How Much Value Does a renovation add to the Home?

Home renovation is smart investment that amps up the aesthetic appeal of the home but eventually turns it practical, functional and boosts resale value as well.

Yes! You do need money to make money.  

Looking for which home renovations add the maximum value to your abode?  

Is it profitable to go for home renovations? 

If these questions keep snowballing in your mind, you’re at the right page. 

Keep reading the blog to know more about benefits of remodelling, home renovation ideas UK that add value and how to approach the best home renovation company near you.   

Why should I go for home improvement services? 

Home renovation is a smart investment that truly transforms your home and makes you experience a complete new and fresh look.   

Availing home renovation services adds a phenomenal value to the home in terms of aesthetics, functionality as well as practicality and turns your home more liveable. 

1. Better to improve than to move  

Home remodelling is an incredible option in case you are thinking to sell the property and buy a new one.  

The costs of the new property are much higher than renovation. Why take hassles of shifting when some low cost renovations can solve your purpose.   

2. Addressing safety concerns  

It may happen that the wiring in your home is not in accord with the modern living.  

Lack of attention towards rewiring or an unrepaired leaky roof significantly depreciates your home value. 

Reaching out to a good home renovation company or professional that helps you fix your electrical, roofing or plumbing issues, dramatically adds a greater value to your space.    

3. Multifold the resale value 

Enhancing the interiors or rewiring or creating addition space with loft conversion, kitchen renovation, garage conversion etc helps you get a higher selling price.  

Going for a roof fixing or renovation turns your home more attractive and alluring to prospective buyers. 

4. Improve Home Efficiency 

The best way to improve your home efficiency or lower electricity bills is to opt for eco-friendly alternatives. 

It may look expensive or costly but it pays better in the longer run.  

Another option is to go for quality insulation or second glazing on the windows & doors or getting a smart thermostat installed from a professional renovation company near you.  

5. Enhances Quality of Life 

Due to growing family needs, you may be looking out for alternatives or even plan of moving out. But, wait.  

Home improvement ideas such as loft conversion, garage expansion, home extension etc help you add that extra space conveniently without making a dent in the pocket.  

Home renovation services transform your home from being unpractical to delivering a practical solution that resolves your space needs.  

By utilizing the unused space purposefully, the home value gets drastically improved.   

Best Home Renovation Ideas UK

Here are some best home improvement and renovation ideas that will immense value to your property. 

Landscaping to Boost Curb appeal  

A home with beautiful exteriors and lawn area tends to attract the investors and potential buyers.  

Going for basic yard care, good landscaping and robust driveway certainly act as a head turner and makes the impression last longer.   

Reach out to best landscapers in UK to turn your home appealing and help you capture the buyer’s heart. 

Planning Home extension  

Using some extra garden space or using garage for additional room turns your home spacious and a perfect bet for the buyers. 

Converting the porch into a room or installing a fireplace (outer area) will make your home stand nonpareil when comes to selling.  

Loft conversion  

Loft conversion means converting your unused attic space into liveable space. It can be converted into a master bedroom, office, home gym, home theater, play area for kid and much more. 

Doesn’t that sound interesting? Yes, it is! 

Loft conversion is an ideal way to add space and value to a home, a minimum by 10-15% depending on a lot of factors such as style, design complexity, market conditions etc. 

Connect with best loft conversion companies in UK for your best ideas. 

Garage Conversion 

Having a garage is more like having a treasure chest!  

The best part while you prepare your garage for some more room or living area, you don’t have to worry about planning complications.  

In a nutshell, this home renovation not only adds to the value (minimum 20%) but is indeed a cost effective way to add space to your property.    

Kitchen renovation 

Kitchen is one such place that makes or breaks the deal. Majority of the decisions of home buying or selling are based on the outlook of the kitchen. 

Renovating your kitchen to modular with good cabinetry, worktops and other accessories help you pitch better to the prospects.  

Going for a kitchen island increases the home value by more than 50% approximately.  

Depending on the furnishings you are using, appliance, sinks, faucets etc do elevate your home’s appeal as well as value. 

Watch out for kitchen renovation experts in UK and get your kitchen renovated for the best deal and liveability experience.  

 Roof Renovation 

A roof which is leaking or old enough to change is worth replacing as it’s only decreasing your home’s value and nothing else.
A new roof is a powerful marketing tool that attracts the buyers as it would avoid them from the hassles of reroofing and ensures that their roof will stay intact for years. 

Going for premium quality shingles or other materials, would definitely add a high value but pinning it down to exact amount is a bit complicated to calculate.  

A lot of things depend on buyer’s desires, roof conditions, real estate market and much more.  

Home improvement 

Improving the interiors of the home such as getting the home painted, using laminates, better & durable flooring and other design elements helps in elevating the look and feel of the home. 

Going for natural light by opting for skylights, French doors or even clerestory etc not only makes the home airy and filled with light but adds to a minimum of 50% of the value.  

How to choose best home renovation company near me? 

It’s difficult, complicated and does needs a bit of leg work to find the right home renovation company that is reliable, trustworthy and completes the work on time. 

Here are some tips that help you avoid cowboy builders and renovators for home improvement services. 

  • Go for referrals and worth-of-mouth from your friend, relatives or neighbours.
  •  After recommendations, reach out to the renovation contractors and have a look at their past works or portfolio. 
  • Have a look at their credentials, website and testimonials to know more about them and their experience in this domain. 
  • Make sure they give you a quote in writing and have a professional approach.  
  • Having an in-house team adds to the confidence. 

Be very confident and sure before signing the final dotted line. 

Bottom Line 

It’s very important to sync in with what buyers like and expect. Working on these lines could give a tremendous boost to your property’s value.  

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