How Luxury and Modern Staircase Add Beauty To Your Home?

How Luxury and Modern Staircase Add Beauty To Your Home?

Beautiful staircases in the home are everyone’s dream. Obviously, after spending a huge amount on your home’s infrastructure, you don’t want to lose the building’s charm at first sight. Correct?

Yes, the staircases of your home can make or break your interior’s look. So, it is essential to choose the staircases that accentuate the overall look of the interiors instead of looking like an awkward portion of the home.

Whether it be a modern staircase design, bespoke staircase, or some other, choosing the best one for the home is indeed intricate, and no doubt people are more concerned about it. Well, no more doubts on it as we have brought some beautiful staircase ideas that can give you a clear vision over choosing the style that fits your requirements and adds value to your home.

Why do you need a luxurious and modern staircase for your home?

  • Enhanced appearance and style

A staircase adds style and enhances the home’s overall appearance. Different styles, structures, materials, and colors are the essential ingredients that are blended together to contribute to enhancing the overall appearance of the home.

  • Elegant and trendy look

With bespoke staircases, your home will get the modern and stylish look for your home that also caters to the comfort level.

Adding luxurious and modern staircases to the home!

Staircases serve a very imperative functional purpose, but it has the potential to elevate the look of the entire house. Staircases are not only connecting points to go from one point to another but also the main event of your home that essentially needs to be functional and beautiful at the same time.

Here are some ideas for staircases that you can implement for your new home or a renovated one.



  • Glass Spindle Staircase

Glass Spindle Staircase is a seamlessly elegant and beautiful staircase design providing simplicity and aesthetics to the interiors. The in-line glass spindle staircase includes accurate and minimal timber details that allow the light to catch against the elegant glass elements.

It is a minimalistic and timeless design that will never go out of style. Let the natural light flood in through the design. It makes an in-line glass spindle staircase an excellent alternative to the entire glass staircase when installed with expert precision and professional advice. When matched with the beautiful oak hardwood, this can be a stunning addition to the home that never lacks in complementing the interiors.

  • Dusted Oak Staircase design with glass spindles

The Dusted Oak staircase with glass spindles includes a solid oak wooden base rail with the elegant glass in between is a beautiful addition to the home. Ensuring the durability and sturdy finish, with the understated elegance of glass, assures an attractive appearance to admiring the home interiors for the coming years.

When integrated with the matching color interiors, a contemporary yet elegant design adds a subtle glow to the interiors. The bespoke dusted oak staircase design with glass spindles complements the overall elegance, natural decor, and light wall colors.

  • Glass and steel staircase

The steel staircase with minimal glass showcases the simplicity and style at its best. With the tactile steel handrails and glass paneling, the staircase distinctively offers style and quality. Crafted and designed with deep research glass and steel combination never lacks in complementing the interiors and installed with no mess.

The safe barriers under the staircase provide safety and support to the glass panels. The strong glass supported with steel handrails and safe barriers makes the stairs a perfect fit for your home.

  • Glass Balustrade Staircase

Glass Balustrade staircase design combines the natural oak timber with glass panels giving it a bright and modern feel. With these, light can easily flow a smooth and subtle feel. The oak wood handrails and supporter rail below eradicates the need for brackets providing the desired security and safety simultaneously.

The oak wood transformed in the rounded finish provides a smooth handle rail and extra comfort. It is a crisp and clean look staircase design that does require the distraction of fixing and brackets.

  • Frosted Glass Staircase

A frosted glass staircase is a combination of timber and etched glass beautifully endowing with the contemporary yet modern feel of the home. The semi-translucent design brings more light into space while keeping the design stand out.

The bullnose edge for the desired smooth finish and clean timber styling make it a durable and trendy choice. Indeed a beautiful addition to the home that never lacks in complementing the interiors.

  • Glass and iron staircase

The unique combination of forged steel with bronze glass is indeed a pretty addition to the home complementing the existing décor. The glass staircase opens the space while the forged steel spindles seamlessly create a unique element to the house.

The black forged steel spindles added in the staircase are popular due to their beauty and versatility, whereas the bronze glass complements the color theme.



  • Luxury steel staircase design

The steel staircase design provides a luxurious feel incorporating a design unique to your home to add that graceful element to the house. The design is inspired by the modern trends for the interiors, while the timber addition on the handrails softens the styling.

The sculptural lines and the wooden handrail make it a perfect durable combination for the home yet look elegant without messing with the home’s interiors. Add a variety of beautiful décor matching the design and transform the home interiors without imposing the design.

  • Modern steel staircase

The modern steel staircase is a unique, contemporary, and eye-catching addition to the home. The steel handrail with metal panels provides durability and assurance for the longer term, enhancing the modern look.

The modern steel staircase can be customized as per the choice to add that display element to the look. It is an attention-grabbing design that can also be integrated with the lighting at panels and experimented with several combinations matching the interiors.

  • Opus Antique Brass finish staircase

Opus Antique brass finish staircase is a subtle and sophisticated design that is popular among modern houses. The steel spindles with timber oak handrail give a durable and traditional yet modish finish.

The antique-looking brass combination with oak timber looks classic and complements the interiors. Providing the home a timeless style that stands out well among the traditional designs is a modern pick. In this exclusive design, old meets new to generate the staircase design satisfying both conventional and contemporary homes.

  • Timber and steel staircase

The combination of timber and steel staircase is indeed a beautiful addition to the homes. Choosing a bespoke staircase design with the combination of wood and steel can offer the desired sleek and elegant look to the house.

A beautiful, unique design crafted as per the choice and interiors of the home. How about choosing a spindle staircase made of oak with chamfered edges creating a stylish and smooth finish? Beautiful!

  • Cut string glass and steel staircase

Cut string glass and steel staircase is a modern design that can fit a variety of room interiors and steps. The square-cut handrail made of steel with the paneling done from glass and supported with the strong brackets makes it a durable choice for every home.

The smooth brushed steel and square handrails create the desired modern look in the home with any sharp edges. Choosing bespoke designs with a blend of glass and steel can create the look and feel explicitly produced to match the style and taste.

  • Designer staircase

Have you ever thought of a designer staircase that accentuates the home’s interiors and provides a reliable long-term solution to jump to the next floor? Many have. But do you know that the designer staircases are no more a problem? The stylish designer staircase made of steel and sturdy glass never lacks in providing the desired modern look to the home.

A sturdy glass held securely by the brushed stainless-steel brackets adds aesthetic value to the home. The square handrails keep the whole design smooth and devoid of any sharp edges in between. The stunning glass and stainless-steel staircase are a must-have modern design matching the taste of traditional and contemporary people.



  • Tudor Oak Staircase

The Tudor oak staircase is a beautiful addition to the room. The handrails are crafted with a curved spiral detail creating an impressive entrance. The addition of spindle design contributes to the traditional appearance of this wooden staircase.

When it comes to the essential feature of choosing the staircase design that complements the home aesthetically, a Tudor oak spindle staircase with paneling, volute entry detail, and curtail step stands out.

  • Classic wooden staircase and balcony

A grand staircase with a balcony is perfect for that dramatic entranceway. The traditional design of the railing complemented by the natural oak finish is an ideal choice to create a classic feel.

A classic wooden staircase never goes out of trend and, when hand-polished, never lacks complementing the interiors and providing that classy and royal feel. The elegant staircase design extended to the balcony is perfect for creating a traditional look.

  • Traditional oak staircase

The traditional oak staircases are a well-admired choice for adding classic elegance to the home. Twisted spindles with a personal touch and carved volute create a style statement and a perfect centerpiece for the home. The staircase handrails end with an elegantly etched volute complementing the traditional styles.

  • Bespoke oak staircase

Bespoke oak staircase crafted in natural oak combines various features to create the staircase design uniquely generated based on space, requirements, and style. Bespoke staircases provide enough space to experiment with the materials, colors, and styles. Contrasting the wooden spindles with the staircase floor matching the color or interiors will definitely enhance the appearance.

Bespoke staircases are exclusively designed to fit around the contours of your home. From contributing not detracting from space’s overall aesthetic to making the most space available, bespoke staircases cover it all. By mixing the spindles create a sleek and unique look.

  • Classic Walnut Staircase

A classic walnut staircase crafted with a perfect blend of dark wood treads, smoothly painted spindles and a handrail is an ideal addition to the home. Keeping it traditional yet maintaining the modern look is the essential fact of the classic walnut staircase. And the best part is it goes well with every style of interior.

Stones you can choose for the steps of your staircases!

1. Granite

Granite is an excellent material for people who are looking for a unique cover for their staircases—wondering why choose granite? Check out below.


  • Provides durability to the staircases
  • Adds elegance to the appearance
  • More resistant to the stains
  • Lower value than marble

2. Marble

Marble is a perfect choice for those looking for a natural stone. It not only adds value to your property but also enhances the appearance of the home. Here are some properties you should know

Marble is

  • Resistant to scratching
  • Resistant to any breaking or depletion
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Available in a variety of products

But we don’t recommend polishing as this may tend to make the floor slippery when wet.

3. Quartz

Quartz stone is another trending choice for the staircases providing an elegant look to the interiors of the home. Here are some properties.

Quartz is

  • Well-liked for the hardness
  • Durability
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Natural beauty
  • Excellent performance characteristics

4. Porcelain

Porcelain tiles are the ideal pick for the stairs, especially the wood look tile flooring. Due to its properties, it is considered the finest material for the floorings and staircases.


  • Is stain resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Scratch and dent free
  • Lower maintenance
  • Beautiful choice
  • Durable
  • Available in a variety of styles
  • And the best part is that it looks new years after the installation.

Other Material


Timber or wooden staircase flooring can be fitted to the area relatively easily. A hardwood flooring accessory is required to cover each edge and join them together.

Timber is

  • Easy to clean
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Durable
  • Available in a variety of wood types, including oak, American walnut, and many more.
  • Increases the property value

Bottom Line!

Whether building a new house or remodeling one, when combined with a quality staircase, not only adds value to the property but also endows an aesthetic appearance to the home’s interiors. But choosing the right one is also crucial, and that is where professional designers come into the picture.

We, at TEL Constructions, have a team of proficient designers uniquely catering to every need concerning the appropriate space utilization and enhancing the beauty of the interiors.

7+ Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery Services of TEL Constructions

Your home is your happy place that needs to be designed the way you want to!

Dull interiors, awkward spaces, and insufficient storage space can never be a part of your happy place, right?

But what if you will get an opportunity to design it the way you want to?

Amazing indeed!

And surprisingly, bespoke carpentry and joinery services provide you with the same opportunity!

Yes, with this you can transform your happy place into a beautifully crafted place offering the desired functionality and aesthetic simultaneously.

Carpentry and Joinery!

Carpentry and Joinery

Take a look around!

You will see a variety of beautifully crafted products made of wood.

And whenever the talk is about wood, carpenters and joiners are the first names that come to mind.

And why not?

After all, from stunning wardrobe designs to beautiful media units, comfortable beds, and many more, everything is crafted and designed by the carpenters and joiners.


So how can these services be left behind?

But have you ever wondered about the terms “carpentry” and “joinery” that are often used together?

What is the difference between them?

What specific jobs do they include?

And how are they used together?

Well, here is all you need to know!

Joinery and Carpentry Services

Joinery and carpentry services are wood construction trades and are interrelated terms.

In general terms, a carpenter constructs the building elements on-site, whereas the joiners join wood in the workshop.

So, what is the difference?

A joiner is a craftsman that joins wood elements, usually in a factory or workshop.

The joiners’ work usually involves large machinery, including lathes, circular saws, and sanding wheels.

Therefore, for the joiners to complete their job, it is essential to have a well-equipped workspace.

A carpenter usually works on site.

The carpenters are proficient at using small handy tools that are easily transportable to different places.

A carpenter specialises in assembling roof trusses, floors, and stud work and will also be skilled at fitting and cutting the timber structures together.

TEL Constructions Joinery and Carpentry Services types include

1. Bespoke Staircases

Bespoke Staircases

Bespoke staircases are unique staircases that are exclusively crafted for your space and designed to match the interiors.

The bespoke staircases are not confined to limited materials only but can be prepared in various materials and styles without compromising on the beauty of interiors.

2. Bespoke internal and external doors

Bespoke internal and external doors

Bespoke doors are well admired for spicing up the need.

Custom doors are the popular choice that allows you to customise the internal and external doors to match the style and aesthetic of the space.

These are made to measure doorways, so forget about the fittings and other issues as the custom doors not only cover the need but are beautiful too.

Whether it is a patterned door or just a replacement conservatory, a bespoke door is the best way to go.

3. Bespoke kitchens

Bespoke kitchens

Build your dream kitchen with bespoke kitchen designs.

Whatever your choice and need are, our kitchen makeover specialists take care of it all.

Bespoke kitchens give your kitchen a new style and design matching your taste.

4. Media Units

Media Units

Media Units are essential elements that enhance the interior design space, functionality, comfort, and viewing experience.

Choosing the bespoke media unit can transform the room’s interiors into a well-organised, clutter-free, and relaxing space to enjoy and spend time.

Bespoke TV units are not only confined to limited options but can be chosen from the hundreds of designs and combinations matching your current furniture.

5. Wardrobe Design

Bespoke Wardrobe Design

Designing the wardrobes can be as exciting as choosing the clothes and upgrading the wardrobe style.

Yes, you heard it right.

But do you know how?

Bespoke wardrobe design is the answer.

Bespoke wardrobes let you design your wardrobe style, offering you desired storage space to accommodate all your stuff.

A wide range of wardrobe designs and styles are available that can be uniquely crafted as per your space and taste.

The best part of choosing bespoke wardrobes is that you can even convert your awkward spaces into a beautiful storage solution.

6. Bespoke Beds

Bespoke Beds

With this bed designs are explicitly tailored to match your taste and style, offering the desired comfort at the same time.

A bed offering discomfort can be a significant point of concern and can keep you frustrated all day.

But bespoke beds offering the desired comfort and sizes in the materials of your choice can save you from that frustrating sense of discomfort that you get from not having enough relaxation.

Available in all sizes, and materials, bespoke beds never lack in offering the comfort and style you desire for.

7. Bespoke Vanity Units

Bespoke Vanity Units

Bespoke vanity units are custom made and utilise every inch in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way.

A bespoke vanity unit not only saves the floor space, and enhances the bathroom interiors but also provides the much-needed additional bathroom storage to keep all your stuff organised.

8. Cabinetry Design

Bespoke Cabinetry Design

Clutter is the common point of concern that comes to mind while decorating and organising a home.

And that is where the bespoke cabinetry helps you out!

A bespoke cabinetry design offers you that additional storage space to accommodate the stuff.

From adjusting the awkward spaces to utilising every inch of the area, bespoke cabinetry solutions are available in various materials and designs.

Benefits of choosing bespoke joinery and carpentry services

When it comes to selecting bespoke joinery and carpentry services, you will get several reasons why it is the best option for you.

Here we have listed a few of them.

    • Made to measure characteristics ensures that whatever you are desiring will be wholly crafted and fitted to space, enhancing the beauty of the home.
    • Bespoke services are the best to match the new and existing furniture.
    • When you decide to choose the bespoke joinery and carpentry services, you have a wide range of options to choose from and craft beautifully stunning furniture pieces that exclusively meet your personal style and requirements.
    • Whether you seek to incorporate the changes to existing furniture or look for a complete overhaul, you rely on the bespoke joinery and carpentry solutions that offer a cost-effective solution.
    • With the bespoke furniture, you can choose the materials as per your choice offering long-term assurance.
    • Bespoke services are well known for offering high-quality materials handcrafted according to the need, taste, and style by the utilisation of professionals’ skills, experience, and latest technology.

Are bespoke solutions worth it?

Whether it is about the kitchen design, a wardrobe design, or any other services with bespoke solutions, you will never regret a single penny spent.

An excellent bespoke designer will help you understand and craft the designs exclusively made for your space, taste, and style.

And that is what the TEL Constructions experts help you with!

With a team of skilled and experienced professionals proficient in catering to all your requirements concerning beautifying the home and

Bottom Line!

Bespoke carpentry and joinery services are the popular picks to add a beautiful transformation to your home.

It takes care of all your needs and taste.

Every piece of furniture in your home can be crafted with the same crispiness and desires that never lack matching your taste, style, and needs.

But what matters the most is acquiring the services from reliable service providers.

When acquired from a reliable service provider like TEL Construction, it is like a cherry on the cake.

Satisfactory services, high-quality crafts, timely deliveries, and post-installation maintenance services are the traits of TEL that will keep you assured of quality.

Feel free to find a bespoke carpentry and joinery furniture inspiration for your home!

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And do not forget to follow our social media handles to stay updated with the trends in bespoke services.


25+ Staircases Designs & Ideas

25+ Staircases Designs & Ideas to Make Your House Interior More Noticeable  

If you are finding the Best Staircases Designs & Ideas for your house, then this article is for you. 

A staircase is an essential element that, far from being just a functional thing at home, has become an exciting addition maintaining an aesthetic and practical level.  

Being a functional aspect, a staircase connects several floors in the home. But if you think that is all it does, then you are completely wrong! It not only serves the functional aspects but also contributes well to adding value and aesthetics to the home’s beauty.  

When given the desired importance, a staircase design can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. While thinking about the staircase design for your home, the mind blows away as there is so much to consider, and which one will be the perfect fit is challenging to decide. If you are looking for some Beautiful Staircase ideas, then here’s all you need to check out. 

Modern staircase design ideas by TEL Constructions!

Staircases are the designer’s delight as they can elevate the aesthetic of the home to another level. But deciding on one is indeed intricate as it can make or break the overall look. Well, nothing to get confused about.  

Take a look at the gorgeous collection of staircase design ideas; you will at least get an idea of some perfect combination that can transform your home.  

25+ Modern Staircase Design Ideas

1. Steel and timber contemporary staircase

Steel and timber contemporary staircase 

This contemporary staircase design featuring striking wooden handles and steel turns the traditional staircase design into a stunning focal point. The addition of solid, clean lines for rails and newels draws specific attention offering the desired durability.

The combination of wooden and steel staircase paired with the white interiors creates an eye-appealing outlook devoid of pretentiousness.  

2. Suspending string modern staircase design 

Suspending string modern staircase design 

Multiple string staircases give a sharp profile against the floor to ceiling with a glass railing in the attached balcony. Keeping the entire design stand out nicely while providing a luxurious feel, this modern staircase design adds aesthetic and value to space, devoid of compromising on the beauty of the interiors.  

3. Sculptural suspended string staircases

Sculptural suspended string staircases 

Sleek dark wood steps paired with suspended silver metal make this modern staircase design durable, functional and elegant addition to the home. The glass door, white walls, and open-plan places add charm to this stunningly beautiful home. The transition of flooring pattern separates the living area without compromising the elegance and design. 

4. Designer glass staircase in the dark hues 

Designer glass staircase in the dark hues 

This monochromatic fusion comprising elegant glass against the floor to ceiling and glass railing creates a true design statement. The sturdy glass panes are held securely by stainless steel clamps that are aesthetically pleasing. A round-cut handrail with smooth edges gives this modern staircase an elegant appeal that sets it apart. 

5. Luxurious staircase in a curvy twist

Luxurious staircase in a curvy twist 

The combination of curvy and modern staircase design extending to the balcony and lobby area is an appealing choice in this luxurious area. The understated elegance of glass held perfectly by the stainless-steel holders and rounded handrail is an aesthetically appealing factor of the room, matching all the color combinations.  

Discover Our Despoke Staircase Services 

6. Modern staircase design with a walkway 

Modern staircase design with a walkway 

This stylish glass and steel staircase creates an authentic and elegant design statement. In this unique cut string design, each glass piece is perfectly shaped and adjusted around the treads.

The glass panels are held securely by the stainless-steel clamps and the round handrail extended to the balcony gives a beautiful appearance to the home’s interiors.  

7. Modern and luxurious glass staircase

Modern and luxurious glass staircase 

This elegant and stylish glass staircase design with a square handrail is the trending design that makes it a durable choice. This stunningly elegant stainless steel and glass staircase design is a must-have modern statement for the people looking out for a traditional option. Held by the supported metal clamps makes it is a strong and sturdy one.  

8. A wooden and concrete staircase with glass balustrade

A wooden and concrete staircase with glass balustrade 

This combination of wooden and concrete staircase design with the glass railing catches the most attention. The addition of sleek wooden steps on the concrete material keeps it traditional and trendy. When paired with the glass handrails held by the metal clamps adds the modern element to this conventional wood staircase design.  

9. A spiral steel staircase in pristine white for outdoors

A spiral steel staircase in pristine white for outdoors 

The concrete white steps with curvy steel handrails make the staircase design trending and perfect for an outdoor space. Keeping the whole scenario functional and trending, this modern staircase design is a durable choice that can easily withstand extreme weather conditions and does not even require much maintenance. 

10. Twirling wooden staircase design for interiors

Twirling wooden staircase design for interiors 

This twirling wooden staircase design matched with timeless whites is adding a twist of elegance to the interiors. Unique, modern, and organic, this twirling wood staircase provides smooth, soft, and elegance to the home, offering the desired durability connected with the supported white metal rods. Indeed a perfect wow factor for your living room space. 

Discover Our Despoke Staircase Services 

11. Warm and woody walnut staircase design

Warm and woody walnut staircase design 

A zigzag dark wooden staircase design supported by the suspended metal rods from floor to ceiling makes this design idea a modern and unconventional addition to the interiors. While maintaining the aesthetic appeal, the staircase design never lacks in complementing the home’s beauty while providing the desired durability and functionality.  

12. Pretty and minimal staircase design in wooden tones 

Pretty and minimal staircase design in wooden tones 

This unique balustrade design made of solid steel spindles set into a solid dark oak base and handrails gives an eye-appealing addition to the home. Drawing the modern architectural design elements, the spindles make the whole effect of the staircase beautiful and airy. 

13. Staircase with a Rustic fusion

The modern and sophisticated light wood staircase design is an absolutely functional yet elegant addition to the home. Making the whole design functional without compromising on the aesthetic, this staircase design is a durable choice with low maintenance requirements due to wooden steps and strong black metals at the side.  

14. Mono Stringer twisted staircase 

Staircase with a Rustic fusion

The mono stringer curved staircase design with stainless steel spindles sets the tone for all that is added to the home interiors. The light reflecting through the room’s windows and off the stairs gives that modern and fresh feel to the interiors. When it comes to adding an appealing aesthetic sense to the home, this design never lacks. 

15. Rustic modern staircase with glass railing

Mono Stringer twisted staircase 

This oak and glass staircase exudes simplicity and beauty. Adding the modern touch, this striking staircase design combines a solid oak handrail with the glass railing. While creating an elegant and timeless look, this design brings a luxurious addition to the home with the added twist of white in it.  

Discover Our Despoke Staircase Services

16. Elegance personified in pristine white

Mono Stringer twisted staircase 

Elegance attained with the timeless white beauty. A luxurious addition to keeping the space functional, the addition of this white staircase design is itself a beautiful addition completing the look of interiors.

Keeping the whole design simple and elegant, this plain white staircase design enhances the beauty of this entrance space, devoid of any further addition of any other material and handrails.  

17. Oak staircase with shining marbles

Oak staircase with shining marbles

A durable white marble staircase with metal spindles and wooden handrails accentuates the interiors’ look while keeping it functional. The oak wood handrail, supported by the metal spindles and marble treads, makes it a durable addition and an excellent choice for long-term use.  

18. Stunningly beautiful stone polished staircase design

Stunningly beautiful stone polished staircase design 

A lovely granite stone polished to fine perfection with no railings is a beautiful addition to the same interiors. Keeping the whole space functional, this staircase design and material choice is a perfect choice to fit in the space. The rustic granite stone shade calls for low maintenance but offers the desired durability.   

19. Modern staircase with standoff glass railing

Modern staircase with standoff glass railing 

The modern staircase design with the combination of glass and steel railing is not only modernizing the theme but also adding aesthetic value to this entrance space. The dark granite stone with a glass railing supported by the round steel handrails keeps the entire design durable and complementing simultaneously.  

20. Simple and elegant white staircase design

Simple and elegant white staircase design 

A simple white staircase design never goes out of style. A white-painted staircase design gives an elegant look to the interiors. For the homes outfitted with complicated trim work, this staircase design stands out well. The simple white hand railing minimized the disruption with colors adding value to the home space.  

Discover Our Despoke Staircase Services 

21. Beautiful in-line glass staircase design

Beautiful in-line glass staircase design 

Glass staircases are the preferred choice for homes requiring the passage of natural light. Using in-line glass supported by a timber handrail makes a style statement to the house. The oak cladding creates an aesthetic outlook without even disturbing the existing interiors of the home.  

22. Timeless white with wooden staircase

Timeless white with wooden staircase 

Simple and white handrails matched with wooden treads are created to stand out in the spacious interiors. Paired with carved balusters, beautifully profiled handrails, and a white finish, this staircase design perfectly suits the monochromatic color scheme and elegant design approach. The extended glass railing to the lobby space is adding the aesthetic element to the entire space.  

23. Modern and elegant glass staircase

Modern and elegant glass staircase 

A curved glass staircase design coupled with a glass balcony railing infuses elegant and modern to the entire space. Supported by the oak wood handrails and the addition of the lights it gives an eye-appealing transformation to the home space. Light can flow freely across the whole space with no spindles obstructing the view.  

24. Oak staircase with contrasting spindles

Oak staircase with contrasting spindles 

It’s a unique timber staircase adding an eye-catching statement to the home. This oak staircase with contrasting spindles and newels coupled with wooden threads makes the staircase design modern with a traditional twist.

An elegantly rounded spindle marks a stylish statement to the home. This hand-polished and smooth staircase design is itself a unique addition to the entire space.   

25. The understated elegance of glass staircase design in the dark hues 

Oak staircase with contrasting spindles 

Modern style is attained through bringing the glass panels to the handrails—. The sheer beauty of the glass handrails with dark granite stone treads creates a timeless look to the home. The combination of dark handrails with glass railing gives a beautiful visual effect making the space look and feel bigger.  

 26. A Rustic modern staircase design

 A Rustic modern staircase design

It’s an appealing and classy contemporary design with an added modern touch. The contrast between the rustic treads against a white backdrop adds a truly contemporary yet modern vibe to the home. The clean lines of cable railing added to this combination enhance the entire residence interiors exhibiting an open environment that allow the light to pass through. 

Bottom Line! 

What kind of long-lasting impression does your home’s interiors front entry leave? Staircases can be the true deciding factor. It is time to give more attention to the design of your staircase. Staircases are the central attraction of homes that can leave a huge impact.  

It can highlight the entire home’s design and provide that wow factor in the aesthetic appeal. You don’t always need to choose luxurious staircases for your home; even the simplest staircase designs can complement the overall look and feel of the interiors.

 A reliable and experienced service provider can help you attain that luxurious feel in your home’s space that never lacks complementing the aesthetic appeal and that is what our professionals take care of. 

Discover Our Despoke Staircase Services