Complete Guide To Bathroom Renovation

With exciting bathroom renovations, you can proudly show off your bathroom and have the best time of the day. A bathroom covers the least square footage in a house and matters the most. It is where our day begins & ends. Bathroom renovations are extremely popular among homeowners. But proceeding with it is hard. Probably because bathrooms have countless components. From flooring, decorating, hardware, plumbing and vanity; many technicians are involved. It makes the process a bit daunting to plan. As bathroom renovation specialists in the UK, we have prepared this easy step-by-step bathroom renovation guide. Before starting the project, go through it. We ensure you will have a good knowledge about it.

What is a Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation is the process of updating different parts, elements and components of it. It covers the replacement of a shower room, bathtub, faucets, lighting, flooring & walls, paint, storage units and vanity is replaced. The complete bathroom solutions cover an entire refurbishment with structural changes. Meaning, the layout is also remoulded. The plumbing & electric connections are rerouted in a comprehensive bathroom remodel project. With this, the room looks organized, maintained and dolled up. Isn’t the bathroom revamping worth the shot?

The General Process of Remodelling a Bathroom

Bathroom renovations are important to maintain sanity and safety. Considering restoring it? The following steps will help you understand the procedure better.

Bathroom Remodel Step 1: Layout Planning

Do you need to keep the existing layout or want to upgrade it? Discuss with your family or spouse what should be done. Since the bathroom layout is foremost, invest a great time here. A great bathroom layout effectively utilizes the space. It also maximizes the practicality of the shower room. The wise bathroom remodels layout planning reflects the ideal placement of storage units, sanitary ware, the shower room, bathing tub, sink and many other elements. You can talk to a bathroom designing expert for assistance in design drawing, concept making, and material selection. He will create the optimal mapping for the electrical & plumbing fixtures as well. Note that, professional bathroom specialists can suggest switching positions of various units. It is done to make the best use of the available space.

Bathroom Remodel Step 2: Removing Fittings & Cleaning Space

This step brings the bathroom remodel project idea into practice. The experts for renovating the bathroom will start the work by removing fixtures. It has sanitary ware, lighting, plumbing lines, and electrical wiring. The accessories or the items to be used later are kept aside. If some of the units are to be used in refurbishment, you need to be extra conscious. Keep those items safe for reuse. Cleaning process often results in dust & dirt and includes sharp tools. So we are advising you to keep children away. Your bathroom makeover expert will also inspect the room for mould growth. Once the fittings are removed, the mould or any unwanted growth is cleaned with tools or chemicals.

Bathroom Remodel Step 3: Removing Tiles for A Bathroom Renewal

Tiles can get damaged after some time, so changing them is a great choice. Removing tiles for a bathroom improvement project can be the hardest process. You should thank if there is someone experienced and well-qualified by your side. Have you created a bathroom vision in your head? Then choose the tiles to renovate your bathroom accordingly. The popular modern tiles are checkboard tiles, granite tiles, marble tiles, green metro tiles, onyx tiles, peach orange and patterned tiles.

Bathroom Remodel Step 4: Plumbing and Electric Wiring

The bathroom installer company will employ their plumber and electrician for further tasks. In the first step, all the lines were removed. Now, the specialists take the lead in replacing them. The proposed position and designs are shared with the professionals. As per the spots of lighting fixtures, shaving point, switch-boards, exhaust fans, geyser, alcove lights, ceiling lights etc., the wiring is installed. In the same way, qualified plumbers for bathroom renovation make connections for vanity, drainage, and sanity-based fittings.

Bathroom Remodel Step 5: Fitting Tiles and Countertops

The bathroom is cleaned before fixing the tiles and countertops. Both shall be cut according to the specifications. Reliable bathroom remodelling contractors inspect these minor and crucial details while working. The slightest mistake can damage the entire appearance and functionality. So, before fixing the specialist bathroom fitter make sure the dimensions are accurate. Countertops and tiles are installed on the wall and are followed by floor tiling installation. The tiles on the floor are fixed keeping its slope is perfect for drainage. The popular materials for tiles and countertops are solid surface, engineering quartz, natural stone, granite, concrete, marble, limestone, soapstone, and decorative laminate.

Bathroom Remodel Step 6: Painting the Walls

If the bathroom is entirely tiled or if it has floor-to-ceiling tiles, paint is not required. However, in case of left-over spots, the paint can be done. There are certain factors to consider when you look for bathroom remodelling paint. It should be moisture-resistant, easy to maintain and should complement the interior. Paint should protect walls from mildew and mould. Wondering the best paints for bathroom renovation? Satin and semi-gloss give a smooth texture, not too shiny & not too dull. Eggshell creates a contemporary finish while for less reflective; matte works wonderfully. Your bathroom renovation expert will prime the walls if needed. Note that the fixing should be done before painting for maximum benefits. It also helps paint to last. So, the surface must be repaired as needed.

Bathroom Remodel Step 7: Installing Electric Fixtures, Accessories and Sanitary Ware

At this step, the power supply is installed. You can expect the fitting of switchboards, vanity lights, ceiling bulbs, heated tower rails, and electric underfloor heating. The smart bathroom fittings such as touchless taps are also considered here. The carpenter will fit bathroom renovation accessories such as cabinets, bathtubs wood frames, custom-made doors, countertops, splashbacks, shelving units, mirrors etc. Subsequently, the plumber installs sinks & faucets, showers, tubs, toilets, water heaters, laundry connections and all required sanitary ware. These all fittings contribute to a proper electric and water flow in the bathroom. Also, they enhance the comfort & convenience of a shower space.

Make Your Bathroom Luxurious with These Upgrades

Sometimes we are not ready for an entire bathroom makeover. The reasons could be many ranging from budget constraints, space limitations, lack of inspiration and need. In such cases, you can do one more thing. We have listed some of the major bathroom components below. Only with their improvement, a bathroom can look like is it newly designed. So, no matter whether you want a full bathroom renovation or just a few additions, this list will help you elevate the impact of a bathroom remodel investment.

  • Bathroom Vanity –The quickest way to restore the beauty of a bathroom is by upgrading the bathroom vanity. Replacing the old wash basin with a brand new sink, taps, and storage cupboard is an attention stealer. It impacts the overall looks and feels of a space.
  • Bathtubs, Faucets and Showers –Introduce the spa-like experience in your bathroom with the luxurious shower and faucets. Switch to a floating bathtub, freestanding, and Corner-styled bathtub. Considering top-notch materials such as granite, glass, marble, porcelain and wood can bring a touch of grace.
  • Interior Overall Lighting –Not to mention, how much bathroom lighting impacts the interior ambience of a shower space. Lighting is not only referred to as ceiling bulbs/ tubes. Modern bathroom renovation fit lighting in cupboards, racks, shower rooms, at the floor base etc. Dimming lights bring the vibes of comfort and ease.
  • Replace Mirrors –Only by the addition of a sophisticated mirror with a sleek frame, a room become royal. Mirrors are the epitome of style. Explore some of the trending bathroom mirror ideas. It will enhance the luxury and opulence appearance of your shower room.
  • Introduce Technology – Smart tech-savvy appliances add convenience to your lifestyle. Install showers, faucets, mirrors and sanitary ware that are innovatively controlled. They utilize the least water and power. It can reduce energy consumption and can save money and electricity in the long run.

Top Benefits of Rejuvenating a Bathroom

One of the best ways to breathe new life into your residence is by updating its bathroom. When exploring bathroom benefits; there are many, we have a long list of advantages of a bathroom renovation.

  • Refreshed Design & Aesthetics – A bathroom that looks good makes us feel great. It improves the mood and eliminates stress & anxiety. It is because this place takes charge of removing all the stress of the day, it revives our energy levels. So, a dull-looking bathroom is recreated with its restoration. A well-planned, designed and fitted bathroom remodel service leaves a great difference. If a shower room is built matching to your style, productivity is elevated. There are numerous benefits to it. You can notice the way to act before and after bathroom renovation.
  • Increased Functionality – Bathroom renovation’s importance lies when we lack harmony. Meaning, that when our preferences and bathroom design do not align. The possibility could be that with growing time, your requirements and lifestyles also have changed. It happens.
  • Enhanced Safety –The top perk of a bathroom restoration is the elimination of all hazardous mishaps. Chipped tiles, uneven floors, mould and slippery floors should be fixed in time. With a good bathroom, your place becomes safe & secure. The floors are renewed, the showerhead is replaced, the handheld fixtures are newly installed, and the doors are replaced.
  • Boosted Energy Efficiency –A new bathroom can make a huge difference in energy usage. The old sanitary ware uses more power than the modern fittings. It goes the same for all lighting fixtures as well. You can also pick materials that are good for the environment. Bamboo, sustainable tiles, clay ceramic and cork are some choices for a sustainable bathroom redesign approach.
  • Elevated Home Value –A modern bathroom is not only good for personal use. It provides financial benefits as well. A home’s value gets improved with it. Buyers prefer a property with a superior bathroom. They are effortlessly attracted to homes with a high standard and well-furnished bathing space. So, a bathroom remodel aids in selling homes quickly at better prices.

With the mentioned importance of a bathroom renovation service, now you know how much it is valuable for you. Contact reliable and genuine construction companies for bathroom makeovers. It is a significant investment. Make sure you do it with the right team of bathroom fitters in the UK.

Modern Materials Used in Bathroom Renovations

Before selecting advanced bathroom makeover materials, you should know the important factors to consider. Select materials that can withstand moisture, excess dampness and direct contact with water. It comes down to the durability of a material. A moisture/water-resistant material will also last longer. Safety is another crucial aspect. Look for tiles, or flooring ensuring a non-slippery surface. Materials for bathroom makeovers must be easy to clean. They should be highly resistant to mould. Here is the list of some of the optimal bathroom materials to choose from: 

  • For Countertops: Concrete, Solid Surfaces, Granite, Quartz, Laminate.
  • For Accessories (faucet, bathtub, showerhead etc.): Stainless Steel, Nickel, Brass, Zinc and Zinc Alloys, Chrome, Bronze.
  • For Cabinets and Storage Solutions: Solid Wood, Medium Density Fibre, Plywood, Oak, Teak, Corian and Solid Surface.
  • For Flooring: Porcelain tiles, Ceramic tiles, Vinyl, Engineered Wood, Natural Stone.
  • For Wall Covering: Ceramic or Porcelain tiles, Beadboard, Tileboard, Wallpaper, Water-Resistant Paint.

These are the most popular materials for bathroom fittings. They feature decent, highly functional, resilient and lasting properties. Combine your bathing space with the magic of this beautiful finishing.

Timeline for Completing a Bathroom Renovation Service

The renovation of the bathroom time depends on the type of remodelling. The project can last as early as a few hours and can even extend to weeks. The time taken for a bathroom area remodel depends on how much space it covers. The large dimensions will add more time. There are many factors influencing the completion time. Talk to an expert bathroom renovation company and share your requirements. You will know the timeline.

  1. First Type: The first case is when the cosmetic refurbishment of a bathroom is done. It involves replacing and fixing noticeable things to revamp functionality. This involves the replacement of taps, appliances and furniture. It improves the features of a bathroom and can take around 1-4 days.
  1. Second Type: Plastering, tiling and painting work is carried out in this type of bathroom retouching. The structural fittings remain untouched. However, the rest of the bathroom is upgraded. Most people with modern house structures prefer this type of bathroom renovation. It is because they already have a well-functioning structure and connections. They might only want to rejuvenate the ambience, style, and colour of their bathrooms. Such projects can take 4-5 days.
  1. Third Type: It is when structural changes are also carried out. Meaning, that the walls are torn, pipes and all wiring are removed. It comes under the major bathing room refurbishment. Generally, if homeowners want to switch places, it is done. The appliances are removed and advanced ones are fixed. Here, smart fittings such as IoT bathroom accessories are installed. The heating and ventilation systems are incorporated at this point as well. So, this huge bathroom makeover service can last for 2 or more weeks.

Bathroom Remodelling Estimated Cost

The estimated cost for a bathroom renovation solution in the UK depends on some factors. It includes the square footage of the bathroom, fittings chosen, quality of products and materials, and bathroom installation company’s standards. The basic bathroom renovation with minor changes can cost as little as £250. However, the cost can vary as the project scale increases. Consider the rates of tiles, heating & electric installations, lighting, storage units and flooring. A complete bathroom improvement including all the basic units and removal or replacement of radiators, wall tiles, ceiling, accessories, bathroom fixtures, extractor fan and all decorating. It could cost around £6000. Nevertheless, the cost for a new bathroom renovation in the UK and nearby regions can go up to £10,000; if all the structural changes are also made. Expect more cost fluctuations if the bathroom extension services are incorporated.

Professional Bathroom Renovation Company

Having a spectacularly designed bathroom is a dream for everyone. We are aware of how a great bathroom design influences our lifestyle, mindset, mood and productivity.  Always pay attention to the quality of fittings you are opting for. The better the quality, the better the service they offer. TEL Constructions is the well-versed name for the best bathroom remodelling services in the UK. Our research-based approach resources only the optimal quality bathroom fittings. We have tied up with the repudiated manufacturers for supplying the high-standard bathroom facilities. We make the process simple & easy with 3d bathroom renders. Before finalizing the design, we create engaging & realistic visualizations. It helps clients decide if everything is excellent. Our bathroom refurbishment experts guide customers without hesitation. Do you have any question regarding our bathroom fitting services? Feel free to get in touch with us.

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