How much does a loft conversion add value?

Do you know loft conversions in the UK are a smart solution to hike the value of your property? People love polishing their home appearance with beautiful loft conversions for many decades. The design and types of loft conversion plays the main role that impacts this value.

There are two primary things in London about homes – they either have loft conversion plans under process or already have a well-fitted loft over their head. Well, if you live in the UK, you better know!

Loft Conversion – A Smart Way for Raising Home Worth

How can you utilize loft conversion properly? You can convert the unused area to a private study room, TV room, or DJ room or what about a beautiful Greenhouse at the top? This will add both floor space and value to your home.

People generally ask about do they need planning permission for a loft conversion?  And what loft conversion ideas can they look into?

Are you muddled with the same thoughts? Worry not! This blog has every piece of important information.

Many clients often ask what types of loft conversion their home design can withstand.

If you have the same question in mind, here’s what you want to hear– every home is special and there are different loft conversion types will suit your home the best.

The five main types are: dormer loft conversion, mansard loft conversion, Velux/ roof light loft conversion, L-shaped loft conversion and Hip to Gable loft conversion. The loft conversion plans depend on the following:

  • Height and shape of roof
  • Layout and style of home
  • Is it detached, semi-detached, or terraced home?
  • Available space, client budget and more.

People hang on the dormer and mansard loft conversions. They both are wonderful and add immense grace to a home. The slightest difference between these two is as follows:

Dormer loft conversion is the conventional loft conversion design with a flat roof vertically projecting from the existing structure and 90 degrees to the floor. It makes a box-shaped structural roof and is best suitable for small ceilings.

Mansard conversions are stylish extensions designed to convert the rear of your property to a flat roof with 72-degree roof edges that slightly seem straight. They add considerable value to an existing home.

Planning permissions for Loft conversion

Do you own a property that comes under permitted development rights? If yes, then you need no planning permission. Click on the link to read the depth blog on how to take loft conversion planning permission

How much does loft conversion increase the home value?

Honestly, there is no exact value on how much a loft conversion could increase the price of your property, as there are diverse loft styles. Significant factors such as your location, existing roof design, and the loft room influence the overall value.

Besides, the geographical area and the neighbouring home structure may impact permission rights. So always head forward to find the best construction company in the London.

Best Loft Conversion Company

You can always ping for the best loft conversion companies near me before embarking on the conversion. This lets you better understand every positive and limited factor about a loft conversion.

Experts take complete accountability, shows the bigger picture, explains the budget, permitted development rights, planning permissions and proceed the tasks with no time.

TEL Constructions is acclaimed as the best loft conversion company in London, with more than a decade of construction experience. The expertise delivers the dream projects with exceptional designs and material quality under your constrained budget.

Don’t let the opportunity slip away to revamp your living space with the touch of practical and stunning loft conversions. Complete the given contact form and seasoned architect team will contact you for a FREE consultation and QUOTE.

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