Achievements and Expertise

Who is the best house builder in the UK?: Achievements and Expertise

“Who is the best housebuilder in the UK?”

“Who is UK biggest house builder?”

“Which home builder has the best reputation?”

Well, these are a few questions that are obvious to strike your mind when you’re searching for a construction company UK for your home construction or house renovation.

It’s crucial to select a company with a proven track record of excellence and a commitment to providing the best home construction services to its clients.

And, TEL Constructions ticks all your criteria boxes of finding the most reputed, trusted and best construction contractor UK.

Let’s dive in and explore the achievements and expertise of TEL Constructions in the industry, highlighting the key factors that make us stand out and turn king of all!

1. TrustMark Endorsed: A Sign of Quality & Construction Assurance

We are proud to be accredited with TrustMark Government Endorsed Quality.

This prestigious accreditation reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring that every project we undertake adheres to the highest industry standards.

Also, it makes our clients confident that we are one of the best and reputable home improvement builders in the UK that meets high standards of workmanship, customer service, and business practice.

It’s a testament to our dedication to delivering top-quality services you can trust.

2. Members of the Federation of Master Builders

Did you say, “Can you trust Federation of Master Builders?”

Indeed. Master Builders is hallmark of excellence in the construction industry. The membership of FMB is earned and only granted to construction contractors UK that get pass-through stringest of inspections.

We’re honoured to be a part of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).

This membership underscores our dedication to quality, trust, protection, craftsmanship and our adherence to stringent industry standards.

3. Client Satisfaction and Confidence: Our Biggest Achievement  

At TEL Constructions, our clients are at the heart of everything we do.

Over the years, we have earned the trust and satisfaction of numerous homeowners and businesses. Our client list includes many big names from the industry.

Our clients return to us time and again, drawn by the exceptional services we provide. Our commitment to client satisfaction and the quality of our work sets us apart.

It’s our pride! And we feel extremely happy and obliged by the love given by us by our esteemed clients.

Being the best home builders UK, our dedication to customer happiness is evident in the glowing testimonials and referrals we receive.

Be it 73 Valley Road, Rickmansworth or 87 Knighton-Way Lane or 66 Springwell Road or more, visit our case studies to know how we cater to the challenges and deliver exactly what our clients envision.

4. More than 350+ Completed Projects

Our extensive portfolio includes a wide range of completed projects, showcasing our versatility and expertise.

From being the best loft conversion specialists UK to handling new builds, 360-degree home renovations, bespoke modular kitchens, commercial spaces and home automations, we have consistently delivered exceptional results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

At TEL Constructions, our extensive portfolio proudly boasts a remarkable milestone – we have successfully completed more than 350 projects, each a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, excellence and craftsmanship.

This impressive number reflects not just the quantity but the quality of our work and is well justified with a long and loya, clientle list.

5. World Class Expertise with Quality Homebuilding Services

Recognized as the best custom home builders, the team at TEL Constructions is well proficient, seasoned, and skilled at delivering anything to everything our customer demands.

Have a look at the challenges that we faced which ultimately turned out to be our speciality and expertise.

👉 No one can beat us in Loft Conversion: We Stay Unrivalled 

From adapting loft spaces to dealing with complex structural limitations, our loft conversion experts beautifully transform the loft space functional and attractive living areas.

Our innovative design solutions and expertise in optimizing loft spaces stands unmatched in the industry and we hold the #1 position if you’re searching for best loft conversion contractor near me.

Let’s share with you a real time scenario.

Real Life Challenge in Loft Conversion:

One of our client in London had a loft with a sloping roof and limited headroom. They wanted to convert the loft into a bedroom for their growing child, but they were worried that the space would be too small and cramped.

How TEL Constructions Excelled

TEL Constructions assessed the space diligently and determined that it was possible to convert the loft into a bedroom.

We designed a custom layout that made the most of the available space, and we installed functionalities that made the space feel more open and airier, such as skylights and large windows.

The client was thrilled with the results, and their child now has a spacious and comfortable bedroom.

Don’t miss out to check our social media handles for more such amazing loft conversion stories by us.

👉 Home Interiors: We make Small Spaces Look Bigger and Luxe

We excel at transforming challenging or irregular spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing areas. Our ability to maximize space utilization sets us apart.

We make your small bathroom look BIGGER and SPACIOUS!

Your normal bedroom looks no less than MASTER BEDROOM.

The kitchens, lofts, and garages are amazingly transformed into EXPANSIVE, functional spaces, despite their original size.

Let’s share you a scenario that would help you understand our expertise in a better way.

Project Challenge in Home Interiors:

A client in UK approached us for completely new construction of their home after demolition. The old house has dark corners, was messy and cluttered, limited space and had low ceilings. 

How TEL Constructions Excelled in this project?

Our experts maximized the available space by designing a custom layout and using space-saving furniture and fixtures. 3D visualization was performed to ensure best design and budget.

Skylights and light colours on wall and ceiling made the ceilings feel higher. Lights or mirrors were installed to illuminate the dark corners.

👉 Amazingly Transforming Kerb Appeal

Popularly known as best new home builders UK, we don’t just stop at interiors. We deliver STUNNING Exteriors.

Each and every new home build project that reaches us passes through 3D visualization phase. Here our designers understand client’s requirements and blend their creativity to deliver a masterpiece.

From outdoor living spaces and landscaping to driveways, our custom home building services UK leave no stone unturned to make your home truly eye-catching in your neighbourhood.

Project Challenge in Home Exteriors:

One of our esteemed clients wanted to make their exteriors more stylish and inviting alongside constructing their new home rebuild.  They were a bit confused on how to start and didn’t want to enrol any other subcontractor.

How TEL Constructions Excelled in this project?

When you are with TEL Constructions, we are jack of all trades! Yes, we undertake all the activities of the home.

The home exteriors were given a more modern and stylish design using 3D renderings. Some improvements were made such as sliding doors and skylights etc to add a statement to the home exteriors.

Better colour combinations were sought, driveway and landscaping were planned with long-lasting material options, to enhance the overall kerb appeal.

👉 Mastering Network Security & Amazing Home Automation Prowess

ONE TAP and you are in the command of your entire home!

Our partnership with national and international brands such as Control4 turns us one of the best home automation contractors in London and nearby areas.

The home automation systems can be expensive, but our experts help you find a system that fits your budget and quotation that is hard to surpass not only in the market but in the entire industry.

Project Challenge in Home Automation

An old client of ours wanted to automate their home and install network security devices as well. The client was worried about the complexity and cost of the project.

How TEL Constructions Excels: 

TEL Constructions implemented home automation services that were simple, affordable, and reliable.

We worked with the client to understand their needs, budget and other requirements. A design was proposed that was tailored to their specific requirements. It was approved on the SPOT!

We guided and assisted the client choose the right products for home automation and network security and performed the installation from scratch. 

We excel by meticulously orchestrating diverse technologies into a harmonious ecosystem, creating a user-friendly and efficient smart home experience.

We Cover 16+ Cities : Expanding Footprint

We have a strong presence in major cities in and around London, making us accessible to a wide range of clients.

We extend our expert home building services to over 16 dynamic cities across England, including London, Amersham, Hounslow, Hayes, Harrow, and many more.

Our diverse portfolio spans numerous thriving urban hubs, showcasing our commitment to creating exceptional living spaces in the heart of these vibrant communities.

Bottom Line

In the quest for the luxury home builders, TEL Constructions shines as a beacon of excellence. With TrustMark accreditation and FMB membership, our achievements speak volumes.

Beyond our expertise, our commitment to after-sale services and comprehensive in-house capabilities set us apart amongst others in the industry.

Experience the TEL difference – Get the BEST PRICE MATCH for your dream home. Contact us 020 8158 4006 or email us at today to turn your vision into reality.

Which Home Extension Designs Need No Planning Permission

Which Home Extension Designs Need No Planning Permission?

The majority of the UK natives seek property improvements without taking permission. And the good news is there is a lot more you can do with your home for its design renovation with no legal permission.

We are talking about the popular home extension ideas that needs no planning permission in the UK!

What does that mean?

  • It means, you can skip going local council office and can plan the home extension in trend under permitted development rights.
  • If your building extension plan follows specific rules, it needs no permission. All a property need is to be fulfilling the government development criteria.

So, if you are aware enough of the specific regulations and designs of house extensions in the United Kingdom, you can also say hello to your dream home extensions.

So, if your question is, “Do all home extensions need planning permissions?”

The answer is: no.

What Home Extension Designs Are Built Without Planning Permission

Getting planning permission sounds more daunting than it actually is. Let us take you forward with this blog to show you the extension designs that goes without planning permission.

■     Side Home Extensions Needs No Planning Permission

Side extensions to the home do not require planning permission. If you have unused space on either side of your residence, consider it for extending a living room or a bedroom.

Adding a side extension to your house can be up to half the width of the original building. If you want to build the extension without getting permission, there are some things to remember.

  • The highest part of the roof (called the ridge height) should not be taller than 4 meters. Also, the extension should not cover more than half of your garden space.

It’s important to know that side extensions are usually not allowed in conservation areas or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

■     Rear Extensions for your Home Require No Permission

You don’t need to be worried if the property lacks front space and has quite an open rear area. It can be converted and used for home extension planning without needing permission.

The ordinary rear extension should be 8 meters from the back wall.

If your house is attached to another place, a single-storey extension at the back should be at most three meters past the back wall.

  • If your house is detached, the extension can go up to four meters beyond the back wall.
  • When it comes to the height of the extension, it should not be taller than three meters.
  • If you plan a multi-storey extension at the back, the maximum depth should be three meters above the back wall, including the ground floor.

■     Double Storey House Extensions Need No Planning Permission

Many people wish to extend property upwards, which is a graceful idea for home modification. Without planning permission, you can add a two-storey extension to the back of your house without needing permission from the local council.

  • This means you can build an extra floor on top of an existing single-story part of your house. However, there are some rules to follow.
  • The extension should go at most 3 meters out from the house and be at least 7 meters away from the back boundary.
  • There are also specific rules about the windows fitting in the extension.

It’s a good idea to check with your local planning authority or a professional to ensure you understand and follow all the rules for your area.

■     Modular Porch Extensions Are Timeless and Need No Permission from Local Council

You can usually build a porch at the front of your house without needing permission from the local council. Most rules don’t allow changes to the front, but porches are an exception.

  • Make sure the porch is not taller than 3 meters; it’s at least 2 meters from the road or boundary.
  • It only takes up 3 square meters of space.

As long as you meet these requirements, you can add a porch without needing planning permission.

■     The best Conservatory Home Extensions Sometimes Built Without Planning Permissions

Conservatories also opt for a home extension. It is an easy and green way to extend the home value. Conservatories are garden-like rooms made with glass doors, roofs and windows.

Generally, they come under permitted development rights (PDR) and do not need to get permission for their construction.

Ensure to follow all the rules regarding dimensions, position, boundary and design. Talk to an extension expert for the best advice.

■     Most Admiring Loft Conversion Designs Require No hesitation for Permission

In the aesthetic streets of the United Kingdom, many homes consider loft conversion to improve the quality of their life and the value of their property.

Loft conversion experts know how and which loft type will give the residential space the best interior, exterior and functional edge. Many loft conversion designs can be made without needing planning permission.

  • For a terraced home, a loft conversion should be 40 cubic meters and 50 cubic meters for detached and semi-detached homes.

Besides, the neighbour home designs impact how your loft conversion extension will be designed. Always approach a professional and the best loft conversion company near me.

The Need for a Home Extension Expertise!

Home extensions are a modern way to increase the available space, elevate beauty and boost property value. Many folks in the UK know the significance of adding home extensions but hesitate to start off due to a lack of knowledge and courage to implement the idea.

  • We suggest you always look forward to the best house extensions company who is known for bringing desired results. There is nobody better than a professional builder who guides you about the best-personalized designs.

Home extension designers in the UK know the rules & regulations to be followed. You will be secured from every angle during and after construction.

Did not find what you were looking for?

Click here to read What Building Regulation Do I Need for A Home Extension?

TEL Constructions: Repudiated Name for Home Extensions in London

TEL Constructions is a well-known industry in the UK, established a decade ago, and has been delivering spectacular house extension fittings around the country. We have an in-house team, qualified craftsmen, well-trained labour, a 3D team, talented artists and architects who help you achieve your dream home.

  • Our home extension designing team is qualified and experienced, ideal for adapting with new technology and trending designs that people love.
  • We have delivered hundreds of projects in the London and nearby locations. Customer satisfaction and our strong connections gives us to work more than we committed.
  • The delivered projects on time, and as per our clients’ expectations are examples for other construction industries as well.

If there is something you would like to discuss with us, we love to hear from you. Feel Free to Visit our website and explore the multiple construction projects.

The Conclusion

Though it is entirely possible to design home extensions without permission from the local planning authority, some designs may require permission from the local council simultaneously.

And if you do go ahead with a permitted side extension, make sure to use materials similar to what your house already has.

To ensure the rules in your area, it’s a good idea to check with your local planning authority or talk to a professional who can give you the right advice.

Call us on 020 8158 4006 and drop the email at We will get back to you in no time!

Loft conversion specialists near me

TEL Constructions: Loft Conversion Specialists Near Me.

Loft conversion has been a popular choice for many years now, and you have probably heard of many London loft conversions companies that offer the wildest designs with luxe finishes.

Wrap around and read the full blog on the popular specialists and wizards of loft conversions in the United Kingdom.

Loft Conversion Specialist London

Have you just moved into a new home, or are you just considering renovating the existing one? Then you are probably looking for all the appealing ways to refurbish your home.

Loft conversions are the perfect solution with adorable designs and fantastic advantages for revamping residential areas, increasing available space and market value.

Loft conversions in London are the world’s most popular, as the majority of residents prefer attic space conversions. When you transform the upper building body to utilize it as a bedroom, study room, office, or anything – they are known as loft conversions.

Reasons Why You Should Go for It – Loft Conversion Benefits

I know you must be thinking why loft conversions are so trendy. Why popular architects see loft conversion for homes as a success!

Trust me; this read will shed light on your minds.

You know what? The beauty of loft conversion is hidden inside the wealth of benefits, beautiful exteriors, and practical solutions that the attic holds for a home.

The smart way to add on space in your home

You must admit that loft conversion specialists are excellent architects who can create more usable space without moving house. You may add more than one room to the existing space.

Planning permissions are not always a necessity.

In London, the government follows many strict construction rules that affect anything from commercial to personal spaces. Only the best loft conversion specialist near me proceeds smoothly on which loft design needs permission.

Crisp home remodelling under an acceptable budget

So, the next thing I love about lofts is that they are an easy way to change the home elevation without breaking banks. So why not opt for it?

Why is it an obvious thing to find the best loft conversion specialist in London?

best loft conversion specialist in London

What’s the significance of contacting only the eminent and professionals’ architect for a loft conversion in the UK? Let’s find out!

You must have noticed that we always pressurize on the importance of picking the best London loft conversion company. I don’t want to scare you, but the wrong decision may damage your property.

Some loft conversion ideas are only suitable for limited home designs; therefore, it is important to see which companies for loft design near me are the best.

Planning permission can sometimes be challenging depending on your geographical location and existing home structure. Handling those formalities by yourself may lead to a time extension; it would be a WISE decision to have a loft conversion expert.

Generally, if your neighbours have lofts, you may not need planning permissions; it is a rare case, folks!

  • Loft conversion architect inspects and dictates crucial factors deeply so that your family and you do not have to face any specific problems in future.
  • Loft conversion designers in the UK know better about the complexity of a house design; they handle shortcomings smartly.
  • They guide you better if your roof can bear weight and have suitable height per your requirement.

So now we all are clear on why a loft conversion specialist London plays the HERO in converting the spare room.

Loft conversion specialist near me

Loft conversion specialist near me

Loft conversions are your CALL to use your available attic space best. They are typically less expensive, eye-catching, luxurious, and add significant glamour to your lovely house.

Are you Planning a Loft Conversion? Do you seek the best loft conversion company in London?

TEL Constructions is acclaimed as the loft conversion designing company that provide all types of loft conversion services in the London. It is a name that nobody can skip when talking about modern loft conversions.

Personalize your home with beautiful loft conversion designs in no time with:

  • personalized plans,
  • high technology and tools,
  • after-sale services,
  • Customer satisfaction,
  • Ultra creativity and
  • sky-high dedication.

Notably, we have been in the industry for the last ten years and have delivered thousands of adorning loft conversion designs with full satisfaction.

Check out our heart-pinching portfolio and read blogs and testimonies.

To contact the team, fill in your details in the given form and wait while the loft conversion expert pings you back.

Call us on 020 8158 4006 or email the team at


Convert Your Loft into Home Theater: Loft Conversion Specialists

Are you looking for the ultimate entertainment experience in the comfort of your own home?

A Home Theater is a perfect way to spend time with your loved ones, host movie nights or game parties, and even relax by yourself after a long day.

Thinking about space issues? Not anymore. The answer lies in your unused loft space.

Yes! Home Cinema in Loft not only provides endless hours of entertainment but also adds value to your property.

This blog answers all your queries on converting your loft into Home Theater, advantages, technical requirements, design and planning, cost, time and much more. Let’s dive in!

Table of Contents

Why convert loft space for Home Theater?

Having a home cinema room provides a great way to unwind and spend quality time with family and friends.

The big movie screen is like an escape from the stresses of daily life and an opportunity to relax and enjoy your favourite movie or TV show.

In all, a home theater is a great investment that can provide years of entertainment and relaxation, making it a worthwhile addition to any home.

Have a look why loft space is the perfect location for your entertainment arena i.e. Home Cinema.

  • Acoustics for immersive experience

The high ceilings and open layout of a loft space can provide great acoustics for your home theater. You’ll have better sound quality and a more immersive viewing experience.

  • Natural Light for inviting ambience

Lofts often have large windows or skylights, which can provide natural light during the day. This can create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for your home theater.

  • Privacy from rest of house

A loft is typically a separate space from the main living areas of the house, so you can enjoy your home theater without any distractions or interruptions.

  • Increased Property Value

Converting your loft into a home theater is a unique and attractive feature that can add value to your property. It’s a smart investment that can make your home stand out in the property or real estate market.

How to assess loft space for Home Theater?

Before starting your loft conversion into a home theater, it’s important to assess the space to ensure it’s suitable for your needs. Here are some factors to consider:

Evaluation of the Loft Space

  • Loft Size determines type of home theater setup.
  • Loft Shape affects acoustics and equipment placement.
  • Loft Access to ensure that there is safe and convenient access.
  • Complying with loft building regulations to avoid any legal issues.

Considerations for Layout and Seating

  • Consider Layout such as location of the screen, speakers, placement of seating.
  • Seating arrangement that offers the most comfort and convenience. It can be sofas, recliners or just mattress with pillows.

How to design and plan Home Cinema in loft space?

After assessing the loft space and ensuring that it’s suitable for a home theater, it’s time to start planning the design and layout of your space.

A professional loft conversion specialist can help guide you through the design and planning process and ensures that you have everything to create the perfect loft home theater room.

Here are some key factors to consider:

Choosing the Right Equipment and Technology

  • Size and type of Screen for best viewing experience preferences. Options may range from large projection screens to flat-screen TVs.
  • High quality sound system to enhance the viewing experience. Options range from basic surround sound systems to more advanced options, such as Dolby Atmos.
  • Consider comfortable recliner chairs or even a sectional sofa to ensure that everyone has a comfortable viewing experience.

Lighting and Sound Considerations

  • Lighting impacts the ambiance of your home theater. Consider options such as dimmer switches, colour-changing lights, or even LED strip lighting to create the perfect atmosphere.
  • Soundproofing to prevent sound from escaping the room and disturbing other areas of the house. Acoustic panels, curtains, and carpets can all be used to help with soundproofing.

Deciding on the Style and Decor

  • Style will depend on your personal preferences and the overall style of your home. Consider options such as modern, minimalist, or even a themed home theater, such as a classic movie theater or a sports-themed room.
  • For decor, consider options such as movie posters, wall art etc to complete the look-n-feel of your home theater.

Working on the Structural & Technical requirements for home Cinema loft

Creating a home theater in your loft involves certain structural and technical requirements to ensure that the space is safe, comfortable, and meets all necessary regulations. Here are some considerations for this phase of the project:

ü  Building Regulations and Permits

Before starting any construction work, it’s important to determine whether your loft conversion requires building regulations approval or planning permission.

These regulations vary depending on your location, so it’s important to consult with your local authority to determine what is required.

ü  Insulation, Soundproofing, and Ventilation

Insulation and soundproofing are essential for creating a comfortable and private space for your home theater. Proper ventilation is also important to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment.

A professional loft conversion company can advise on the best insulation and soundproofing materials, as well as ventilation systems.

ü  Electrical and Wiring Requirements

Proper electrical and wiring requirements are important for the safe and effective operation of your home theater.

This includes installing enough power outlets, wiring for audio and visual equipment, and ensuring that all electrical work is carried out by a certified electrician.

Why you need a loft conversion specialist for home Cinema Construction and Installation?

Why you need a loft conversion specialist for home Cinema Construction and Installation

From building regulations and permits to the best materials, and technology to use, a loft cinema specialist advices you the right choice of things to ensure that the home theater is safe, appealing and stands the test of time.

Have a look, why you need a loft conversion specialist for your loft cinema room.

ü  Expertise is the key:

A loft conversion specialist has the right expertise and experience in all aspects of loft conversion, including building regulations, insulation, soundproofing, and electrical work.

They ensure that your loft cinema meets all necessary regulations and is constructed to a high standard.

ü  Professional equipment and tools:

These professionals have access to the latest equipment and tools required for home cinema construction and installation, that helps ensure that the project is completed quickly and efficiently.

ü  Cost-effective & High-quality Construction:

A reputed loft conversion company can help you save money by sourcing materials at a lower cost and avoiding potential mistakes or oversights that could result in additional costs down the line.

ü  Peace of mind & zero hassles:

By working with a professional and renowned loft conversion expert, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home cinema project is safe and will be completed on time and in budget.

ü  Technical knowledge:

A loft conversion specialist’s experience helps them to handle complex situations that may arise during the home cinema construction process.

They can identify issues and provide solutions to ensure the project is completed successfully and avoid costly mistakes and delays.

ü  Knowledge of Latest and Trending Designs:

They can provide suggestions and recommendations based on your specific requirements and preferences, ensuring that your home cinema is designed to meet your needs and provide an enjoyable viewing experience.

By working with a specialist, you can explore a range of design options and make informed decisions to create a home cinema that is both functional and stylish.

Latest Loft Home Cinema Room Designs

Latest Loft Home Cinema Room Designs

How TEL Constructions helps you

Working on the Structural & Technical requirements for home Cinema loft

How TEL Constructions helps you?

As a reputed construction firm with over 10 years of experience in the construction industry, TEL Constructions beholds an excellent legacy of delivering quality projects for clients.

Our portfolio includes big names in various industries, highlighting our expertise and commitment to excellence.

What’s make us your #1 choice for loft home cinema room experts? Here it is.

  • #1 Loft Conversion Experts

We are known as the #1 loft conversion experts and the first choice of architects, builders, and developers in the UK.

Our team of seasoned engineers, workers, architects, designers, and project managers work together and ensure that every project is unique and gets completed to the unmatched standards.

  • State-of-the-Art Machines and Technology

At TEL Constructions, we have access to the latest state-of-the-art machines and technology.

Our work culture is based on efficiency, precision, and innovation, ensuring that we deliver projects on time and to the satisfaction of our clients.

  • Diverse Portfolio of Projects

We have a diverse portfolio that includes loft conversions, new builds, and home extensions. This allows us to cater to a wide range of clients with different construction needs.

Additionally, we have an in-house team of specialists for plumbing, electricity, and logistics works, eliminating the need for subcontractors and ensuring a streamlined construction process.

  • Latest and Modern Designs for loft home Cinema

Our team of design experts are adept at handling complex projects with ease. At TEL Constructions, we understand that every project is unique and requires a personalized approach.

Our designers work closely with clients to bring their vision to life, be it a pre-conceived design or a new one.

  • Preferred Choice of Industry Professionals

TEL Constructions is the preferred choice of architects, builders, and developers when it comes to loft conversions and home cinema installations.

We are committed to deliver exceptional results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

  • Complete Control for Your Home Cinema

At TEL Constructions, we offer an immersive experience and full control of your home cinema experience with our home automation expertise.

From a remote or smartphone, you can easily control not only your entertainment but also the lights and climate, creating a personalized “Cinema” scene with just one touch.

  • Well-placed equipment installations

At TEL Constructions, our professional home cinema installation service includes optimized equipment installation to ensure that all the wiring is hidden behind walls to protect your home’s aesthetics.

Our seasoned team of technicians will also find the optimal speaker placement and angles and can install acoustic panels if needed to absorb sound and provide a top-notch cinema experience.

  • We work in your budget

Our experienced team at TEL Constructions can help you decide the best loft conversion type for your home theater, whether it’s a dormer conversion, roof light conversion, or mansard conversion.

We take into consideration your budget, space requirements, and the design you want to achieve to provide you with the best solution for your home cinema.

So, reach out to TEL Constructions for your dream loft home cinema room and feel the magic of Big screen casting the magical spell.

Bottom Line

Transform your loft into an amazing loft home cinema room with the help of loft conversion specialists.

Create unforgettable movie nights with your loved ones and elevate your home entertainment experience.

Don’t wait any longer, start planning your dream home theater today!

Construction Company near me

Construction Company near me | Residential and Commercial

Browsing Google for the best construction company near me? Keep reading to discover how to find the best one for all your residential and commercial construction needs

Hiring a construction company is a critical decision that needs one to be vigilant and well informed. If you are looking for the best construction builders near me, the process might seem and appear easy but is not. Getting a home constructed or renovated just to sell it like hot cakes is definitely not a cakewalk. Let’s have a look at some of the factors you need to consider when you’re planning to hire a construction company for your renovation or new build projects.

Residential And Commercial Construction Company Near Me

An ideal construction builder is someone who develops, plans as well as executes residential as well as construction projects irrespective of the scale- big or small. Whether it’s plumbing, new construction, renovation, roofing, flooring and other services, a reputed construction company offers 360-degree solutions to all your construction needs without giving you a runaround.

1. Take care of even the minutest of detail – One of the prime advantages of going for the best construction company near me would be that the entire process- from start to end including the minutest of details is managed by the same builder. You just need to brief your details and other project requirements to the officials of the construction company, they’ll work on all the details. You can stay rest assured on that.

2. Right materials – Working on the right materials, standards and other necessary things yourself for your construction project could be a daunting process. Incompetent contractors may lack such knowledge and other essential building requirements. Hiring a professional construction company ensures that their team members are well-informed regarding the latest updates, building codes, and regulations. A good construction company also makes sure that the project gets completed in a timely, professional, and effective manner, right away by following all the legal channels.

3. Zero wastage – Very few of the reputed construction companies in the UK stay to their promise of letting you save more. Saving more, it means touching all the aspects such as time, money, and materials. These companies have the right expertise that helps you achieve your dream home/office in the expected timeframe and meet your expectations.

Apart from that, having your own logistics considerably makes you stress-free and ensures that the project gets completed without delay, hassles, and within the budget.

So, in case you are planning or surfing the internet for the best construction agencies near me, it’s always better to hire a professional, seasoned, and reputed construction company for all your building needs.

What things you need to consider while searching for construction businesses near me

What things you need to consider while searching for construction companies near me?

Reliability and trustability are two of the prime key factors that you should look for while finalizing your construction partner.

For doing that search engines and the internet may help you a lot. Read the reviews, feedback, testimonials, and every other information that is available on the internet regarding your shortlisted partner.

Apart from that, you can explore their website portfolio and speak to previous clients regarding their work.  Here are a few other things that you need to consider apart from these.

1. Experience – Experience is something that matters the most while you look for the best construction agencies near me over the search engines. Check out how many years they have been in the business and their completed projects. Such professionals are more responsible and do not shy away from their duties even in case of upheaval times.

2. Design Quality – Having a good knowledge of ergonomics and the latest designs for your construction is important when you are looking for construction companies for your dream home. It’s very important to understand the critical aspects as well as the nitty-gritty of all the construction-related factors. Zero-in on a company that has a poor understanding of things may lead to vulnerable consequences in the long run including resource wastage and construction costs.

3. Team – Understanding the company’s work culture and team skills is essential for a good construction foundation. Most of the good construction businesses near me have the best-trained in-house team of certified designers, and skilled workmen and offer quality materials. It’s always good to hire a team that comes down to your level and understands your requirements and deliver you the best.

4. Vision – The best construction companies have a clear vision and goal of what they would like to work for. Whether it’s constructing your dream home, renovating the office, or planning for a commercial site, it’s the innovative vision of the designer that determines the success of your project. Such a company completely understands the importance of proper planning and will be reliable, transparent, and trustworthy for their customers.

Your most loved pick for best construction company near me

TEL Constructions- Your most loved pick for the best construction company near me

Everyone wants to have a positive experience when it comes to construction- either newly built or something that requires renovation. By positive, we mean where there is less stress, hassles, and more accuracy delivered. TEL Constructions- one of the most reputed, trusted, and best construction companies in the UK helps you get this experience most satisfyingly. The professional and seasoned construction team at TEL Constructions delivers the project as per your needs, budget, and dreams irrespective of the size and scope of the project.

Here are a few sure-shot reasons that make you back to TEL Constructions for all your endeavors.

1. Complete turnkey solutions – TEL Constructions- the best builders in UK takes care of all your hassles and takes in charge of your project from scratch to end. From site visits to ideas and from design to conceptualization, everything is taken care of by the TEL Constructions team.

2. Best Advice – The professionals here will offer the best expert advice that is best in the nation. The creative designers have the complete know-how of the project and work hard to turn your dreams into reality. The team carefully listens to your ideas and drafts a design that incorporates your aspirations as well.

3. Technical Knowledge – The professionals at TEL Constructions are well equipped with technical know-how; work on latest industry trends and adhere to the international standards of construction.

  • Testimonials – Our past work and our portfolio is the testimony of success. We have long-term collaborations with many of our clients and we have been serving them for years. Customer satisfaction and happiness are the prime.
  • Best quality, Best prices – TEL Constructions is proudly associated with and has partnered with many national and international brands to provide world-class construction and other services to clients.
  • No Outsourcing – TEL Constructions is proud to claim that all their services are in-house and do not outsource anything. Right from creative designs to logistics, TEL Constructions has everything that you ask them.
  • Unmatched experience – The legacy of TEL Constructions is unrivaled which make their services unique and perfect. Whether it’s roofing, plumbing, new builds, renovation, or carpentry, you just ask them and they have it for you!

Services that make TEL Constructions the best construction company experts near me

TEL Constructions offer 360-degree end-to-end construction services to all your new build or renovation needs. Be it roofing, block paving, loft conversion, or undergoing construction from scratch, ‘TEL Constructions’ is the pioneers in delivering world-class construction services. From concept to completion and from dream to reality, TEL Constructions is the brand that you can blindly back on. Have a look at the services offered by TEL Constructions – the most trusted construction company near me.

New Build construction

New Builds Be it small or big, the professionals at TEL Constructions are just not property builders but are the real dream weavers. The team at TEL Constructions completely understands the user requirement and needs, and work on these lines to deliver you the best. The brand deals with all sorts of projects- residential, commercial, big or small and delivers them with utmost professional expertise and guaranteed on-time delivery. The adroit team at TEL Constructions offers turnkey construction solutions and brings designs to the table that are flawless, unique and completely fall within your budget.

Loft Conversion

 Loft conversion Running short of space or planning to move due to this? Wait we have a solution for that! Make better use of your waste attic space and turn it into a beautiful bedroom right away. Connect with loft conversion experts at TEL Constructions today for the best guidance to make the most of your attic space as per your budget. Choose from a wide range of loft conversions such as Velux, Dormer, Mansard, and Hip-to-Gabel loft conversion. Add value and space to your home with the best loft conversion specialists from the UK.

Home Renovation london

Home Renovation Your home not designed as per your lifestyle? Want to renovate it as per your needs and growing requirements? Then, give your project to the safest and most reliable hands – TEL Constructions. Be it a single room or an entire space, the renovation experts at TEL Constructions are brilliant at their work and help you realize your dream space. The team comprises in-house electricians, builders, carpenters, plumbers, interior designers, and architects as well as the company has their own logistics.

 Side & Rear Extensions

Side and Rear ExtensionPlanning to add another storey to your home or going for a garage conversion, kitchen conversion or side/rear extension of your home? Home extension is an ideal way to add value and space to your home but the trick is that you need to get that done by professionals. Home extension projects taken up by TEL Constructions are sold like hot cakes in the market when they come up for selling. Connect with the professional team at TEL Constructions today to get the best and most competitive quote for your home extension plans.

Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services Landscaping is a perfect way to accentuate the kerb appeal of your home and add a beautiful green space in your home. The professional exposure is well reflected in TEL Constructions’ deliverables which inevitably makes them a perfect choice for construction companies near me. Get the best in class landscaping services such as garden landscaping, garden design, and professional and long-term garden maintenance exclusively at TEL Constructions.

Roofing Solutions

Roofing SolutionsLooking for the best roofing solution experts for your commercial or residential needs? The professional roofers at TEL Constructions are well known for their dedication, commitment, and timely completion of projects. Their expertise is unmatched and is much more enduring than the others in the market. The end product is much more reliable, durable, resilient, and stable. Reach out to TEL Constructions today to get the best of the best roofing solutions that include roof installation, roof replacement, and roof repairs.

 Block Paving And Driveways

Block Paving & Driveway solutions – Make your walkway complement your style and mirror your personality with their exemplary block paving and driveway solutions. Make your driveway look aesthetically more appealing, practical, and long-lasting which stands the test of time.

TEL Constructions- Your Ultimate pick for most trusted construction builders near me

Working with TEL Constructions means getting your ideas and opinions getting properly implemented and understanding the real aspects that what can work for you and what can’t. The experts at TEL, help you visualize your end results and offer you the best of all worlds – be it design, planning, material, and construction.

Don’t worry, if you think it’s out of your budget. The professionals at TEL Constructions help you get the best things working that too on your budget. The experienced professionals will fully analyze your needs, requirements, budget and lifestyle before giving you the final prints. It’s not only the experience but the company has the right skilled individuals that can make even the complicated of things easy and can deal with any sort of problem with ease.

When you work with TEL Constructions, you can be rest assured that the entire team is at your disposal. With complete team working at your project dedicatedly, you can expect lesser delays, fewer mistakes, better precision as well as proper finishing of the project. For more feel free to explore TEL Constructions at . For inquiries and site visits, write to us at or speak to us at 02081584006.

Best Loft Conversion Company near me: Add Value and Space to your Property

Discover the idea behind the most functional and aesthetic loft conversions companies near me.

A loft conversion is the genius way to increase the space of a home without moving it.

The empty and dead area that once you think is of zero value can now be transformed into a room, an attic and a living area. People are so much drawn to the concept of loft conversions in London.

Loft Conversions are one of the most common home structures that can be seen in UK homes.

The planning of loft conversion can be the best decision a folk can make for the improvement of his place but this could become daunting at some times.

Let us understand the importance of getting loft conversion by loft conversion specialists near me.

Browsing Google for loft conversion builders near me? First understand what is loft conversion?

Browsing Google for loft conversion builders near me? First understand what is loft conversion

To design a loft means – making an extra storage space within the roof area of an existing room that eventually enhances the structure, integrity and value of the space.

Homeowners often admit that loft designs are the right way to add worth to an existing home without making huge changes by spending fewer ponds.

  • You will see that UK homes are made of slant roofs which are the most suitable and acceptable for the construction of loft.
  • A loft conversion is a perfect solution for adding more space without increasing and building constructions on the ground.

You can easily expand and add the dedicated area you want to an existing home by finding the loft conversion specialists near me.

Unlock how approaching loft conversion specialists near me adds value to your home?

Unlock how approaching loft conversion specialists near me adds value to your home

When you make a Loft conversion, the overall worth value of a property increases by approximately 20 per cent.

Since the building requires material, added storage area, can make the home smart and contemporary which earns the praise of government authorities by following all the regulations in the procedure.

People go for loft conversion near me to make single bedrooms, study rooms, offices, or a playroom – whatever you like it to be.

Moreover, they can be decorated beautifully in the same ways as normal bedrooms, even better. This makes them stand out the entire place and makes an incredible ambience inside the home.

TEL Constructions- Google’s most loved choice for Loft Conversion Company near me

TEL Constructions never let your guards down as it does better than you can expect from other loft conversion companies near me.

There is no second question on the choice if you go with TEL construction to convert a space into adorable lofts.

  • Our eminent team members utilize a modern approach to accomplish their goals that satisfy the clients.
  • We always work on our principles that are the reason we are keep growing and growing on the top list of construction companies in the UK.
  • We act precisely and confidently even on the most complex projects that promise the commitment, passion and love of work from our engineers, labour and teammates.

The approach followed by TEL Construction is simple – Professionalism, Technical Education, and Timely Delivery!

Moreover, many other important features that make TEL Constructions as one of the best loft conversion specialists near me are:

  • High-Quality materials

In every construction, we mainly focus on the details and quality of the material to support a long run age without getting affected by the external unwanted conditions.

The high-quality material projects luxury finishes that change the outlook of your home.

Being the most trusted company for loft constructions, we use the most relatable, safe and polished materials to avoid any discomfort and ensure durability.

  • Transparent Client Relationship

Our workman understands the importance of meaningful relationships with the clients and therefore, we always communicate heart to heart with our clients to know about their tastes, likes, and dislikes.

By this, we deliver a dream project those lights up the eyes of a customer every time they look at their places.

  • Best budget Planning

If you are looking for modern, technical, aesthetic designing for loft conversion companies in London but are worrying about their high-cost prices, then you must look forward to TEL Constructions.

As already mentioned we work genuinely towards customer satisfaction and needs. Our builders deeply plan the projects according to the requirements of a client within his available budget.

  • On-Time Delivery

All Around the London homes, people know us for our trait of on-time project completion. Homeowners often are disturbed by the long-running constructions – they complain mostly about the non timely completion of the project.

TEL Constructions are dedicated to the work planning and will sharply meet the deadlines even before the decided time.

  • Own Logistics

Apart from having a full-fledged in-house team of designers, workmen and other artisans, we have our own logistics.

This ensures zero delay in any of your projects plus refrains you from handling hassles of transportation and logistics.

Loft services offered by TEL Constructions – the most trusted loft conversion builders near me

A variety of loft conversion designs in London are modelled by TEL Constructions that change the floor space, roof area and overall scenery of a home.

Majorly there are four types Loft conversion services offered by TEL Constructions.

  • Dormer Loft Conversion
  • Mansard Loft Conversion
  • Hip to gable Loft Conversion
  • Roof light OR VELUX Conversion of Loft

1. Dormer Conversion of Loft

Dormer Conversion of Loft

If you ever notice the vertical projection from the roof of a home at the top that makes a perfect box-shaped figure then you must be looking at a Dormer type of roof conversion.

It is considered one of the most common types in UK homes as it is cost-effective, easy to design and efficient in terms of storage space.  It is mainly built on the slopped type of rooftops.

Benefits of Dormer Conversion

  • It fits generally to every kind of house with a slightly sloped roof.
  • Dormer conversions add extra foot and headspace to the loft room and are less expensive than other types of lofts.
  • An ideal choice for the passage of good light and air for ventilation.
  • It has flat ceilings and walls which are absolute looks familiar and comfortable for folk.

Disadvantages of Dormer Conversion

  • It might not suit if you have a roof that is unable to carry extra weight and is not freshly made.
  • Dormer conversions are often considered as the old type and traditional – and therefore, if you want to go for a modular home design, we suggest you avoid this choice.
  • The particular design takes a long time to complete as it requires

Connect with our design expert today to know the best loft conversion that suits your property, needs and lifestyle.

2. Mansard Loft Conversion

Mansard Loft Conversion

The name of Mansard loft conversion of a roof is given in the 17th Century after the architecture of French.

This kind of graceful conversion is found on flat roofs that are shared between two and multiple walls of an existing property.

These types of lofts are considered as one of the royal and expensive ones that take pounds to stand with such an incredible appearance and durability. They are typically built at the rear side of a home.

Benefits of Mansard Loft Conversions

  • They are made along with the entire roof area and do not let a piece of roof get untouched.
  • Converts a commonplace into ultra-modern and top-notched

Cons of Mansard Conversions

  • It requires a very high-cost price and long-time duration in construction work.
  • To make a roof decorated with royal mansard conversions, a person requires mandatory permission from the essential government bodies.

At, TEL Constructions we offer free site visit along with quote after inspecting your space and discussing your vision regarding the new construction.

3. Hip to gable Loft Conversion

Hip to gable Loft Conversion

When a loft is constructed at the end of a roof within a detached house, terrace, or semi-detached house, this is a type of Hip to gable loft conversion.

A home can become most attractive and popular by just adapting this variation in their place.

Sometimes, the nearby neighbouring houses may feel strange by the construction as it makes an additional outward structure in the already present wall of a home.

It looks natural and just like the part of your home.

Pros of Hip to gable conversion

  • Hip to gable is famous for adding more than extra space in bungalows, villas, and huge properties.
  • When it is combined with dormer designs, the value and outcome come out to be improved.
  • For aesthetic looks, an owner can keep his check on this option.

Cons of Hip to gable conversion

  • Typically, the construction takes more time and money than dormer conversion.
  • Neighbours may feel strange by the unexpected conversion.

Looking for loft conversion specialists near me for hip to Gable conversion?

The experts at TEL Constructions are just a call away.

4. Roof Light or Velux Loft Conversion

Roof Light or Velux Loft Conversion

When architecture does not disturb the entire roof space and adds the required shape and size of the window for the passage of fresh air and sunlight, it is known as roof light loft conversion.

There will be no changes to the floor, ceiling and the top of the existing space.

Rooflight conversion can be made to the other type of conversions also to increase the functionality.

Benefits of Roof Light Conversion

  • It requires no planning permission and takes a few days to get complete.
  • One of the best and natural ways to draw the regular sunlight inside the living area.
  • Cheapest way to transform a space and polish its value.

Disadvantages of Roof Light Conversion

  • By roof light roof conversions, you cannot have the benefit of adding extra storage space to your room.
  • If the window is at the front, you may require planning permission in that case.

Browsing internet for most affordable loft makeover by best loft conversion builders near me?

Then, TEL Construction is your ideal pick! Request a free quote today.

Why TEL Constructions is ranked s the loft conversion company near me?

From past 12 years, we have built an incredible community of trust, and good relations that brings a pure guaranteed work with excellence and brilliance.

The primary vision of TEL Constructions is to build superior high-quality structures all around the country without making a dent in common man’s pocket.

Here’s what makes us the most preferred choice as loft conversion specialists in the UK.

  • Well qualified and dedicated team

Team at TEL Constructions comprises of well qualified, certified and seasoned professionals that are experienced enough to design what is suitable according to the available space and resources.

Every project is first vet carefully in labs/workshops for endurance and quality check to eliminate any kind of disturbance in the existing structure during the construction and in the upcoming times.

  • Accountable and Safety Concerned

Our every construction endeavour ensures the safety of the site and people around it.

We strictly follow international approved standards and materials to make sure the integrity and longevity of the structure.

  • Proper Planning and Cost Friendly

The workmen make proper planning before starting the work and give a huge importance to client considerations along the procedure.

Also, they eliminate the extra costs if needed. This is the beauty and loyalty of workers at TEL Constructions.

  • Quality Assurance

We strictly adhere to the guidelines of the building regulation and other permitted development rights protocols.

We believe in zero compromise over quality and 100% effort in timely completion of work.

Our happy and content clients turn us as the best loft conversion specialists near me

A best designing and construction company in Loft Conversions is that which does not only follow the principles, offers best budgets and ensures timely delivery but also make sure if their clients are satisfied with the service even after the completion.

TEL Constructions provides more personalized services that any client can get. Every satisfied customer is proof of our hard work and sincerity.

Our structural engineers work according to the planning made by the client on the time s we believe in following agile methodology.

This way, people have great faith in our community and we always perform at our best to maintain it.

Just discuss your desires, dreams and fantasies with us- we help you to make them happen in the real world.

Here are some common concerns that most of the homeowners planning to undergo loft conversion face. Have a look:

  • Getting permission for a Loft Conversion

The permission for converting a loft depends on the type of conversion and the area where you live.

Sometimes you require permission even for the smallest change and other times you may not need any certifications and agreements even on building a huge structure.

You can contact local planning and construction offices to ensure every task and needy documents before starting the concept of building lofts.

Also, it would be beneficial and kind if you inform your neighbours about the changes you are going to make so that their property cannot be disturbed in any way.

  • Time taken to complete loft conversion

In General, it takes 8 – 10 weeks for the completion of a loft regardless of their type.

Maximum ten weeks are the boundary time that may be taken by an expert.

TEL Constructions completes the project within the promised schedule with promised and sophisticated outcomes.

  • Total cost price for building a Loft Conversion

Our Service of Loft Conversions starts from £29,999 to £40,000. The rest cost depends on the demands, needs, and material used for the fitting.

We always make efforts to cut extra costs and to make the most acceptable total prices. Your every single pond is valuable here!

  • Best Loft Conversion Companies near me

Living in London, UK or any other part of the world can make you question the presence of the most reliable and trusted Loft conversion company.

TEL Constructions allows you to visit and look into the services with easy to access all available designs.

TEL construction helps you to recognize your inner thoughts and wants to let them come in the outside world.

Our specialized and experienced designing team knows how to exactly deal with the projects that mean the world to people.

We use high-end and modern tools to create the cosy home for your comfort.

The Bottom Line

Every home possesses different structural designs followed by variable materials, finishes, touch-up, quality and durability.

Therefore, depending on the state, condition and type of existing roof – the professionals at TEL Constructions work over the suitability of the loft conversion type that perfectly fits in with your requirements.

Other Services by TEL Construction are designing & remodelling, plumbing and heating services, carpentry and electrical solutions, paving and drive-way construction services, network & security, smart homes and much more.

We take a proper check on the existing condition of home, proper analysis is conducted for Safety and Security purposes.

Our construction specialists guide, communicate and advise you on the nitty-gritty of the loft conversion and help you make a better-informed decision.

Call us at 020 8158 4006 or you can drop your queries at

Book a site visit or request a free quote today.

Small Loft Conversion Ideas

Congratulations! You have made a very wise decision to go for a loft conversion. Loft conversions are a great way to add livable space to your home rather than shifting or encroaching your garden area. But, it may happen that you have a small roof which makes it impossible to convert into a full-fledged bedroom. Don’t feel disappointed if your loft has a small footprint. For a loft conversion to happen, the height of the loft needs to be just 2.4m. Let’s have a look at how you can get benefitted from loft conversion ideas for small lofts and make the best possible usage of your attic space. Look at the stunning small loft conversion ideas.

Best Small Loft Conversion Ideas

What is small loft conversion

Loft conversions are a quick method to add good living space to your home without compromising external or outdoor areas as well as the best alternative to shifting. Small loft conversion also turns out to be fabulous and is worth every penny a sit brilliantly adds cosy places to your home that are absolutely stunning. It can be a bedroom, library, den, home office, library and much more. Worried about the trusses in your loft? Don’t worry! The loft conversion specialists can replace these with solid alternatives such as steel or timber and make your loft conversion structurally sound.

What can you do with small loft conversion?

A loft conversion can actually maximise your small space and add tremendous value to your place. Here are some of the ideas to get inspiration from and start with your small loft conversion today!

  • Home Office – With more and more workforce working from home due to the upheaval caused by the pandemic, converting your attic space into a home office is an ideal way to say goodbye to distractions.
  • Bathroom – Felt a need for a second bathroom? What could be a better option than converting your unused attic into a beautiful and relaxing shower space!
  • Wardrobe Storage Space – Are your clothes and other things making your room appear untidy, messy and cluttered? It signals you need an extra wardrobe space. Your loft area turns out to be a great place to install bespoke wardrobes that match your style and lock up the things there.
  • Spare Bedroom – Lofts tend to serve a great option if you are looking to construct a kids room. Just a few days and you children have their own room where they can do all the fun in their own private zone.
  • Play Room/Den – This loft can serve an as excellent play area. Kids tend to keep things messy and cluttered everywhere.  The best way to put a stop to all this is to give them their own play area or a den that has all the things they need.
  • Library – Turn your attic into a cosy library, away from the cacophony of the home that instils tranquillity while you are reading books.

Beautiful Small Loft Conversion Ideas

Discover these beautiful small loft conversion ideas and get inspired to design your dream space.

1. Small loft conversion idea for Home Office

Small loft conversion idea for Home Office

Convert your small loft space into a secluded working space that has all the essentials required to carry out the work smoothly.

2. Escape into a Den!

Escape into a Den!

Look how carefully the trusses are kept intact and the beauty of the place is enhanced. Convert your place into a multi-use space for every age group.

3. A tranquil guest room with small loft

A tranquil guest room with small loft

Adding a master bedroom is not always possible with small lofts.

In fact, you can turn it into a fancy guest space that can serve as a bedroom for your growing teenagers, guests or even you while the elderly can sleep downstairs peacefully.

4. Small lofts offer a Space to relax

Small lofts offer a Space to relax

Just grab your favourite book or binge a Netflix series and run into your new small loft space to relax and unwind from the daily chores.

5. Cosy Small loft Living Room Design

Cosy Small loft Living Room Design

It’s time to create a perfect retreat at your place with this beautiful small loft conversion design idea for the living room.

The beautiful Gable windows not only illuminate the space so holistically but also ensure to capture moments when you socialize.

6. Turn your small loft space into a lounge zone

Turn your small loft space into a lounge zone

This design is a perfect example of contemporary minimalistic interior design with carpet and couches in eye-catching white space well lit by concealed lighting and natural light.

7. A cute small loft conversion design

A cute small loft conversion design

Your growing teenager needs his own separate space and seeks privacy?

Check out this small loft conversion design that is perfect for your kid’s growing needs.

8. Elegant space for your kids

Elegant space for your kids

This space includes a vast area with an impressive bed with storage option. The cabinet unit placed next to the bed serves as a study table as well as holds the important stuff of your kids.

Bottom Line

Small loft conversion designs are trending! Why waste your attic space when you can actually create a beautiful habitable space out of it. Looking for designs or don’t know how to begin? Our expert professionals are seasoned in helping you go about your dream project. Connect with us today and book your free site visit today!

How Much Does The Average Home Renovation Cost?

How Much Does The Average Home Renovation Cost?

A home is an abode where you do not just live but also make a lot of memories with a sense of comfort and belonging.

Since the change is constant, the only way to bring in the change in your home is by doing home renovations.

Though the change can be brought about by relocating or shifting the stuff, what if you can get a complete transformation with a feasible home renovation?

Would you mind adoring your home and falling in love with it again?

We bet you won’t!

Does that mean that a home renovation must be done just like that?

Well, no, we didn’t say that!

But several other reasons might require a home renovation!

What is the need for home renovations?

Rather than just making a home space aesthetically appealing, home renovations also provide ample other benefits.

A few of them include:

  • Enhancing the home’s functionality
  • Augmenting the comfort
  • Boosts the property value
  • Enhances the space
  • Lowers the energy costs
  • Changes the entire home style
  • Bring your house back to life.

And as far as the need is concerned, it essentially fixes the safety issues and enhances the home efficiency.

When do you need a home renovation?

Well, the straightforward answer to it is, whenever you require!

Whenever you feel like you need a home renovation or are short of space, or just wanna bring in the change is the right time to go for the home renovations.

In general, a home requires to be renovated every 5 to 7 years to keep the property value boosted and enhance the living comfort.

Since the trends change, so do the requirements and comfort essentials.

So, if you are actually looking to enhance the home’s comfort, functionality, enhancing space, or any other reason, home renovation is the best way out to welcome the change.

Now that it is sorted out when you should bring change and why it is essential, let me ask you a simple question!

Do you need a complete home renovation or a part of it will do?

What services can exactly bring the change?

And how can you get clarity over it?

Well, so many queries and the answer is still unknown, right?

But you know that acquiring a few services can also work!

Obviously, you cannot always opt for the entire home renovation work.

That is not only expensive but a challenging task too!

However, a few renovation services can also be a feasible option.

Let us see which services can help you bring in the change.

Options of Services for home renovations

Loft Conversion

Have you encountered a shortage of space and are planning to move to a new house to enhance the home area?

Well, probably if you like your home location and have everything per your convenience and comfort, you might be taking the wrong step of moving to a new one just due to the space shortage.

You can easily enhance the space by converting your loft spaces to fully functional rooms.

Even if you have uneven areas or unused space, transform it into a functional area with loft conversion.

Room expansions

Who said that balconies require to be broad enough even when you have to adjust to the space shortage in your room?

Well, but now you can get the room expansions with all the functional elements while keeping the balcony planned enough to remain a working element.

Side and rear extensions

Use those side or unused rear spaces with the side and rear extensions.

Extend your home without any trouble and need to leave your room cost-effectively!

Landscaping Services

The nearby environment affects the entire mood while playing a crucial role in taking the stress away.

Transform your ordinary garden space into the area of your dreams with excellent landscaping service ideas.


Changing the décor is one of the most excellent ways of bringing real change to your home.

The interior plays an imperative role in making a home space offer the desired comfort and bring the vibe in.

Explore the real art of dressing the home space with decorative services by TEL and get an aesthetically pleasing and functional home décor.

Block Paving

Redefine the beauty and comfort of your home with excellent block paving services.

According to requirement

One last but not the least service is getting the home renovated as per the requirements.

Yes, if this doesn’t cover your requirement of getting your home renovation done, you can still get your home renovated by stating the change you are planning for.

TEL Constructions offer entirely customizable solutions for every need.

So getting your home renovation done is not an issue now!

How much does the home renovation costs?

The cost of home renovation in the UK completely depends on the services chosen.

Since each service is different, so do its costs.

Well, if you have a plan for an entire home renovation, the costs will be different, whereas if you have a plan to acquire some services, only the price will be different.

And not only this, the cost estimates generally depend on various factors, including

  • The services opted
  • Area of the renovation space
  • Elements selected
  • And many more.

A home renovation contractor can help you analyze the costs of the space.


One of the greatest advantages of home renovations with TEL Constructions is the insider benefits.

Now that you have made up your mind and imagined a structure, how about visualizing it at an early phase?

We guess it’s super-amazing to see the home space with actual elements, color combinations, materials, and finishes.

So, if you wanna change anything, you can do it before actual construction.

The 3D Rendering services with TEL now make it possible to visualize the home renovation before beginning the actual construction.

Bottom Line!

A home renovation is not a service that can be carried out any day without any planning and strategies.

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How Much Is A Velux Loft Conversion?

How Much Is A Velux Loft Conversion?

When you decide to create an extra-functional space in your home, you have the option of creating space internally (getting your loft converted) or externally (getting a home extension). The next question that determines your choice of space creation is budget; how much will it cost?

The loft conversion price is not straightforward because there are different types of loft conversion involving different material types and processes, but one of the cheapest options is a Velux Loft Conversion.

What is a Velux Loft Conversion

A Velux conversion is merely converting your attic into a usable space by adding windows or skylights to the roof. A Velux loft conversion doesn’t change anything in your attic. Since there are minor changes to be made, it reduces the disruption time and saves you money. The exact cost of the Velux Loft Conversion depends on various aspects.

You can convert the attic into a bathroom, or storage area, reducing the burden in other places in your home. Also, the influx of light saves you money in electricity bills and improves the general atmosphere in the house.

The downside is that no disruptions are made to create extra room, imposing a limitation on your use. If your attic does not have ample space and enough headroom, you can’t have a conversion.

Things You Need to Know Before Starting Loft Conversion (Updated)

Upgrade to a new style, treat your living space better for a greeting, and have an expensive and practical ambiance, you must have a clear idea about what loft conversion is and how it spruces up your lifestyle without making a hole in your pocket.

Adding a loft conversion is becoming a sorted way to renovate homes in many regions of London. If you are also about to jump on the same idea, there are a few things you need to understand before getting started.

Let’s begin!

Things to Know Before Starting a Loft Conversion

Designing a loft includes planning and a complete thought process, read below the listed elements you can consider before adding a loft conversion, pay good attention!

Is your home have an ideal vertical height for a loft conversion?

Find the perfect roof height by measuring from the highest point at the center of the rooftop to the ground floor, it must be at least 2.3 meters to stand and position goods inside the loft comfortably.

Henceforth, a loft with a minimum ridge of 7 feet or 2.3 meters qualifies for conversion into a beautiful attic space.

Google for the best loft conversion companies near me!

You must have googled trending loft conversion design ideas and chosen the right one. What if I say you cannot have that design or a similar height?

Yes, only an expert can inspect and calculate the perfect loft conversion style depending on all present conditions. Contact a superior person first.

Look after the floor plan and the available space.

Another important thing, according to my POV, is the available floor space to be used to install insulation, proper flooring, and place furniture.

Besides, you can search for a loft conversion specialist near me who can magnify these details about your loft area.

Is the reinforcement of Floor Joists and Rafters needed?

Many people in the UK use lofts as storage space as a garage, and many housekeepers need to look after the condition of the floor before they can throw out outdated stuff there.

It might have damaged, broken, or lost its strength to carry more burden, therefore, it is crucial to reinforce floor joists closely to give a solid loft conversion foundation.

Estimate cost for different loft conversion design ideas.

If you are about to hit the green light for your loft conversion project, then wait for a reasonable cost estimate for the wiring, plumbing, windows, furnishing, flooring, décor elements, furniture, etc.

Before starting the loft conversion, it is a sensitive and primary thing to consider to avoid future fraud and overly expensive bills. Thus, a quotation or a fixed price will help you know what to expect from the payment.

Building regulations must be strictly followed!

All UK homes are built under building regulations, and no home, private foundation, or any structure can be devoid of those regulations, or else they can face lawful results.

Any reputed loft conversion company will first approve it by considering the entire loft plan to know if it violates or follows the official regulations under the building law act of the United Kingdom.

Speak about Insulation and Fire Safety to loft conversion near me.

Are the contractors a registered company who follows all fire safety guidelines? It is essential to discuss the fire alarms, fire exits, fire controllers, and regulators in the loft conversion because the temperature rises too high from too low quickly.

And therefore, the materials used in the construction must also be compatible with climate changes and regulations.

Examine the Stairs Space with a loft conversion specialist.

Not every loft plan is suitable for the stairs, even if your apartment is best suitable for a loft conversion.

A loft room with ample floor space has a great possibility of installing a stair, on the other hand, tight spaces can have spiral stairs.

And therefore, you should talk to a brilliant builder before starting the planning.

Get done with the loft conversion planning permission.

Typically, a homeowner would not need to take any permission for a basic loft conversion design as it is entirely permeable.

However, if the conversion goes beyond the restrictions, need to extend or alter the roof, and if the construction covers a conservational area, you will require planning permission if:

  • The property type you live in or your property is listed
  • If the loft conversion exceeds the definite conditions and limits
  • If you alter or intend to extend the roof space

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