Things You Need To Know Before Starting Loft Conversion

Things You Need To Know Before Starting Loft Conversion


Converting a loft is indeed challenging and a huge job!

You might be required to consider ample things while planning for a loft conversion at your home!

Thinking of doing it all alone is fine, but is it really everybody’s cup of tea?

We doubt it!

However, if you are planning to start with a loft conversion at your home, here are a few essential things that you must consider before proceeding with the loft.

Know your building

Before doing anything else, the first thing that needs to be worked out is whether your loft area is actually suitable for the conversion!

You might think that your space can undergo a conversion, but reality might now allow you to do so.

Also, ample homes are permissible under the permitted development, allowing you to proceed with the conversion devoid of any planning permissions.

But what if you live in a conservation area or your roof is not sufficiently tall, which complicates a conversion or any other associated reason?

Well, in such cases, you can easily get hold of the complete piece of information by connecting with the design and construction experts who can help you identify it all!

Knowing your building with the help of experts can help identify whether you can proceed with the conversion or not.

Minimum ridge height

The basic and essential step in considering the loft conversion is to check if there is a possibility by verifying the property’s ridge height.

The ridge height is generally measured from the loft floor’s lowest point to the roof’s highest point.

However, a minimum height of 2.2 meters is required for any loft conversion.

Access the loft space

Building regulations and analyzing the space stipulate that the loft can be turned into a playroom, bedroom, study room, or bathroom or whether it is required or not.

However, the staircase leading to the loft need not be as eclectic as usual.

If the space access requires a staircase, a spiral staircase and a fixed ladder provide an attractive optimum solution where the space is not sufficient.

Local planning regulations

The local planning regulations also play a crucial role in loft conversions.

Whether you will require planning permission or you already hold the permitted development rights, this completely depends upon the area it resides in and the property type.

However, it is to be noted that if the property is not in a conservation area, you already have the permitted development rights. If it is within a conservation area, you need to apply for planning permission.

Planning the loft

The space you have for the loft conversion also requires planning whether you want it to be converted into a single room or two or more rooms.

Take time to plan it all and how the room is intended to be fully functioned by the best placements while making the maximized use of the area.

Glaze and gaze

While every conversion is different, not all lofts require windows or glaze.

However, some natural air and light are always good options for bringing in the natural elements.

You can choose to have a glaze or window above to adore the external natural elements of the room.

Insulating loft conversion and fire regulations

The building regulation’s part L insists on a good insulation standard. The reason behind it is that the loft spaces are subject to extreme temperatures, which means getting extremely hot during summer and chilled during winter.

Also, the regulations suggest incorporating the fire regulations so that the materials you choose must comply with the higher fire resistance standards.


Stairs are also the essential elements that can highly change the plan for a loft conversion.

If your space requires access through a staircase only, remember that it may take up a large amount of space.

However, nothing to worry about as you can still choose the best options like a spiral staircase or other for the tight spaces.

Invite the experts

Along with the above checkpoints to be analyzed, there is always a need for the best indicator that your space’s loft is actually going the right way!

Inviting the experts can help you effortlessly decide on everything.

What can I use “Loft Conversion” for?

Based on the space available and the head height of the loft area, there are ample ways one can utilize their area.

One can also do wonders in the loft spaces with a little imagination.

However, a loft conversion can be ideal for:

  • Providing a larger master bedroom
  • Games room
  • Converting it to a spare room
  • Craft room
  • Home office
  • Children’s playroom or teenagers’ den
  • Additional storage space

Do I need planning permission development for a loft conversion?

Planning permissions are not normally needed for the loft conversions taking place under the allowed development rights by the Government. However, there are a few conditions that are required to be followed.

This includes:

  • The property type you live in or your property is listed
  • If the loft conversion exceeds the definite conditions and limits
  • If you alter or intend to extend the roof space

And if you are still unsure about the planning permissions, you can get clarity over it from qualified and experienced professionals.

Questions to be asked to a loft conversion specialist!

While visiting a design and constructions expert, you can always get a complete piece of information on the queries you have in your mind.

Yes, a reliable service provider always does that, and that is what TEL Constructions experts do!

However, whatever your query is, you can always get it answered by the experts.

Here are a few queries that you can ask from our experts! We’ll be more than happy to answer it all!

  • Are they registered with an official trade body?
  • Can they show their work portfolio of the recently completed projects?
  • How long have they been trading?
  • How to start with the loft conversion?
  • How to plan for the loft conversion, and do I need any permissions to perform it on my property?
  • Do the service providers have some subcontractors, or do they have their own in-house team?
  • Will they take care of all the building regulation approvals and planning permissions if required?
  • Do they offer backed warranties?

Or any other queries in your mind.

How long does a loft conversion by TEL Constructions take?

The time a loft conversion takes depends on the complexity of the project and the size of the space.

A simple loft conversion may take less time; however, a complex loft conversion may take more time than usual.

However, you can always get the predicted delivery time by the design and construction experts by simply getting connected to them. 

How much will a loft conversion cost by TEL?

The costs of a loft conversion vary on the type of conversion that is being undertaken.

However, you can always get a quote for a space from the TEL Constructions technical experts by connecting effortlessly.

Bottom Line!

Need more space? A loft conversion is what you might require!

At TEL Kitchens, our design and construction professionals work dedicatedly to create your perfect new loft.

Since quality and client satisfaction are our topmost priority, our designers ensure that all the loft conversions are performed to the highest standards only.

Get in touch now for more information on loft conversions.

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