10+ Luxury Bathroom Solutions And Accessories For Every Bathroom Design

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Bathrooms are one of the most relaxing parts of the home that provide a much-required avenue to relax and treasure for providing a refreshing bath. So, it is not essential to be functional only but also designed to provide optimal comfort and luxury.

A simple bathroom with no relaxing environment is simply no fun but you can now transform that simple bathroom into a luxurious one with just the application of a few bathroom solutions. Confused? Don’t worry as now you can magically transform your bathroom space surroundings to look luxurious and glamorous to the core. What all you need is smart planning and appropriate execution to upgrade them.

Wondering how? Bespoke bathroom designs are bound to stand out and transform a tedious space into an elegant bathroom space with luxurious Bathroom Solutions and quality materials. Here are some custom bathroom ideas that can help you out choosing the right style for you.

Luxurious Bathroom Design Ideas

1. Open Concept Bathroom

Open Concept Bathroom

Bright and airy sun-filled bathroom space having large windows and a glass-walled shower is the trending pick for stunning bathroom designs. A separate bathtub space and a Vanity Unit matching the bathroom’s interiors is an incredible transformation for large bathroom spaces.

The glass wall set up, enough light reflection, and a perfect blend of quality accessories never lack in giving the desire a luxurious and relaxing feel. The large window opens up to a breathtaking view

2. Rustic meeting modernist bathroom designs

Rustic meeting modernist bathroom designs

A perfect modernist bathroom space with reclaimed wooden flooring adds a rustic element to the space. The wooden vanity unit offering enough storage matched with the white combinations hives the feel of timeless beauty with a traditional touch. The bathroom accessories added as per the choice with a separate shower area give an exotic and relaxing feel.

3. Simple Modern Bathroom

Simple Modern Bathroom

How about transforming your simple bathroom space with the spice of modern taste in it? Amazing right? Yes, simple modern bathroom designs help you in gaining a luxurious feel with that added stylish touch.

A marble pop with the complimentary paint color and a bathtub is the super fantastic feature of the simple modern bathroom. The bathroom cabinet and accessories make it more functional and offer enough storage to keep all the stuff.

4. Creating a soothing bath retreat with quality accessories

Creating a soothing bath retreat with quality accessories 

A beautiful bathroom interior with a freestanding rectangular bathtub and heated flooring is the modern pick, an authentic urban oasis to escape the issues of life. This bathroom design turns the precious time of rest into moments from the unique marble to the outside view from the window.

The addition of a vanity unit and a separate shower space is the beautiful element of the design that serves the functionality and provides aesthetic to the area.

5. Bathroom design with marble finish

Bathroom design with marble finish

Nothing screams more exclusive like a bathroom space covered in marble. Pure elegance and décor with a combinational bathtub and glossy vanity unit is indeed the super choice.

This bedroom design with the combination of white and black marbles accentuates the look, and the matching appliances are looking worth every penny spent.

6. Neutral tones of profound elegance

Neutral tones of profound elegance

A master bathroom with neutral tones of profound elegance brings a glamorous feel to the bathroom. An inspiring bathroom design that can elevate the overall appearance and improve the mood.

The natural tones matched with elegant Vanity Unit Designs and washbasin accentuating the appearance of the bathroom space keeping it beautiful and light reflections to pass.

7. Bathroom design in dark hues

Bathroom design in dark hues

A dark interior vibe intermingled with an eclecticism makes this bathroom space exciting to look at. The complex and soft materials are against each other but create harmony inside the bathroom space.

With a dark washbasin and a beautiful, full-length mirror, this bathroom design is not only impressive but brilliant too.

8. A magnificent bathroom solution

A magnificent bathroom solution

This bathroom design is capable of setting the mood through the beautiful environment it creates. A fabulous dressing room or master bathroom is incomplete without a great full-length mirror.

The floor mirror offers a magnificent and practical solution and additional help while getting ready. The clever lighting and other bathroom appliances, including the separate glass shower area, are making the interiors exciting.

9. Bathroom design with a modern twist

modern bathroom design with bath tub

White and grey bathrooms are timeless beauties that provide elegance and simplicity. Grey-associated white tones are an incredible show of classiness, with an attractive mirror turning a traditional bathroom into an astonishingly idiosyncratic resting place.

Floating bathroom vanities crammed with crisp lines appropriately customize the bathroom storage options that were not available before.

10. Modern and convenient bathroom design

Modern and convenient bathroom design

A simple, golden, and striking bathroom with a modern twist makes it an utterly luxurious bathroom solution. The design in which the functionality and beauty go along.

The addition of white with a golden color and added vanity unit in gloss white bathroom cabinets is the timeless beauty that goes with every style and décor.

All You Need To Get That Luxurious Feel In The Bathroom!

As you are looking to design your bathroom, whether it be a new one or just a renovated piece, it is always good to go for the Bespoke Bathroom Solutions that will provide you numerous combinations to experiment with. From the appliances of different quality to the color textures and the materials, you can choose the best one matching your style and need.

If you are looking for appliances that can provide you with a luxurious feel, then here is the list you must add to your bathroom renovation list.

1. Heated floor

A bathroom floor with a radiant mechanism allows you to walk barefoot comfortably during winters. You have heard a lot about the heated appliances but the heated floors. Yes, heated floors can help you well during the winters.

Taking a bath is negotiable, and your mind can play the game with you about taking a shower. But during those low-temperature days, the heated floor can encourage you.

2. Freestanding BathTub

From the traditional egg-shaped bathtubs to the ultra-modern bathtub designs, the choices for a modern bathroom design have drastically changed.

The ultra-modern tub design or shapes have become a luxurious bathroom essential that is not confined to a single material and can be available in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, including porcelain, glass, and many more. A freestanding tub is a more preferred choice that adds the style and also serves the functionality.

3. Entertainment

Luxury bathrooms are known to take up much more time than usual, and there is no better way to enhance the experience by adding some entertainment. Well, no, we are not talking about the standard entertainment systems.

Still, there is a wide range of heat and waterproof sound systems during the intelligent installations that you can choose to add that luxurious and relaxing feeling to your bathroom space. Enjoy the bathroom time with soft and soothing music that will take your experience to cloud nine.

4. Steam Head

Well, who says that you need to visit the salon to book your appointment at the spa to take care of your hair when you can do it at your feasible timings at your comfortable home only? Yes, you can have a steam head installed in your bathroom that is indeed a soothing and relaxing addition to the bathroom space.

Things To Consider For Luxury Bathroom Solutions

The bespoke bathroom solutions give you several ideas to experiment with your space. From the color scheme to the materials, you can also choose the appliances as per your taste. Who says that the accessories are of traditional silver color and the basins and other things are white only?

You can now experiment with various color schemes and choose the appliances of your choice. Not only the color scheme only but the color scheme also.

Here’s a brief you need to take care of

1. Bathroom Style

The style and outcome you desire is the first thing to check out. The type of house you have, the bathroom style that matches your style, and the house’s appearance. The bathroom style depends on the type of house.

You have to never look awkward with the home interiors. Whether you have a farmhouse in the woods, a bungalow, or an apartment in the metropolis, our bespoke bathroom design takes care of it all.

2. Bathroom Types

There are several options available when it comes to choosing the bathroom style you want to have. You can select the bathroom style with professional help by selecting the type that suits the style and compliments the décor.

Undoubtedly you have a lot of options to choose from. You can choose a modern look, a traditional one. But to get that luxurious feel, you don’t need to stick to the contemporary thing only as with bespoke bathrooms; you can get that luxury feel in conventional bathrooms as well.

3. You can consider theme-based designs.

Just like your home décor, you can choose a theme for your bathroom, so it complements the interior of your home. The themes may include beach theme, vintage, nature-inspired, dark, or pristine white; when paired with the durable materials, color schemes and appliances can change the whole environment of the space.

4. Type of flooring you can choose

Floorings are another essential feature in the bath space that can make or break the look of the whole area. You can choose the flooring materials per your choice from a wide variety of materials, including ceramic flooring, marble, or stone flooring. Accentuate the entire look with the color and material of your choice.

5. Use trending, high quality, and classy bathroom accessories

While designing a bathroom, you must ensure that the appliances you are choosing are not the awkward pieces offering functionality only, but go for the accessories that best match your bathroom interiors theme and style.

Choose the high-quality basins, unique showers, and water closets that match the style, theme, and color of the space and offer functionality and durability simultaneously.

Bathroom Accessories!

1. Showers

Delight your senses with fantastic shower modes in your bathroom space. A tranquil and warm shower can transform the morning bath into an extraordinary experience. Showers in a bathroom not only give a nice look to the bathroom but also provide practicality and convenience.

Therefore, it is essential to choose the right shower for having that perfect experience. You can choose the shower type based on your choice and style.


Here are several shower types you can choose from

  • Concealed shower
  • Rain Shower
  • Body spray
  • Waterfall shower
  • The transcendent shower
  • Multi flow shower

2. Wash Basin

The washbasin is an essential feature of the bathroom. Although these are some of the most used yet easily ignored elements of a bathroom. Essentially serving the purpose in the bathroom, it also contributes well in enhancing the look.

Choosing a washbasin design that looks awkward with the bathroom can compromise on the beauty of a well relaxing space. Therefore choosing the right one that provides the functionality without compromising on aesthetic and durability is the perfect pick.

Wash Basin

Here are the types of washbasin styles you can choose from

  • Modern bathroom basin
  • Over the counter basin
  • Under the counter basin
  • Wall hung basin
  • Washbasins with pedestal

3. Water closets

Water Closets are the essential component of the bathroom. Several features and aspects need to be considered while selecting a perfect water closet for your bathroom space including the types, flush tank, trap way, and brand. Confused about it?

Water closets

Here are the water closet styles you can choose from

  • Wall-mounted water closet
  • Open piece water closet
  • Two-piece water closet

4. Bathroom Taps

Taps are the essential component that is not only functional but can contribute well to enhancing the overall bathroom design. With the thousands of designs available in the market, it is challenging to choose the one that matches the style and design of the bathroom. Don’t hesitate to take expert advice before choosing the right one for your bathroom.

Bathroom Taps

Here are the bathroom tap styles you can choose from

  • The pillar tap
  • The mixer tap
  • Disc type tap
  • Washer tap
  • Monobloc tap

5. Bathroom Mirror

Don’t forget to add the mirror to the list as it is one most essential parts of the bathroom space that contributes well to provide the desired appearance of the space.


Bottom Line!

Bathrooms have become a place of relaxing and unwinding. Whether designing from scratch or redesigning the bathroom space, creating the bathroom matching your taste, style and comfort can be a daunting task.

The entire process needs appropriate and informed planning that is undoubtedly intricate. But with professional help, things have been easier now. Delight your eyes with the luxurious bespoke bathroom masterpieces.

Conceptualize your bathroom with value design choices offered by TEL Constructions. Customize your bathroom with an exquisite range of premium and high-quality products.

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