What Is A Loft Conversion?

What Is A Loft Conversion
Loft conversions are stylish, smart and offer the most affordable approach of extending the home by making the most of the unused space.

Your family’s growing needs suddenly makes you realize about growing space needs too!

Moving or purchasing a new home makes no sense when you just need an extra room.

Loft conversion serve as a versatile and affordable way to add space to your room, be it an additional bathroom, an office space or even a new living area.

Loft conversion is a process of transforming the unused attic space into a useful and purposeful room that not only adds to space but adds value to the abode too.

Keep reading to understand types of loft conversion, benefits and how to achieve loft conversion in the most efficient and affordable way.

Why loft conversion?

The sole purpose of loft conversion is to create extra living space internally while leaving your valuable outside space untouched.

A loft conversion converts your dead space or attic you have turned into a historic site for keeping the family heirloom into a functional, extra living area.

Having your loft converted gives you the best of both worlds – extra living space and valuable external space.

Benefits of loft conversion UK

Extending the home upwards with loft conversion comes not only add a new lease of life to the property but also comes with plethora of benefits.

You can convert this extra space into a master bedroom, bathroom, living area, kitchen area, play area, gym, home office, home theater and much more.

Let’s have a look.

  • Extra Space

Undergoing a loft conversion is more like adding a new floor to the home that completely addresses the space needs.

  • Saves Garden space

Loft conversion helps you save your much-loved garden area as it is a perfect alternative to expand you space upward rather than sideways.

  • Dream room

Always wanted a master bedroom with an en-suite? Connect with loft conversion companies near you for the perfect bedroom space that serve as the most relaxing part of the home.

  • Adding Value to the home

Loft conversion adds a huge value to the home. The newly added space attracts the potential buyers and even helps homeowners get a good ROI (return over investment).

  • Budget friendly

It’s always better to expand rather than move. Creating living spaces through loft conversion save a lot on cost, time and other resources.

  • Beautiful view

It feels blessed when you sit and relax in a space that offers a great view and is away from the normal cacophony of the house.

  • No planning permission

Most of the loft conversions do not require any planning permission and come under the category of permitted developments.

  • Go creative

Planning to undergo loft conversion? You can easily go innovative beyond the limits and create a design of your dreams that is functional and purposeful too.

Best types of loft conversion

There are primarily four types of loft conversions that are popular amongst the homeowners. These are rooflight, dormer, mansard and hip-to-gable conversions.

Finalizing the best loft conversion for the home depends on a lot of factors such as space, needs, requirements, budget and ofcourse the age of house too.

  • Rooflight loft conversion

Also known as Velux loft conversion, rooflight conversion is one of the most economical, affordable and least disruptive way to add space to the home.

It includes skylights (windows) that are added to lit the space, proper flooring is done along with adding a staircase to make the area accessible.

  • Dormer loft conversion

Dormer loft conversions are perfect to add a great deal of space and headroom to the attic. A box shaped structure (dormer) is added to the slope of the roof on the rear side of the home.

Flat roof dormers are the most popular conversion type. Typically, most of the homes undergoing dormer loft conversion do not require planning permission.

  • Hip to Gable loft conversion

Hip-to-Gable loft conversion offers a more natural looking appearance than other types of lofts. Here, one of the hipped roof is extended along the ridge line to a vertical gable wall.

This results in more internal space. Hip to Gable lofts work perfectly well on detached and semi-detached properties.

  • Mansard loft conversion

Mansards are suitable for all types of properties and add a significantly huge amount of space which is close to adding a new floor. Planning permission is often required as major alterations are done to the roof.

The angle of the roof is completed changed which is almost vertical (close to 72 degrees). Mansard roofs are expensive than others lofts.

Bottom Line

Loft conversion is converting your unused attic into functional and useable living space that serve as an economically viable option than shifting or moving.

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