How To Build A New House That Looks Old

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A new build is a property that is just no one has ever lived in before. Since the property is new, it offers better promises and advantages to the homeowner than older houses.

With modern appliances, better technologies, lower running cost, no significant alterations that cost so much, bespoke options, and energy efficiency, a newly built house is a no brainer. 

The Benefits of Building in a New House 

  • Enjoy warranties from the NHBC and the  
  • Reduced carbon footprint 
  • Modern home with awesome energy-efficiency  
  • Enjoy lower home management cost 
  • Build a house that is bespoke to you 
  • As a first time buyer, you qualify for government financing 

However, as great as these perks are, there is one thing a new house lacks that older homes have in abundance is CHARACTER. A new house can’t compete with older homes since most new houses are builder-grade finishes and most developers are wary about adding those extra features because of cost. 

What gives older homes character is the detailing that goes into every piece and material. So what can you do to add charm and character to your New Build? 

You Can Add Trim Work  

Adding trim work like crown moulding, coffered ceiling, door casing, and wainscoting can really give you’re the basic finish of your house a facelift. If you are on a budget, you can go with applied moulding; otherwise, a raised wood panelling is perfect. 

Change Your Door 

Instead of the builder-grade door that comes with a new build, you can replace it with a panelled door. You don’t have to bore a hole in your wallet; a vintage door will do just fine in the place of the plain boring doors. 

Get Creative With the Light Fixtures 

You don’t have to settle for the dull, plain light fixtures that don’t add character to your home or enhance the space. You should change the lights fixtures throughout the house when you move in 

Switch it Up 

One of the things you don’t notice when you move into a new house is the switch plates. Most builders intentionally choose simple switches that don’t alter the home interior but blend in unnoticed.

If the goal is to make your new house look old, then you should replace all the switches with a more decorative, not-so-over-the-top model. This little action will add sparkle to your new place. 

Add Reclaimed Materials to the Mix 

One sure way of making your new house look old is by using salvaged and reclaimed materials in places where it makes design sense. Incorporating reclaimed materials into your home can transform your new home into an old house in style. 

Out With the Boring Hardware 

Switching out the contemporary hardware that came with your new home basic finish is an excellent way of making your new home look old. You can exchange the contemporary kitchen hardware, doorknobs and Bathroom hardware into more traditional hardware with a bit of detail.  

The basic idea of making your new home look old is simply adding detailing and fixtures that add charm and character to your home, and these simple ideas will help you do just that without tarnishing your home style or going overboard. 

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