What is importance of separate room for teenagers? Best teenager room Design ideas

We all can understand how it feels to be like a teenager.

They’re growing up, becoming mature, wants to be trusted and stay independent.

In a nutshell, they need their private space and what better can offer them a sense of privacy than their own separate room for teenagers.

This blog focuses on how giving a personal room to your adolescents can turn them into a confident and independent individual.

Also, we’ll have some look at the design elements that are a must while designing a teenager room, how to keep stay connected with them and some trending, practical design ideas for your teenager room.

How having a separate teenager room plays a part in their growth years?

How having a separate teenager room plays a part in their growth years

A personal room gives teenagers a peaceful and quite space that help them ride the wave of transition from child into adulthood.

This also gives them an apt space to introspect the changes happening in their lives and how to deal with them in a calm and composed manner.

Let’s have a look at the importance of space for teenagers and how it shapes their personality.

Gives them the much-desired privacy and solitude

How having a separate teenager room plays a part in their growth years

The hormonal changes during adolescent may have certain mood swings due to their rapidly developing brain.

They may turn happier for some reason or turn crazy for no reason at all or want to stay alone for sometime.

In this busy era of social media and busy schedules, this personal time helps them to understand how to enjoy in their own company and stay happy.

Apart from promoting positive vibes, a separate space improves their overall well-being and healthy mind.

Instils a sense of possession and responsibility

When you have an own room, it’s inevitable that it instils a sense of belongingness as well as ownership amongst us.

Same applies to the teenagers. The room décor and ambience offers a relaxed atmosphere to the kids to think which impacts their productivity, creativity and adds a refreshing vibe.

Gives them a “me-time”

Teenager’s personal room is more like a companion to the teenager as they can spend some exclusive “me-time” there and stay relaxed.

Whether it’s doing homework, attending online classes, personal work or even sleep, growing children need personal space and their own cozy room that offers no distractions from siblings or parents.

To discover Who They Are

Teenagers are transitioning to adulthood and experiencing a change. Having a personal space and privacy plays a crucial role in their development during this growth period.

They may like to decorate their room in the way they want. For example: teenage boys may want to put up their role model’s photos or a collage of the same.

While teenage girls want to decorate with their favourite wallpaper or stickers. They can do whatever they like without the fear of judgement.

This gives them better opportunity to learn who they are actually and work over their personality.

Better Academic Focus and Concentration

With growing age, the studies are growing more tough and require better attention and focus.

For in-depth knowledge and learning, kids need a dedicated workplace where they can study and gain new concepts. And , this is only possible with having a separate room.

How room designing for teenagers should be done? Design Elements

How room designing for teenagers should be done? Design Elements

Let’s have a look at some elements related to room design for teenagers that serve as an excellent backdrop for their changing personalities.

Minimalistic design for a spacious look and lovely feel

If you’re running short on space or have small room, then go for a minimalistic design that works the best for limited spaces.

Opt for modular furniture that makes the room look spacious and expansive such as convertible furniture, bunk beds, ottoman beds that add to a lively feel.

Choose a neutral theme for a vibrant impact

Go for neutral theme decoration for your teenager’s room decor. Try involving them and take their opinion too. After’ll it’s gonna be their room.

Modern rustic theme or trending BOHO style will also do the magic.

For your tech loving teenager, try out a modern room design with tech vibe that adds functionality to the room.

This makes room for their gadgets such as play stations, new-gadgets, tablets and other tech-savvy applications.

Select a colour palette suiting their personalities 

Choosing colour palette for teenagers can be a fun and exciting task but can be challenging at the same time as every child at this age may have different preferences.

The best way is to in volve them in the decision-making process and let them decide the mood or colours they want.

If your teenager wants a minimalistic design then go for subtle colours such as grey, off white, yellow etc that create a warm, pleasing and soft environment.

Room design for girls teenagers or boys who want to have energetic or vibrant style, go for brighter hues.

You may also coordinate with room furniture and other accessories to match up the style.

Dedicated study zone/workspace boosts productivity and improves organization skills

Having a separate workspace provides a dedicated area for the teenagers to study and focus without any distractions.

Also, a separate room will offer them a space where they can organize their essentials such as gadgets, belongings, accessories, academic stuff etc.

This helps them to stay organised, stay committed to their responsibilities and be high performing in their school.

Comfortable and functional lighting in task places 

While designing a teenager’s room it’s important to strike a balance between functionality and style of the teenager.

The study table should receive proper lighting and for that you need to give proper focus on lighting fixtures as this creates a cozy and comfortable ambience.

Go for ambiance lighting such as string lights or concealed lights to add personality and flair to the space.

Ample storage to keep things organized and accessible

 Teenagers today need stylish and practical storage solutions where they can keep their school supplies, clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and much more.

A messed up and cluttered room negatively impacts the teenager’s mental health and also their EQ. Not to forget, focus and concentration are affected too

Social space or hobby space to boost their creativity

A teenager’s separate room act as a private space were they can hang out with their friends without any interruptions from their siblings or other family members.

Therefore, the space should be arranged and decorated in a manner that offers a welcoming and comfortable vibe.

Dedicated Gadget zone and charging points 

Proper shelves, charging points and storage units should be installed for gadgets such as laptop, tablet, smart phone or gaming consoles.

Following some trending and spacious teenager room design ideas would help you design the room in a better way.

How can parents stay connected even when teenagers have a separate room?

Staying connected with the teenagers can be a daunting task as they want more privacy and want to spend more time in their own zone.

Have a look at a few things that you can do to maintain a heathy relationship between you and your child.

Modern kitchen designs are a good place to mingle

The new modern kitchen designs come with beautifully designed spaces such as breakfast counters, islands and other open kitchen concepts. Explore some trending kitchen designs here.

This space serve as brilliant way to mingle and socialize with children and spend some quality moments while having meals or just normal discussions.

Technology and home automation helps you connect

Technology such as texts, video calls etc and other home automation devices will help in building a same connection while ensuring teenager’s privacy as well.

Schedule some quality time before hand

Teenagers may be busy in their own life but make yourself available and plan some 1-on-1 activities with your teenager on some weekend or go for outings.

This will enable your teenager to open up with you and treat you as friend.

Best teenagers room design ideas

Let’s have a look at some functional, stylish, and trending room ideas for teenagers.

1. Modern Minimalist teenager room design

Modern Minimalist teenager room design

Have a look at this sleek and stylish teenager room design with clean lines and neutral colour scheme.

Constructed by planning a small loft conversion and classy Velux windows, this design is worth of its appeal.

2. Teen room design with coastal retreat

Teen room design with coastal retreat

This cool, calming, and airy room design for teenagers is inspired from ocean colours with corals.

Dedicated study space, big windows and sorted storage spaces are the highlights for this design.

3. Bohemian Chic room design for teenagers

Bohemian Chic room design for teenagers

This lively teen room design offers a cozy and eclectic space which is accentuated with dark hues.

4. Nature Loving teen room design with relaxing vibes

Nature Loving teen room design with relaxing vibes

A serene outlook reflecting teenage room with pure relaxed ambience which is must for focus and concentration.

5. Artistic and Expressive teenager room design

Artistic and Expressive teenager room design

This beautiful and lively room design for teenager having ottoman bed is a classic example of modern room design.

Open bed side shelves and string lights creates a charismatic appeal to the room.

6. Patterned wallpaper for teen room design

Patterned wallpaper for teen room design

A beautiful trendy and edgy room with monochromatic colour accents makes the room lively and warm.

7. Teenager room design to socialize with modular furniture

Teenager room design to socialize with modular furniture

This design is something for your fun loving teenager.

Modular furniture and functional wardrobes help create extra space where your child can socialize with his/her friends in a comfortable way.

8. Bold and Edgy design for Teen room

Bold and Edgy design for Teen room

This vibrant, neon green coloured room will make your child fall in love with his/her room.

Checkout how beautifully the storage has been crafted. While looking for room ideas for teenagers, this one stands trending, stylish and modern.

9. Scandinavian-inspired teenager room design with functional storage

Scandinavian-inspired teenager room design with functional storage

Get hold of this timeless and classic design with functional furniture, neutral colours and subtle accents.

10. Trending, inspiring teenagers room design

Trending, inspiring teenagers room design

This amazing Boho-inspired space for teenagers with an eye-catching combination of black, yellow and white are sure to take his/her heart away.

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Bottom Line  

Giving a separate room to teenagers is vital for their privacy as well as overall development but it’s vital to focus on design as well.

A well designed room for teenagers help them express themselves, inculcate sense of ownership as well as explore their interests.

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