Why A Loft Conversion?

Why A Loft Conversion

When you weigh the benefits of having your loft converted against the challenges that come with moving house, you realise that undertaking a loft conversion is the better option. Choosing to convert your attic offers emotional, financial, and practical benefits making it a worthy investment.

Financially, it adds resale value to your property. More than that, when you decide to sell, your property won’t be on the market for so long because a property with extra living space is in high demand in the UK market, especially since getting premium space is super pricey.

The benefits of a loft conversion are enormous to the extent that a converted loft will pay for itself in the long run. Here are some reasons to consider a loft conversion for your home;

1. You already have what you need to make it work

Unlike a home extension where you have to build the extra structure and go through rigorous planning permission and building regulation hurdles, you already have the dead space you need to convert.

2. It adds value to your property

Converting your loft to a functional living space increases the value of your property considerably, which is reflected in the resale value of your property. A converted loft increases your property value by over 15%.

3. It removes the emotional turmoil of moving house

Moving house involves uprooting your family from their roots and thrusting them into a new place which will take time for them to settle in, the stress of finding a new school for the kids, new job or commute for you, and emotional withdrawal associated with moving. It is an emotional turmoil that you avoid when you convert your loft.

4. It is a cheaper alternative to moving house

Between paying for a new place, moving house, paying a solicitor, and other costs, you would realise that it makes more sense just to convert your loft than move house.

5. It adds natural light to your home

You can flood your home with the warmth that comes from natural light and drop down your electric bills. The extra light also improves the mood of everyone who lives in the house, making your home a happy, safe, and warm space radiant with love and tranquillity.

6. Reduces your energy bill

The building regulations for a loft conversion makes it mandatory that you insulate your loft. This is good for you as insulating your attic traps the much-needed heat or cold that your family requires, thus making your home more energy-efficient and reducing your heating bills.

7. Creates much-needed functional space

With a loft conversion, you get to create the extra living space that you need without the headache of moving house while giving your family the stability they need to thrive and succeed.

8. Keeps valuable outside space

Unlike home extensions that eat valuable garden and outside space, thus reducing your property’s value, loft conversion increases your family space internally, keeping your outside space and skyrocketing your building’s value (the garden and the extra living area).

9. Innovative and multi-functional

With a well-planned loft conversion, you can get innovative storage solutions that meet your storage needs and remove the other rooms’ strain in your house.

10. Tax breaks

Should you choose to rent out your converted loft space, you can get tax breaks which means more money in your pocket.