How To Build A New House That Looks Old

“Add the timeless & everlasting traditional appeal to your space with TEL Constructions.”

Your new house design has everything – a well planned location, big driveway, high-end kitchen appliances, fireplace and even two car parking.

Still you feel something is missing?

Yes! It’s the character and timeless charm.

Be it a classic Country cottage flavour or the Victorian designs, the appeal they add to the homes is ravishing and beyond comparison.

From simple transforms such as using mute colours to opting for trendy reproductions of classic building materials, keep reading to how TEL Constructions offers innovative new house plans that look like old houses.

But before let’s understand,

Why people love building a new house that looks old UK? 

Apart from breaking the same old cookie-cutter looks that your neighbourhood has, the vintage homes offer an unequivocal and worth cherishing persona.

The modern home designs are majorly focused on creative utilization of space while the traditional ones encompass everything from classic hardware, mature landscaping to proper ventilation.

Though, the classic wooden floorings have been replaced by stylish carpet area in the modern design, most of the Brits are still longing for the patina of wooden designs.

Usage of fewer windows in the new build houses allows going for striking electric illumination in the rooms but vintage designs make every possible effort to make use of the natural sunlight.

Above all, the rustic colours, light fixtures, timeless faucets and doorknobs don’t skip a chance to create a compelling presence on the minds of people.

Add the old house charm to your new build house with TEL Constructions

The design experts at TEL Constructions not only ensure perfectly picked choices and exceptional finishing but also make sure that turning your new build house old is inexpensive as well.

1. Muted Hues

Muted Hues

Going for earthy and muted colours offers a timeless and sophisticated look to the entire setting.

To create the sheen of weathered wood, the team at TEL Constructions provides thinned coat of these colours to ceilings, walls and cabinetry.

The team ensures that colours blend completely in the home and don’t over shadow.

Wanna add head-turning appeal to the discerning eye; reach out to TEL Constructions- most trusted construction company in UK.

2. Authentic Lighting

Authentic Lighting

Recessed lighting gives more of a modern home touch.

Vintage or repurposed antiques, electrified gas lanterns and other vintage light fixtures add an authentic period look to the home.

The designers at TEL are experts at creating a phenomenal custom illumination to match with the feel of the home.

3. Vintage Materials

Vintage Materials

Centuries ago the homes did not have wall-to-wall carpets, stainless steel, quartz, veined marbles and other stylish materials.

Vintage materials included things that were easily available such as countertops made with butcher block or soapstone, wooden floorings, subway tiles etc.

Discover your favourite vintage material or the ones you are trying to mimic with the material experts at TEL Constructions.

4. Mature Landscaping

Mature Landscaping

Most of the modern homes have completely changed the concept of landscaping and switched to broader driveways that add to the convenience.

Adding a larger landscaping fully loaded with shrubs, grasses or even trees would make the home impart the look of a period home.

TEL Constructions’ creative landscapers add charming features to your landscape such as by using decorative planters, classic picket fence, window planter boxes etc.

5. Solid Wood Doors & Hardware

Solid Wood Doors & Hardware

100 years ago people had solid wood doors and cabinet hardware that were pretty heavy and did not had any hollow cores.

Installing new solid wood doors or even the reclaimed wooden doors would help you get that desired old look.

Want to change your normal bathtub with a claw-foot bathtub? And, sink with a vintage pedestal sink?

The in-house carpenters, plumbers and artisans at TEL Constructions help you with new houses that look old plans by offering bespoke, personalized and fully vintage hardware, door and cabinets.

6. Play with Moldings

Play with Moldings

Be it simple or extravagant, moldings used in period homes were classic and offered a unique finishing to the home.

Add old charm to your home with crown moldings, real wood panelling, bead and base boards, chair rail and plate rail etc.

The team at TEL Constructions has the right experience and are seasoned to install period moldings to your home and make it look old.

7. Vintage and Antique furniture

Vintage and Antique furniture

Want that lived-in and layered look to make your living room look old-fashioned?

It’s possible only with TEL Constructions.

The expert interior designers, carpenters and craftsmen help you craft bespoke furniture as per your need that casts a vintage spell to your space.

Infuse timeless and old charm to your home with the best construction company in London- TEL Constructions.

8. Reclaimed Bricks

Reclaimed Bricks

The charm and character of the old bricks is hard to beat and even duplicate.

TEL Constructions are the pro in building a new house that looks old UK.

Whether your design includes bricking the patio or walkway and casting an old-style look to exteriors by using reclaimed bricks, TEL Constructions is your ideal pick.   

9. Transform the Ceiling

Transform the Ceiling

Do you know, Tin ceilings date back in 1880’s still has that charm and are in vogue today?

Want to tile your kitchen ceiling or cast a mesmerizing look by using these tiles as backsplash? The design and material experts at TEL Constructions will do that for you.

Add the Vintage charm to your new build house with TEL Constructions

Building a new home today? Why to skip the eye-catching old-house charm?

Having the right design is the key player in your new home building.

TEL Constructions have the perfect bevy of designers, craftsmen, masons, interior decorators, materials and much more that have stunning new house plans that look like old houses.

We help you build a character-filled new home that reflects vintage and magnetic aura.

Get in touch with us at 020 8158 4006 or feel free to write to us at and schedule your FREE Site visit today.

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