What Is A Side Return Extension

What Is A Side Return Extension

A fantastic way to create the space you crave without the stress and inconvenience of moving out is by extending your home. One of such home extension options is the side return extension. A side return extension is turning the useless space by the side of your home where you most likely dump your trash or keep outdoor equipment into a functional living space and bring to life the open plan kitchen, living room or dining room you have always wished for in your head.

Side return extensions stretch your home into the alleyway by the side of your home and lets you keep your garden. Some refer to it as the small but mighty extension.

The pros of side return extension

1. It doesn’t take up valuable garden space like other extension types

2. With a side return extension, it takes less time to complete, usually between 3 – 8 weeks. Which means reduced disruption to family activity.

3. It is an innovative way to create much-needed space.

4. It is cost-effective because of the more minor nature of the construction.

5. Brings in more natural light.

The downsides to a side return extension

1. The space that a side return extension adds to your home is not really much.

2. It is a slightly complicated project which makes it costlier than the rear extension (the rear extension adds more valuable space, only that it eats into your garden.

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