How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost

How much does bathroom renovation cost – Believe it or not, bathroom turn the home functional and practical. It’s the most used rooms in the home. In fact, Bathroom is one of the rooms of the home that play an important role when you plan to sell your home. Getting a bathroom remodel not only turns your home aesthetically appealing but adds amazing value to it. Planning to remodel and want to know everything about costs? TEL Constructions brings to you exclusive coverage of bathroom renovation costs in the UK.

How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost

The average cost of bathroom remodelling in the UK comes out to be around £4,000. It depends on the size of the bathroom, the materials used, fixtures, faucets and more. The cost of renovating a bathroom starts from £1,500 (for small bathroom remodels) and may touch £7,500 for full bathroom makeovers. It may also be a good idea to refurbish or remodel old units to improve the functionality and appeal of the place. The average cost of a shower renovation is around £400-£500. You may expect the cost to increase by adding more features to it such as adding tiles or having a walk-in shower. For a new bathtub or a remodel will cost around £800.

Factors Affecting Bathroom Renovation Cost

There are several factors that impact the cost of renovating the bathroom. Have a look at some of the important ones.

  1. Size of the Bathroom: The bigger the size of the bathroom, the more materials would be required to renovate it. This shall increase the labour costs as well as the time to remodel as well. Any specialized or premium fittings if required will also add up to the overall cost, irrespective bathroom is big or small.
  2. Condition of the Bathroom: If there is a formation of moulds or the bathroom has dampness, it would certainly increase the costs. You need to hire separate tradesmen to damp-proof the bathroom space.
  3. Quality of the Materials: Depending on the quality of fittings, finishes, fixtures, and materials used, may increase the total budget of the bathroom remodel. High-end and premium materials will increase the cost but surely will improve the durability and appeal of the bathroom.
  4. Extend of Renovation: Simple renovations or refurbishments would cost less such as plastering, painting, or decorating. The larger the scope, the more will be the cost such as adding elements, flooring or retiling may require extensive plumbing to be done.
  5. Labour Cost and Location: Labour charges may be different for different locations. The cost will be higher in urban areas than in suburban ones. Also, if the labour is working per day or hour shift, the time taken to complete the project plays an important role in deciding the costs.
  6. Plumbing and Electrical Work: Some activities such as moving a sink or installing a new electrical board would mean undergoing extensive plumbing and electrical work. This will significantly add to the overall cost as you would be requiring professionals to do this.
  7. Structural Changes: If the bathroom remodel requires any structural changes such as striping the plastering, removing the tiles, retiling, knocking down a wall etc would increase the costs. More labour and specific equipment would be required to do so.
  8. Finishing Touches: Performing fine detailing such as adding vanities, closets, mirrors, lighting, and other accessories would greatly add up to the cost.

Tips to Manage Bathroom Renovation / Remodel Cost

Managing bathroom renovation costs can be a bit challenging but with careful and strategic planning you can easily manage the costs in your budget. The renovation experts at TEL Constructions have curated these amazing tips to help you stay within budget.

  1. Plan Your Budget Properly: Plan, plan and extensively plan! Identify the purpose of your renovation and then work on what features you want in your bathroom makeover.
  2. Plumbing Footprint: Try, if possible, to keep the plumbing footprint the same. Moving or relocating the elements will call for more work which will add up to the cost.
  3. Prioritize your Needs over Wishes: Everyone wants a lavish bathroom, but this will shoot the cost exponentially. You must understand what features you want and work over them to get the best in terms of quality as well as price.
  4. Prefer Standard Sizes: Going for standard sizes will offer you lots of different varieties in various brands. Preferring a particular size or extensive customization on bathroom elements will trigger your expenses.
  5. Little Things Matter: If you want to keep it on a budget and want to DIY it, work on the small imprints of your bathroom which will create bigger impacts. Change your old vanity/sink and purchase a new one from the market. Sink and vanity are two important elements that are the impression builders.
  6. Work With a Professional: If you have a fixed budget in mind, you may be tempted to perform all the renovation by yourself to keep the costs down. But DIY could be risky as a slight change to the plumbing could ruin your entire structure. Hiring a professional early on would be a perfect choice. We at TEL Construction also offer 3D services that enable you to see how your bathroom will look post-renovation. This certainly will give you a perfect idea about the design and budget. Any flaw if detected can be resolved in the design time itself, eliminating the need for expensive post-renovation repairs.

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