Kitchen Renovation Cost Guide: Average Remodel Cost

How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen – An outdated kitchen can be the biggest turn-off for homeowners, buyers and investors. Redoing a kitchen significantly impacts a home. Being one of the most important rooms, we cannot neglect its makeover. We all want something advanced and luxurious for our kitchens. The main thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the cost of kitchen renovation. It becomes complex to give an exact amount as there is not a fixed kitchen standard. Giving a cost without knowing its details would be vague. In this guide, we have broken down all aspects contributing to the kitchen remodel costs in the UK. Stop guessing read our guide to kitchen makeover estimated cost.

Kitchen Renovation Cost in the UK

Defining Kitchen Renovations – Kitchen renovations are an important house task. It involves repurposing, redesigning, repairing, and remodelling your kitchen. Kitchen revamping often involves structural changes such as plumbing and electrical fittings, altering kitchen layout, and cosmetic transformation like revamping materials, appliances, colour, surfaces, flooring etc. A kitchen renewal service enhances the appearance and value of a kitchen.

Average Kitchen Restoration / Renovation Cost – For a basic kitchen revamping, the cost can be as little as £5000. If you keep the fittings general, then a kitchen renovation is possible under a budget. It depends on the size and types of materials used in kitchen installation. For a premium and bespoke kitchen overhaul, the average cost can range up to £3000 and more. Advanced kitchen restoration services cover automation, smart lighting, motion sensors, sustainable fittings and more. Thus, the cost of kitchen transformation in the UK highly depends on the types of fittings a kitchen would have, and the level of quality: low, medium or high. Reaching out to craftsmen or a company for personalized kitchen remodelling provides nicely crafted units. But this will also charge more than basic renovations. If you buy all the units, you need to hire a kitchen fitting company; they will have their own charges. Talk to an expert kitchen renovation firm to understand their standards. Typically, a kitchen installer costs an average £200 per day. We recommend you set the budget and then plan for a kitchen room restoration. Working with a trusted kitchen renovation company provides the admiring work at competitive costs.

Estimated Kitchen Renovation Costs Breakdown

Cost involves many components of a kitchen. Here is the breakdown of the kitchen renovation expenses/cost to be expected:

1. Average Hourly Rates of Different Trades – Hourly rates depend on the area you live in. Although there are some standards that are fixed. And let’s suppose you live far from their place, expect a little more charge. If you hire a good renovation company, the cost can be higher. Note that the tradesmen rate can further increase if the project duration is long. Let us suppose, a carpenter who charges around £130 per day, will charge £650 for five days.  The same goes with plumbers, electricians, and general builders. Here is the average cost of different services included in kitchen improvement projects in the UK:

Service Name  Average Hourly Rate 
Plumbing   £55 
Tiling   £25 
Sink & Taps   £60 
Painting   £15 
Cabinet Fittings  £35 
Plastering   £25 

2. Basic Cost for Distinctive Kitchen Flooring – When it comes to kitchen renovation services, we cannot forget about the floor. They have to be robust, lasting, and resistant in all aspects. Many homeowners say if they had all the money in the world for upgrading a kitchen, they would have spent most of it on flooring. An anti-bacterial flooring, that fights stains and last longer is highly preferred. Here is the basic cost estimation of different types of kitchen floors. Note that the price can vary as the quality is refined.

Floor Type   Average Cost Per Sq. Ft.  
Natural Stone  £2-£15 
Bamboo  £4-£9 
Linoleum  £4-£8 
Vinyl   £3-£9 
Hardwood   £5-£15 
Ceramic   £0.50-£25 
Cork  £2-£12 

3. Kitchen Worktop Remodel Cost – Here comes the most interesting part of a kitchen repair project. Worktops or countertops steal the most attention. A great worktop material is not only good for aesthetics but enhances the practical features as well. It contributes to ease & comfort while you cook. Depending on your budget, choose the worktop material and finishing. Here is the approximate worktop cost estimation for different materials as per their standard sizes.

Worktop Material   Standard Size Approx. Cost  
Laminate Chipboard  £60-£165 
Marble   £200-£1600 
Granite  £350-£3000 
Oak  £150-£650 
Quartz  £400-£2700 
Corian  £1000-£1600 
Stainless Steel  £80-£200 

4. Kitchen Renovation Cost for Cabinets and Other Storage Units – The Kitchen is incomplete without storage units. In a kitchen remodeling cost, the type of cabinet units fitted influences the expenses. Today, many repudiated kitchen fitting companies customize storage solutions. And homeowners are loving it. It is because they are tailored to fit a space. It improves the workflow and space utilization. Kitchen cabinet comes in different types. Custom, semi-custom and stocked. The stocked one is already designed/ assembled. It can also have less cost than the other two. For bespoke kitchen cabinets in the UK, the cost can vary between £300-£1500/ sq. ft. for semi-custom storage units, expect £150-£550/ sq. ft. Whereas the already assembled units cost around £40-£300/ sq. ft.  An excellent cabinetry in the kitchen can make a dent in the pocket. So, always prefer expert advice, and share your budget with the kitchen remodeling experts. They will help you stay on the budget and have competitive services.

5. Cost of Kitchen Appliances – The best thing about kitchen renewal is choosing the appliances. The majority of people prefer advanced and high-tech gadgets in kitchen refurbishment services. In the UK, homeowners are stepping towards innovative living and are expecting to invest more in smart kitchen appliances (according to a study). A kitchen appliance comes in a variety of brands. They further have models and sizes. Thus, people get to choose desirable products depending on their budget. The main kitchen appliances are a microwave, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, kitchen range hood, gas & stove, electric kettle and toaster. Depending on your priorities and lifestyle, the options can change. You don’t have to worry about your budget much here. They have cost-price choices for almost every client. The cost changes as per the brand, model type, size, and design of the product.

What Is Involved in Kitchen Cost

Kitchen overhaul cost involves a number of aspects. A lot of things come into consideration to calculate the overall installation cost for a kitchen remodel in the UK. Material and labour costs influence expenses significantly. Premium materials cost more than basic ones, and the labour cost changes according to the company’s standards, expertise, and location. Kitchen units such as cupboards or cabinets and drawers are involved. Other fittings are worktops, splashbacks, sinks & taps, and appliances. Cost of removing existing units & fixtures and their replacement cost. How much time a kitchen remodel takes adds to its cost as well. Longer duration can elevate the prices. Other factors influencing the kitchen makeover cost are project scale, kitchen design, level of customization, lighting, flooring, roofing and style of kitchen (contemporary, traditional etc.) Let us quickly understand each aspect that impacts the renovation cost of a kitchen.

  • Kitchen size: A small kitchen renovation generally costs less as it utilizes fewer resources than a large kitchen remodeling. But some exception cases may be there in which small kitchen renovation costs are higher than large ones. The possibility could be their high-end materials and advanced layout.
  • Layout: Planning to alter the entire kitchen layout in renovation? It can involve breaking down walls and changing electrical and plumbing connections. Thus, it influences the cost of a kitchen remodel.
  • Kitchen materials: The choice of kitchen materials influences cost. Materials are required for everything such as countertops, cabinets, backsplash, flooring, carpentry work, plumbing, appliances, worktops, etc.
  • Appliances: High-end and smart kitchen appliances highly impact cost. The old models are budget-friendly while the newly launched appliances are fairly highly priced.
  • Cabinetry: Style, Size and Design of cabinet units affect the price. Also, the material they are designed of and their finishing plays a great role in cost price.

Some Kitchen Remodel Tips That Will Also Save Money

There are some quick tips you need to know before starting a kitchen restoration service.

  • Set a Budget and Stay on It – The important thing we want to share is people often forget about their budget and end up spending more. Though kitchen renovations are just a long-term investment, we wanted to aware you of what usually happens. Make a budget and find an experienced and genuine kitchen refurbishment company near you. The experts know ways to redesign the kitchen in several ways on a budget. However, it won’t hurt anyone if the kitchen restoration cost goes a little higher than your budget. Whatever it elongates, make sure it is affordable.
  • Shop During Holiday or Sale Season –Another way of saving money on a kitchen renovation is by purchasing kitchen fittings during the sale season. However, most of the best kitchen fitters offer their own kitchen appliances. It is completely up to you which way you want to go.
  • Sell Old Kitchen Units –Not everyone opts for a kitchen repair only after all kitchen units are damaged. Some just wanted to upgrade even a newly built space. If your kitchen appliances, storage units etc. are in a good state and you don’t want to use them anymore. Consider selling them. Search the platforms, ask for the prices, and sell somewhere you get the best returns.
  • Be More Futuristic –It may sound an unusual advice but investing in a kitchen that could work great even after years saves money. When planning for a kitchen renovation, consider adding automation and high-tech appliances. Undoubtedly, it may change your budget but a futuristic kitchen is worth every penny. They are energy efficient, so bills will be reduced. Typically, all advanced kitchen fittings are energy-saving by default. Smart kitchen renovation causes the least harm to the environment. So, it is a win-win.
  • Focus on Flooring – Kitchen renovation is incomplete without floor remodelling. Go with the floors that look great and are functional as well. Recently, vinyl and laminate flooring have been awesome choices. They have a reasonable cost and are highly durable. Make sure to invest in floors that are low maintenance especially if you are mostly occupied with work.
  • Find a Specialist Kitchen Designer – An expert kitchen fitter help in make the most of your kitchen improvement project. The thing about pro kitchen designing companies is their experience. They have worked with so many clients and different types of projects. It makes them trained in creating stunning renovations for the kitchen for a diverse client base. This way you can save money and have a great kitchen remodel.

Use this guide as a reference for a kitchen renovation cost estimation. We tried to provide as accurate information as possible. However, the prices can vary according to companies, the type of services you are opting for, and the time you are reading it. Contact the best company for kitchen upgrades. Share your requirements & budget and get the quotation.

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