How Much Does a Side Extension Cost? (Updated)

This guide will describe all the factors to decide the total cost for a home side extension. Keep on reading till the end for more interesting knowledge.

House Side Extension means adding extra space or rooms at the side of a building in the intact to expand it and increase overall home value.

It is an excellent choice for small-sized apartments needing a separate section and additional area. Likewise, it makes a home practical and attractive.

Cost of House Side Extension in the UK

If you are looking to renovate a home with a beautiful side extension, you may be very concerned about the budget. Nevertheless, even the experts for side extensions in the UK may not tell you the exact figure due to variations in designs, material, and size.

We have listed the main aspects considered to evaluate a home extension’s market price.

Labor Deployed to build a Side Extension

Some projects need fewer workers, while the other types of side extensions such as a terrace and a side kitchen extension may need more workforce. Subsequently, the number of laborers will directly affect daily wages and their health insurance.

It crucially influences invoices that clients need to pay for a construction task.

Area of a Home Extension

The second factor taken into account is the total area under construction, the narrow site will utilize fewer resources, while a spacious home extension for a big apartment or building will be recorded to use massive construction materials.

Hence, it will impact the overall cost of a house extension in the UK.

The material used and its Quality.

Search the best company for side home extensions near me, they will always commit to using high-quality materials. And therefore, charges more than average industries. The better the Quality of work, slightly expensive the cost will be.

Home Extension Size and Design

The size and the design of the side extension make a significant variation in cost:

Single Story Side Extension Cost

The side extension cost for a single story is basic, the construction is simple and less complex – therefore, the price is also quite affordable.

Multiple Story Side Extension Cost

Whereas for double-story or multiple-home extensions, the design goes straightly complicated, requires extra effort and planning, and therefore comes out to be more expensive.

Time Taken to Delivery

the last important factor that decides the cost estimation is ‘the period to complete the project.’ If you ask us the time taken to complete the side extension, we will say that, Generally, the entire operation can take about 3-4 months.

Side Extension Cost Per Square Meter

Many people often ask this question: what is the cost of a home side extension per square meter? The answer is that it can vary from location to location and per company policies and working standards.

Side extensions in London and nearby area may require planning permission, whereas depending on the country and a project location, you may not need to involve in the procedure.

However, if materials, building height, upgradation design, and size fail to match specific criteria, architecture needs to review the extension planning permission.

All the official work is done to balance the street character and neighbor home foundations.

The Conclusion

Folks need to be patient with different types of side extensions as the perfect result comes from dedicated work packed with commitment and attention to detail.

For renovation work of a home, you need to find the best construction company in the UK, the experts who can envisage your perspective and future goals regarding a home.

Find the best professional architect, deliver first-class services, craft practical and approachable designs, and complete the project in time without harming your finances.

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