Staircase Renovation Complete Guide

Undergoing a bespoke staircase renovation infuses a new life into your home interiors and transforms it completely. Staircase refurbishment is not a messy process. It may take just a couple of days to get it done as it doesn’t require planning permissions. TEL Constructions has delivered countless successful staircase renovations for their clients in the UK. We are the most loved and trusted staircase renovation company you’ve been looking for. Here’s everything you need to know about your staircase renovation in the UK from type of renovation options to building regulations and more. Keep reading to gain better insights on staircase renovation in the UK.

What is Staircase Renovation

Staircase Renovation is a process of modifying or replacing the existing staircase in the UK. Staircase refurbishment gives a modern look to the interiors, strengthens the foundations, and adds more functionality to the space. Usually, staircases are one of the most overlooked aspects of a residential property. The staircase sits in the centre of the house and are visible. Renovating a staircase will not only transform the home aesthetics but will also boost the value of the home.

When and why do you Need Staircase Renovation?

Staircase Renovation is one of the most affordable ways to enhance the architecture and design of your home. There could be any reasons that you may require to undergo staircase renovation, including:

  • Weak Foundations: A staircase having weak foundations or structural damage needs to be replaced immediately. It could pose significant safety risks and issues. Reaching out to a local staircase renovation company near you for a sturdier and long-lasting staircase option.
  • Make your Home More Practical: It may happen that your staircase does not match the aesthetics of the home or require a modern touch. Our team of seasoned staircase renovation specialists will create the most perfect staircase that will be long lasting and accommodating. Get a truly stylish and trending staircase for you and your family with TEL Constructions.
  • Install Extra Storage Space: Space is a constant need for all homeowners and getting stairs renovated will leave you with a lot of storage space underneath the stairs. The area can be amazingly used to create bespoke wardrobe, shoe racks, book racks or your daily essentials.
  • Creating a Focal Point: Renovating staircase will impart a fresh and clean look to the interiors that quickly turn as a conversation starter for the guests. TEL Constructions has over hundreds of staircase design options to choose from. You’ll feel a big difference between the staircase before and after it is renovated.
  • Does not meet Building Regulations: If the existing staircase is not up to the mark and do not meet the building regulations, it high time to contact the best staircase renovation company and get the staircase done.
  • Damaged components: If there are damaged components such as loose treads, newels, spindles, handrails or more, mark it as a red flag. Your staircase needs renovation if you see these signs.

What are the Staircase Renovation Options?

In case the structure and the foundations of the staircase are weak, then you need to demolish the staircase and get it rebuilt on a fresh perspective. There is no other option than to replace them. Though, some components can be saved such as newel posts, balustrades etc. which can be reused. In some cases, you may be required to relocate or reinstall the staircase. Make sure that the new stairs comply with the building regulations while renovating or installing new bespoke staircase.

For a structurally sound staircase, there are multiple options available to improve the aesthetics. The following options work pretty well if your staircase does not require demolishing, relocating or reinstallation.

  1. Renovating the Balustrade of the Staircase: Balustrade offers support while going up and down the flight of stairs and prevents falling. A balustrade is a complete ensemble of spindles, newel posts and handrail. It can be refurbished by using different materials such as glass, metal, or wood.
  2. Change the Risers and Treads: The flat platform where we keep the foot is known as tread and the height between two treads is covered by a riser. Both may need replacing due to the wear and tear over time.  Renovating them with more robust materials will not only enhance their look but also increase their sturdiness.
  3. Better Finishing: To add a remarkable finish, go for paint, varnish or staining as the last step of home renovation. It will make your stairs look new and stunning. In case you want to stain your painted stairs, you will need to remove the paint, then sanding back the wood, followed by priming and painting again. Also, if your stairs get a lot of traffic, your carpet will soon get worn out. In such cases, turn to hardwoods such as oak and refrain from carpeting. Combining a stair runner with contrasting spindles to your renovated staircase will turn the entire setting beautiful.
  4. Installing a Bespoke Staircase: If you want to give a new look and feel to your interiors, go for a bespoke staircase. We, at TEL Constructions, ensure end to end delivery of the staircase i.e. from design, manufacturing to final installation.

Building Regulations for Staircase Renovation

Building Regulations are essential to be followed whether you are renovating staircase or getting a new installed in your home. Adhering to building regulations ensures that the staircase is structurally sound and is safe to use. Such staircase is the primary requirement when you’re planning to refurbish the components of the staircase. Here’re are some building regulations that the new staircase renovations must adhere to:

  • Pitch: The pitch (angle) of the staircase must not be greater than 42 degrees.
  • Headroom: A minimum headroom of 2m must be maintained at every point on the staircase while going up or down the flight of stairs.
  • Spindle Gap: The gap between any two spindles on the balustrade must not allow a sphere of 100mm to pass through them.
  • Risers and Going: The minimum length of the riser should be 150mm but should not exceed 220mm. For the going (the length of the step) should be 220mm minimum but shall not exceed 300mm.  In case the risers are open, the gap should not allow a 100mm sphere to pass through it.
  • Handrail: The height of the handrail should be at least 900mm. Also, if the staircase is less than 1m wide you need to provide a handrail at least on one side. If the staircase is more than 1m wide, then handrail is required on both the sides.

Every staircase renovation project is expected to adhere to the building regulations along with hiring TEL Constructions as your staircase refurbishment company. We are specialists in staircase renovation in the UK, that ensure that all regulations are met, and the staircase stands completely safe.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Staircase Renovation

Having staircase renovation in your mind? Here are some easy steps that’ll help you get your dream and perfectly renovated staircase without any hassles.

  1. Identify the Purpose and Problem: Clean your staircase and understand what you require exactly. Identify the problem areas, any functionality issues, or damaged portions. Determine what feature you need according to requirement, your lifestyle or home aesthetics. Consider discussing with family and work over staircase design ideas. You can also explore our portfolio for some amazing staircase renovation designs.
  2. Accurate Measurement: Even a mismatch of 1mm could ruin the entire design. The measurements should be accurate and precise to ensure that the renovated staircase fits perfectly. We, at TEL Constructions, will shall be sending our expert surveyor to take the measurement. Enjoy the peace of mind when you partner with TEL Constructions as your staircase renovation contractor.
  3. Work on the Budget: It’s important to draw certain budget estimates as this will enable you to make right material and style choices. We always keep in mind the cost estimates provided by our client not only during the design phase but make sure we stay on the budget till completion.
  4. Finalize the Design and Materials: Work over what types of materials and designs you want. Most of the homeowners in the UK prefer timber. You can also try and experiment with different materials that enhance your home and add to the durability of the staircase. If you’re looking for a minimalistic and modern design, go for glass. For traditional designs, metals are always a classier choice.
  5. Any Timelines or Deadlines: If you have any deadlines in your mind? Or the staircase renovation work may interfere with any other work in the house. You need to be clear about the timelines. Having clear expectations on time will help you, the supplier, workmen and even the staircase renovation company in delivering the project on time.
  6. Hire Us for the Best Staircase Renovation: After you have completed all the abovementioned homework, it’s time to hire TEL Constructions – your staircase renovation specialists to take over the charge. We’ll understand your requirements, listen to your ideas and recommendations, and check with our designers to ensure the practicality, feasibility, and functionality of the proposed idea. After that, our designers will put together all the research to bring out a beautiful design that ensures a perfect staircase for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Staircase in the UK?

The renovation of stairs is always bespoke. Therefore, the cost will vary depending on the extent of work and complexity involved. The cost of renovating or adding a glass balustrade would be different from that of wood. While the glass panels illuminate the room beautifully, wooden balustrade offers a classier appearance. Labour cost will be directly linked wit the extent of work. The more the process is time consuming, more shall be the labour charges.

By partnering with TEL Constructions as your staircase renovation company you stay rest assured about the staircase renovation costs. We offer you the most competitive quote that addresses your requirements, preferences, and budget needs.

Reasons to Choose TEL Construction as Your Staircase Renovation Company

Expect an exceptional staircase renovation and high quality service at TEL Constructions. Whether you are planning to renovate or install new staircase, keep the best foot forward with us. From discussions to designs to final completion, our experienced team stays with you. Here’s why we stand as one of the most loved and recommended staircase renovation builders in the UK.

  1. Creative, Unique and Personalized Designs: Whether you want a space saving spiral staircase renovation or a classy full marble staircase, TEL Constructions realises your vision perfectly.
  2. Bespoke Approach: We understand that everyone has their own taste, requirements, and purpose to get the staircase renovation. Our team makes sure that designs are bespoke and fully customised to ensure practicality and appeal from all angles.
  3. Flawless and Built to Last: Our passion for highest quality manufacturing and exemplary workmanship ensures that your renovated staircase is safe, durable, robust and will last for generations.
  4. Experience and Expertise: We have delivered countless staircases, both newly manufactured and renovated services for residential and commercial sectors in the UK.
  5. One Stop Destination for All Needs: We are one of the largest contractors in the UK known for high quality staircase renovation. We have tie-ups with many big brands, companies, and other suppliers, thereby providing you one-stop destination for all your renovation needs.

How We Work?

Staircase renovation is much more cost effective than installing a new one. By giving a new look to the treads, risers, strings and by giving a makeover to balustrade, you can infuse a new life to the staircase. Make your staircase look new without inconvenience ad mess with TEL Constructions. We follow a streamlined and simple process to staircase renovation.

  1. Initial Discussion and Quote: Explore our portfolio and shortlist a few design ideas that your like. Share them with us along with the photographs of your existing staircase. You may share via email or just grab the phone and call us. After that we shall be sharing a quotation based on our discussion.
  2. Site Visit, Design and Final Estimates: We shall be designating a qualified designer who will survey your space, assess for the feasibility issues. After discussing your preferences and other final detailing, we prepare a design and share the best matched cost estimates.
  3. Design Approval & Project Begins: We share the 3D designs to ensure we all stay on the same page. Once you’ve approved the designs and other formalities are signed, the crafting work gets kick started.
  4. Renovation Complete: We ensure minimal disruption and complete the work in the promised time and budget. Your stairs are renovated with utmost professionalism and precision by TEL Constructions.

TEL Constructions: UK’s Trusted Staircase Renovation Specialists

At TEL Constructions, we ensure and maintain complete transparency on all fronts. This ensures a stress-free and smooth staircase renovation process happening within your budget. We stay with you not only pre and during the project phases but also after that. We are renowned for offering the best after-sales service. Looking to turn your shabby or old looking staircase into a new and contemporary one? Or want to amp up the look with floating stairs? Just share it and we can renovate it! Speak to our experts and get a bespoke, feature loaded and practical renovation of your staircase in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much value does a renovated staircase adds?

A renovated staircase is as good as a new staircase. When a potential buyer enters the room, the hallway marks the first impression. Having a beautiful and bespoke staircase in the hallway will cast an amazing first impression on the buyer. In short, renovating the stairs will increase the value of property by 15%.

2. Where all TEL Construction offer staircase renovation services?

TEL Constructions is one of the largest and most renowned company known for offering best staircase renovations in the UK. We have our teams serving nation-wide.

3. Is planning permission required for staircase renovation?

No, you don’t need any planning permissions for staircase renovations as long as the structurally sound.

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