What Is Home Décor? 

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You move into a new place or create a new room, and you want to imprint your personality in the space; what you are thinking about is home décor. Home décor is how you turn your house into a home, expressing your feelings, character, and creativity through accessories and colours. 

Home decoration is also known as interior decoration (not to be confused with interior design), is the art of masterfully turning your home into a pleasant space, creating the right ambience, and making it lovely to behold. Home décor is all about aesthetics.

Home Décor Vs Home Design – Is there a Difference? 

While people use the “home décor” and “home design” interchangeably and sometimes confuse home décor for home design, these two words are worlds apart. Home décor focuses on aesthetics and has no business with structural planning and renovations. Home decoration is choosing a decoration style, selecting a colour scheme, making a furniture decision, while a home design is concerned with how your space is used.  

In summary, home décor focuses primarily on aesthetics, while home design focuses primarily on functionality. 

Benefits of Home Décor 

  • Gives your home a distinct ambience 
  • Creates the right mood for your home every time 
  • Creates a jaw-dropping and welcoming space 
  • Makes your home trendy 
  • Allows you rid your home of junk 
  • Creates a relaxation haven  
  • Adds value to your property 

The 4 Basic Home Décor Styles 

When it comes down to choosing the best home décor style, the options are limitless, making it sometimes confusing to decide what works best for your home. The most crucial step in deciding on a décor style is your personal preference and what works best for you. 

Here are the primary home décor styles common in the UK. 

Traditional Home Décor 

A traditional home décor offers a very welcoming and homey feeling since it is all about comfort and classic designs. The traditional décor is the most popular choice, combining timeless elements with beauty.  

Modern Home Décor 

The mid-modern home décor that ranged from the mid-30s down to the 60s combines functional elements with a sleek scheme.  This home décor style tilts towards the retro, sleek and streamlined look. 

Contemporary Home Décor 

The contemporary home décor styling scheme combines modern elements and futuristic appeal to give you an evergreen space. The contemporary design focuses on staying never going out of style and trendy. If the goal is to make a creative statement, the contemporary décor style is the choice. 

Bohemian Home Décor 

 This home décor style leans towards natural elements and a lot of plants. This décor scheme aims to create a very relaxing room, with a focus on closeness with nature. 

Farmhouse Home Décor  

The farmhouse décor scheme takes the popular traditional décor style and upgrades it. It uses loads of salvaged pieces and reclaimed materials to create a homey and old ambience  

Coastal Home Décor  

The coastal colour scheme seeks to create a convergence, blending the interior with the exterior for a natural flow. The emphasis is on soft sea colours combined with wooden elements. 

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