can also get impacted by uneven settling of property. The main sign is the titling of floor in one direction which can be very clearly seen.

If left untreated it may lead to wall cracks over time, leaving the property vulnerable to collapse.


If you have a slanting wooden or concrete subfloor, you may go for many floor patching products available in the market.

But, it is advisable to connect to a professional before repairing it yourself.

7. Gaps in window/doors frames

Noticing gaps between doors/windows frames, this could be an indication that your home has started to experience warping.

The reason could be that you construction company might not have done the preparation work properly which resulted in poor foundation.


Gaps between window and doorframes are not only aesthetically unappealing but also are a safety concern.

If there is little damage, you can replace your doorframes and windowsills. But if the damage is large, then prefer availing professional assistance.

8. Bowed Walls

Bowed balls are quite difficult to notice early as they become prominent over a period. Here the walls will start to curve inwards especially in the basement area.

The water drained into the ground and absorbed by the soil creates hydrostatic pressure that makes the basement walls bowed or titled.


As bowed walls are related to foundation of the property, using retaining walls, kits or branches may not help. You may need professional assistance.

Some Common Repair Solutions

It is recommended to approach a trusted construction company for your project as pre-construction analysis and checks play a huge role in deciding the longevity of your home.

But don’t worry! Technology has advanced and there are many repair solutions available today. Have a look at some commonly asked solutions for structural damage.

  • Carbon Fiber Basement wall repair
  • Foundation waterproofing
  • Helical piers
  • Crawl space support system using jack
  • Wall repair system using I-beams
  • Push Piers
  • Slab Piers
  • Wall Anchors
  • Reinforcers

Bottom Line

Your property is your biggest asset and handing over your project to cowboy builders may put your property in danger for structural damage and further put your money and fame on stake.

A right construction company has a team comprising of expert structural engineers, certified architects, 3D experts and experienced workmen which ensures stringent checks, solid foundations, and strong structure.

Don’t forget to explore Google for the best construction company near me, before you are starting a new project, undergoing home extension, loft conversion or home renovation.

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What is commercial construction

What is commercial construction?

The commercial construction industry has been growing rapidly in the United Kingdom’s for the last few years and working on this project is certainly not a simple endeavor.

The companies involved in public structure making have the expertise, excellent skillsets & knowledge, great experience, and modern heavy equipment to operate.

Generally, these projects cost colossal money and require deep focus, detailed and accurate Planning.

Contractors grind sweat and tears to beat the market and industry competition for maximum proficiency in commercial developments.

Today, we will know what commercial construction is, at which levels the work is done, and the primary types of commercial services. 

You will also know how we deal with such projects.

Commercial Construction – An Overview

Commercial Construction – An Overview

Buildings owned by private and government sectors, not residential or personal, such as warehouses, highways, hotels, hospitals and retail centers, are commercial structures.

Subsequently, to design, build and renovate such models is commercial construction.

Most people relate such architecture only to private sector buildings.

However, it is not always the case. Many governments and legal authorities’ workplaces and business firms can assure commercial sectors.

A commercial industry runs well with an excellent plan, bid system, and technology ownership. These elements are like oil to a machine.

The more you have, the better and more efficacious the results will be.

Let us now discuss how it is considered and operated on several levels.

Types of Commercial Projects

General contractors build several projects, each with a specific level or scale.

Depending on the outcome and practical purpose of the building, the type of project may vary.

Here are some of the industry-categorized scales:

  1. Small Scale
  2. Medium Scale
  3. Large Scale

Small Scale

Sometimes a building only needs minor upgrades, remodeling, and redesigning and might require opening up a space or painting it, fixing it, adding some extensions, and so on.

It generally includes small offices, home renovations, and tree house buildings. Also, these tasks are done easily with less time and money without an intensive workforce.

Small-scale commercial projects are shorter and rarely demand advanced tools.

Medium Scale

Commercial places become old and dull over time and demand complete treatment. Such projects are done on a medium scale. Since the projects are done at an advanced level, the experts may require time to gain maximum efficiency.

For instance, adding extra stories to an apartment, extending an area of a firm, or facilitating a waterpark with brand-new equipment certainly need smart tools and leaders.

They are time-consuming and can take months to years.

Large Scale

Megaprojects such as building airports, highways, bridges, universities, hotels, and restaurants from scratch come under large-scale projects. They are developed with ultra-innovative tools with exclusive methods.

Time completion depends on the area and the workforce.

Moreover, it typically takes more than a year and millions of investments to construct a commercial site on a larger scale successfully.

Types of Commercial Construction Services 

Retail and Grocery Buildings

New constructions and updated designs of shopping malls, grocery stores, and retail centers can attract customer traffic, and this visitors’ strength results in branding and the fame of a particular.

Therefore, it is important to consider a well-authorized and sophisticated constructor for such large projects.

Industrial Construction

Buildings like warehouses and industries need workplace safety, good ventilation, architecture, heavy equipment storage, machinery installations, etc.

It needs to be designed exceptionally to ensure functionality and discipline at every step.

Sports Grounds and Buildings

Sports buildings include sports grounds, gymnasium spaces, playgrounds, running grounds, stadiums, and arenas. These structures are different and need to have spectacular designs and special Planning.

This type of construction demands maximum safety factors and ultimate facilities.

Health Care Buildings

Hospitals, Clinics, Rehabilitation and diagnosis centers, and Veterinary hospitals come under medical facility buildings that require deep Planning and integral structures.

These places feature dividend sections, floors, washrooms, and wards that need to be constructed only professionally.

Institutional Buildings

Schools, Universities, Coaching Centres, Libraries, and Other Training institutes are designed mainly for scholars’ comfort and benefit. Depending on the board and the owner.

These structures can have distinctive designs that only prominent commercial contractors may build.

Corporate Buildings

Offices, working complexes, and skyscrapers are supreme-level commercial projects that must be done precisely according to industry standards.

These projects may vary from small businesses to a vast framework and require necessities such as luxury infrastructure, safety, and escapes.

Apartments & Restaurants

Such buildings have specific special requirements of the affluent interior, multiple similar rooms, highly functional floor plans, top privacy, soundproofing, etc.

Plumbing work, electrical solutions, and water supply systems must be firmly distributed and developed professionally.

Flyovers and Bridges

These public projects include spacious highways, bridges, flyovers, rail tracks, and caves that require technology involvement the most.

Such great projects take years to complete and ask for nothing but intense dedication and hardship.

Click Here to read the Key Considerations and Best Practices for Commercial Building Construction?

Commercial Construction by TEL Constructions

TEL Constructions is a leader in delivering the best and exceptional commercial construction services without causing any disappointment to the client’s expectations.

We perform marvelously under the shadow of our highly innovative and elite crew, who always remain one step forward from their competitors.

How do we deliver our work?

On-time delivery, no outsourcing, & Cutting-edge technology are the pillars of our brilliant services. 

Management Team Planning

We believe in unity and discipline. Our ambitious team leans toward the objective with total dedication and plans the project from root to fruit together by discussing and effectively communicating ongoing demands.

Project Conception

Along with Planning, project conception provides wings of fire to our ideas. In-depth, 2D plans and 3D rendering operations are utilized to visualize and bring the outcome of the structure. Besides, it contributes to good results and maximum satisfaction.

Software and Technology

Our methodologies are deep-rooted with advanced tools that bring flexibility and reliability to serve our clients with the best possible solutions. We undertake complex commercial structures because we feel pride in owning extra brilliant software.

Bespoke Construction

Our expertise gathers and puts in project-driven efforts to match the realistic concept results. We guarantee the project’s longevity, security, and sustainability by inspecting each unit in our labs.

Building inspection

While construction work is still in progress, our team thrives on reconsidering the results by checking them through drones and intricate groundbreaking tools to ensure the expected outcome.

Why Choose us?

  • TEL Constructions takes accountability for each commercial construction building irrespective of its scale. We look at the bigger picture of each project.
  • The entire crew has qualified carpenters, electricians, plumbers, interior designers, a technical team, and faithful laborers, making us the #1 construction company in the UK.
  • Moreover, our portfolio is showered with the excellence of luxury residential buildings, kitchens & bathrooms, loft conversions, home extensions, and driveways.
  • Our decade-old customers made us well-known and repudiated among world-class industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the commercial sector growing?

The construction industry keeps on rapidly growing as new job opportunities, and the need for upgrades, renovations, reconstruction, and transportation are increasing. Smart cities are already on the horizon, so there is no doubt that this industry is breaking the ground already in construction.

Which is the best company for commercial construction in the UK?

With tons of experience, endless knowledge, and a prominent team, TEL Constructions is a well-known company in the UK for outstanding, affluent, and 100% contented services.

How much time does it take to build an apartment?

Generally, it depends on the project size, materials, client expectations, workforce, weather conditions, and many other factors. It may vary from 6 months to 1 year or more.

What is the difference between Commercial and Residential construction?

Commercial construction is related to infrastructures owned by private and government authorities for public services, transportation, and legal operations. They are not used to living permanently.

Residential construction directs to personal spaces such as townhomes, personal homes, and people’s living spaces.

The Bottom Line

The commercial construction industry holds a significant percentage of the GDP of any nation as it fulfills the multiple public sectors demands of highly functional infrastructures.

We provide top-notch and transparent construction services that are spectacular to look at and multiply the growth of relative businesses.

Contact us today for a FREE quote. Our team will get in touch within a short span.

Are You looking for a reliable construction company in your nearby

Are You looking for a reliable construction company in your nearby?

Are you looking for a reliable construction company nearby?

TEL Construction is your partner where your ideas and our expertise make the wonder.

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Construction Company in Amersham

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The excellent workmanship and industry-standard methodology have become the pillars of delivering the best services in the town.

We offered complete value-added services with the same expertise required to deliver the expertise in completely bespoke home solutions.

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TEL Constructions have been a construction expert in Hounslow for more than ten years.

With Hounslow and the encompassing area, TEL Constructions provides a diversified range of services varying from full-scale home renovations to loft conversions.

While working closely with the clients to deliver what is expected by the clients, our team is available 24 X 7 to meet their needs.

TEL Constructions is an environment-friendly company focusing on lessening waste while building energy-efficient structures.



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TEL Constructions in Hayes is a trusted choice for delivering the finest quality work.

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Situated in Hayes, TEL Constructions undertakes diversified construction services in Hayes, including new builds, loft conversions, home extensions, patios, and many more.

Compiling a complete solution for designing and building requirements based on the particular requirements.


Whatever the construction-related requirements are, TEL Instructions have it all.

You say, and we will do it for you.

A team of experts will connect as per your construction company in Harrow, fulfil the needs, share the expertise regarding the constructive space, design the same, create a 3D Render, and construct the finalised design with the desired expertise.

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Coulsdon is not different from the other locations in the UK.

Like the other locations, TEL Constructions have also served Coulsdon’s construction requirements.

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If you think that the TEL Constructions services stop here, we are here again to surprise you with another piece of news!

Well, yes, we are not limited to a few geographical areas only.

As TEL Constructions “best construction experts in Coulsdon” is always ready to take challenges, we are all set to extend the services in other locations as well. 

About TEL Constructions

TEL Constructions is the topmost emerging company in the UK that is always functioning to deliver the best construction and manufacturing services.

While matching the client’s taste, comfort, and requirements, TEL CONSTRUCTIONS haven’t become the top choice in a blink of an eye only.

It actually took a lot of effort and key attractions that served as the company’s pillars. 

  • Guaranteed Quality

All the materials and services are ensured to adhere to high-quality manufacturing delivery only. 

  • After-sale services

Our services never end when you leave our store.

It is way longer than you think.

Connect at any time, any day, for your concerns, and our team will be more than happy to help you with the services you are looking for. 

  • A dedicated team of professionals

Attaining innovation at every step with a dedicated team of professionals working passionately to deliver excellence as an outcome. 

  • Saving money and time

The way our team utilises the resources and plans for the constructive space, you don’t have to worry about the time and money utilisation. We are sure that with us, you will be getting a hassle-free experience. 

  • Flexible Operations

With the onsite structural expertise, our team is flexible for any on-time changes.

And the benefits don’t end here!

The TEL Constructions also provide the architectural 3D rendering services to visualise the constructive space without beginning with the actual construction.

So, you don’t have to suffer the expensive mistakes. 


TEL Constructions has always been the topmost choice in the UK. And when it is about attaining excellence in the constructive spaces, TEL Construction has always been counted as a trusted name.

Extending our services to the other geographical locations, TEL Constructions has proved that reliable services are not required to be limited.

Explore the wide range of services offered by TEL Constructions and acquire reliable solutions with the leaders in the construction industry.

Connect now @ 020 8158 4006 or write to us @ support@telconstructions.co.uk.

And do not forget to follow us on social media handles to stay updated with the latest trend in the construction industry.

how much value does a driveway add to a house.

How Much Value Does A Driveway Add To A House

Increase the curb appeal of the home with an aesthetically appealing and sustainable driveway. Read the blog to discover how a driveway adds value to home, types, driveway ideas and things to consider while planning for it.

What’s that first thing people notice when they pull up to a home? Kitchen? No. Living Room? No. Driveway? Indeed! Whether it’s a beautiful, well-groomed one or a simple and clean place that offers parking space, driveways are the entrance to the castles you build. Read the most important value addition part of the house and know how much value does a driveway add to a house.

Driveways are the focal point of a property whose importance cannot be simply undermined.

The value that a professionally installed driveway adds to a home is phenomenal and manifold that one can expect.

Let’s explore the importance of a driveway, driveway ideas UK, types, how to get started, and the value addition – how much value does a driveway add to a house.

Benefits of a professionally installed driveway to the home

Whether you are building a new house from scratch or planning to renovate an existing property, new driveway installation dramatically increases the curb appeal and value of the property.

1. Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal means the attractiveness of the property when viewed from the street.

Inevitably, a home with a driveway not only makes the exterior look attractive but also casts a positive first impression to the visitors or people passing by.

More the curb appeal, more is the property value for sure!

It’s very important to get it installed professionally as a sub-standard driveway will turn down the potential buyers and degrade the brand value of the home.

No matter how beautifully you have crafted the interiors of the home, the odds will turn against you if the property has poorly furnished exteriors such as cracked or degraded driveways.

Go for resin bound driveway or block paving driveway and make the home look warm and inviting to everyone.

2. First Impressions Matter

Undergoing home renovation or fresh construction? And, the driveway looks decidedly downbeat?

It may be tempting to patch it up using temporary solutions or DIY ideas but these aren’t long-lasting.

They may be cheaper initially but will turn out be far more expensive in the longer run.

Investing in a driveway in the initial stages of home construction sets you up for a long-term success.

3. Goodbye to Parking Problems

Off-road parking is a great concern for homeowner living in bigger cities.

For some homeowners having more than one vehicle are just left with one solution. They need to park several streets up their property.

This is not only inconvenient but also poses a big security risk when the vehicle is out of sight.

A properly paved or resin bonded driveway ensures ample, elegant and dedicated parking space.

In case there are space constraints, extra space can easily be created by freeing the garage space and extending it to accommodate more than one vehicle.

Approaching a best construction company UK will get you acquainted with some amazing driveway ideas UK that’ll help you to pitch and design the space in a better way.

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4. Failproof Functionality

Driveways such as resin bonded, stones, concrete etc make the property/home look fantastically flawless and offer failproof functionality as well.

A professionally installed driveway equips it with a power to withstand all weather conditions.

These materials enable the water to drain away naturally. Thereby, preventing pooling and puddling!

5. A unique way to make the property stand out

A distinctive and unique driveway keeps you ahead of the game in this competitive property market.

Having an aesthetically appealing driveway not only serves as a head turner for the property but also helps in keeping an edge over the similar properties in the neighbourhood.

Getting a driveway built from a reputed and trusted builder in UK adds to the home’s worth significantly.

How Much Value Does A Driveway Add To A House

Going for a new driveway makes the property stand unprecedented in the market and can turn out to be much sought-after one that property sellers have been looking for.

A great return over investment is guaranteed for homeowners with an added advantage of brand recognition for the architects and interior designers as well.

Installing or constructing a driveway by a reliable and reputed construction company during the home building process would turn out to be cost effective, budget-friendly  and completely hassle-free.

Things to consider while planning for a driveway

Functionality and style are two key factors that you need to consider when planning to go for driveway construction for a property.

  • Planning permission

Driveway construction may require taking the planning permission.

There may be a chance that the planned driveway area is not permeable i.e. water doesn’t drain off by itself and needs soaking away. You may need to take planning permission in this case.

Block paving driveway would be an ideal choice in such scenario as the water will be drained away between the blocks. Thus, no water will be collected on the surface.

  • Ease of access

Ease of access is one of the biggest concerns. So, the driveway ideas and designs should ensure that there is enough space to reverse the vehicle plus easy access from highway to driveway.

  • Plants

Good driveway contractors or designers would come up remarkable driveway ideas UK. They will advise on correct tree/shrub plantation and design the driveway in such as way to preserve bio-diversity.

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  • Budget and style

Natural stone is indeed one of the most preferred choices of the homeowners as they endow a classic impact while cobble setts give a traditional appeal.

Block paving is another good option for homeowners who are more concerned for best-in-a-budget thing. Driveway paving enhances the frontage of the home.

You can easily impact the buyer-decision by going for resin bound driveway.

For people living a busy and hectic lifestyle, having no extra time for upkeeping the driveway, resin driveway serve as an ideal pick.

Just a simple jet wash and it’s back in the tip-top condition.

Types of driveways (Materials)

Whether it’s historic or a contemporary, the value that a driveway adds to the home is beyond imagination.

1. Concrete Driveway

how much value does a Concrete driveway add to a house

Concrete driveways are a popular choice for homeowners because of its affordability, maintenance, and durability.

With plenty of options available, going with imprinted concrete can add a personal touch and style to your driveway

2. Gravel Driveway


A gravel driveway is a trending choice for most homeowners because of the rustic charm that it adds to a property and maintenance ease.

Gravel also aids in water run-off.

It’s always better to edge or layer the gravel driveway to assist in the upkeep.

3. Block Driveway

Block Driveway

Get the home paved with bricks, natural stones or concrete blocks to add the desired “wow” factor to the home.

With myriad of types and surfaces, paver driveway could be expensive and go over the budget. But, the look and durability it imparts is worth every single penny spent.

4. Resin bounded Driveway

Resin bounded Driveway

For homeowners who are conscious about the environment, Resin is an eco-friendly material with porous properties making it easy to drain rainwater and surface water.

Resin-bound driveways are SUD compliant, meaning that it is an ideal choice for a driveway without the headaches of getting planning permission.

Resin is a rigorously hard surface that is very resistant to high and low temperature (not prone to cracks).

5. Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt is pretty easy to install as compared to concrete which makes it a popular choice for driveways.  Thus, a great option that saves you on installation costs.

The black color of asphalt driveways greatly assist in melting the snow falling in that area.

TEL Constructions- UK’s most trusted and best construction Company for new builds with driveway

Finding the right driveway specialist for your project can be a headache as there are so many hurdles to jump through. To avoid all that headache, you can request a free consultation and site visit with TEL Constructions – the #1 choice of articles, developers and interior designers. Explore through a wide range of colors and finishes for the driveway of your dream project and make the space that’s truly personal to you. The seasoned and expert team at TEL Constructions makes it easy to zero in one a design that adheres to your vision and makes you rest assured on quality and cost. So this is all about “how much value does a driveway add to a house”. Write to us at support@telconstructions.co.uk or feel free to reach us at 020 8158 4006. Connect today for a free quote!

Construction Company near me

Construction Company near me | Residential and Commercial

Browsing Google for the best construction company near me? Keep reading to discover how to find the best one for all your residential and commercial construction needs

Hiring a construction company is a critical decision that needs one to be vigilant and well informed. If you are looking for the best construction builders near me, the process might seem and appear easy but is not. Getting a home constructed or renovated just to sell it like hot cakes is definitely not a cakewalk. Let’s have a look at some of the factors you need to consider when you’re planning to hire a construction company for your renovation or new build projects.

Residential And Commercial Construction Company Near Me

An ideal construction builder is someone who develops, plans as well as executes residential as well as construction projects irrespective of the scale- big or small. Whether it’s plumbing, new construction, renovation, roofing, flooring and other services, a reputed construction company offers 360-degree solutions to all your construction needs without giving you a runaround.

1. Take care of even the minutest of detail – One of the prime advantages of going for the best construction company near me would be that the entire process- from start to end including the minutest of details is managed by the same builder. You just need to brief your details and other project requirements to the officials of the construction company, they’ll work on all the details. You can stay rest assured on that.

2. Right materials – Working on the right materials, standards and other necessary things yourself for your construction project could be a daunting process. Incompetent contractors may lack such knowledge and other essential building requirements. Hiring a professional construction company ensures that their team members are well-informed regarding the latest updates, building codes, and regulations. A good construction company also makes sure that the project gets completed in a timely, professional, and effective manner, right away by following all the legal channels.

3. Zero wastage – Very few of the reputed construction companies in the UK stay to their promise of letting you save more. Saving more, it means touching all the aspects such as time, money, and materials. These companies have the right expertise that helps you achieve your dream home/office in the expected timeframe and meet your expectations.

Apart from that, having your own logistics considerably makes you stress-free and ensures that the project gets completed without delay, hassles, and within the budget.

So, in case you are planning or surfing the internet for the best construction agencies near me, it’s always better to hire a professional, seasoned, and reputed construction company for all your building needs.

What things you need to consider while searching for construction businesses near me

What things you need to consider while searching for construction companies near me?

Reliability and trustability are two of the prime key factors that you should look for while finalizing your construction partner.

For doing that search engines and the internet may help you a lot. Read the reviews, feedback, testimonials, and every other information that is available on the internet regarding your shortlisted partner.

Apart from that, you can explore their website portfolio and speak to previous clients regarding their work.  Here are a few other things that you need to consider apart from these.

1. Experience – Experience is something that matters the most while you look for the best construction agencies near me over the search engines. Check out how many years they have been in the business and their completed projects. Such professionals are more responsible and do not shy away from their duties even in case of upheaval times.

2. Design Quality – Having a good knowledge of ergonomics and the latest designs for your construction is important when you are looking for construction companies for your dream home. It’s very important to understand the critical aspects as well as the nitty-gritty of all the construction-related factors. Zero-in on a company that has a poor understanding of things may lead to vulnerable consequences in the long run including resource wastage and construction costs.

3. Team – Understanding the company’s work culture and team skills is essential for a good construction foundation. Most of the good construction businesses near me have the best-trained in-house team of certified designers, and skilled workmen and offer quality materials. It’s always good to hire a team that comes down to your level and understands your requirements and deliver you the best.

4. Vision – The best construction companies have a clear vision and goal of what they would like to work for. Whether it’s constructing your dream home, renovating the office, or planning for a commercial site, it’s the innovative vision of the designer that determines the success of your project. Such a company completely understands the importance of proper planning and will be reliable, transparent, and trustworthy for their customers.

Your most loved pick for best construction company near me

TEL Constructions- Your most loved pick for the best construction company near me

Everyone wants to have a positive experience when it comes to construction- either newly built or something that requires renovation. By positive, we mean where there is less stress, hassles, and more accuracy delivered. TEL Constructions- one of the most reputed, trusted, and best construction companies in the UK helps you get this experience most satisfyingly. The professional and seasoned construction team at TEL Constructions delivers the project as per your needs, budget, and dreams irrespective of the size and scope of the project.

Here are a few sure-shot reasons that make you back to TEL Constructions for all your endeavors.

1. Complete turnkey solutions – TEL Constructions- the best builders in UK takes care of all your hassles and takes in charge of your project from scratch to end. From site visits to ideas and from design to conceptualization, everything is taken care of by the TEL Constructions team.

2. Best Advice – The professionals here will offer the best expert advice that is best in the nation. The creative designers have the complete know-how of the project and work hard to turn your dreams into reality. The team carefully listens to your ideas and drafts a design that incorporates your aspirations as well.

3. Technical Knowledge – The professionals at TEL Constructions are well equipped with technical know-how; work on latest industry trends and adhere to the international standards of construction.

  • Testimonials – Our past work and our portfolio is the testimony of success. We have long-term collaborations with many of our clients and we have been serving them for years. Customer satisfaction and happiness are the prime.
  • Best quality, Best prices – TEL Constructions is proudly associated with and has partnered with many national and international brands to provide world-class construction and other services to clients.
  • No Outsourcing – TEL Constructions is proud to claim that all their services are in-house and do not outsource anything. Right from creative designs to logistics, TEL Constructions has everything that you ask them.
  • Unmatched experience – The legacy of TEL Constructions is unrivaled which make their services unique and perfect. Whether it’s roofing, plumbing, new builds, renovation, or carpentry, you just ask them and they have it for you!

Services that make TEL Constructions the best construction company experts near me

TEL Constructions offer 360-degree end-to-end construction services to all your new build or renovation needs. Be it roofing, block paving, loft conversion, or undergoing construction from scratch, ‘TEL Constructions’ is the pioneers in delivering world-class construction services. From concept to completion and from dream to reality, TEL Constructions is the brand that you can blindly back on. Have a look at the services offered by TEL Constructions – the most trusted construction company near me.

New Build construction

New Builds Be it small or big, the professionals at TEL Constructions are just not property builders but are the real dream weavers. The team at TEL Constructions completely understands the user requirement and needs, and work on these lines to deliver you the best. The brand deals with all sorts of projects- residential, commercial, big or small and delivers them with utmost professional expertise and guaranteed on-time delivery. The adroit team at TEL Constructions offers turnkey construction solutions and brings designs to the table that are flawless, unique and completely fall within your budget.

Loft Conversion

 Loft conversion Running short of space or planning to move due to this? Wait we have a solution for that! Make better use of your waste attic space and turn it into a beautiful bedroom right away. Connect with loft conversion experts at TEL Constructions today for the best guidance to make the most of your attic space as per your budget. Choose from a wide range of loft conversions such as Velux, Dormer, Mansard, and Hip-to-Gabel loft conversion. Add value and space to your home with the best loft conversion specialists from the UK.

Home Renovation london

Home Renovation Your home not designed as per your lifestyle? Want to renovate it as per your needs and growing requirements? Then, give your project to the safest and most reliable hands – TEL Constructions. Be it a single room or an entire space, the renovation experts at TEL Constructions are brilliant at their work and help you realize your dream space. The team comprises in-house electricians, builders, carpenters, plumbers, interior designers, and architects as well as the company has their own logistics.

 Side & Rear Extensions

Side and Rear ExtensionPlanning to add another storey to your home or going for a garage conversion, kitchen conversion or side/rear extension of your home? Home extension is an ideal way to add value and space to your home but the trick is that you need to get that done by professionals. Home extension projects taken up by TEL Constructions are sold like hot cakes in the market when they come up for selling. Connect with the professional team at TEL Constructions today to get the best and most competitive quote for your home extension plans.

Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services Landscaping is a perfect way to accentuate the kerb appeal of your home and add a beautiful green space in your home. The professional exposure is well reflected in TEL Constructions’ deliverables which inevitably makes them a perfect choice for construction companies near me. Get the best in class landscaping services such as garden landscaping, garden design, and professional and long-term garden maintenance exclusively at TEL Constructions.

Roofing Solutions

Roofing SolutionsLooking for the best roofing solution experts for your commercial or residential needs? The professional roofers at TEL Constructions are well known for their dedication, commitment, and timely completion of projects. Their expertise is unmatched and is much more enduring than the others in the market. The end product is much more reliable, durable, resilient, and stable. Reach out to TEL Constructions today to get the best of the best roofing solutions that include roof installation, roof replacement, and roof repairs.

 Block Paving And Driveways

Block Paving & Driveway solutions – Make your walkway complement your style and mirror your personality with their exemplary block paving and driveway solutions. Make your driveway look aesthetically more appealing, practical, and long-lasting which stands the test of time.

TEL Constructions- Your Ultimate pick for most trusted construction builders near me

Working with TEL Constructions means getting your ideas and opinions getting properly implemented and understanding the real aspects that what can work for you and what can’t. The experts at TEL, help you visualize your end results and offer you the best of all worlds – be it design, planning, material, and construction.

Don’t worry, if you think it’s out of your budget. The professionals at TEL Constructions help you get the best things working that too on your budget. The experienced professionals will fully analyze your needs, requirements, budget and lifestyle before giving you the final prints. It’s not only the experience but the company has the right skilled individuals that can make even the complicated of things easy and can deal with any sort of problem with ease.

When you work with TEL Constructions, you can be rest assured that the entire team is at your disposal. With complete team working at your project dedicatedly, you can expect lesser delays, fewer mistakes, better precision as well as proper finishing of the project. For more feel free to explore TEL Constructions at https://telconstructions.co.uk/portfolio/ . For inquiries and site visits, write to us at support@telconstructions.co.uk or speak to us at 02081584006.

How To Choose a Home Construction Company Worth Trusting?

How To Choose a Home Construction Company Worth Trusting?

Choosing a builder with right skill set, experience and whom you can trust; lays the foundation of a successful project. Read the blog to unveil some proven tips to find out how to find a builder you can trust.

The importance of choosing a right builder cannot be overlooked and finding a best home builder for your project is definitely not a cakewalk!

A trustable builder not only ensures that you get what you want at best quality and price but also saves your precious money and time along the way.

But, how to find a builder you can trust?

We’ve compiled a few sure shot and proven ways that help you zero-in the best new build contractor or renovator but also help you to stay away from cowboy builders.

1.   Hire Local House Builders

Using a local dream home builder has immense benefit to you in two ways.

First, you will get more time on site which ultimately leads to meeting the timeline.

Secondly, their knowledge of the local planning permission is invaluable to your new build or renovation ensuring your project meets the requisite laws and regulations.

2.   Ask Building Inspectors

Local building inspectors are a useful resource in most cases, but unfortunately, this aspect is often ignored or overlooked.

Although they won’t do anything shady nor is their recommendation a stamp of authority, but their nods and winks at a builder you mentioned to them is safe for you and your money.

3.   Overall approach

Endorsements may be subjective and going by the finished work may not help you get the real picture.

Whether you are looking for a luxury home builder or home extension builder, it’s important to understand how the entire process was handled.

From logistics, planning budget, in-house teams, designing, on-site facilities, after-sale service etc everything should be enquired.

There is no reason for hiring a builder who lacks in-house team and is completely dependent on sub-contractors.

4.   Ask the Contractor to Furnish You with a Reference List

Ask the Contractor to Furnish You with a Reference List

There is the saying that in the mouth of two or three, safety is guaranteed.

Asking colleagues, work partners or even tradies would be a great way in your search for a trustable and reliable builder.

Do not skip this step. No matter how tempting the deal may sound!

Approach your contractor to furnish a list of references or their past clients or other investors, designer or architects they’ve worked with.

In this case, the guarantee should come from what past customers say about the contractor and not the contractors themselves.

Asking and contacting the references provided will allow you to see the builder’s work firsthand and will enable you to ask questions. Some questions to ask the previous customers are;

  • What was it like working with them?
  • Did they meet the timeline or exceed the budget?
  • What is their take on the quality of materials?
  • The estimate given to you, was it adequately broken down and transparent, or was it vague?
  • Would you recommend I use them?
  • In the course of working with them, was there any challenge? How did they handle it?
  • Was there any part of the process that bothered you?
  • Did they give you a payment plan?
  • How was their communication like?
  • How often did they give you a progress report?
  • Do they have any after-sales program?
  • Ask open-ended questions that will make the reference communicate feelings and emotions rather than giving you a yes or no.

5.   Ask About the Subcontractors

Reputable house builders run background checks on their team members to give you peace of mind while protecting their brand name.

You want to know if any part of the project is subcontracted, or everyone entering your home is under the builder’s responsibility.

On more questions to ask a contractor before you hire them, you can check out our blog on 10 questions to ask.

6.   Experience and Technology upfront

It’s always easy to move a line drawn on paper than to move a wall!

You need to trust your intuition for some aspects. Apart from questions, give a little attention to how they present things.

A good new build contractor will give utmost priority to quality control, vehicles, equipment and would work with the latest techniques in technology to deliver you the best home builder designs.

Right from planning to deliver you scaled drawings such as renders, elevations and other 2D, a good builder is focused on your satisfaction first.

Majorly, the problem occurs when variations are suggested at a later stage. This will result in extra costs as well as resources.

A trustable and eco friendly home builder understands that it’s easy to change a line on the designs rather than altering a constructed wall.

It will deploy the best of technology to ensure that your vision, dream and ideas get a fair chance to materialize.

7.   Project Discussion

This is a self-evident but critical step.

The contractors you have penned down to work with, schedule a meeting and discuss your project parameters.

The good guys will offer you a free consultation or visit to discuss your project in details, pointing out the challenges you will face as you go.

They will also provide you with accurate estimates based on the quality of materials, and finishes.

To add icing on the cake, some will guarantee you a price match – if you find another builder who can deliver the same project to you in time and with the quality of materials, they will match it.

8.   Track Record

Choosing a builder who is experienced and holds a great legacy with an excellent track record should be an ideal pick.

Partnering with experienced and professional builders will ensure guaranteed on-time delivery with excellent after-sale services.

They’ll be happy to share their track records, past experiences, references and how they ensure that their processes and systems are up and running.

The best home builder in UK will ensure complete transparency at every construction phase or milestone.

9.   Get everything in writing

Be it costs or estimates, a good trustable home builder in UK will offer everything in writing.

If a builder promises verbally and hesitates to share the details in writing (may be a quote), that’s a red flag. You must never trust verbal agreements.

Taking a quotation or things in writing will not only give clarity to you but to the builder as well.

You can easily ponder upon the estimates and other calculations afterwards and use it to compare with others in the market.

10.  Ground Reality

In your quest on how to choose a builder, it’s imperative to check the builder’s online presence as well.

Just key in the company’s name on any search engine and you’ll get a lot of information that may be substantial proof of their existence, genuineness and reliability.

Read Also: How To Spot Cowboy Builders

What makes TEL Constructions the most trusted and best home builder in UK?

TEL Constructions is one of the leading choices of architects, developers and interior designers in UK.

Be it commercial or residential, it’s the legacy of TEL Constructions that is makes it the ultimate choice for all construction prospects, no matter the size.

We believe in complete transparency, effectiveness and complete satisfaction of our esteemed clients.

Our experienced, specialized and seasoned in-house construction team is fully equipped to deal with all kind of requirements for your construction or building needs.

From start to finish, we offer holistic end-to-end building solutions where it’s about raw materials, designing, technology, logistics or other equipment.

Trusted & Reliable! …. Check

Best prices!… 100%

Experienced & Professional!… Undoubtedly

On-time delivery!.. Positively

After sale Service!.. Absolutely

TEL Constructions offers a dedicated approach and hassle-free experience to turn your dream project into reality.


Subcontractors killing your time?

Quality issues?

Struggling with unnecessary delays and unprofessional behaviour?

Why compromise when you can settle with the best!

When you trust your 6th sense and follow these simple steps, you are one decision away from having your dream home and working with the best builders.

However, to hasten this process for you book a free consultation with TEL Constructions today by calling at 02081584006.

Our executive will soon get back to you.