How Much Is A Hip To Gable Loft Conversion?

Where you need a functional space that you can transform into a masters bedroom ensuite, or you would love to make a design statement with a walk-in closet, or you want a dedicated space for work and in need of a home office, better yet, a gym, and you are worried about the room in your attic being enough to do the job, the ideal choice is a hip to gable conversion.

A hip to gable conversion transforms the part of your property that slopes to a flat gable end, and this structural change creates ample space for a staircase and magnificent storage solution, thereby reducing the strain on other parts of your home. This transformation offers more floor space and more room. The cost of a hip to gable conversion depends on various aspects.

What Makes Hip to Gable Conversion Beneficial

  1. You have the space that you need in 4 – 6 weeks.
  2. For a more natural flow, you can install the new stairs over the pre-existing stairs.
  3. It falls under Permitted Development.
  4. It has a natural flow with other parts of the property.
  5. It can be done with a bungalow

Why You May Not Want a Hip to Gable Conversion

  1. It may make your house look out of shape and unbalanced
  2. Only works better with detached or semi-detached homes
  3. Except you are willing to add a dormer extension to it (which drives the cost higher), the space it adds is almost inconsequential for the price it commands.

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