Staircase Renovation Cost Guide UK

How much does it cost to renovate staircase – A staircase renovation is like a refreshing breeze. It improves the staircase’s safety, looks and accessibility. Have you ever remoulded your steps? Does your staircase make a sound when you walk? Then staircase remodeling is the only best action you can take now. Today we will learn about the cost of a staircase makeover and what factors influence it.

Staircase Renovation Cost UK

How Much Cost for a Staircase Refurbishment in the UK?

The cost of repairing a staircase involves many components. The price is decided according to their cost. It is highly affected by the layout of the staircase, the size of the landings, the newel posts, and turns. We have broken down each aspect that is involved in a stair restoration:

  • New Staircase Renovation Cost: If you are removing an old staircase and entirely transforming it, expect to pay around £1700. For a custom stair case improvement service, the price can drastically increase. It is influenced by the stair size, materials, style and labour cost.
  • Labour Cost for a Stair Upgrade Job: The majority of people neglect to consider labour costs. The best staircase remodelling experts provide their labour. For your general information, the labour costs are around approx. £50- £90 per day. If your location is far; the cost can change. This labour is used for lifting heavy goods, material moving and all jobs that do not require a particular skill.
  • Staircase Makeover Painter Cost: To paint a small staircase the labour can cost around £20-£30 per hour. Painters cost around £160- £300 per day. The cost varies depending on expertise and the company’s standards.
  • Skirting Boards Paint Cost: The painting staircase is sometimes extended to painting the skirt-boards. It provides a complete look to the stairs overhaul. Since the job requires great attention, care and time; the cost can be higher. It is determined by the painter/ labourer itself. Typically for a skirting board in a room of 3m X 3m, it costs around £215.

Have a quick look at the average costs of a carpenter per day, carpet per staircase, new spindles, bannisters, and painting & decoration costs. It is the cost for basic installation while for advanced fittings or customized designs; it can change.

Aspects  Average Cost (Approximate) 
Carpenter £250 (per day)
Carpet £90 (for a single staircase)
New spindles £85
Bannisters £90
Painting & decoration  £180

It is important to know that these costs are estimated values. Talk to an expert staircase renovation company to know the cost price in the UK.

How Renovation of Staircase Cost is Influenced?

The cost of stair revamping depends on several factors. But note that the cost can all change if the staircase needs repairing more than expected.

  • Choice of Materials: The materials used for a staircase refurbishment significantly affect its cost. The main materials used are metals, hardwood, and glass. Generally, hardwoods are more costly than other types. But it also depends on the size of the staircase and the quality of materials.
  • Design of Staircase: There are several staircase designs. Each style has its unique cost price. A stair spiral is more expensive than a straight stair. However, if the straight staircase is designed of premium materials and the spiral is of basics; the cost will surprise you. So, it all comes down to the staircase designs. Other styles are half-turn, quarter-turn, curved stairs, L-shaped and floating staircases.
  • Your Accessibility/ Location: Are you easily accessible to the staircase renovation company team? If you live in an area that brings transportation challenges, it can increase costs. Also, for urban areas, if you live in high-rise buildings; the access would be harder. It will again influence the staircase remodelling cost.
  • Building Regulations and Permit Costs: It ensures that the staircase remodel design is safe and robust. For minor changes, this legal work is not required. For complete staircase renovation, it is crucial to check with your expert stair case refurbishment service provider, Generally, consider a roughly budget of around £250 for this.
  • Duration for Stair Case Upgrade Service: Another factor influencing the stair revamp cost is the project timeframe. An urgent project needs fast work, quick decisions and overtime labour. Thus, you will have to pay more for it. While a relaxed project can expect competitive costs from the stair case design experts.
  • Additional Accessories: The cost is highly influenced if you add decorating elements. For instance, lighting, area rugs, under-step storage solutions, nosing, skirting boards, anti-slip surfaces and any customization. It incorporates the sense of life into the outcome. So, get ready to pay a little more if you want these changes in your staircase renovation design.

Staircase Renovation Cost for Different Staircase Materials

For a staircase renovation in wooden material, the average cost can vary between £400-£6500. Different types of wood such as walnut, pine, oak, maple, hickory etc. have distinctive costs. A glass staircase renovation will cost around approximately £2500-£15000 and more. For a metal stair restoration, the estimated cost can go anywhere between £1500-£12000. If glass stair remodelling services are customized and combined with other elements, expect higher costs. For a cantilevered or helical staircase, the average cost can range between £15,000 to £25,000.

Experts for Staircase Renovations in the UK

Transforming steps can provide a statement look to an old stair. For the precise cost estimation of a stair case restoration project in the UK, it is always best to contact the local staircase design contractors. They will quote a specific amount depending on your unique requirements. TEL Constructions offers the best staircase remodelling services in the United Kingdom at reasonable costs. Our in-house team handles every minor to major job perfectly. They are well-trained and disciplined. We design 3d staircase renders to showcase clients the outcome. It brings satisfaction and design improvement. Want to know more about our best staircase designing & renovation services? Get in touch right away…! Our experts will be happy to assist you.

Kitchen Renovation Cost Guide: Average Remodel Cost

How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen – An outdated kitchen can be the biggest turn-off for homeowners, buyers and investors. Redoing a kitchen significantly impacts a home. Being one of the most important rooms, we cannot neglect its makeover. We all want something advanced and luxurious for our kitchens. The main thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the cost of kitchen renovation. It becomes complex to give an exact amount as there is not a fixed kitchen standard. Giving a cost without knowing its details would be vague. In this guide, we have broken down all aspects contributing to the kitchen remodel costs in the UK. Stop guessing read our guide to kitchen makeover estimated cost.

Kitchen Renovation Cost in the UK

Defining Kitchen Renovations – Kitchen renovations are an important house task. It involves repurposing, redesigning, repairing, and remodelling your kitchen. Kitchen revamping often involves structural changes such as plumbing and electrical fittings, altering kitchen layout, and cosmetic transformation like revamping materials, appliances, colour, surfaces, flooring etc. A kitchen renewal service enhances the appearance and value of a kitchen.

Average Kitchen Restoration / Renovation Cost – For a basic kitchen revamping, the cost can be as little as £5000. If you keep the fittings general, then a kitchen renovation is possible under a budget. It depends on the size and types of materials used in kitchen installation. For a premium and bespoke kitchen overhaul, the average cost can range up to £3000 and more. Advanced kitchen restoration services cover automation, smart lighting, motion sensors, sustainable fittings and more. Thus, the cost of kitchen transformation in the UK highly depends on the types of fittings a kitchen would have, and the level of quality: low, medium or high. Reaching out to craftsmen or a company for personalized kitchen remodelling provides nicely crafted units. But this will also charge more than basic renovations. If you buy all the units, you need to hire a kitchen fitting company; they will have their own charges. Talk to an expert kitchen renovation firm to understand their standards. Typically, a kitchen installer costs an average £200 per day. We recommend you set the budget and then plan for a kitchen room restoration. Working with a trusted kitchen renovation company provides the admiring work at competitive costs.

Estimated Kitchen Renovation Costs Breakdown

Cost involves many components of a kitchen. Here is the breakdown of the kitchen renovation expenses/cost to be expected:

1. Average Hourly Rates of Different Trades – Hourly rates depend on the area you live in. Although there are some standards that are fixed. And let’s suppose you live far from their place, expect a little more charge. If you hire a good renovation company, the cost can be higher. Note that the tradesmen rate can further increase if the project duration is long. Let us suppose, a carpenter who charges around £130 per day, will charge £650 for five days.  The same goes with plumbers, electricians, and general builders. Here is the average cost of different services included in kitchen improvement projects in the UK:

Service Name  Average Hourly Rate 
Plumbing   £55 
Tiling   £25 
Sink & Taps   £60 
Painting   £15 
Cabinet Fittings  £35 
Plastering   £25 

2. Basic Cost for Distinctive Kitchen Flooring – When it comes to kitchen renovation services, we cannot forget about the floor. They have to be robust, lasting, and resistant in all aspects. Many homeowners say if they had all the money in the world for upgrading a kitchen, they would have spent most of it on flooring. An anti-bacterial flooring, that fights stains and last longer is highly preferred. Here is the basic cost estimation of different types of kitchen floors. Note that the price can vary as the quality is refined.

Floor Type   Average Cost Per Sq. Ft.  
Natural Stone  £2-£15 
Bamboo  £4-£9 
Linoleum  £4-£8 
Vinyl   £3-£9 
Hardwood   £5-£15 
Ceramic   £0.50-£25 
Cork  £2-£12 

3. Kitchen Worktop Remodel Cost – Here comes the most interesting part of a kitchen repair project. Worktops or countertops steal the most attention. A great worktop material is not only good for aesthetics but enhances the practical features as well. It contributes to ease & comfort while you cook. Depending on your budget, choose the worktop material and finishing. Here is the approximate worktop cost estimation for different materials as per their standard sizes.

Worktop Material   Standard Size Approx. Cost  
Laminate Chipboard  £60-£165 
Marble   £200-£1600 
Granite  £350-£3000 
Oak  £150-£650 
Quartz  £400-£2700 
Corian  £1000-£1600 
Stainless Steel  £80-£200 

4. Kitchen Renovation Cost for Cabinets and Other Storage Units – The Kitchen is incomplete without storage units. In a kitchen remodeling cost, the type of cabinet units fitted influences the expenses. Today, many repudiated kitchen fitting companies customize storage solutions. And homeowners are loving it. It is because they are tailored to fit a space. It improves the workflow and space utilization. Kitchen cabinet comes in different types. Custom, semi-custom and stocked. The stocked one is already designed/ assembled. It can also have less cost than the other two. For bespoke kitchen cabinets in the UK, the cost can vary between £300-£1500/ sq. ft. for semi-custom storage units, expect £150-£550/ sq. ft. Whereas the already assembled units cost around £40-£300/ sq. ft.  An excellent cabinetry in the kitchen can make a dent in the pocket. So, always prefer expert advice, and share your budget with the kitchen remodeling experts. They will help you stay on the budget and have competitive services.

5. Cost of Kitchen Appliances – The best thing about kitchen renewal is choosing the appliances. The majority of people prefer advanced and high-tech gadgets in kitchen refurbishment services. In the UK, homeowners are stepping towards innovative living and are expecting to invest more in smart kitchen appliances (according to a study). A kitchen appliance comes in a variety of brands. They further have models and sizes. Thus, people get to choose desirable products depending on their budget. The main kitchen appliances are a microwave, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, kitchen range hood, gas & stove, electric kettle and toaster. Depending on your priorities and lifestyle, the options can change. You don’t have to worry about your budget much here. They have cost-price choices for almost every client. The cost changes as per the brand, model type, size, and design of the product.

What Is Involved in Kitchen Cost

Kitchen overhaul cost involves a number of aspects. A lot of things come into consideration to calculate the overall installation cost for a kitchen remodel in the UK. Material and labour costs influence expenses significantly. Premium materials cost more than basic ones, and the labour cost changes according to the company’s standards, expertise, and location. Kitchen units such as cupboards or cabinets and drawers are involved. Other fittings are worktops, splashbacks, sinks & taps, and appliances. Cost of removing existing units & fixtures and their replacement cost. How much time a kitchen remodel takes adds to its cost as well. Longer duration can elevate the prices. Other factors influencing the kitchen makeover cost are project scale, kitchen design, level of customization, lighting, flooring, roofing and style of kitchen (contemporary, traditional etc.) Let us quickly understand each aspect that impacts the renovation cost of a kitchen.

  • Kitchen size: A small kitchen renovation generally costs less as it utilizes fewer resources than a large kitchen remodeling. But some exception cases may be there in which small kitchen renovation costs are higher than large ones. The possibility could be their high-end materials and advanced layout.
  • Layout: Planning to alter the entire kitchen layout in renovation? It can involve breaking down walls and changing electrical and plumbing connections. Thus, it influences the cost of a kitchen remodel.
  • Kitchen materials: The choice of kitchen materials influences cost. Materials are required for everything such as countertops, cabinets, backsplash, flooring, carpentry work, plumbing, appliances, worktops, etc.
  • Appliances: High-end and smart kitchen appliances highly impact cost. The old models are budget-friendly while the newly launched appliances are fairly highly priced.
  • Cabinetry: Style, Size and Design of cabinet units affect the price. Also, the material they are designed of and their finishing plays a great role in cost price.

Some Kitchen Remodel Tips That Will Also Save Money

There are some quick tips you need to know before starting a kitchen restoration service.

  • Set a Budget and Stay on It – The important thing we want to share is people often forget about their budget and end up spending more. Though kitchen renovations are just a long-term investment, we wanted to aware you of what usually happens. Make a budget and find an experienced and genuine kitchen refurbishment company near you. The experts know ways to redesign the kitchen in several ways on a budget. However, it won’t hurt anyone if the kitchen restoration cost goes a little higher than your budget. Whatever it elongates, make sure it is affordable.
  • Shop During Holiday or Sale Season –Another way of saving money on a kitchen renovation is by purchasing kitchen fittings during the sale season. However, most of the best kitchen fitters offer their own kitchen appliances. It is completely up to you which way you want to go.
  • Sell Old Kitchen Units –Not everyone opts for a kitchen repair only after all kitchen units are damaged. Some just wanted to upgrade even a newly built space. If your kitchen appliances, storage units etc. are in a good state and you don’t want to use them anymore. Consider selling them. Search the platforms, ask for the prices, and sell somewhere you get the best returns.
  • Be More Futuristic –It may sound an unusual advice but investing in a kitchen that could work great even after years saves money. When planning for a kitchen renovation, consider adding automation and high-tech appliances. Undoubtedly, it may change your budget but a futuristic kitchen is worth every penny. They are energy efficient, so bills will be reduced. Typically, all advanced kitchen fittings are energy-saving by default. Smart kitchen renovation causes the least harm to the environment. So, it is a win-win.
  • Focus on Flooring – Kitchen renovation is incomplete without floor remodelling. Go with the floors that look great and are functional as well. Recently, vinyl and laminate flooring have been awesome choices. They have a reasonable cost and are highly durable. Make sure to invest in floors that are low maintenance especially if you are mostly occupied with work.
  • Find a Specialist Kitchen Designer – An expert kitchen fitter help in make the most of your kitchen improvement project. The thing about pro kitchen designing companies is their experience. They have worked with so many clients and different types of projects. It makes them trained in creating stunning renovations for the kitchen for a diverse client base. This way you can save money and have a great kitchen remodel.

Use this guide as a reference for a kitchen renovation cost estimation. We tried to provide as accurate information as possible. However, the prices can vary according to companies, the type of services you are opting for, and the time you are reading it. Contact the best company for kitchen upgrades. Share your requirements & budget and get the quotation.

How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost

How much does bathroom renovation cost – Believe it or not, bathroom turn the home functional and practical. It’s the most used rooms in the home. In fact, Bathroom is one of the rooms of the home that play an important role when you plan to sell your home. Getting a bathroom remodel not only turns your home aesthetically appealing but adds amazing value to it. Planning to remodel and want to know everything about costs? TEL Constructions brings to you exclusive coverage of bathroom renovation costs in the UK.

How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost

The average cost of bathroom remodelling in the UK comes out to be around £4,000. It depends on the size of the bathroom, the materials used, fixtures, faucets and more. The cost of renovating a bathroom starts from £1,500 (for small bathroom remodels) and may touch £7,500 for full bathroom makeovers. It may also be a good idea to refurbish or remodel old units to improve the functionality and appeal of the place. The average cost of a shower renovation is around £400-£500. You may expect the cost to increase by adding more features to it such as adding tiles or having a walk-in shower. For a new bathtub or a remodel will cost around £800.

Factors Affecting Bathroom Renovation Cost

There are several factors that impact the cost of renovating the bathroom. Have a look at some of the important ones.

  1. Size of the Bathroom: The bigger the size of the bathroom, the more materials would be required to renovate it. This shall increase the labour costs as well as the time to remodel as well. Any specialized or premium fittings if required will also add up to the overall cost, irrespective bathroom is big or small.
  2. Condition of the Bathroom: If there is a formation of moulds or the bathroom has dampness, it would certainly increase the costs. You need to hire separate tradesmen to damp-proof the bathroom space.
  3. Quality of the Materials: Depending on the quality of fittings, finishes, fixtures, and materials used, may increase the total budget of the bathroom remodel. High-end and premium materials will increase the cost but surely will improve the durability and appeal of the bathroom.
  4. Extend of Renovation: Simple renovations or refurbishments would cost less such as plastering, painting, or decorating. The larger the scope, the more will be the cost such as adding elements, flooring or retiling may require extensive plumbing to be done.
  5. Labour Cost and Location: Labour charges may be different for different locations. The cost will be higher in urban areas than in suburban ones. Also, if the labour is working per day or hour shift, the time taken to complete the project plays an important role in deciding the costs.
  6. Plumbing and Electrical Work: Some activities such as moving a sink or installing a new electrical board would mean undergoing extensive plumbing and electrical work. This will significantly add to the overall cost as you would be requiring professionals to do this.
  7. Structural Changes: If the bathroom remodel requires any structural changes such as striping the plastering, removing the tiles, retiling, knocking down a wall etc would increase the costs. More labour and specific equipment would be required to do so.
  8. Finishing Touches: Performing fine detailing such as adding vanities, closets, mirrors, lighting, and other accessories would greatly add up to the cost.

Tips to Manage Bathroom Renovation / Remodel Cost

Managing bathroom renovation costs can be a bit challenging but with careful and strategic planning you can easily manage the costs in your budget. The renovation experts at TEL Constructions have curated these amazing tips to help you stay within budget.

  1. Plan Your Budget Properly: Plan, plan and extensively plan! Identify the purpose of your renovation and then work on what features you want in your bathroom makeover.
  2. Plumbing Footprint: Try, if possible, to keep the plumbing footprint the same. Moving or relocating the elements will call for more work which will add up to the cost.
  3. Prioritize your Needs over Wishes: Everyone wants a lavish bathroom, but this will shoot the cost exponentially. You must understand what features you want and work over them to get the best in terms of quality as well as price.
  4. Prefer Standard Sizes: Going for standard sizes will offer you lots of different varieties in various brands. Preferring a particular size or extensive customization on bathroom elements will trigger your expenses.
  5. Little Things Matter: If you want to keep it on a budget and want to DIY it, work on the small imprints of your bathroom which will create bigger impacts. Change your old vanity/sink and purchase a new one from the market. Sink and vanity are two important elements that are the impression builders.
  6. Work With a Professional: If you have a fixed budget in mind, you may be tempted to perform all the renovation by yourself to keep the costs down. But DIY could be risky as a slight change to the plumbing could ruin your entire structure. Hiring a professional early on would be a perfect choice. We at TEL Construction also offer 3D services that enable you to see how your bathroom will look post-renovation. This certainly will give you a perfect idea about the design and budget. Any flaw if detected can be resolved in the design time itself, eliminating the need for expensive post-renovation repairs.

Speak to Experts at TEL Constructions to get the Best Bathroom Renovation

Looking to discuss your bathroom renovation plans with a professional and discuss the cost estimates? Reach out to TEL Constructions for high-quality bathroom renovations at competitive costs. Our diverse in-house team comprises specialists from all trades that keep you away from the hassles of sub-contracting. Fill out the enquiry form on the Contact Us page and one of our team members will get in touch with you to get more details and provide a free and no-obligatory quote. Get in touch today!

House Renovation Cost Guide: How Much To Renovate A Home

House Renovation Cost Guide: Home renovation in the UK is exciting as well as rewarding too. It not only infuses a new life into the home but also adds value to it. Whether you’re buying a property and planning to renovate it or looking for a complete makeover of your existing home, here’re the budget aspects you have been looking for. Keep reading to know everything about home renovation costs in the UK.

Full House Renovation Cost UK: How Much To Renovate A House

How much does it cost to renovate a house in the UK – There are various components in a home renovation that impact the cost. Apart, from the original budget, we would recommend keeping at least 10-15% contingency funds in case of emergency and other unforeseen issues. Here is the cost of components/processes involved when undergoing a home remodel. Have a look.

1. Average Cost Based on Type of Processes Involved in Home Renovation

  • Cost of Rewiring: The cost of rewiring during a home renovation starts from £5,500 as it depends on the complexity of the wiring and electrical system, does it require new panels or board installation etc.
  • New Gas Supply: Depending on the route of the gas supply, the charges may vary. The cost will also increase if you plan to extend the line. You can expect to start from £1,500.
  • New Heating System: If you plan a new heating system you may replace the older boiler with a new combi boiler and radiator. The cost may start from £5,500 for a 3-bedroom house. 
  • Replastering: Planning a new configuration along with replastering, the average cost will cost around £3,500 and may vary depending on the extent of work.
  • New Kitchen or Bathroom: plan to perform a kitchen renovation as well. The average cost of kitchen renovation may fall somewhere between £12,000 – £2,200. For the bathroom, the average renovation cost is around £6,500.
  • New Windows: If you’re not reusing the old windows and plan to change them with new ones, the average cost comes out to be around £4,500.
  • French Doors: Installing French Doors could be an existing idea to make the home look appealing and stunning. The average cost starts from £2,500 and includes plasterwork, brickwork, lintels as well as doors.
  • Knocking Down the Walls/Strip Outs: To get a new structure, you may need to strip out or knock down the walls to create new living spaces. The average cost of doing this is around £1,500.
  • Damp Proofing: If the house is having dampness, then it needs to be treated as well. The average cost of doing a damp proofing of the home is around £1,400.
  • New Roof: Your existing roof needs repairs or want to replace it with a new one, this will add more costs. For a new roof, expect to pay around £5,500. For repairs, you can expect the cost to be between £200 and £500 per square meter.

2. Average Home Renovation Cost based on Type of Renovation

  • Cost of Extension: Adding an extension is a brilliant way to add new living space to the home. It can be single-storey, multi-storey, wrap-around, rear extension and more. Depending on the size, design, scale and requirements, the prices start from £10,500 and can go up to £300,000.
  • Cost of Loft Conversion: Have free space in your attic? Undergoing loft conversion will not only add habitable space to your home but also increase the value of the home by more than 20%. Depending on the type of loft conversion, the cost varies. Velux, being the simplest of all starts from a modest £20,000. The more you move towards a high-end featured loft conversion, the cost will rise automatically.
  • Cost of Garage Conversion: Similar to loft conversion, converting your garage into a liveable space will also add huge value to your property. The cost of garage conversion depends on the size and complexity of the area. Usually, the garage conversion starts from £9,000 and can go up to £20,500.

3. Average Cost of Labour Based on Trade

Home renovations involve a lot of tradespersons and specialists, each of which charges differently. Most of the tradesmen charge based on hours, or per day or job. The average cost of plumbers and electricians comes out to be around £320 per day. Whereas the average cost of other tradesmen such as roofers, plasterers, carpenters, tilers, painters, decorators etc is £220 per day. This cost will be multiplied by the number of days it takes to perform that activity.

4. Additional Cost of House Renovation

  • Planning Permissions and Other Surveys Costs: If your renovation works involve structural changes such as in extensions or loft conversions, you may need to hire surveyors and engineers to do the work. Also, in case your planned renovation does not fall under the permitted development, you may also need to pay fees to seek planning permissions.
  • Rent Cost: If you are planning a large-scale renovation, then it might not be possible to live in that home due to the mess and disruption created. So, you may additionally have to live in another house on rent.
  • Stamp Duty and Other Legal Cost: If you’re buying a home and want to get it renovated, there are many other additional house renovation cost involved such as solicitor cost, stamp duty and other legal cost.

Factors Affecting House Renovation Cost

The renovation cost of no two houses is the same. Several underlying factors need to be taken into consideration while working out a final budget for your house makeover. These are:

  1. Size of the Home: The cost of renovation of a 2-bedroom house will be less as compared with a 3-bedroom home or 4-bedroom home. The more the area, more will be the time taken to complete the project. This will raise the labour costs & material costs as well as house renovation cost.
  2. Age/Condition of the House: The older the home, it may require more structural improvements. While renovating you may come across surprises that you would have not thought such as dampness, rotting and more. Their repairs will certainly add up to your cost.
  3. Structural Changes Required: If the home renovation requires structural changes such as knocking down the walls to create an open-plan area, will certainly impact the planned budget. Also, you may need to consult a structural engineer to ensure that whatever you are adding new, the walls of the home are sufficient to bear the load and changes.
  4. Complexity of Renovation: Minor renovations or refurbishments can be completed in a single day without any disruption to your daily chores. But for complex works such as extension and loft conversions, expect the cost to be more than normal.
  5. Quality of Supplies/Materials: The cost also depends on the quality of materials, fittings and fixtures you choose for your home. Premium materials and high-end fixtures will make your home appear visually appealing and will last longer, but they come with a higher price tag. While budget-friendly materials will help you keep things cost-effective but may not provide longevity as offered by high-end products.
  6. Location of the home: The location of the home plays a critical role in deciding the costs. If the house is located in an urban area, expect higher prices. The reason is simple there are high labour costs and logistics challenges such as delivery and parking.

Checklist for Setting Budget and Cost for House Renovation 

Here is the checklist for the cost of renovating the home: 

  1. Plan Properly: It’s very important to plan properly and work on what features you want to add to them.
  2. Work on Budget and Contingency Plan: Work on your budget and keep a 10 – 12 % contingency budget to meet any extra costs.
  3. Get Professional advice: Speak to us, your local home renovation company and take professional advice on how to proceed and exact budget ideas.
  4. Planning Permissions: Enquire about the planning permissions and building regulations that may be applied to your project.
  5. Choose Professional Tradesman: Always go for professional tradesmen and specialists to do the work. TEL Constructions has in-house specialists that save you from subcontracting and additional run-around.
  6. Quotations: Prefer taking a couple of quotations for your renovation work. TEL Constructions offers you a no obligatory site visit as well as a free competitive quotation.

How Much Time Does It Take to Renovate a House?

The time taken to complete the home renovation depends on the complexity and size of the home. If the home requires superficial works such as painting, plastering, decorating etc that does not include any structural alterations, the renovation can be completed within a week. On the other hand, extensive renovations such as loft conversions, multi-storey extensions, etc may take 2-6 months’ time frame as they are complex and require structural work.

How to Keep House Renovation Costs Under Control?

Renovation turns your home extra-ordinary from ordinary. While it is exciting to see your home getting transformed, it is equally important to stay within budget throughout the journey. TEL Constructions, the leading home renovation contractor offers you some brilliant tips that help you stay within budget and keep the house renovation cost under control. 

  1. Extensive Planning of Your Home Renovation Project: Take time and plan your home renovation properly. Work on the features you want to add, your purpose of getting the house remodelled and areas which you want to get reformed. Also, research about materials, prices, quotes, and any other challenges. Plan out a 3D design to ensure there are no loopholes left as you get a clear and vivid picture of the work.
  2. Repair, Recycle and Reuse: If the existing element of the home is in perfect condition, prefer reusing it. Some items such as door handles. Fixtures, doors etc can easily be reused and can add a classic character to your renovated home.
  3. Contingency Fund: When it’s a large home makeover project, it is obvious that things will go past the budget. the reason could be any, whether you changed the materials due to availability reasons, some unexpected issues requiring additional funds etc.
  4. Be Clear about Budget and Expectations: Be honest and clear about your budget and expectations. Share the same with your contractor as well. This will help them to ensure you are getting what you expect and if things can be done within the budget or not.
  5. Explore Funding Options: Home renovation is one aspect that most people choose to finance through their savings. But, in case there aren’t sufficient savings, there are other options available such as loans and renovation mortgage. The renovation mortgage will provide you with funds equal to the value of the property post-renovation. Whatever method you choose, think twice about the affordability and the repayments of the mortgage.

Bottom Line

Home renovation comes along with a host of benefits such as improved living space and added value to the home. The average cost to renovate a home comes around £60,00 for a 2-bedroom house, £110,000 for a 3-bedroom house and £150,000 for a 4-bedroom home. It costs much less than moving to a new home. Have home renovation plans in mind? Speak to TEL Constructions today and get the best price match for your project. Call Today.

Complete Loft Conversion Beginners Guide

Loft Conversion Complete Beginners Guide

Getting Started

Everyone needs more space. Whether it’s about growing family needs, teenagers returning from university, elder parents joining in or whatever the reason, space is the biggest need of every homeowner. Loft conversion is the ultimate solution that enables you to expand your home upwards. The unused attic space can be turned into amazing living spaces with loft conversion in England. It’s the most economical method than moving to a bigger house or when you don’t want to extend your home sideways or rear. TEL Constructions, the leading loft conversion company in London, brings to you this exclusive loft conversion guide that’ll walk you through all the things that come to your mind. So, let’s get started.

What is Loft Conversion

Loft Conversion is a process where new habitable space is created by transforming the existing space at the top of the house usually known as an attic. This space is typically underdeveloped, either it is empty or houses extra things from the home. If your attic space or loft is large enough, the process could be simple just as doing the flooring, wall, painting and installing new windows. Loft conversions are usually popular in places where there aren’t external spaces to extend or where getting planning permission for an extension is a tough task. According to industry experts and surveyors, a loft conversion with a bedroom and ensuite would increase the value of the property by more than 20%.

Is Loft Conversion Suitable For My Property?

The basic criteria for loft conversion are that your home should have sufficient space and a pitched roof. However, there may be certain loft spaces that are not suitable for conversion. Complicated or tricky spaces can be difficult to construct and can be costly as well. So, you must ensure that the final living space you’re getting after loft conversion is fully functional, useful and offers you a good return on investment (ROI). Here are certain factors that’ll help you understand whether your property is suitable for loft conversions or not.

  1. Available Headspace or Headroom: You need to make sure that your loft has a minimum head height of either 2.2 m or 2.4 m for a traditional roof. This headroom is measured from the joists of the floor of the attic to the underside of the ridge beam. For a modern trussed roof, the minimum height should be 2.4 m to 2.6 m.
  2. Loft Space: Is there sufficient loft space that’ll give you a good room with standard dimensions? If not, you may reach out to a loft conversion company near you for a more practical solution.
  3. Pitch Of The Roof: The more steeper the roof will be, it will be easier to get it loft converted. Generally, the angles above 30 degrees work perfectly as you’ll get more head height.  
  4. Boilers, Chimneys, or Water Tanks in Loft: For every loft conversion, you need empty attic space. If you have chimneys, boilers or even water tanks placed in the loft, remove them, and shift them to a new place.
  5. Felt: Your roof should be felted, or it should be weather-resistant. It’s easy to identify as you’ll easily see the roof tiles and the battens if you don’t have felt placed. But, if you’re able to see a black bituminous paper, this means you have felt placed beneath your roof.
  6. Headspace For Staircase: Even if you have sufficient headroom in the loft, you need to ensure that your loft stairs also meet the height recommended in the building regulations. The minimum height should be 1.9m from the centre of the flight and for the edges (having sloping roofs) the height should be 1.8m.
  7. Roof Type: Depending on the roof type whether a trussed roof or cut roof, different approaches will be used for making loft conversion. A cut roof or traditional roof was popular in homes built before the 1960s and had purlins, joists, and rafters. The majority of the space is left free. For a trussed roof, the support is given by W-shaped trusses providing a cross-sectional view.

You may be required to work with a loft conversion contractor to ensure that your property has solid foundations to take the load of the new property.

Types of Loft Conversion

There are multiple types of loft conversion available. It depends on the type of roof, your budget and for what purpose you want to use that loft. Here is a list of the most popular loft conversion types in the UK market. However, your construction contractor, builder or loft conversion company will be able to guide you to the best option for your property.

  1. Dormer Loft Conversion: Dormer loft conversion is the most popular type of loft conversion that offers ample space to construct an extra bedroom with or without an ensuite. Dormers, which are box-shaped structures, are added to the rear of the pitched roof. This loft conversion when done on the rear comes under permitted development while adding a dormer to the front or side may require you to apply for planning permissions. Based on your requirements you may choose amongst these types of dormer loft conversion.
    • Single Dormer: Single Dormer or small dormer loft conversion allows to add dormer or dormer windows only to the required area of the roof.
    • Full Width Dormer: Here the dormer spans across almost the entire pitched slope and offers maximum space.
    • Side Dormer: Here the dormer is added on the side of a hipped roof. Here the access to the loft is through under the hip.
    • L-shaped Dormer: Here a L-shaped dormer is added to two roofs that are joined together. These are mainly popular in Victorian properties.
  2. Hip to Gable Loft Conversion: One or more hips of the hipped roof are extended and replaced by Gable walls. Extra space is created by extending through the ridge line and adding a triangular wall (Gable) above the supporting walls of the home.
  3. Mansard Loft Conversion: A mansard loft conversion is the most expensive of all as it requires major roof rebuilding activities. It’s more like adding a new storey to the existing home. This loft conversion is ideal for terraced houses and period properties. Here the sloped roof is turned into a vertical wall with an angle of 72 degrees. Now the roof is flat, and the skylights are added to the new roof structure. Mansard conversion is mainly done to the rear of the property, while conversion can be done in front and side by seeking planning permissions.
  4. Roof Light or Skylight or Velux Loft Conversion: This is one of the most affordable, economical, and budget-friendly solutions to add new space to your home. Here windows are added to the roof to illuminate the interiors of the loft. These windows are also known as Velux windows or roof lights or skylights. If these windows are overlooking your neighbours’ property, then you may need to use obscured glass as per the building regulations to keep privacy intact. You will be requiring adding the loft stairs, reinforce the flooring and perform the plumbing, electric, insulation etc works.

Benefits of Loft Conversion

Loft conversion comes with countless benefits, they not only add to living space but also add value to the property as well. Thereby, making it one of the most beneficial investments you make for your home. Have a look at some of the most prominent ones.

  1. Multi-use space: The new space can be used for multiple uses such as an office room, playroom, bedroom with ensuite, gym, cinema room etc.
  2. Energy-Efficient home: The lofts have skylights that naturally illuminate the home with natural light. Apart from this, insulated roofs ensure that the loft stays cozy the entire day.
  3. Adds Value to Home: Getting a loft conversion will boost the value of your home by more than 20% and turn it into one of the best choices for potential buyers.
  4. Better than moving: Getting your loft converted to a liveable space is much more affordable and cheaper than moving to a new home just for the sake of space. While moving to a new home there are many other additional fees that you need to pay such as solicitor fees, stamp duty, surveying and much more.
  5. Room with a view: The beautiful skylight windows enable you to stargaze on beautiful clear evenings. These windows are located at a higher level than normal windows in your home which allow you to get a spectacular view of the surroundings.
  6. Rarely require planning permissions: Most of the loft conversions fall under permitted developments and do not require planning permissions.
  7. Quick and effortless process: Loft conversion is an easy and quick process that transforms your home with minimum disruption to your everyday routine.

What All Spaces Can Be Created By Undergoing Loft Conversion

The space created by undergoing loft conversions can be used in a various way, such as:

  • Home Office: Convert the loft space into an office space by placing formal furniture to match the aesthetics.
  • Gym: Get a bespoke gym or a workout by crafting an amazing healthy zone in your loft.
  • Entertainment area: Give wings to your imagination by converting your newly constructed loft into a home cinema.
  • Dressing room: Do not have space downstairs to dress up and you often feel uncomfortable while getting ready for your office or any occasion?
  • Small Bedroom: Feeling the need for a guest room or kids’ room, a dormer loft conversion is perfect for that need.
  • Master bedroom with ensuite: Make your home look more grand by adding a master bedroom with an attached ensuite.
  •  Creative Studio: Go creative and pursue your hobbies in an exclusive space crafted by undergoing a loft conversion.

Loft Conversion Stairs

While loft stairs aren’t the first thing that comes to mind, they do play a key role in making the loft accessible. It’s worth considering how much amount of space a staircase would take, what design would go best and other things. Even if you’re going for a space-saving staircase, it will probably take a sizeable chunk of that room. Make sure to consider the flow of your room as well as you’ll need to carry the furniture to the loft through stairs. There are certain things that you need to consider such as:

  • Headroom
  • Location where stairs will be placed
  • Stairs pitch and height of riser and tread

Do I Need Planning Permission For My Loft Conversion

Most of the loft conversions do not require planning permissions as they fall under the category of permitted developments. But there are certain parameters that you need to comply with else you’ll need to apply for planning permissions. These are:

  • The property must not be in AONB’s, conservation areas and world heritage sites.
  • The house must not have used PD rights before adding any storey.
  • The new volume added should not be more than 40 cu. m. in case of terraced housed and 50 cu. m. for semi-detached and detached homes.
  • Only Juliet balconies can be constructed. No verandas or raised platforms are allowed.
  • The new space shall not be extended being the roof slope (existing) on the principal elevation.
  • The new materials used for loft materials must match with the existing ones or closely match with them.

To make sure your work falls under the category of permitted development, apply for a Lawful Development Certificate. By having this, you will be able to sell your property easily without any hassle.

What Building Regulations Do I Need To Consider

Building Regulations are designed to ensure the new construction is structurally sound and stands safe in all respects. You need to follow building regulations irrespective of whether planning permissions are applicable or not. Certain specific regulations need to be followed depending on the type of loft conversion. the basic regulations that are common for all are regarding fire safety, floor and beams, sound insulation, stairs, walls, thermal insulation, and bathroom. Don’t hesitate to speak to your loft conversion contractor or builder for detailed information.

Do I Need A Party Wall Agreement For Loft Conversion

If you have a shared wall with your neighbours and you need to undergo structural changes with it, you need to seek a Party Wall agreement signed. This happens when you have semi-detached or terraced properties. A Party Wall Surveyor will be allocated for the smooth completion of the process. The sole purpose is to notify the neighbours and seek their willingness to perform the changes to the shared wall.

How Long Does A Loft Conversion Take

Loft conversions usually take from six to twelve weeks depending on the complexity of the project. Some basic conversions such as rooflight (Velux) may get completed even in a month. Many other factors affect the completion time of the project such as:

  • Availability of the builder
  • Size and complexity of the project
  • Availability of the supplies and materials
  • Season (winter season can slow down the processes)

Contact your loft conversion builder. Make sure that you have a written deadline for your project and also have contingency plans in case delays occur.

Loft Conversion Costs

The cost of loft conversion depends on the type you have chosen, the complexity and what features you want to add. The cost will shoot with a mansard, hip-to-gable, and dormer loft conversion. However, rooflight conversions are the cheapest and the most basic ones. Other factors that affect the cost of loft conversion are your location, labour costs, transportation costs, roof complexity, and submission of planning permission application (if applicable). Apart from these construction costs, there are professional costs involved as well such as building regulation fees, Lawful Development Certificate fees, Structural design fees and much more. When you work with a reputed and trusted loft conversion company such as TEL Constructions, you will get the best quality work at the most competitive prices in the market.

Technical Considerations When Undertaking Loft Conversion

While undertaking a loft conversion, there are certain technical considerations that you need to be aware of such as you’re your roof structure (trussed or traditional), bathroom installation, accessing the loft’s headroom, lighting, insulation and more.

  1. Are new foundations needed for loft conversion? – Undergoing loft conversion means adding extra weight to the foundations. For weak foundations, you will be risking the property. It’s important to check the home’s foundations before the start of the project. your builder and structural engineer will help you with the same. If the foundations are weak, suitable underpinning or supported beams would be required to support the foundations.
  2. How do you ventilate a loft? – To ensure the roof’s maximum energy efficiency, the loft space needs to be airtight. But to counter this, proper ventilation needs to be there to ensure zero condensation and good air quality. This can be achieved by providing ventilation with windows, and background ventilation that covers trickle vents and airbricks. You may use an extract fan in the loft bathroom rather than using windows.
  3. Insulating a loft conversion – Proper insulation needs to be laid on the roof, floors, and walls for the maximum good temperature of the space. The roofs can be insulated by using warm roof and cold roof methods. Reach out to your builder to know more and what specific insulation would be required for your loft space.
  4. How do you heat a loft conversion? – When you’re adding a new space, the load on your boiler will increase automatically. Either you need to upgrade to a new boiler, or you may opt for other alternative methods such as underfloor heating or electric mats etc.

Which Are The Best Windows For Loft Conversion

There are mainly two types of windows that are popularly used in loft conversions. These are dormer windows and rooflight windows. Rooflight windows are installed in the pitch line of the roof. They don’t need any planning permission and are the most affordable option to ensure the home is illuminated and well-ventilated. For dormer windows, you get extra space too. They work best when the roof pitch is high.

Adding A Bathroom In A Loft Conversion

When you plan to go for a bedroom loft conversion, it becomes a necessity to have a bathroom upstairs. If you’re planning to have an attached bathroom or an ensuite, inform your loft conversion contractor early in the design phase itself. This will certainly add to your costs, increased timelines, and disruption levels too. To get a bedroom with an ensuite would require a professional and experienced building contractor and the best plumber. The challenges that are faced during bathroom loft conversion are:

  • Getting perfect pressure of water up in the loft bathroom.
  • Carrying wastewater down the loft.
  • Making the structural changes and floor reinforcement to take the sanitaryware’s weight.

The loft construction specialist should ensure that the bathroom floor is constructed beautifully to deal with leaks, dampness, and flooding.

Will A Loft Conversion Affect My Home Insurance

While your loft conversion company must have an insurance plan, it is advisable to inform your home insurance company. It is vital as you are carrying major structural changes to your property and loft conversion falls in this category. By not informing your home insurance company you’re risking the invalidity of your home insurance policy.

While the work is in progress, the insurance provider company may provide you a cover. When the work is finished, you may return to your original and amended policy that covers your new area as well. Don’t forget to share the new addition details and new value of your home with your insurance provider.

Tips For Smooth Loft Conversion

As a homeowner, here are some tips that you may follow to ensure a seamless and smooth process for your loft conversion.

  • Set expectations: You must have a clear picture in mind of what exactly you want to do with the loft conversion. This will enable the builder to understand the desired functionality in a better way and you will get your dream loft realized.
  • Clear budget goals: You should have an idea of how much you want to spend. If you’re unclear, speak to a trusted loft conversion professional near you. Get a better idea and keep some contingency funds as well.
  • Prepare yourself for disruption: Prepare yourself that more or less disruption will happen for sure. You may need to relocate things such as boilers or other stuff that was placed in the loft.
  • Research well on builder: A professional builder will ensure that your loft is structurally sound and stays for years.
  • Talk to your neighbours: Stay connected with your neighbours and take them into confidence. Share with them your start and ending times and keep them informed about where all the work will be carried out.

 Choosing A Builder

TEL Constructions is one of the leading loft conversion companies in London offering a comprehensive range of loft conversions. With a rich legacy and diverse industry experience, we have converted countless lofts into habitable spaces. We follow a purely professional approach from start to finish. Our experts will guide you in every step of the project from the moment you share your enquiry to the moment you step into your newly converted loft. We are TrustMark registered and a member of Federation of Master Builders. Just share your requirements with and we assure you that provide the best quote in the market.

Winding Up

Loft conversion is an excellent way to add habitable space when you’re facing a space crunch. It’s a much more affordable and better option than to move to a new house or struggle for planning permission for house extensions. Looking for more information on loft conversion? Speak to us or share your enquiries by filling out the form on the Contact Us page. Reach out to TEL Constructions today and get your free quotation for loft conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a loft conversion add value to your property?

A well-designed and professionally constructed loft space will add more than 20% value to your existing property. Having a bedroom with an ensuite will offer you maximum returns. A property with a loft conversion will be preferred by the potential buyers over a property that doesn’t have the loft converted.

2. Where is the best place for a loft conversion staircase?

The best location to place the loft staircase is in line with the ridge beam or roof ridge. This will ensure maximum headroom for the staircase. However, the location of the staircase will also depend on the floor beneath. You need to work over the space where you can gain the amount of headroom as stated in the building regulations. Some other options to increase the height or headroom are by installing dormer or rooflight windows. You can also convert a hipped end to a gable to achieve the desired height.

3. Which loft conversion offers the maximum space?

L-shaped dormer loft conversion offers the maximum space that too in your budget. It is popular amongst the terraced properties. This involves constructing two dormers. The first one will be on the main roof and the second over the extended space at the rear. This will give you a space which is almost as much as a full storey.

4. Are new joists required for a loft conversion?

In most cases, especially properties having trussed roofs, new floor joists, beams and roof members would be required. This is done to ensure that the new loft conversion is structurally stable and does not overload the floors and walls supporting them.

Staircase Renovation Complete Guide

Undergoing a bespoke staircase renovation infuses a new life into your home interiors and transforms it completely. Staircase refurbishment is not a messy process. It may take just a couple of days to get it done as it doesn’t require planning permissions. TEL Constructions has delivered countless successful staircase renovations for their clients in the UK. We are the most loved and trusted staircase renovation company you’ve been looking for. Here’s everything you need to know about your staircase renovation in the UK from type of renovation options to building regulations and more. Keep reading to gain better insights on staircase renovation in the UK.

What is Staircase Renovation

Staircase Renovation is a process of modifying or replacing the existing staircase in the UK. Staircase refurbishment gives a modern look to the interiors, strengthens the foundations, and adds more functionality to the space. Usually, staircases are one of the most overlooked aspects of a residential property. The staircase sits in the centre of the house and are visible. Renovating a staircase will not only transform the home aesthetics but will also boost the value of the home.

When and why do you Need Staircase Renovation?

Staircase Renovation is one of the most affordable ways to enhance the architecture and design of your home. There could be any reasons that you may require to undergo staircase renovation, including:

  • Weak Foundations: A staircase having weak foundations or structural damage needs to be replaced immediately. It could pose significant safety risks and issues. Reaching out to a local staircase renovation company near you for a sturdier and long-lasting staircase option.
  • Make your Home More Practical: It may happen that your staircase does not match the aesthetics of the home or require a modern touch. Our team of seasoned staircase renovation specialists will create the most perfect staircase that will be long lasting and accommodating. Get a truly stylish and trending staircase for you and your family with TEL Constructions.
  • Install Extra Storage Space: Space is a constant need for all homeowners and getting stairs renovated will leave you with a lot of storage space underneath the stairs. The area can be amazingly used to create bespoke wardrobe, shoe racks, book racks or your daily essentials.
  • Creating a Focal Point: Renovating staircase will impart a fresh and clean look to the interiors that quickly turn as a conversation starter for the guests. TEL Constructions has over hundreds of staircase design options to choose from. You’ll feel a big difference between the staircase before and after it is renovated.
  • Does not meet Building Regulations: If the existing staircase is not up to the mark and do not meet the building regulations, it high time to contact the best staircase renovation company and get the staircase done.
  • Damaged components: If there are damaged components such as loose treads, newels, spindles, handrails or more, mark it as a red flag. Your staircase needs renovation if you see these signs.

What are the Staircase Renovation Options?

In case the structure and the foundations of the staircase are weak, then you need to demolish the staircase and get it rebuilt on a fresh perspective. There is no other option than to replace them. Though, some components can be saved such as newel posts, balustrades etc. which can be reused. In some cases, you may be required to relocate or reinstall the staircase. Make sure that the new stairs comply with the building regulations while renovating or installing new bespoke staircase.

For a structurally sound staircase, there are multiple options available to improve the aesthetics. The following options work pretty well if your staircase does not require demolishing, relocating or reinstallation.

  1. Renovating the Balustrade of the Staircase: Balustrade offers support while going up and down the flight of stairs and prevents falling. A balustrade is a complete ensemble of spindles, newel posts and handrail. It can be refurbished by using different materials such as glass, metal, or wood.
  2. Change the Risers and Treads: The flat platform where we keep the foot is known as tread and the height between two treads is covered by a riser. Both may need replacing due to the wear and tear over time.  Renovating them with more robust materials will not only enhance their look but also increase their sturdiness.
  3. Better Finishing: To add a remarkable finish, go for paint, varnish or staining as the last step of home renovation. It will make your stairs look new and stunning. In case you want to stain your painted stairs, you will need to remove the paint, then sanding back the wood, followed by priming and painting again. Also, if your stairs get a lot of traffic, your carpet will soon get worn out. In such cases, turn to hardwoods such as oak and refrain from carpeting. Combining a stair runner with contrasting spindles to your renovated staircase will turn the entire setting beautiful.
  4. Installing a Bespoke Staircase: If you want to give a new look and feel to your interiors, go for a bespoke staircase. We, at TEL Constructions, ensure end to end delivery of the staircase i.e. from design, manufacturing to final installation.

Building Regulations for Staircase Renovation

Building Regulations are essential to be followed whether you are renovating staircase or getting a new installed in your home. Adhering to building regulations ensures that the staircase is structurally sound and is safe to use. Such staircase is the primary requirement when you’re planning to refurbish the components of the staircase. Here’re are some building regulations that the new staircase renovations must adhere to:

  • Pitch: The pitch (angle) of the staircase must not be greater than 42 degrees.
  • Headroom: A minimum headroom of 2m must be maintained at every point on the staircase while going up or down the flight of stairs.
  • Spindle Gap: The gap between any two spindles on the balustrade must not allow a sphere of 100mm to pass through them.
  • Risers and Going: The minimum length of the riser should be 150mm but should not exceed 220mm. For the going (the length of the step) should be 220mm minimum but shall not exceed 300mm.  In case the risers are open, the gap should not allow a 100mm sphere to pass through it.
  • Handrail: The height of the handrail should be at least 900mm. Also, if the staircase is less than 1m wide you need to provide a handrail at least on one side. If the staircase is more than 1m wide, then handrail is required on both the sides.

Every staircase renovation project is expected to adhere to the building regulations along with hiring TEL Constructions as your staircase refurbishment company. We are specialists in staircase renovation in the UK, that ensure that all regulations are met, and the staircase stands completely safe.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Staircase Renovation

Having staircase renovation in your mind? Here are some easy steps that’ll help you get your dream and perfectly renovated staircase without any hassles.

  1. Identify the Purpose and Problem: Clean your staircase and understand what you require exactly. Identify the problem areas, any functionality issues, or damaged portions. Determine what feature you need according to requirement, your lifestyle or home aesthetics. Consider discussing with family and work over staircase design ideas. You can also explore our portfolio for some amazing staircase renovation designs.
  2. Accurate Measurement: Even a mismatch of 1mm could ruin the entire design. The measurements should be accurate and precise to ensure that the renovated staircase fits perfectly. We, at TEL Constructions, will shall be sending our expert surveyor to take the measurement. Enjoy the peace of mind when you partner with TEL Constructions as your staircase renovation contractor.
  3. Work on the Budget: It’s important to draw certain budget estimates as this will enable you to make right material and style choices. We always keep in mind the cost estimates provided by our client not only during the design phase but make sure we stay on the budget till completion.
  4. Finalize the Design and Materials: Work over what types of materials and designs you want. Most of the homeowners in the UK prefer timber. You can also try and experiment with different materials that enhance your home and add to the durability of the staircase. If you’re looking for a minimalistic and modern design, go for glass. For traditional designs, metals are always a classier choice.
  5. Any Timelines or Deadlines: If you have any deadlines in your mind? Or the staircase renovation work may interfere with any other work in the house. You need to be clear about the timelines. Having clear expectations on time will help you, the supplier, workmen and even the staircase renovation company in delivering the project on time.
  6. Hire Us for the Best Staircase Renovation: After you have completed all the abovementioned homework, it’s time to hire TEL Constructions – your staircase renovation specialists to take over the charge. We’ll understand your requirements, listen to your ideas and recommendations, and check with our designers to ensure the practicality, feasibility, and functionality of the proposed idea. After that, our designers will put together all the research to bring out a beautiful design that ensures a perfect staircase for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Staircase in the UK?

The renovation of stairs is always bespoke. Therefore, the cost will vary depending on the extent of work and complexity involved. The cost of renovating or adding a glass balustrade would be different from that of wood. While the glass panels illuminate the room beautifully, wooden balustrade offers a classier appearance. Labour cost will be directly linked wit the extent of work. The more the process is time consuming, more shall be the labour charges.

By partnering with TEL Constructions as your staircase renovation company you stay rest assured about the staircase renovation costs. We offer you the most competitive quote that addresses your requirements, preferences, and budget needs.

Reasons to Choose TEL Construction as Your Staircase Renovation Company

Expect an exceptional staircase renovation and high quality service at TEL Constructions. Whether you are planning to renovate or install new staircase, keep the best foot forward with us. From discussions to designs to final completion, our experienced team stays with you. Here’s why we stand as one of the most loved and recommended staircase renovation builders in the UK.

  1. Creative, Unique and Personalized Designs: Whether you want a space saving spiral staircase renovation or a classy full marble staircase, TEL Constructions realises your vision perfectly.
  2. Bespoke Approach: We understand that everyone has their own taste, requirements, and purpose to get the staircase renovation. Our team makes sure that designs are bespoke and fully customised to ensure practicality and appeal from all angles.
  3. Flawless and Built to Last: Our passion for highest quality manufacturing and exemplary workmanship ensures that your renovated staircase is safe, durable, robust and will last for generations.
  4. Experience and Expertise: We have delivered countless staircases, both newly manufactured and renovated services for residential and commercial sectors in the UK.
  5. One Stop Destination for All Needs: We are one of the largest contractors in the UK known for high quality staircase renovation. We have tie-ups with many big brands, companies, and other suppliers, thereby providing you one-stop destination for all your renovation needs.

How We Work?

Staircase renovation is much more cost effective than installing a new one. By giving a new look to the treads, risers, strings and by giving a makeover to balustrade, you can infuse a new life to the staircase. Make your staircase look new without inconvenience ad mess with TEL Constructions. We follow a streamlined and simple process to staircase renovation.

  1. Initial Discussion and Quote: Explore our portfolio and shortlist a few design ideas that your like. Share them with us along with the photographs of your existing staircase. You may share via email or just grab the phone and call us. After that we shall be sharing a quotation based on our discussion.
  2. Site Visit, Design and Final Estimates: We shall be designating a qualified designer who will survey your space, assess for the feasibility issues. After discussing your preferences and other final detailing, we prepare a design and share the best matched cost estimates.
  3. Design Approval & Project Begins: We share the 3D designs to ensure we all stay on the same page. Once you’ve approved the designs and other formalities are signed, the crafting work gets kick started.
  4. Renovation Complete: We ensure minimal disruption and complete the work in the promised time and budget. Your stairs are renovated with utmost professionalism and precision by TEL Constructions.

TEL Constructions: UK’s Trusted Staircase Renovation Specialists

At TEL Constructions, we ensure and maintain complete transparency on all fronts. This ensures a stress-free and smooth staircase renovation process happening within your budget. We stay with you not only pre and during the project phases but also after that. We are renowned for offering the best after-sales service. Looking to turn your shabby or old looking staircase into a new and contemporary one? Or want to amp up the look with floating stairs? Just share it and we can renovate it! Speak to our experts and get a bespoke, feature loaded and practical renovation of your staircase in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much value does a renovated staircase adds?

A renovated staircase is as good as a new staircase. When a potential buyer enters the room, the hallway marks the first impression. Having a beautiful and bespoke staircase in the hallway will cast an amazing first impression on the buyer. In short, renovating the stairs will increase the value of property by 15%.

2. Where all TEL Construction offer staircase renovation services?

TEL Constructions is one of the largest and most renowned company known for offering best staircase renovations in the UK. We have our teams serving nation-wide.

3. Is planning permission required for staircase renovation?

No, you don’t need any planning permissions for staircase renovations as long as the structurally sound.

Complete Guide To Bathroom Renovation

With exciting bathroom renovations, you can proudly show off your bathroom and have the best time of the day. A bathroom covers the least square footage in a house and matters the most. It is where our day begins & ends. Bathroom renovations are extremely popular among homeowners. But proceeding with it is hard. Probably because bathrooms have countless components. From flooring, decorating, hardware, plumbing and vanity; many technicians are involved. It makes the process a bit daunting to plan. As bathroom renovation specialists in the UK, we have prepared this easy step-by-step bathroom renovation guide. Before starting the project, go through it. We ensure you will have a good knowledge about it.

What is a Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation is the process of updating different parts, elements and components of it. It covers the replacement of a shower room, bathtub, faucets, lighting, flooring & walls, paint, storage units and vanity is replaced. The complete bathroom solutions cover an entire refurbishment with structural changes. Meaning, the layout is also remoulded. The plumbing & electric connections are rerouted in a comprehensive bathroom remodel project. With this, the room looks organized, maintained and dolled up. Isn’t the bathroom revamping worth the shot?

The General Process of Remodelling a Bathroom

Bathroom renovations are important to maintain sanity and safety. Considering restoring it? The following steps will help you understand the procedure better.

Bathroom Remodel Step 1: Layout Planning

Do you need to keep the existing layout or want to upgrade it? Discuss with your family or spouse what should be done. Since the bathroom layout is foremost, invest a great time here. A great bathroom layout effectively utilizes the space. It also maximizes the practicality of the shower room. The wise bathroom remodels layout planning reflects the ideal placement of storage units, sanitary ware, the shower room, bathing tub, sink and many other elements. You can talk to a bathroom designing expert for assistance in design drawing, concept making, and material selection. He will create the optimal mapping for the electrical & plumbing fixtures as well. Note that, professional bathroom specialists can suggest switching positions of various units. It is done to make the best use of the available space.

Bathroom Remodel Step 2: Removing Fittings & Cleaning Space

This step brings the bathroom remodel project idea into practice. The experts for renovating the bathroom will start the work by removing fixtures. It has sanitary ware, lighting, plumbing lines, and electrical wiring. The accessories or the items to be used later are kept aside. If some of the units are to be used in refurbishment, you need to be extra conscious. Keep those items safe for reuse. Cleaning process often results in dust & dirt and includes sharp tools. So we are advising you to keep children away. Your bathroom makeover expert will also inspect the room for mould growth. Once the fittings are removed, the mould or any unwanted growth is cleaned with tools or chemicals.

Bathroom Remodel Step 3: Removing Tiles for A Bathroom Renewal

Tiles can get damaged after some time, so changing them is a great choice. Removing tiles for a bathroom improvement project can be the hardest process. You should thank if there is someone experienced and well-qualified by your side. Have you created a bathroom vision in your head? Then choose the tiles to renovate your bathroom accordingly. The popular modern tiles are checkboard tiles, granite tiles, marble tiles, green metro tiles, onyx tiles, peach orange and patterned tiles.

Bathroom Remodel Step 4: Plumbing and Electric Wiring

The bathroom installer company will employ their plumber and electrician for further tasks. In the first step, all the lines were removed. Now, the specialists take the lead in replacing them. The proposed position and designs are shared with the professionals. As per the spots of lighting fixtures, shaving point, switch-boards, exhaust fans, geyser, alcove lights, ceiling lights etc., the wiring is installed. In the same way, qualified plumbers for bathroom renovation make connections for vanity, drainage, and sanity-based fittings.

Bathroom Remodel Step 5: Fitting Tiles and Countertops

The bathroom is cleaned before fixing the tiles and countertops. Both shall be cut according to the specifications. Reliable bathroom remodelling contractors inspect these minor and crucial details while working. The slightest mistake can damage the entire appearance and functionality. So, before fixing the specialist bathroom fitter make sure the dimensions are accurate. Countertops and tiles are installed on the wall and are followed by floor tiling installation. The tiles on the floor are fixed keeping its slope is perfect for drainage. The popular materials for tiles and countertops are solid surface, engineering quartz, natural stone, granite, concrete, marble, limestone, soapstone, and decorative laminate.

Bathroom Remodel Step 6: Painting the Walls

If the bathroom is entirely tiled or if it has floor-to-ceiling tiles, paint is not required. However, in case of left-over spots, the paint can be done. There are certain factors to consider when you look for bathroom remodelling paint. It should be moisture-resistant, easy to maintain and should complement the interior. Paint should protect walls from mildew and mould. Wondering the best paints for bathroom renovation? Satin and semi-gloss give a smooth texture, not too shiny & not too dull. Eggshell creates a contemporary finish while for less reflective; matte works wonderfully. Your bathroom renovation expert will prime the walls if needed. Note that the fixing should be done before painting for maximum benefits. It also helps paint to last. So, the surface must be repaired as needed.

Bathroom Remodel Step 7: Installing Electric Fixtures, Accessories and Sanitary Ware

At this step, the power supply is installed. You can expect the fitting of switchboards, vanity lights, ceiling bulbs, heated tower rails, and electric underfloor heating. The smart bathroom fittings such as touchless taps are also considered here. The carpenter will fit bathroom renovation accessories such as cabinets, bathtubs wood frames, custom-made doors, countertops, splashbacks, shelving units, mirrors etc. Subsequently, the plumber installs sinks & faucets, showers, tubs, toilets, water heaters, laundry connections and all required sanitary ware. These all fittings contribute to a proper electric and water flow in the bathroom. Also, they enhance the comfort & convenience of a shower space.

Make Your Bathroom Luxurious with These Upgrades

Sometimes we are not ready for an entire bathroom makeover. The reasons could be many ranging from budget constraints, space limitations, lack of inspiration and need. In such cases, you can do one more thing. We have listed some of the major bathroom components below. Only with their improvement, a bathroom can look like is it newly designed. So, no matter whether you want a full bathroom renovation or just a few additions, this list will help you elevate the impact of a bathroom remodel investment.

  • Bathroom Vanity –The quickest way to restore the beauty of a bathroom is by upgrading the bathroom vanity. Replacing the old wash basin with a brand new sink, taps, and storage cupboard is an attention stealer. It impacts the overall looks and feels of a space.
  • Bathtubs, Faucets and Showers –Introduce the spa-like experience in your bathroom with the luxurious shower and faucets. Switch to a floating bathtub, freestanding, and Corner-styled bathtub. Considering top-notch materials such as granite, glass, marble, porcelain and wood can bring a touch of grace.
  • Interior Overall Lighting –Not to mention, how much bathroom lighting impacts the interior ambience of a shower space. Lighting is not only referred to as ceiling bulbs/ tubes. Modern bathroom renovation fit lighting in cupboards, racks, shower rooms, at the floor base etc. Dimming lights bring the vibes of comfort and ease.
  • Replace Mirrors –Only by the addition of a sophisticated mirror with a sleek frame, a room become royal. Mirrors are the epitome of style. Explore some of the trending bathroom mirror ideas. It will enhance the luxury and opulence appearance of your shower room.
  • Introduce Technology – Smart tech-savvy appliances add convenience to your lifestyle. Install showers, faucets, mirrors and sanitary ware that are innovatively controlled. They utilize the least water and power. It can reduce energy consumption and can save money and electricity in the long run.

Top Benefits of Rejuvenating a Bathroom

One of the best ways to breathe new life into your residence is by updating its bathroom. When exploring bathroom benefits; there are many, we have a long list of advantages of a bathroom renovation.

  • Refreshed Design & Aesthetics – A bathroom that looks good makes us feel great. It improves the mood and eliminates stress & anxiety. It is because this place takes charge of removing all the stress of the day, it revives our energy levels. So, a dull-looking bathroom is recreated with its restoration. A well-planned, designed and fitted bathroom remodel service leaves a great difference. If a shower room is built matching to your style, productivity is elevated. There are numerous benefits to it. You can notice the way to act before and after bathroom renovation.
  • Increased Functionality – Bathroom renovation’s importance lies when we lack harmony. Meaning, that when our preferences and bathroom design do not align. The possibility could be that with growing time, your requirements and lifestyles also have changed. It happens.
  • Enhanced Safety –The top perk of a bathroom restoration is the elimination of all hazardous mishaps. Chipped tiles, uneven floors, mould and slippery floors should be fixed in time. With a good bathroom, your place becomes safe & secure. The floors are renewed, the showerhead is replaced, the handheld fixtures are newly installed, and the doors are replaced.
  • Boosted Energy Efficiency –A new bathroom can make a huge difference in energy usage. The old sanitary ware uses more power than the modern fittings. It goes the same for all lighting fixtures as well. You can also pick materials that are good for the environment. Bamboo, sustainable tiles, clay ceramic and cork are some choices for a sustainable bathroom redesign approach.
  • Elevated Home Value –A modern bathroom is not only good for personal use. It provides financial benefits as well. A home’s value gets improved with it. Buyers prefer a property with a superior bathroom. They are effortlessly attracted to homes with a high standard and well-furnished bathing space. So, a bathroom remodel aids in selling homes quickly at better prices.

With the mentioned importance of a bathroom renovation service, now you know how much it is valuable for you. Contact reliable and genuine construction companies for bathroom makeovers. It is a significant investment. Make sure you do it with the right team of bathroom fitters in the UK.

Modern Materials Used in Bathroom Renovations

Before selecting advanced bathroom makeover materials, you should know the important factors to consider. Select materials that can withstand moisture, excess dampness and direct contact with water. It comes down to the durability of a material. A moisture/water-resistant material will also last longer. Safety is another crucial aspect. Look for tiles, or flooring ensuring a non-slippery surface. Materials for bathroom makeovers must be easy to clean. They should be highly resistant to mould. Here is the list of some of the optimal bathroom materials to choose from: 

  • For Countertops: Concrete, Solid Surfaces, Granite, Quartz, Laminate.
  • For Accessories (faucet, bathtub, showerhead etc.): Stainless Steel, Nickel, Brass, Zinc and Zinc Alloys, Chrome, Bronze.
  • For Cabinets and Storage Solutions: Solid Wood, Medium Density Fibre, Plywood, Oak, Teak, Corian and Solid Surface.
  • For Flooring: Porcelain tiles, Ceramic tiles, Vinyl, Engineered Wood, Natural Stone.
  • For Wall Covering: Ceramic or Porcelain tiles, Beadboard, Tileboard, Wallpaper, Water-Resistant Paint.

These are the most popular materials for bathroom fittings. They feature decent, highly functional, resilient and lasting properties. Combine your bathing space with the magic of this beautiful finishing.

Timeline for Completing a Bathroom Renovation Service

The renovation of the bathroom time depends on the type of remodelling. The project can last as early as a few hours and can even extend to weeks. The time taken for a bathroom area remodel depends on how much space it covers. The large dimensions will add more time. There are many factors influencing the completion time. Talk to an expert bathroom renovation company and share your requirements. You will know the timeline.

  1. First Type: The first case is when the cosmetic refurbishment of a bathroom is done. It involves replacing and fixing noticeable things to revamp functionality. This involves the replacement of taps, appliances and furniture. It improves the features of a bathroom and can take around 1-4 days.
  1. Second Type: Plastering, tiling and painting work is carried out in this type of bathroom retouching. The structural fittings remain untouched. However, the rest of the bathroom is upgraded. Most people with modern house structures prefer this type of bathroom renovation. It is because they already have a well-functioning structure and connections. They might only want to rejuvenate the ambience, style, and colour of their bathrooms. Such projects can take 4-5 days.
  1. Third Type: It is when structural changes are also carried out. Meaning, that the walls are torn, pipes and all wiring are removed. It comes under the major bathing room refurbishment. Generally, if homeowners want to switch places, it is done. The appliances are removed and advanced ones are fixed. Here, smart fittings such as IoT bathroom accessories are installed. The heating and ventilation systems are incorporated at this point as well. So, this huge bathroom makeover service can last for 2 or more weeks.

Bathroom Remodelling Estimated Cost

The estimated cost for a bathroom renovation solution in the UK depends on some factors. It includes the square footage of the bathroom, fittings chosen, quality of products and materials, and bathroom installation company’s standards. The basic bathroom renovation with minor changes can cost as little as £250. However, the cost can vary as the project scale increases. Consider the rates of tiles, heating & electric installations, lighting, storage units and flooring. A complete bathroom improvement including all the basic units and removal or replacement of radiators, wall tiles, ceiling, accessories, bathroom fixtures, extractor fan and all decorating. It could cost around £6000. Nevertheless, the cost for a new bathroom renovation in the UK and nearby regions can go up to £10,000; if all the structural changes are also made. Expect more cost fluctuations if the bathroom extension services are incorporated.

Professional Bathroom Renovation Company

Having a spectacularly designed bathroom is a dream for everyone. We are aware of how a great bathroom design influences our lifestyle, mindset, mood and productivity.  Always pay attention to the quality of fittings you are opting for. The better the quality, the better the service they offer. TEL Constructions is the well-versed name for the best bathroom remodelling services in the UK. Our research-based approach resources only the optimal quality bathroom fittings. We have tied up with the repudiated manufacturers for supplying the high-standard bathroom facilities. We make the process simple & easy with 3d bathroom renders. Before finalizing the design, we create engaging & realistic visualizations. It helps clients decide if everything is excellent. Our bathroom refurbishment experts guide customers without hesitation. Do you have any question regarding our bathroom fitting services? Feel free to get in touch with us.

The Complete Kitchen Renovation Guide for Homeowners

A kitchen is the beating heart of a home. The way it looks and feels tells a lot about the values and personality of homeowners. Modernising spaces with kitchen makeovers is a new trend. Some people are inspired by influencers while others get their hearts pinched after visiting a great kitchen. Over the top, the main reason people go for kitchen improvement is when their kitchen becomes outdated. With the right kitchen remodelling, you can create an inspiring, beautiful and practical room. Your space might be feeling behind or the cupboards may have started to make noise. It is the perfect call for your kitchen renovation. Today, you will learn significant information about kitchen remodel. Let’s begin!

What is a Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation means updating it to improve the overall functionality and appearance. It provides a brand-new and refreshed look. New fittings and furnishing are added/ replaced such as cabinetry, worktops, splashbacks, plumbing, integrated appliances, and flooring. Generally, kitchens after 15-20 years need revamping. A kitchen can have minor or major alterations. For better results, the project should always be carried out by a professional kitchen installer.

Reasons Why You Should Renovate Your Kitchen Space

A kitchen refurbishment improves storage space, workflow, safety and value of a cookhouse. We get several benefits from kitchen renovations. Keep reading below to know all the important advantages of a kitchen renovation.

  • You Get a Great Working and Standing Space –The reason you might need a kitchen renovation is the lack of space. Many homeowners struggle to stand comfortably while cooking. Some collide in refrigerators and others lack a space for cabinets. Renovations mostly focus on designing a layout that can provide a great kitchen triangle. A kitchen designed with the triangle rule always functions the best.
  • The Property Value Enhanced with a Better Kitchen – The kitchen is one of the major parts of a home. When it is well-designed, maintained and optimized; you get all the benefits. Thinking of selling your home shortly? Get great deals by renovating kitchens. Since it is a vital room, buyers pay close attention to the kitchen interior and integrity. Most of them will prefer a luxurious, decent, sophisticated, and up-to-date cooking space over an untidy, cluttered, and outdated one.
  • Better Appliances Are Fitted – A kitchen is all about smooth and quick operations. With upgraded appliances, the daily tasks are improved. It will not only improve work but make it more fun, easy and enjoyable. If you are interested in new technologies, modern appliances must be your thing. They are simple to operate and aesthetic to look at.
  • Kitchen Becomes Energy Efficient –By a kitchen refurbishment and renovating existing electric goods, you save on energy bills. The new electric equipment is designed to use the least energy. They are eco-friendly and emit the least carbon. New lighting fixtures, ovens, microwaves, electric induction, and smart kitchen appliances use less power to operate.
  • Kitchen Safety is Improved –Kitchen renovation services include removing malfunctioning kitchen appliances. It eliminates any chance of accidents in the kitchen. The old fitted appliances sometimes cannot handle today’s electric power. Such kind of installation can pose a safety risk. However, with modern kitchen appliances, these risks are eliminated. They are designed keeping all the electric advancements in mind.
  • A Great Kitchen Storage and Overall Space –The process of kitchen revamping includes removing partition walls & unwanted cabinets, rearranging cupboards, shifting things etc. Now the remodelling significantly focuses on smart storage solutions. With kitchen refurbishment, the unnecessary fittings are removed. It can be utilized for creating efficient storage units.

Our Handpicked Guide on Kitchen Renovation Services

Renovating a kitchen is a major investment, citizens prioritize a great kitchen even over other parts of their home. A kitchen refurbishment service can holistically improve its value and aesthetics. Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen? We have listed some of the important things you should know about kitchen improvement services. You can consider these things to get more familiar with the process.

1. Know What Your Requirements Are? – Before embarking on the journey of a kitchen renovation in your house. Ask yourself a few questions. Let us help you here. You can choose the most important thing you want inside a kitchen. Do you want an improved workflow? Storage? The better appliances? More lighting? More space? Or all of it? Ask yourself about the budget you have, and how would you use the kitchen. (will it only be for cooking or do you want sitting space as well?), Do you want an extra appealing and practical space? For instance: a breakfast bar, or an Island with a great Chandelier, are you contented with the existing layout, or if you want a shift in it? Such questions will provide you with clarity on the design specifications and changes you need. This practice generally aims to differentiate your needs and wants. Expert kitchen designing companies always prioritize requirements and then incorporate their desires. So, you should do the same for the optimal kitchen renovation. Nevertheless, if your kitchen already works seamlessly; revamping it only for its looks can be a great choice as well.

2. Creating a Schedule for a Kitchen Renovation Process – The kitchen renovation expert creates the best schedule depending on your requirements. It ensures the projects are running in a smooth and organized manner. When someone has a roadmap, the journey becomes quite easy. Just like that, creating a list of what needs to be done in sequence helps in completing work on time. Here is the list of important tasks carried out in the remodelling of a kitchen. How it is scheduled depends on the kitchen designer. The typical list looks like this:

  • Removing: Wall units, cabinets, drawers, worktops, splashback, power units, plumbing, first fixes, flooring etc.
  • Plastering, Fixing, and Paint: In case the plastering is required it is done. And is followed by fixing the minor or major issues in walls, worktops, floors etc. The necessary pain coats are initiated on the walls and ceilings.
  • Fitting: Once paint is dried, storage units are installed including wall, base and integrated units. It involves fitting worktops, appliances, extractor fans, chimneys, sinks, taps, dishwashers, microwaves, and all scheduled second fixtures.
  • Decorating: Levelling and laying down new flooring and doing required decorating. So, these are the prominent things that are carried out during a new kitchen remodelling. 

3. Designing Kitchen Makeovers by Professional Kitchen Installer – Kitchen design can be prepared using many ways. Some people prefer doing it themselves while others hire a professional kitchen architect. We suggest you find the best kitchen suppliers in the UK. They are qualified and have hands-on knowledge. By choosing an ideal kitchen design company; you can get the most accurate, modern and advanced kitchen design. They will create the most suitable design depending on the available dimensions. Share your personal preferences and requirements that you made by asking the questions we mentioned in the first point. A specialist in kitchen installation will work to optimize your daily tasks.

4. Removing Old Fittings and Salvaging the Necessary – At this step of kitchen renovation, the required fittings are removed. Here the kitchen fitter closely ensures the installations that are not to be removed or replaced should not be damaged. So before ripping out the units, it is ensured that some items are protected. A kitchen repair on a budget is done keeping in mind that the units in good condition are used after renovation. However, the poor and old programmed units are replaced. Some kitchen projects are entirely renewed, so this thing can be eliminated in such cases.  

5. Electric Connections and First Fixes – The majority of kitchen renovations if the kitchen is older than 20 years replace the entire electric wiring. Before this, the electrician will inspect all the electric connections and the first fixes. It is your responsibility to show your electrician all the socket and wiring connections. If he felt like there is a need to replace a certain part, it is done. Walls are chased out and new metal boxes are installed. Similarly, the second fixes are done after it. This can include plugging connections to the sockets. Splashbacks, worktops, and appliances are installed. Besides, the integrated smart kitchen gadgets are also fixed.  

6. Water Supply/ Plumbing Fitting for Renovating a Kitchen – Plumbing connection plays an important role during a kitchen renovation fitting in the UK. It takes hold of two major operations: water supply and waste. The sink fitting serves the water supply while the drainage is for the wastage. Generally, two pipes are connected namely hot and cold to supply water at two different temperatures. It depends on the individual where he wants dual taps. All the existing pipes, taps and drainage buckets are removed. The best kitchen contractors inspect the space for additional improvements. Sometimes, the space is damaged by stains, mould mildew etc. So, it is all removed. If there is a need to reroute the connections, it is done by a skilled kitchen renovation specialist.  

7. Heater Installation in Kitchen Renovation – Upgrading heating in kitchen space is optional for many individuals. They say, the space is already warmed up by cooking, so there is no need to install heaters. Some of the popular options are Radiators, plinth heaters, underfloor heating systems, and heated towel rails. Radiators are a popular choice, when a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) is fitted within it, the temperature is adjusted accordingly. In plinth heaters, the equipment is fitted between the base units and the floor. Underfloor heating systems for kitchen remodelling are popular. Such systems are convenient, affordable and work smoothly. If a kitchen is more than just a cooking space, go for it. For narrow kitchens, heated towel rails are an amazing choice. Talk to a kitchen remodelling expert for what will work best according to your kitchen style & specifications.  

8. Flooring Installation in Kitchen Repairing Fittings – The floor of the kitchen needs to be anti-slippery, durable, and appealing. For kitchen remodelling projects, most of the flooring is in bad condition. So, it must be replaced with a better material this time. The best kitchen flooring is both practical and beautiful. Ask your kitchen fitter expert what features the floor holds that he is about to install. An ideal kitchen floor material manages heavy traffic, is anti-slippery, has low maintenance, and looks good. The popular options to choose from are ceramic tiles, wood, porcelain tiles, granite, quartz, timber, natural stone, vinyl, linoleum tiles and engineered timber. These all options last long, are robust, and are easily cleaned.  

9. Fitting Units and Second Fixes in Renovated Kitchen – The kitchen fittings including all major and minor units are installed. For most of the kitchen rejuvenation, the smart units are fitted. They are best known for their lightweight, smart working, easy operation, accessibility, sustainability and economical rates. So, if you want to make your kitchen more advanced; talk to your professional kitchen installer to use the automated appliances. Other than that, wall units, plinths, lights, kickboards, and splashback are installed. Now, is also the ideal time for doing the second fixtures. Taps and drainage are connected to the plumbing connection. The kitchen hood and extractor are also installed.  

10. Kitchen Upgradation with Kitchen Extensions – Kitchen extensions are an awesome choice for extending the existing dimensions of your cooking area. These are often carried out as a kitchen renovation when individuals want to bring huge transformations in both space and looks. With modern kitchen extensions, the changes are done to make lifestyle easy and comforting. In general, the garden space, lawn or any room is utilized to extend the kitchen. An individual small kitchen can be more with extensions. Customize it or go with the style a kitchen architect suggests you. Always get professional help from the kitchen designing company to build an effective kitchen extension in your home. Regardless of how much space you have (small or large), kitchen extensions allow you to add a sitting zone, dining hall etc. Side extensions are popular picks for most of the semi-detached and terraced properties in the UK. Finally, while extending cooking spaces, consult an experienced local structural engineer. They are aware of all the planning permissions and local building guidelines regulated in a specific area.  

Planning Permission for Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations do not require planning permission in most of the cases apart from some exceptions. It is not needed if the upgrade is done on the existing foundation. And only the units such as worktops, appliances, handles, doors, windows, lighting, chimney, and sink are renewed. The property must have already come under permitted development. Thus there is no need for planning permission. However, if significant changes are made to your space, planning permissions are definitely needed. It is crucial if you are extending it, building a kitchen extension, or removing a structural wall. Planning permission for kitchen remodelling in the UK is required if it is part of the new extension and the layout is modified. It is also essential to consider when the drainage or plumbing is upgraded entirely from the existing one. If a property comes under listed buildings or a conservational region; planning permissions for kitchen remodel is required in such cases.  

Hire a qualified kitchen installation company in the UK, they are well aware of all regulations. Many renovations of kitchen projects are undertaken but only a few get the design approvals. So, ensure the kitchen architect takes complete accountability for design integrity, safety standards, building regulations and planning permissions. The best kitchen construction experts give you the design & plans that are acceptable and in compliance with all legal requirements.  

What is the Estimated Kitchen Renovation Cost in the UK?

We have provided all the necessary information you might need to know before remodelling a cooking space. Now you may be wondering about the cost of a kitchen remodel in the UK? On average, the kitchen renovation project price can start from as low as £10,000 and as high as £60,000 and more. While there is no common standard or design followed to upgrade a kitchen, the prices vary accordingly. It depends on many factors including project scale, quality, fittings, complexity, company expertise and more. The main parts involved in a renovation service for a kitchen involve: kitchen worktops, storage units, doors, sink, tap, appliances, flooring, electric & plumbing work, heating system installations, windows, doors, ventilation, worktops, ceilings, and paint. To estimate the approximate kitchen refurbishment cost UK, you can get the price estimates of all these listed factors. The price will be high and low depending on the number of changes to be carried out. Also, the quality of fittings installed determines the cost of a kitchen space remodelling. It would be a wise choice to contact the kitchen manufacturers in the UK who can brief you about the cost depending on your unique requirements. Generally, all the kitchen fitting specialists provide a FREE quotation. Thus, you can have all the information to budget a kitchen.  

TEL Constructions: UK’s Best Construction Firm

TEL Constructions is a highly professional and well repudiated construction company in the UK. We transform spaces with ultimate kitchen renovation services. Our work is defined by top-notch quality, unmatched excellence in design and accuracy in each fitting. We makeover cooking spaces for residential and commercial sites at great prices. Our talented team of designers, engineers, and architects modernize kitchens using the latest tools and advanced building techniques. We enhance the customer experience with 3d kitchen visualizations. With this, we present the design output with complete finishing. They get to know what their new updated kitchen will look like. In case they want some changes, we made it right away. Want to know more about our kitchen design services? Call us for a FREE Consultation.

Architectural 3D Rendering Services

3D Architectural Rendering services enable you to see your unbuilt architecture, even before a single brick is laid. TEL Constructions, the leading construction company in the UK, offers complimentary 3D architectural rendering services for our construction projects. 3D renders will help homeowners, business professionals or entrepreneurs to see their project or the proposed construction beforehand. These high-quality and detailed renders will merge your vision and requirements into compelling CGI that is true-to-life and amazingly photorealistic. Whether you are planning to undergo home renovation, extension, loft conversion, stairs or create an altogether new building, 3D visualizations will always stay impactful. The team at TEL Constructions has rich and diverse experience in crafting beautiful 3D visualizations for our clients. The architectural 3D visualizations serve as the foundation of any construction project. Also, 3D rendering enables us to deliver amazing masterpieces on time and within the requested budget of the client.

Best 3D Architectural Rendering Services

3D architectural rendering, also known as 3D visualization, is a pre-construction process of creating 2D and 3D images of a proposed construction design. The main aim is to understand how the proposed architecture will look after construction. Thus, giving a fair clarity of expectations to clients and other stakeholders. These colourful 2D images are known as 3D renders that highlight each element and aspect of design such as furniture, paint, furnishings, curtains, tiles, partitions, storage, lighting and much more. Thus, Architectural 3D rendering services enable accurate representation of the design intent along with an adept focus on the feasibility, aesthetics, and functionality of the structure. 

Role of Architectural 3D Rendering Services in Construction Projects

These realistic 3D renders play a vital role in decision-making during the initial stages of construction works. They not only help in better visualization of the project but also enhance the overall outcomes as well. Have a look at the benefits of getting 3D visualization done for the project. 

  1. What You See is What You Get: This innovative 3D CGI provides accurate and immersive design visualization for comprehensive understanding by stakeholders. The traditional 2D designs and the blueprints are not understandable by all. Renders in 3D enable the stakeholders to understand every design aspect such as materials, textures, lighting, and colours. You will get exactly what you see in the picture (3D renders). 
  2. Effective Communication Between All Stakeholders: 3D renders eliminate the need for those lengthy technical explanations that may confuse a less tech-savvy person. The CGI serves as a bridge between the construction contractor, the client, and the architect. The design intent is clearly communicated, and the feedback received from the client can be incorporated in real time. This way ensures reduced misunderstandings and 100% satisfaction from all ends. 
  3. Improved Project Planning and Coordination: Apart from aesthetics, 3D rendering allows the stakeholders to peep into the functionality of the space as well. From structural components to mechanical systems, still and animation renders ensure better coordination between the architects and the construction team.  
  4. Identification of Flaws and Design Changes: Figuring out the issues midway through the construction, would not only be frustrating but also challenging from monetary aspects as well. 3D visualization ensures that the design is flawless and error-free. If there are any issues, they are addressed and resolved in the design phase itself.   
  5. Game Up your Marketing Prospects: In case you are building an apartment or a commercial complex, getting 3D renders would level up your marketing game. Using them on social media, billboards, websites, and other marketing campaigns will directly boost your selling endeavours. 

Why Hire Us for 3D Architectural Rendering Services?

Our in-house 3D rendering studio creates high-quality, engaging, and photorealistic renders that align perfectly with the specifications. The 3D visualizers at TEL Constructions understand the design requirements and client desires completely. After that, they create bespoke stunning CGI for our clients in the UK. Here’s what makes our studio stand over other 3D rendering companies in the market. 

  • Highly Skilled and Knowledgeable 3D Team: The 3D rendering team at TEL Constructions is exceptionally talented and has in-depth industry knowledge. They perform 3D rendering on the latest technology platforms and are equipped with modern styles and trends in the market.  
  • Bespoke Architectural Rendering: We understand that no two projects are alike and have different requirements. We ensure equal attention and dedication to every project to make sure that it gets materialized as it was conceptualized.  
  • Experience that Speaks: We have been serving our clients for over 10 years. We have gathered immense experience that enables us to deliver professional, impressive, and high-quality renders on time. This is the ultimate reason behind our success.  
  • Streamlined Processes: We follow a systematic, transparent, and streamlined process for all. Our clients love the way we give attention to even minute details and communicate with them.  
  • Quality-Oriented and Customer-Centric Processes: We keep quality as our foremost priority in all respects. All our processes are designed to ensure that the outcome exceeds the expectations of clients or at least should be at par with them.  
  • All Types of Projects Covered: Be it residential or commercial, a small project or planning a town, we offer architectural 3D rendering services that cover all project types. We have a big rendering team that ensures undivided attention to every project and works round the clock to get it completed on time. 
  • State-of-the-art Technology: Our team works on the most advanced and latest digital technology for developing 3D renders. Technology blended with the expert acumen of our visualizers enables us to deliver the most stunning, hyper realistic and impressive renders at high quality.  

3D Rendering Visualization: The Ladder to Successful Construction

3D rendering plays a crucial role in the pre-construction phase. Here the engineers, architects and other stakeholders collaborate and work on the structure on all possible aspects. For the success of all construction projects, 3D rendering serves as the foundational block.   

  • Architectural 3D Rendering for Residential Construction Projects: This involves creating detailed and immersive visualizations for apartments, homes, bungalows, and other residential complexes. Get attractive 3D renders when you are planning for: 
    1. home renovations (full house, kitchen, bathroom, backyard and more), 
    2. home extensions (single-storey, multi-storey, wrap-around, rear, side or more),  
    3. New builds from scratch,  
    4. Loft conversions and loft stairs,  
    5. Garage or basement conversions  
    6. And other construction works. 
  •  Architectural 3D Rendering for Commercial Construction Projects: Get beautiful interior and exterior views for commercial properties such as offices, hotels, retail spaces and other commercial complexes. This will give a better understanding of the layout, functionality, and design of the space. 
  • Architectural 3D Visualization for Industrial Construction Projects: Industrial construction projects are big and involve criticalities. 3D rendering ensures flawless completion of industrial projects such as warehouse construction, factory set-up, plant development and more.  

Types of 3D Architectural Rendering Services for Construction Projects

Our team of 3D rendering offers bespoke CGI services for all your construction project needs. Be it big or small, our team delivers highly photorealistic, immersive, and impressive renders. 

Our core 3D architectural visualization services include:  

  • 3D Floor Plan Rendering Services
  • 3D Interior Rendering Services
  • 3D Exterior Rendering Services
  • 3D Landscape Rendering Services
  • 3D Architectural Animation Services
  • 3D Architectural Modeling Services
  • 3D Architectural Walkthrough Services
  • 3D Kitchen Rendering Services

Delivery Formats by a 3D Rendering Company

TEL Constructions offers the best and most exclusive architectural 3D rendering services for construction projects to ensure they are flawless, functional, and appealing in all respects. Our team delivers both still and motion renders.  

  1. Still Renders: Still renders are the 2D images of the project that depict how the project will look after completion. 3D renders are delivered in high-quality JPEG format.  
  2. Video Renders/ Animation Renders/ Motion Renders: Motion renders such as video and animation renders enable one to get a much better picture of the project. The types of motion renders include walkthroughs, animation, aerial, virtual tours and more.  

Who can all take 3D architectural rendering services from TEL Constructions?

Our team caters to the diverse interests of homeowners, real estate developers, architects, builders & contractors, property developers, entrepreneurs, and everyone who is undergoing any sort of construction work. These architectural visualization services make you double sure that the construction work is worth the investment. Also, the space undergoing construction meets your purpose as well. At TEL Constructions, we aim to offer the highest quality rendering 3D services to our clients by ensuring the best turnaround time, competitive pricing, and timely delivery. We collaborate with the client at every design step to ensure that the 3D renders are unique, meet expectations and stand flawless.  

Choosing the Best 3D Rendering Company for Your Construction Project

When it comes to choosing the best 3D rendering studio for your needs, you’ll come across multiple choices in the market. The irony is that everyone claims to be the best. To avoid falling into the trap of cowboy builders or other fake companies, you must stay vigilant. TEL Constructions is a well-established brand in the industry known for high-end and large-scale construction works. Our rendering team ensures that every project is deeply visualized in 3D as our reputation is at stake. We leave no stone unturned to deliver nothing less than the highest quality. Our portfolio, our website and our social media profiles all say our success story loud and clear. But there are certain things that you need to consider before signing the dotted line. 

  1. In-House Team: If the renders are not created in-house and are subcontracted, this will not only reflect in the high quotations but will create serious communication gaps. TEL Constructions has a team in-house along with professionals from other trades as well. So, in case you want to go for underfloor heating for your newly constructed loft, our expert will be in the loop as well.  
  2. Pricing Strategy: The Pricing should be fair and competitive. There shouldn’t be any hidden charges or commissions involved. If there are any obligations, they should be cleared to the client before the start of the project. At TEL Constructions, we offer complimentary architectural 3D rendering services for our construction projects and do not charge when you get your construction project done with us from start to finish.  
  3. Expertise on Board: Imagine if the client needs to dictate everything to the visualizer, more like an art director, there is no point in partnering with that 3D rendering company. The 3D specialists at TEL Constructions comprehend the vision of our clients beautifully. This can certainly be reflected in the drafts delivered that require minimal revisions. 
  4. Qualification of the 3D Team: Pricing is one aspect, but what matters most is the skills and expertise of the team. It’s important to evaluate the team’s relevant experience in the industry and their knowledge and expertise on the same. Building long-term relationships with clients can only happen when the team is responsive, communicates well and is patient as well. The 3D rendering studio at TEL Constructions comprises of experienced and professional 3D visualizers who have delivered countless successful projects in the UK. 
  5. Portfolio and Online Presence: If a rendering company cannot produce a good portfolio or has no significant online presence, mark this as a red flag. The company should have an impressive online presence (on Google, social media, and other platforms). TEL Constructions has a well-built portfolio, a functional website and an amazing social media following that proves our supremacy in the market.  

TEL Constructions Has the Best 3D Rendering Studio for Construction Projects

The 3D rendering studio at TEL Constructions promises to deliver designs exactly what you envision. And the company itself promises to turn these designs into reality through its world-class construction services. We feel happy and successful when our clients are satisfied with the results. Being a registered member of Trademark and FMB (Federation of Master Builders), TEL Constructions is a name synonym for quality. Our 3D visualizers create renders that exhibit the highest level of detailing in HD and ensure every aspect is covered to excellence. We make a tremendous and exemplary effort to blur the lines between reality and the digital world. Our dedicated managers ensure the best turnaround times and on-time delivery. Hire us today for your 3D rendering project and feel the difference of working with a brand. Get in touch with us Now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get started with TEL Constructions for 3D rendering project? 

It is amazingly easy to get started with TEL Constructions. You may fill out the form on the Contact Us page. You may also call us directly or email us the project requirements. If you have already hired us as your construction partner, we will do that for you at no extra cost. 

2. How long does 3D rendering take? 

The exact time taken for 3D rendering depends on the format chosen and the complexity of the project. But, on average it may take around a couple of weeks to complete the rendering. We understand your value of time and deadlines. Expect the project to be tailored according to your specifications and timelines.  

3. What is the main purpose of 3D rendering? 

3D rendering enables you to visualize the project which is yet to be built. It gives a clear representation of the project in full colours, materials, textures, lighting, and other elements.  

4. Is 3D rendering in demand? 

Due to the wide application base of the 3D renders, the demand for visualization and accurate representation is growing at an extremely fast pace. This has considerably given a major boost to the 3D rendering industry. 

5. What things are required to get started with 3D rendering? 

Just share with us your sketches, drafts, elevation plans, drawings, reference materials or any other specific requirement you have related to your project. Our visualizers will understand your project and will draft a compelling 3D render.  


We hired TEL Constructions for the full-scale renovation of our home. We had so many questions in mind about the design and outcome of the project. But they all got answered by the beautiful 3D renders that enabled us to understand the proposed design from all angles. We received the same home interiors that we saw on renders. Thankyou TEL Constructions! 

I am glad that I reached out to you guys for my loft extension. Your 3D renders helped me understand all the things such as storage, lighting and most importantly my loft stairs. That was much a relief! Amazing work TEL Constructions and your team.