5 Great Dormer Loft Conversion Ideas for you

5 Great Dormer Loft Conversion Ideas for you

Are you planning to follow the latest property trend in the UK that is a loft conversion? A loft conversion is nothing but converting the extra space or loft your home into something useful. Read the blog to get hold of some inspiring and trending dormer loft conversion ideas.

You can make the most of that loft by turning it into a guest room, an extra bedroom, a study room, a gym, and what not!

It’s not a surprise that loft conversion has gained a lot of popularity in the UK in the last couple of years.

One type of loft conversion that’s becoming much popular in this country is known as a dormer loft conversion.

It is a type of loft conversion that’s built on the slope of your house’s existing roof. It’s generally in a box shape and built on the gable roof.

The walls of this type of loft conversion are vertical to the slope of the house and are standing at a 90-degree angle with the floors.

What are the dormer loft conversion ideas?

Are you looking for some excellent ideas relevant to a dormer loft conversion? We’ll help you with that.

Have a look at these different and trending types of dormer loft conversion ideas that you can try out for sure:

1.     Flat Dormer

Flat Dormer

As a citizen of the UK, this is the most common type of loft conversion that you can witness in your neighbourhood.

A flat dormer can offer you maximum space that you can make use of.

However, many of you may feel that a flat dormer doesn’t look very attractive from the outside.

It’s ultimately your decision if you want to make your property look more appealing or you want to make the most of your attic.

The extra internal space that you can uncover surely makes up for the less attractive part.

Commonly known as flat roof dormer loft conversion, it not only adds space and appeal to the property but also increases the resale value of the same.

It’s a simple box shaped structure having flat roof that can be added either to the rear or front of the property.

Indeed, one of the best ways to boost the liveable area, more height and make the most of available space brightly lit by sunshine that is possible by adding dormer windows.

2.     Gable Roof Dormer

Gable Roof Dormer

If you’re planning for conversion of your terrace, gable roof conversion will fit your property the most.

It is also known as dog-house dormer or gable frontend dormer loft conversion and consists of a gable wall extension.

For constructing a gable roof dormer, the gable wall should be extended in the upward direction to connect the ridgeline of your property.

Also, a sloping roof area must be built in the route of the new gable end. The good thing about constructing a gable roof dormer is that one does not need separate planning permission.

These triangular shaped dormers have two pitched planes (slopes).

This is one of the best gable end extension ideas that add space, shed rainwater easily and eliminate any chances of water leakage. Thereby, making them water resistant.

Anybody can work on their gable roof for enhancing space to the property.

Also, in gable roof dormer there’re vertical windows and that’s an advantage because you get better sunlight.

3.     Hip Roof Dormer

Hip Roof Dormer

There’s not much difference between a hip roof dormer and a gable roof dormer, except for the fact that roof layouts are different in these two cases. In this type of dormer structure, you can observe three different slopes.

A hip roof dormer may be tempting from the outside, but the available space is much lesser than flat or gable roof dormer structure.

However, some regions of the UK are prone to high winds in all seasons. For people living in such areas, the hip roof dormer is a better option.

Though little expensive, opt this for one the best dormer ideas UK for a striking and compelling look to the property.

4.     Shed Roof Dormer

Shed Roof Dormer

Shed roof dormer is much similar to flat dormers. However, a shed roof dormer has only one sloping plane that allows easy draining of rain water or snow.

Most of the properties of the UK that were built in the Victorian era follow this structure.

Incorporating these shed dormer extension ideas allow easy accommodation of large or small sized windows.

5.     Arched Dormer

Arched Dormer

Arched roof dormer or Barrel Dormer was also very common in the Victorian era. Here you can observe loft conversion in an arched format.

These inspiring dormer roofs designs may not offer much of a space but make the property appear aesthetically more appealing.

It may be small in size but offers plenty of sunlight to lit the interiors with its vertical and larger windows.

Have a look at some other famous and happening dormer loft conversion ideas.

Pedimented Dormer

Pedimented Dormer

These dormer roof designs are similar to gable dormers having triangular shape with two slopes.

The key difference that separates these loft conversion layouts from gable end extension is that these typically appear in a row and extend outwards from the roof.

Pediment dormers drain the rain water and can be used in doorways as well.

Eyebrow Dormer

Eyebrow Dormer

Looking for best loft conversion ideas that not only add to the habitable space but also boost the kerb appeal of the property?

Eyebrow dormers are an ideal pick for enhancing the x-factor of the property. Though the space offered is less but they do bring a lot of natural light to the room.

These dormer roofs designs are usually custom-made but are worth every penny spent.

L-shaped Dormer

L-shaped Dormer

These dormer extension ideas are commonly applicable and feasible to properties from Edwardian and Victorian era.

Here two dormers are built and are connected together at a right-angle, thereby forming an L-shape.

The first dormer is built on the main part and the other one on the rear end of the property.

Depending on the building regulations or planning guidelines, the head height can be the same or slightly reduced but it adds an ample amount of living space.

To select the best-suited dormer conversion for your property, you must consider the roof type you currently have, the purpose of using the loft, and your budget for the conversion.

Do you need to add loft conversion stairs?

Yes, you need to add staircases to your dormer loft conversion. Ideally, you can add the staircases aligned with the ridgeline of the roof.

It’s the position of the staircases that is the key to all inspiring loft conversion with dormer ideas.

Working with best staircase designers will ensure that loft conversion stairs is 100% safe and meets all the regulations laid by building regulations or planning permission.

For a modern flat roof dormer, there may be space constraints for standard staircase. Building regulations offers certain flexibility in this respect.

Some compact loft conversion stairs solutions are:

  • Fixed ladder stairs
  • Alternating tread stairs
  • Spiral stairs

But, whatever be the choice or style of the loft staircase, they must comply with the fire regulations as laid by Building Regulations Authority.

How much does a loft conversion cost?

Wondering how much is a loft conversion? We’ll help you with that.

The dormer loft conversion cost can vary across the UK. There are some factors based on which such variations take place.

These factors include the size of the loft, level of complexity associated with the loft conversion design, fittings of furniture, and so on.

So, when you’re negotiating with a construction company, make sure you make the final decision based on these factors.

Should you get planning permission for a dormer loft conversion?

You may or may not.

In majorities of the scenarios, loft conversion falls under the category of Permitted Development (PD) in the UK.

So, getting planning permission may not be that important.

However, you need to make sure that your property design is following all the specified terms and parameters.

That is a must for all UK households.

You may get into a problem if you’re going for a loft conversion that does not satisfy the terms and conditions of PD.

You should also be concerned about the area where your property is residing.

If your property falls in a conversation area, you may need to get planning permission.

In some cases, property owners tend to increase the roof height, and then too they need to opt for planning permissions.

Also, make sure that dormers and roof lights are not sitting forward the roof plane of your property.

The dormers and roof lights must also not cross the highest part of your current roof.

In that case, too you may need planning permission.

Which loft conversion company in London should you select?

You can trust the services of TEL Constructions.

This company has been successfully running its construction operations in the UK since 2009.

With its expertise and a group of skilled professionals, TEL Construction has been winning clients’ appreciation for a long time now.

With more than 10 years of experience in this industry, you can always trust this company with your property.

They’ll take note of your vision and will materialize it with their resources and proficiency.

Final Words

Now that you have all details regarding dormer loft conversion, what else are you waiting for?

Once you plan and select the right loft conversion company, it’s only a matter of few days to kick start with the construction activity.

However, there can be unexpected delays, so consider one or two more weeks to complete entire loft conversion work.

We hope, you have understood about dormer loft conversion in detail.

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