How Efficient is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is a fast-rising trend for homes in the UK primarily because of its comfort and the low cost of running that it offers. The best way to describe underfloor heating is a giant radiator under your floor without the cons of a radiator. It is a stylish way to heat up the home without disrupting the interior décor.  

When prospects ask how efficient underfloor heating is, they are trying to compare it with a radiator. So in this answer, we will compare both under three headers; heat distribution, cost of running, and health.

Heat Distribution 

Underfloor Heating provides heat from the ground up, leaving a room evenly warm, totally different from radiators. The heated air rises to the ceiling for radiators, and once the air is cool, it begins to fall to the ground, leaving “cold and hot” spots everywhere. In most cases, the air around the radiator is usually scorching, but it doesn’t spread evenly around the room. 

Running Cost 

The time it takes to heat up different parts of a room means that you spend more money on electricity bills. But more than that, the heat produced by radiators causes the air to feel stuffy, and you may need to open the windows to breathe in proper air because of the reduced oxygen levels.

When you do so, you let out the heat and have to reheat the room repeatedly, costing you more. Underfloor heating maintains the room’s natural humidity, making it cost-effective to run and provides premium comfort. 


Radiators circulate airborne allergens, which means you risk having an asthma attack or other breathing allergies, which is not the case for underfloor heating. 

Types of Underfloor Heating

There are basically two types of underfloor heating; water-based and electric-based.

The water-based (wet underfloor heating) is more expensive to install than the electric counterpart but much cheaper to run. 

Other Benefits of Underfloor Heating 

  • Carbon footprint reduction 
  • Zoning – you can choose which room to heat up 
  • Provides a high level of comfort 
  • It completely eliminates dust mites 

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