How Much Does a Rear Extension?

rear extension

A rear extension is ideal for properties without a side return option or detached and, as the name implies, stretches your home at the back to give you more space for your kitchen. There are three rear extension options available to you; a wrap-around extension, a single-story extension, and a double-story extension. (See All Types)

With a rear single-story extension, you can create a room area or simply extend an already existing room, and it is ideal if you have plans to expand your kitchen or design an open-plan kitchen.  

Pros of a Rear Extension 

  • Increases the value of your property 
  • Updates your home 
  • It Can be built in no time.  
  • Flexible roofing options 
  • Gives you the much-needed space 
  • More natural light 

Cons of Rear Extension 

  • You need to have ample space to create anything noteworthy 
  • Pricey per square meter 

The exact cost of the Home Rear Extension service you acquire depends on various aspects.


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