Why A Loft Conversion?

Why A Loft Conversion

As the housing market continues to bloom, loft conversion is one of the much sought-after choices that bring a new lease of life to the property. Read the blog to find how loft conversion brings a new quirk to the home

Converting loft into a functional area not only provides you with an extra room but raises the value of the home exponentially!

It’s an investment that is worth every penny spent.

Loft conversion is indeed one of the best and most popular cost-effective alternatives when going for upsizing the home rather than shifting.

Want to add a play area, gym or extra living space to your home? Or, looking for a dedicated home office space that settles for your work from home needs?

One of the best ways to utilize the waste and unused space in your home is converting your loft into a habitable and living space.

Still confused or doubted whether to go for a loft conversion or not?

Here are the top 10 benefits explained properly that’ll clear all your apprehensions or doubts that why undergoing a loft conversion is the best-suited option.

1.     Say Hello to New Living space!

Give more room to breathe for everyone by converting your attic space into a much desired liveable space.

Using this unused space also means no compromise on the garden space or side access. So, your precious outdoor space gets saved.

Be it an addition of a new member or teenagers needing private space or parents moving in, say yes to extra living space in your home with loft conversion rather than planning to move.

Even a basic loft conversion would make the home look bigger, spacious and more valued!

2.     Add Value to your home

A loft conversion rewards you with ample features and just not only space.

It’s a valuable investment that adds approximately 21% to your property, which is incredible. Isn’t it?

Apart from that, an attic conversion makes the property stand above the similar ones in the market. Thereby, attracting and enticing the potential buyers to buy it at the demanded price.

3.     Say Goodbye to planning permission

One thing that certainly keeps you sceptical is the planning permission.

Do you need planning permission for a loft conversion?

There may be a lot of fuss and hassle associated when you plan to extend your home for a double or single storey.

Fortunately, loft conversions are one of the simplest ways of adding space to a property when it comes to legislations and other formalities.

Unless the conversion requires any major alteration to the exteriors, most of the loft conversion UK does not require any planning permissions.

Thereby, making it one of the fastest, easiest and hassle-free ways of adding space to the home.

4.     Define your own style – loft conversion ideas

Loft conversions are available in various types. Choose a style that complements your home, your lifestyle and blends in with your needs.

The best part is that every loft conversion type can easily be customized suiting the budget and requirements of the homeowner.

Have a look at four popular types of loft conversions:

  • Rooflight or Velux loft conversion

This is one of the basic loft conversions that does not require major alterations and is budget-friendly as well.

The attic space is made habitable by reinforcing the floor and adding roof light windows. The original shape and layout of the loft remains the same.

  • Dormer Loft conversion

Inside dormer loft conversion a box-shaped structure is added to the loft plane vertically that not only adds space but eventually increase the headroom as well.

  • Hip to Gable loft conversion

One end of the hipped slope is extended along the ridgeline to form a vertical wall, also known as a gable. This dramatically increases the inner space.

  • Mansard Loft conversion

The mansard roof loft conversion is usually built at home’s rear end. Here the slope roof is turned almost vertical as the mansard extensions run long the entire loft.

5.     Zero Disruption to home life

Apart from saving the outdoor space, loft conversion turns out to be one of the least disruptive options to upgrade or extend the home.

As most of the construction work takes place inside the attic space, other parts of the home remain untouched.

This means less mess, fuss and lesser disruption to the home life. You can carry out the daily chores with ease.

6.     Insulate your home: Boost Energy Efficiency

Do you know? Roofs are one of the major culprits responsible for heat loss from the home.

The roof, walls and ceilings are reinforced while undergoing loft conversion along with installation of proper insulation methods.

This functional space helps the homeowners to cut significantly over the energy bills as the heat won’t be lost. Thus, keeping that extra warmth stay trapped inside the property.

Now, you can stay cozy for a long time.

7.     Appealing views

How about sitting in the balcony and drinking a hot cup of coffee on a snowy evening while reading your favourite book?

Or, enjoying stargazing on a clear evening!

Amazing , Awesome! Isn’t it.

Most of the loft conversions make use of large windows either vertical or roof lights that offer an appealing and awe-inspiring view.

Incorporate a mesmerising and spectacular view to your loft converted space by exploring some of the best loft conversion companies near me on internet.

8.     Spacious Storage Solution

As we grow in our lives, it keeps on filling the space in the home, irrespective of how large it is.

Don’t want to dispose off your old yet much loved things?

Loft conversions can serve you with ample storage space solutions that keep your items and belongings accessible and safe.

Reach out to a leading loft conversion company in UK for some best loft conversion plans and ideas for your bespoke needs.

9.     Multipurpose room

The newly constructed loft room creates plethora opportunities on how you can use the space.

If you have an ever- growing family needs, convert the normal looking loft bedroom into a play-filled zone by adding some comfy bean bags, toys and game consoles.

Add collection of books to turn into a home library or connect with a loft conversion expert to get a home theatre made in your loft!

Keep your area clutter free by exploring bespoke storage solutions offered by some brilliant loft conversion plans.

10.    Improve is always better than move!

Improving is always better than moving.

As already mentioned above, loft conversion add phenomenal space and value to the property and is indeed the best option in case you’re looking to outgrow your space.

Completely hassle free and cost-effective, the latest loft conversion ideas makes you fall in love with the space again.

A lot of formalities and additional expenses are associated when you plan to go for a new home such as surveying fees, stamp duty, advance deposit, solicitor fee etc.

It may add up to your commuting journey as well i.e. the distance from school, office, markets, hospital etc may increase.

This will just add on to the hassles, mess and mental stress.

Say YES to Loft Conversion Today!

The simple answer to why loft conversion is that it adds to the space, aesthetics and value to any home.

Something which is must for a better, easy and contemporary life.

It garners the home owners with a brilliant opportunity to transform their wasted and cluttered space into a tranquil retreat.

Fulfil the space needs and desires of your family with TEL Constructions- UK’s most trusted and best construction company.

The experienced professionals and creative designers infuse life in your new builds with their world-class loft conversion ideas and designs.

With best after sale service and exemplary legacy, TEL Constructions is the most preferred choice of Interior designers, developers and architects.

Explore our portfolio and stay tuned with us on social media for some amazing and trending loft conversion ideas.

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