13+ Tips to make Energy Efficient Home in United Kingdom

Every term of energy saved counts!

This statement is more relevant today than ever before. With the need to tackle the climate emergency, addressing fuel poverty concerns, and dealing with the growing energy crisis, making our homes more energy-efficient has become a necessity.

The United Kingdom has set ambitious goals such as achieving NetZero by 2050 to reduce carbon emissions and boosting energy efficiency.

Homeowners can play a significant role in achieving them by playing their part in saving environment.

Learn the quick ways to make your home more energy-efficient and reduce the carbon footprint. Also, learn the government grants available and get a checklist to know how energy efficient your home is.

What do you mean by energy efficient homes or low carbon homes? And why is this on high priority?

Energy-efficient or low carbon homes are designed to reduce the amount of energy consumed and the carbon emissions associated with the building, making them more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The benefits of these eco friendly homes UK include:

  • Warm and soothing internal ambience
  • Good indoor air quality
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Low Energy bills
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Gas-free homes (safer and greener)

So, how it can be done? It’s covered in the next section. Don’t forget to check how energy efficient is my home and other government grants that are being given by the UK government for aiding energy efficient homes.

Quick and Easy Tips for Energy Efficient Homes And Require No Investment

Quick and Easy Tips for Energy Efficient Homes And Require No Investment

Here are some quick and easy tips for making your home more energy-efficient without requiring any investment:

Be smart and use an app to track your energy consumption

Most of us have a smart meter for tracking energy usage. There are many apps available in the digital marketplace which are free and helps you track your energy consumption in weeks, days, months or years.

This will enable better understanding of your energy consumption and finding perfect ways to reduce the utilisation and save a huge on energy bills in a pretty safe and manageable way.

You can search for smart meter apps on your browser or marketplace and download the best suited one.

Closing Your Blinds and Curtains at Night

Want to save on heating costs in an easy and free way? Close your curtains and blinds at night. It can prevent warm air from escaping.

Especially useful if you have radiators under your windows. This’ll keep your home warm and cosy during colder months.

By minimizing Tumble trying option for clothes

Tumble dryers are known to consume a lot of energy. In fact, they are the most energy-intensive appliances in a household.

However, their usage can be reduced by ensuring that the dryer is used with a full load, three-quarters of the drum capacity.

In addition, drying clothes outside or inside with an open window for ventilation on a clothes airer is a wonderful way to save energy.

It’s important to avoid overfilling the dryer, as this can lengthen the drying time and increase energy consumption.

Washing clothes at lower temperatures

Washing clothes at a lower temperature can be an effective way to save energy. With modern washing machines, clothes can still be cleaned effectively at lower temperatures.

Switching from 40°C to 30°C can help increase the number of cycles you get from the same amount of energy, potentially allowing for three cycles instead of two, depending on your washing machine.

This small adjustment can make a significant difference in reducing energy consumption and lowering your utility bill.

Unplugging or turning off the socket when not in Use

When electrical appliances like laptops, desktops, televisions, smart devices, and video game consoles are not in use, they still consume power continuously.

To lower energy consumption and decrease utility costs, it is crucial to turn off the power switch at the socket or unplug the appliances.

By following this basic step, one can avoid standby power consumption that can accumulate to a substantial amount of energy wasted over time.

Decreasing the flow temperature of the radiator in combi boiler

Flow temperature in boiler is that temperature in which the water flows to the radiators.

This flow temperature actually doesn’t impact the temperature of the room nor does it has anything related to temperature of the thermostat.

By keeping the flow temperature down to 60 degree will just increase the time it takes to reach the set temperature on the thermostat. It helps you save a lot on your savings and energy bills.

Keep doors and windows closed

By keeping doors and windows closed helps keep the heat in during the winters and the cool air in during the summers.

It actually creates the greenhouse effect and keeps the inside warm which can save energy and reduce your energy bills.

Low Cost Energy Efficient Home Improvement Tips

Have a look at some of the small improvements that help you make a major difference in your energy savings and making your home people friendly.

These energy efficient home improvements generally require a low cost investment but once done, they help make a significant impact on energy savings.

Draught proofing Doors and Windows

One of the most cost-effective measures to prevent heat loss and reduce energy bills is draught-proofing.

By blocking gaps around doors, windows, chimneys, and floors, you can prevent warm air from escaping and cold air from entering.

Another effective solution is using window film, which acts as temporary secondary glazing to stop heat from escaping through glass. You can purchase it from hardware stores or online and install it yourself or with professional help.

Using Energy Efficient lighting

Switching from standard or incandescent light bulbs to energy-efficient bulbs like LEDs can significantly reduce your energy bills while keeping your rooms well-lit.

LED bulbs also last longer than traditional bulbs, resulting in lower maintenance costs. Good news is that the amount and colour of light emitted by a bulb are not linked to its energy consumption.

By making this simple switch, you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Smart Meter Installation

A smart meter is an advanced technology that provides you with real-time information on your energy consumption through an in-home display.

By upgrading to a smart meter, you can efficiently monitor your energy usage and make informed decisions about your consumption.

This feature simplifies budgeting and enables you to avoid unexpected costs. You can contact your energy supplier to request a smart meter installation.

Spend to save Energy Efficient Home Improvement Tips

Here are some larger home improvement tips for making it a low carbon home.

These are worth every penny spend as they not only reduce energy bills but also keep a check on draughts, moulds, condensation, and dampness issues.

This overall promotes health and wellbeing too.

Upgrading Heating Controls

Efficiently controlling your central heating system is crucial to staying warm without wasting energy.

One common way to achieve this is by using a central programmer and thermostat to manage when and how much heating is on, along with thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) to control the heating in each room.

For even more convenience, a smart heating controller can be a good choice as it makes adjusting the settings easier.

This causes minimal disruption and takes less than a day to install.

Who should implement this?

This home improvement is suitable for homeowners who have a central heating system with radiators but don’t have comprehensive list of functions.

Upgrading to Multi-glazed Windows

Double and triple glazed windows can do wonders to retain the heat energy within the room. They’ll keep you warm while reducing the energy bills equally.

They are worth the investment and offer hub of benefits such as reduced maintenance, reduced noise and better sound proofing etc.

Installing Solar Panels

If you have a roof area which is not shaded by buildings or trees, this area could be used to install Solar photovoltaic panels, also known as solar PV.

There is just initial cost involved as sunlight is free so the energy generated would be an added bonus. This energy can be buy-back from your energy supplier, subsequently cutting down your energy bills.

Upgrading to Heat Pump from Boiler

If you have good outdoor space and keen on reducing carbon emissions? Invest in heat pump and stay eco-friendly.

Heat pumps are a sustainable heating system that operates more efficiently than boilers, as it does not rely on burning fuels like gas or oil.

It transfers heat from the outside to heat your rooms and water using electricity. Heat pumps are applicable for various households, and they have lower carbon emissions.

Additionally, through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, grants are available for air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps to make them more affordable.

Insulating roof and loft

Insulating your loft and roof spaces plays a crucial role in energy savings as they don’t let the heat escape and tend to make the interiors warm and more comfortable.

You can seek help from a reputed construction contractor UK or DIY.

Upgrading to Smart Devices

Smart devices such as Smart Thermostat and other heating controls help you save a lot on your energy.

Let say you left the thermostat ON while leaving for your office. These smart devices are a part of IoT (Internet of Things) so these can be accessed from any part of the globe through mobile devices.

So, wherever you are, just open the respective app and turn off the appliance. And can be done vice versa like when you plan to come back home, you can switch the thermostat ON.

Government Grants on Low carbon Homes

According to the trusted website TrustMark, the UK government has launched various home improvement schemes under which citizens are given grants for building  energy efficient homes or low carbon homes.

Some of the schemes have been closed. Below listed are the open ones (2023).

Home Upgrade Grant (HUG)

The Home Upgrade Grant (HUG) is a government-funded program that provides financial support to qualifying homeowners and private renters who want to improve the energy efficiency of their off-gas-grid homes.

HUG is part of the Local Authority Delivery (LAD) scheme and can cover some or all the costs associated with installation, such as:

  • loft insulation,
  • underfloor insulation,
  • wall insulation,
  • solar voltaic, and
  • low carbon technologies

To determine eligibility and learn more about the Home Upgrade Grant, contact your local authority.

Local Authority Delivery (LAD) Scheme

The UK government has allocated £500 million in funding to local authorities through the Local Authority Delivery (LAD) scheme, with the goal of improving the energy efficiency of low-income households and reducing fuel poverty.

The scheme aims to phase out high carbon fossil fuel heating and help the UK meet its commitment to net-zero by 2050.

The prime focus lays on to improve the energy performance of homes that have low energy performance certificates (EPC ratings of E, F or G).

Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)

The main aim of this government funded initiative is to offer grant for the installation of heat pumps (air and ground sourced) as well as biomass boilers in rural homes.

The focus is to decarbonise the homes and make them eco-friendly. This scheme is administered by Ofgem as the energy regulator.

How energy efficient is my home? – The checklist

To assess the energy efficiency of your home in the UK, you can use this 10-point checklist that includes the following:

Please note: Things may or may not be same for everyone. A lot of factors are responsible for attaining a low carbon home such as location of your home (urban, rural), type of home (terraced, semi-detached or detached) etc.

SNO Category Description    ✓ / X
1 Insulation Check if your loft, walls, and floor are properly insulated. Install cavity wall for more insulation.
2 Heating Check your heating system, thermostats, and boiler to ensure it’s working efficiently and consider upgrading to a more efficient one.
3 Windows and doors Check for draughts and consider installing double or triple glazing
4 Lighting Check if you are using energy-efficient light bulbs
5 Appliances Check if your appliances are energy-efficient and switch them off when not in use.
6 Water usage Check if you have water-efficient devices installed, such as taps, showers, and toilets. And, the keep a check on water leakage
7 Air leaks Are there any gaps or leaks around windows, doors, and vents that need sealing?
8 energy usage Keep track of your energy bills and monitor your energy usage to identify areas where you can reduce your energy consumption
9 hot water system Is it efficient, and are the pipes and tanks insulated?
10 Ventilation Check if the home has good ventilation, as it can reduce moisture build-up and improve air quality. Poor ventilation can also make your home feel colder and damper, leading to increased energy usage.


Apart from this checklist, you can easily assess your energy efficient home improvements as recommended by the government on official website of UK Government. Click Here.

Take this survey and get the action plan ready by the government easily. You don’t have to give your personal details. It’s a general survey and can be taken by anyone free of cost.

Bottom Line

Making your home energy efficient not only helps the environment to stay clean and green but also reduces your energy bills.

Follow these tips and take advantage of government grants to create a low-carbon home.

Contact us at TEL Constructions to discuss how we can help you with your energy-efficient home renovation or new construction project.

Construction Company near me

Construction Company near me | Residential and Commercial

Browsing Google for the best construction company near me? Keep reading to discover how to find the best one for all your residential and commercial construction needs

Hiring a construction company is a critical decision that needs one to be vigilant and well informed. If you are looking for the best construction builders near me, the process might seem and appear easy but is not. Getting a home constructed or renovated just to sell it like hot cakes is definitely not a cakewalk. Let’s have a look at some of the factors you need to consider when you’re planning to hire a construction company for your renovation or new build projects.

Residential And Commercial Construction Company Near Me

An ideal construction builder is someone who develops, plans as well as executes residential as well as construction projects irrespective of the scale- big or small. Whether it’s plumbing, new construction, renovation, roofing, flooring and other services, a reputed construction company offers 360-degree solutions to all your construction needs without giving you a runaround.

1. Take care of even the minutest of detail – One of the prime advantages of going for the best construction company near me would be that the entire process- from start to end including the minutest of details is managed by the same builder. You just need to brief your details and other project requirements to the officials of the construction company, they’ll work on all the details. You can stay rest assured on that.

2. Right materials – Working on the right materials, standards and other necessary things yourself for your construction project could be a daunting process. Incompetent contractors may lack such knowledge and other essential building requirements. Hiring a professional construction company ensures that their team members are well-informed regarding the latest updates, building codes, and regulations. A good construction company also makes sure that the project gets completed in a timely, professional, and effective manner, right away by following all the legal channels.

3. Zero wastage – Very few of the reputed construction companies in the UK stay to their promise of letting you save more. Saving more, it means touching all the aspects such as time, money, and materials. These companies have the right expertise that helps you achieve your dream home/office in the expected timeframe and meet your expectations.

Apart from that, having your own logistics considerably makes you stress-free and ensures that the project gets completed without delay, hassles, and within the budget.

So, in case you are planning or surfing the internet for the best construction agencies near me, it’s always better to hire a professional, seasoned, and reputed construction company for all your building needs.

What things you need to consider while searching for construction businesses near me

What things you need to consider while searching for construction companies near me?

Reliability and trustability are two of the prime key factors that you should look for while finalizing your construction partner.

For doing that search engines and the internet may help you a lot. Read the reviews, feedback, testimonials, and every other information that is available on the internet regarding your shortlisted partner.

Apart from that, you can explore their website portfolio and speak to previous clients regarding their work.  Here are a few other things that you need to consider apart from these.

1. Experience – Experience is something that matters the most while you look for the best construction agencies near me over the search engines. Check out how many years they have been in the business and their completed projects. Such professionals are more responsible and do not shy away from their duties even in case of upheaval times.

2. Design Quality – Having a good knowledge of ergonomics and the latest designs for your construction is important when you are looking for construction companies for your dream home. It’s very important to understand the critical aspects as well as the nitty-gritty of all the construction-related factors. Zero-in on a company that has a poor understanding of things may lead to vulnerable consequences in the long run including resource wastage and construction costs.

3. Team – Understanding the company’s work culture and team skills is essential for a good construction foundation. Most of the good construction businesses near me have the best-trained in-house team of certified designers, and skilled workmen and offer quality materials. It’s always good to hire a team that comes down to your level and understands your requirements and deliver you the best.

4. Vision – The best construction companies have a clear vision and goal of what they would like to work for. Whether it’s constructing your dream home, renovating the office, or planning for a commercial site, it’s the innovative vision of the designer that determines the success of your project. Such a company completely understands the importance of proper planning and will be reliable, transparent, and trustworthy for their customers.

Your most loved pick for best construction company near me

TEL Constructions- Your most loved pick for the best construction company near me

Everyone wants to have a positive experience when it comes to construction- either newly built or something that requires renovation. By positive, we mean where there is less stress, hassles, and more accuracy delivered. TEL Constructions- one of the most reputed, trusted, and best construction companies in the UK helps you get this experience most satisfyingly. The professional and seasoned construction team at TEL Constructions delivers the project as per your needs, budget, and dreams irrespective of the size and scope of the project.

Here are a few sure-shot reasons that make you back to TEL Constructions for all your endeavors.

1. Complete turnkey solutions – TEL Constructions- the best builders in UK takes care of all your hassles and takes in charge of your project from scratch to end. From site visits to ideas and from design to conceptualization, everything is taken care of by the TEL Constructions team.

2. Best Advice – The professionals here will offer the best expert advice that is best in the nation. The creative designers have the complete know-how of the project and work hard to turn your dreams into reality. The team carefully listens to your ideas and drafts a design that incorporates your aspirations as well.

3. Technical Knowledge – The professionals at TEL Constructions are well equipped with technical know-how; work on latest industry trends and adhere to the international standards of construction.

  • Testimonials – Our past work and our portfolio is the testimony of success. We have long-term collaborations with many of our clients and we have been serving them for years. Customer satisfaction and happiness are the prime.
  • Best quality, Best prices – TEL Constructions is proudly associated with and has partnered with many national and international brands to provide world-class construction and other services to clients.
  • No Outsourcing – TEL Constructions is proud to claim that all their services are in-house and do not outsource anything. Right from creative designs to logistics, TEL Constructions has everything that you ask them.
  • Unmatched experience – The legacy of TEL Constructions is unrivaled which make their services unique and perfect. Whether it’s roofing, plumbing, new builds, renovation, or carpentry, you just ask them and they have it for you!

Services that make TEL Constructions the best construction company experts near me

TEL Constructions offer 360-degree end-to-end construction services to all your new build or renovation needs. Be it roofing, block paving, loft conversion, or undergoing construction from scratch, ‘TEL Constructions’ is the pioneers in delivering world-class construction services. From concept to completion and from dream to reality, TEL Constructions is the brand that you can blindly back on. Have a look at the services offered by TEL Constructions – the most trusted construction company near me.

New Build construction

New Builds Be it small or big, the professionals at TEL Constructions are just not property builders but are the real dream weavers. The team at TEL Constructions completely understands the user requirement and needs, and work on these lines to deliver you the best. The brand deals with all sorts of projects- residential, commercial, big or small and delivers them with utmost professional expertise and guaranteed on-time delivery. The adroit team at TEL Constructions offers turnkey construction solutions and brings designs to the table that are flawless, unique and completely fall within your budget.

Loft Conversion

 Loft conversion Running short of space or planning to move due to this? Wait we have a solution for that! Make better use of your waste attic space and turn it into a beautiful bedroom right away. Connect with loft conversion experts at TEL Constructions today for the best guidance to make the most of your attic space as per your budget. Choose from a wide range of loft conversions such as Velux, Dormer, Mansard, and Hip-to-Gabel loft conversion. Add value and space to your home with the best loft conversion specialists from the UK.

Home Renovation london

Home Renovation Your home not designed as per your lifestyle? Want to renovate it as per your needs and growing requirements? Then, give your project to the safest and most reliable hands – TEL Constructions. Be it a single room or an entire space, the renovation experts at TEL Constructions are brilliant at their work and help you realize your dream space. The team comprises in-house electricians, builders, carpenters, plumbers, interior designers, and architects as well as the company has their own logistics.

 Side & Rear Extensions

Side and Rear ExtensionPlanning to add another storey to your home or going for a garage conversion, kitchen conversion or side/rear extension of your home? Home extension is an ideal way to add value and space to your home but the trick is that you need to get that done by professionals. Home extension projects taken up by TEL Constructions are sold like hot cakes in the market when they come up for selling. Connect with the professional team at TEL Constructions today to get the best and most competitive quote for your home extension plans.

Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services Landscaping is a perfect way to accentuate the kerb appeal of your home and add a beautiful green space in your home. The professional exposure is well reflected in TEL Constructions’ deliverables which inevitably makes them a perfect choice for construction companies near me. Get the best in class landscaping services such as garden landscaping, garden design, and professional and long-term garden maintenance exclusively at TEL Constructions.

Roofing Solutions

Roofing SolutionsLooking for the best roofing solution experts for your commercial or residential needs? The professional roofers at TEL Constructions are well known for their dedication, commitment, and timely completion of projects. Their expertise is unmatched and is much more enduring than the others in the market. The end product is much more reliable, durable, resilient, and stable. Reach out to TEL Constructions today to get the best of the best roofing solutions that include roof installation, roof replacement, and roof repairs.

 Block Paving And Driveways

Block Paving & Driveway solutions – Make your walkway complement your style and mirror your personality with their exemplary block paving and driveway solutions. Make your driveway look aesthetically more appealing, practical, and long-lasting which stands the test of time.

TEL Constructions- Your Ultimate pick for most trusted construction builders near me

Working with TEL Constructions means getting your ideas and opinions getting properly implemented and understanding the real aspects that what can work for you and what can’t. The experts at TEL, help you visualize your end results and offer you the best of all worlds – be it design, planning, material, and construction.

Don’t worry, if you think it’s out of your budget. The professionals at TEL Constructions help you get the best things working that too on your budget. The experienced professionals will fully analyze your needs, requirements, budget and lifestyle before giving you the final prints. It’s not only the experience but the company has the right skilled individuals that can make even the complicated of things easy and can deal with any sort of problem with ease.

When you work with TEL Constructions, you can be rest assured that the entire team is at your disposal. With complete team working at your project dedicatedly, you can expect lesser delays, fewer mistakes, better precision as well as proper finishing of the project. For more feel free to explore TEL Constructions at . For inquiries and site visits, write to us at or speak to us at 02081584006.

Home Automation

What is The Best Home Automation System?

Home automation is the new wave, and with more and more people surfing on smart homes and automation, it is critical to review the best home automation systems to help you decide on the best choice for your home. 

The A.I intelligence that allows electronic devices to connect to one another and trigger responses from your devices is known as Home Automation. It is remotely and automatically controlling your home, using an If this then that protocol where your alarm triggers your coffee maker or your smart door arms your home security system. 

Benefits of Home Automation 

The primary allure of Home Automation is living intelligently, efficiently, and comfortably. The benefits of having a smart home include; 

  • Saving money on energy-efficiency 
  • Intelligent control of your HVAC system, thereby dropping your home running cost 
  • Shutting down your electricity and contacting the authorities in the event of a fire 
  • Boosting your entertainment experience 
  • Enjoying peace when you are away from home 
  • Smart notification when something happens at home 
  • Remote monitoring and ease 

You can read our blog for more information about home automation and how it works. 

Choosing the Right Home Automation System 

The most important thing to do before researching which automation system to buy or the best for your home is to lay down the benefits you want from a home automation system and what you hope to achieve. The reason for this is clear, you don’t want to purchase a system that you don’t need or doesn’t suit you. 

There are three critical factors to consider when choosing an automation system, and these factors are ranked in order of importance from the least to the greatest; 

Setting Up/Installation 

Before you decide on a system to purchase, check out the installation process. Will it require a professional to install and program, or DIY. With DIYs, the cost is lesser, and they have simpler installation processes. Be careful, though, because you need to know if they are stable and reliable. Alternatively, you can engage a professional. Whatever the scenario, ensure you are acquainted with the installation process. 


A superb system is simple and easy to use, promoting your home’s energy efficiency and security. You should be able to control your system seamlessly, and it must deliver the values you need. Bottom line, the home automation system you select must work, meeting your needs and planned scenarios 


This is key. Ensure the system you decide to go with at the end of the day gives you the flexibility to control as many devices you have in your home. The system must be able to adapt to your future needs and goals seamlessly. 

The best automation system based on these three criteria is Control 4. The functionality of control 4 is undeniable, and it has a simplistic interface. Control 4 gives you remote access, offers bespoke automation systems based on your needs, and is a budget-friendly option. 

The high point of Control 4 is its compatibility. Control 4 syncs with over 13,500 third-party devices, and it is also compatible with smart hubs like Alexa, Google Assistant, Homekit, and other devices. 

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