What Is Home Automation?

Home automation makes your life simpler and convenient by the automatic occurrence of specific tasks, like the light coming on by 5 am and the sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee filling the room or being able to open the door for a loved one while you are in a meeting at the office. Home automation is a convergence of security and convenience. 

So, What is Home Automation? 

Home automation is automatically and remotely controlling the electronic devices connected to the internet in your home. Advancement in technology has provided us with intelligent homes where our devices/machines are no longer just voice-activated or controlled by an app. Instead, electronic devices are connected to a network, and the devices are triggered by one another.  

The benefits of home automation are humongous, from saving money on power bills to having a more energy-efficient home. But, before we jump into the benefits of home automation, let’s address the elephant in the room; 

How Does Home Automation Work? 

Automation in the home works through a network of intelligent electronic devices connected to the internet via various connectivity protocols, wifi, Bluetooth, etc. These interdependent devices are controlled remotely using multiple apps like Alexa, or Google Assistants, and other apps. 

Home automation works on four foundational levels; 

Monitor – Home automation allows you to monitor your devices remotely via your smartphone and other applications. An example of monitoring is your ability to view a live feed from your CCTV system. 

Control – Home automation gives you the ability to control the devices connected to the hub in your home, putting you in charge of your devices while offering greater flexibility. An example of control is your ability to pan your security camera to focus on any particular living space. 

Automatic – Home automation is not complete if your smart devices are not connected so that one device triggers another one. A crucial example is when your smart siren goes off because your armed security system detected movement in your yard. 

Remote – Finally, home automation means that your devices can be controlled anywhere in the world as long as you have access to smartphones and the internet. 

Few Examples of Smart Electronic Devices; 

  • Lights 
  • Thermostats 
  • Locks 
  • Video doorbells 
  • Security cameras 
  • Security devices 
  • Speakers 
  • Displays 
  • Medical devices 
  • Microwave 
  • Coffee maker 

Like any other feature, Home Automation has its benefits and scary reasons why you may not want to automate your house. The intelligent thing to do is decide based on your lifestyle and preference. 

Here are the Pros of Home Automation 

  • Remote access and control 
  • Comfort 
  • Improves mental health and general wellbeing 
  • Its energy-saving feature means home automation will pay for itself in the long term 
  • Beef up your security 
  • Highly convenient 
  • Very safe 

Here are the Cons of Home Automation 

  • Like everything connected to the internet, home automation means that your home can be hacked. 
  • Home automation is very pricey 
  • Since home automation is a new and evolving technology, you may experience bugs and lags 
  • Privacy breach 

In concluding, having a smart home is the next wave after mobile advancement, and it is the future of the world. 

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What is The Best Home Automation System?

Home automation is the new wave, and with more and more people surfing on smart homes and automation, it is critical to review the best home automation systems to help you decide on the best choice for your home. 

The A.I intelligence that allows electronic devices to connect to one another and trigger responses from your devices is known as Home Automation. It is remotely and automatically controlling your home, using an If this then that protocol where your alarm triggers your coffee maker or your smart door arms your home security system. 

Benefits of Home Automation 

The primary allure of Home Automation is living intelligently, efficiently, and comfortably. The benefits of having a smart home include; 

  • Saving money on energy-efficiency 
  • Intelligent control of your HVAC system, thereby dropping your home running cost 
  • Shutting down your electricity and contacting the authorities in the event of a fire 
  • Boosting your entertainment experience 
  • Enjoying peace when you are away from home 
  • Smart notification when something happens at home 
  • Remote monitoring and ease 

You can read our blog for more information about home automation and how it works. 

Choosing the Right Home Automation System 

The most important thing to do before researching which automation system to buy or the best for your home is to lay down the benefits you want from a home automation system and what you hope to achieve. The reason for this is clear, you don’t want to purchase a system that you don’t need or doesn’t suit you. 

There are three critical factors to consider when choosing an automation system, and these factors are ranked in order of importance from the least to the greatest; 

Setting Up/Installation 

Before you decide on a system to purchase, check out the installation process. Will it require a professional to install and program, or DIY. With DIYs, the cost is lesser, and they have simpler installation processes. Be careful, though, because you need to know if they are stable and reliable. Alternatively, you can engage a professional. Whatever the scenario, ensure you are acquainted with the installation process. 


A superb system is simple and easy to use, promoting your home’s energy efficiency and security. You should be able to control your system seamlessly, and it must deliver the values you need. Bottom line, the home automation system you select must work, meeting your needs and planned scenarios 


This is key. Ensure the system you decide to go with at the end of the day gives you the flexibility to control as many devices you have in your home. The system must be able to adapt to your future needs and goals seamlessly. 

The best automation system based on these three criteria is Control 4. The functionality of control 4 is undeniable, and it has a simplistic interface. Control 4 gives you remote access, offers bespoke automation systems based on your needs, and is a budget-friendly option. 

The high point of Control 4 is its compatibility. Control 4 syncs with over 13,500 third-party devices, and it is also compatible with smart hubs like Alexa, Google Assistant, Homekit, and other devices. 

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