How Much Does a Side Extension Cost?

A common extension choice for Londoners because of the win-win option that it offers. It extends your home to the side and lets you keep your garden, thereby increasing your property’s value. A side extension, as the name implies, extends your home to the side; that is the area where you keep your trash, offering you the space to build the open-plan kitchen, dining room you have always wanted, or simply extending your kitchen. Although the space it creates is limited, the effect is glaring

Benefits of a Side Extension

  • Unlike other extensions that eat up your garden space, thus reducing your property’s value, a side extension lets you keep your garden.
  • Minimal disruptions since it can be completed within 3 to 8 weeks
  • Budget-friendly
  • An excellent way to flood the home with natural light

What Makes a Side Extension Unsavouray

  • Limited space offering
  • Only suitable for a particular property style.
  • It doesn’t justify the price

The exact cost of the Side Extension depends on various aspects.

How Much For Side And Rear Extension?

A Side and Rear Extension take extensions to a whole new level because it combines the benefits of a side extension and a rear extension to give you a fully functional room at a pocket-friendly price. As is implied by the name, a rear extension is from the back of your property, stretching it to create a well-lit and airy space.

It is common knowledge that the side extension space is minimal since it extends between your room and the boundary fence. By adding a rear extension, you can create an extra functional room that helps you live your best life without the limitation placed on your property space.

Pros of Side and Rear Extension

  1. Doesn’t require planning permission
  2. It quickly adds an extra room
  3. Budget-friendly
  4. Offers versatility and flexibility

Cons of a Side and Rear Extension

  • The space it creates is limited to the size of your garden
  • Eats the garden space

The exact cost of the side and rear extension depends on various aspects.

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