What are the main reasons of failure of building foundation?

Foundation for building a house has a dominant role in construction longevity.

Base infrastructure can encounter many problems over time due to inevitable reasons.

It makes the property less valuable and prone to high damage.

Do not let the reasons stay unknown to you.

Find out the possible causes behind failure of building foundation.

Why does building foundation fails?

If a property is not build according to the diverse conditions such as climate change, domestic underground issues and soil factors, it will certainly change and cause disappointment over time.

Here are some top 8 reasons of Foundation Failure

Poor drainage setup in building house foundation

Inadequate drainage highly affects foundation of a building as water plays a leading role in soil soaking which further weaken the bedrock.

It includes absence of waterproofing, standing water, plumbing leaks and poor gutter maintenance.

And this reduces the bearing and holding power of base.

Therefore, leads to shrinkage, erosion and swelling that exerts more pressure on base causing cracks in floor and walls.

Underground leaks in failure of building foundation

Leakage such as plumbing and water pipes leads to excess moisture.

In countries like UK, USA and India pluming leakage foundation problem is commonly seen.

Furthermore, it causes soil settlement.

Sinkholes, erosion and cracks are main problems lead by it.

Weather Role in foundation material shifting

Some soils are most subjected to changes.

It can shrink and pull away foundation due to several weather changes.

Shrinkage often creates gap between under construction that can lead to cracks and deep breakage.

Uneven loading and soil settlement

This is the common cause observed almost in all building foundation types.

It occurs when soil distribution occurs unevenly throughout the surface.

Therefore, due to differentiation, the possibilities of cracks and corrosion develop and showed over the time.

Transpiration of trees

Trees’ roots are problematic when foundations are very close to plants.

Mature roots soak water from the soil to complete their transpiration cycle and changes to vapor.

As a result, roots draw moisture from soil making it dry.

This causes shifting, cracking and tilting in pavements, patios and concrete surfaces.

In effective ground preparation and foundation material

Foundation materials figures prominently in making or breaking bottom-bed.

Improper planning and preparation cause intense moment of a structural foundation.

If a builder does not give 100% attention to the mixing and eliminating certain factors, it can lead to soil settlement, means it compression can occur on its own.

Bad soil condition in foundation of a building

Some soil types are bad for foundation support such as silt, clay, sand and peat either holds water too much or does not hold at all.

This make them not ideal for supporting foundations.

When builders build structure without bothering the soil health, it may cause hazardous consequences.

Earthquakes and Ground Vibrations

Natural calamities like earthquakes, land sliding and other man-made ground irruptions can lead to a greater lose to soil foundations.

Vibrations of heavy machines while road constructions and drills also cause great impact.

All in all, when building a house foundation, it somehow makes the outcome less efficient.

What is soil settlement?

Displacement of soil under heavy structure causes soil settlement.

Though it does not harm the foundation unless do not occurs instantly.

This effect differently to distinctive soil type and structure of building.

Moisture content of soil and its density also contributes to the degree of soil movement.

The Conclusion

If some of the important key points and conditions are not taken care of while construction, the building foundation can face failure over time.

Foundations must be constructed correctively considering all major things so they can last

When manufacturers know the cause of lagging behind a house foundation, they can follow precautions to reduce or simply eliminate the damage.

A building needs to be constructed as per the climatic condition and structure of the existing health foundations.

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