How Much Does Wet Underfloor Heating Cost? 

Underfloor heating is an excellent way to heat up your home efficiently, making it a better alternative to radiators, which costs a lot to run while leaving “cold spots”. You can either choose an electric underfloor heating system or a wet underfloor heating system as they both can be installed with almost any flooring and have the same benefits.  

What makes a wet underfloor system different from an electric underfloor system is the cost of running. Running a wet underfloor heating system is cheaper than an electric underfloor heating system. A critical understanding of how it works is crucial, which is something to consider before learning the cost of installing and running this system  

How it Works 

It works almost the same way radiators work, just minor differences. With wet underfloor heating, pipes connected to a boiler transport warm water throughout the floor to heat up the room. A wet underfloor system usually runs at a lower temperature, between 27C and 31C (the exact temperature is determined by the type of flooring you have). 

How to Install Wet Underfloor Heating System 

The steps below outline the process of installing an underfloor heating system, whether wet or electric, with slight variations; 

  • Ensure your boiler supports the heating system 
  • Zone the room layout and fix the pipes using fixing clips 
  • Connect the pipes to the heating system and thermostat 
  • Hold the pipes in place with an insulating screed 

The cost of wet underfloor heating totally dependent on the size of the room, type of flooring, and the installer. Even if you are a die-hard DIYer, it is advisable to leave the installation to professionals. You usually don’t require planning permission to install an underfloor heating system except you live on a designated site.

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